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<title>SQLite Older News</title>

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newsitem {2010-Mar-30} {Version} {
  SQLite [version] is a patch release to fix a bug in the
  offsets() function of [FTS3] at the request of the Mozilla.  

newsitem {2010-Mar-09} {Version 3.6.23} {
  SQLite [version 3.6.23] is a regular bimonthly release of SQLite.
  Upgrading from the prior release is purely optional.

  This release contains new pragmas: the [secure_delete pragma], and
  the [compile_options pragma].
  There are a new SQL functions: [sqlite_compileoption_used()]
  and [sqlite_compileoption_get()].
  New C/C++ interfaces: [sqlite3_compileoption_used()],
  [sqlite3_compileoption_get()], [SQLITE_CONFIG_LOG], and

  This release also includes several minor bug fixes and performance
  improvements.  Support for [SQLITE_OMIT_FLOATING_POINT] is enhanced.
  There are on-going improvements to [FTS3].

  The ".genfkey" command in the [Command Line Interface] has been
  removed.  SQLite has supported standard SQL [foreign key constraints]
  since [version 3.6.19] and so the ".genfkey" command was seen as
  an anachronism.

newsitem {2010-Jan-06} {Version 3.6.22} {
  SQLite [version 3.6.22] is a bug-fix release.  Two bugs have been fixed
  that might cause incorrect query results.  
  <li>Ticket [ | 31338dca7e]
  describes a
  problem with queries that have a WHERE clause of the form (x AND y) OR z
  where x and z come from one table of a join and y comes from a different
  <li> Ticket [ | eb5548a849]
  a problem where the use of the CAST operator in the WHERE clause can lead
  to incorrect results if the column being cast to a new datatype is also
  used in the same WHERE clause without being cast.
  Both bugs are obscure,
  but because they could arise in an application after deployment, it is
  recommended that all applications upgrade SQLite to version 3.6.22.

  This release also includes other minor bug fixes and performance
  enhancements, especially in the [FTS3] extension.

newsitem {2009-Dec-07} {Version 3.6.21} {
  SQLite [version 3.6.21] focuses on performance optimization.  For
  a certain set of traces, this version uses 12% fewer CPU instructions
  than the previous release (as measured by Valgrind).  In addition, the
  [FTS3] extension has been through an extensive cleanup and rework and
  the [sqlite3_trace()] interface has been modified to insert 
  [bound parameter] values into its output.

newsitem {2009-Nov-04} {Version 3.6.20} {
  SQLite [version 3.6.20] is a general maintenance release.  The
  query planner has been enhanced to work better with bound parameters
  in LIKE and GLOB operators and in range constraints and various minor
  bugs have been fixed.  Upgrading from 3.6.19 is optional.

newsitem {2009-Oct-14} {Version 3.6.19} {
  SQLite [version 3.6.19] adds native support for
  [foreign key constraints], including deferred constraints and
  cascading deletes.  Enforcement of foreign keys is disabled by
  default for backwards compatibility and must be turned on using
  the [foreign_keys pragma].

  Version 3.6.19 also adds support for the
  [IS operator | IS and IS NOT operators].  Formerly, SQLite (as most
  other SQL database engines) supported IS NULL and IS NOT NULL.  The
  IS and IS NOT operators are generalizations that allow the right-hand
  side to be an arbitrary expression.  IS and IS NOT work the same as
  == (equals) and != (not equals) except that with IS and IS NOT the
  NULL values compare equal to one another.

newsitem {2009-Sep-11} {Version 3.6.18} {
  Beginning with this release, the SQLite source code is tracked and
  managed using the [ | Fossil]
  distributed configuration management system.  SQLite was previously
  versioned using CVS.  The entire CVS history has been imported into
  Fossil.  The older CVS repository remains on the website but is

  There are two major enhancements in SQLite version 3.6.18.  The first
  is a series or refinements to the query planner that help SQLite to
  choose better plans for joins where in the past it was selecting suboptimal
  query plans.  The [SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT2] compile-time option has been
  added to cause SQLite to collect histogram data on indices when the
  [ANALYZE] command is run.  The use of histograms improve the query
  planning performance even more.

  The second major enhancement is that SQLite now support recursive
  triggers.  The older non-recursive behavior of triggers is still the
  default behavior.  Recursive triggers are activated using the
  [recursive_triggers pragma].  In addition to allowing triggers to
  call themselves (either directly or indirectly) the new capability
  also fires DELETE triggers on rows that are removed from a table
  as a result of [ON CONFLICT | REPLACE] conflict resolution processing.

  Non-recursive triggers are still the default behavior since this
  is least likely to cause problems for existing applications.  However,
  we anticipate that triggers will become
  recursive by default beginning with release 3.7.0.  At that point,
  applications that want to continue using the older non-recursive
  trigger behavior will need to use the [recursive_triggers pragma]
  to disable recursive triggers.

  This version of SQLite also contains bug fixes, though none of the
  bugs are serious and all are obscure, so upgrading is optional.

  The SQLite core continues to have [test coverage | 100% branch test coverage]
  and so despite the many changes in this release, the developers 
  believe that this version of SQLite is stable and ready for production

newsitem {2009-Aug-10} {Version 3.6.17} {
  This is a monthly maintenance release with a focus of bug fixes,
  performance improvements, and increased test coverage.  This is the
  first release of SQLite since [test coverage | 100% branch test coverage]
  was achieved on the SQLite core.  

  In addition, a new interface [sqlite3_strnicmp()] is provided for the
  convenience of extension writers.

  None of the bugs fixed in this release are serious.  All bugs are
  obscure.  Upgrading is optional.

newsitem {2009-July-25} {100% Branch Test Coverage} {
  A subset of the [TH3] test suite was measured by gcov to provide
  [test coverage | 100% branch test coverage] over the SQLite core
  (exclusive of the VFS backend and of extensions such as FTS3 and RTREE)
  when compiled for SuSE 10.1 Linux on x86.  The SQLite developers pledge
  to maintain branch test coverage at 100% in all future releases.
  Ongoing work will strive for 100% branch test coverage on the 
  operating-system backends and extensions as well.

newsitem {2009-Jun-27} {Version 3.6.16} {
  SQLite [version 3.6.16] is another general maintenance release containing
  performance and robustness enhancements.  A single notable bug was fixed
  (ticket #3929).  This bug cause cause INSERT or UPDATE statements to fail
  on indexed tables that have AFTER triggers that modify the same table and

newsitem {2009-Jun-15} {Version 3.6.15} {
  SQLite [version 3.6.15] is a general maintenance release containing
  performance and robustness enhancements and fixes for various obscure

newsitem {2009-May-25} {Version} {
  SQLite [version] fixes an obscure bug in the code generator
  (<a href="">ticket #3879</a>)
  section of SQLite which can potentially cause incorrect query results.
  The changes from the prior release consist of only this one bug fix,
  check-in <a href="">[6676]</a>
  and a change to the version number text.

  The bug was introduced in version 3.6.14.  It is recommended that
  users of version 3.6.14 and upgrade to this release.  Applications
  are unlikely to hit this bug, but since it is difficult to predict which
  applications might hit it and which might not, we recommend that all
  users of 3.6.14 and upgrade to this release.

newsitem {2009-May-19} {Version} {
  SQLite [version] is a patch release to [version 3.6.14] with
  minimal changes that fixes three bugs.  Upgrading is only necessary 
  for users who are impacted by one or more of those bugs.

newsitem {2009-May-07} {Version 3.6.14} {
  SQLite [version 3.6.14] provides new performance enhancements in
  the btree and pager layers and in the query optimizer.  Certain
  workloads can be as much as twice as fast as the previous release,
  though 10% faster is a more typical result.

  Queries against [virtual tables] that contain OR and IN operators
  in the WHERE clause are now able to use indexing.

  A new optional [asynchronous I/O backend] is available for
  unix and windows.  The asynchronous backend gives the illusion of faster
  response time by pushing slow write operations into a background thread.
  The tradeoff for faster response time is that more memory is required
  (to hold the content of the pending writes) and if a power failure or
  program crash occurs, some transactions that appeared to have committed
  might end up being rolled back upon restart.

  This release also contains many minor bug fixes, documentation enhancements,
  new test cases, and cleanups and simplifications to the source code.

  There is no compelling reason to upgrade from versions 3.6.12 or
  3.6.13 if those prior versions are working.  Though many users may
  benefit from the improved performance.

newsitem {2008-Dec-16} {Version 3.6.7} {
  SQLite [version 3.6.7] contains a major cleanup of the Unix driver,
  and support for the new Proxy Locking mechanism on Mac OS X.  Though
  the Unix driver is reorganized, its functionality is the same and so
  applications should not notice a difference.

newsitem {2008-Nov-26} {Version} {
  This release fixes a bug that was introduced into SQLite [version 3.6.6]
  and which seems like it might be able to cause database corruption.  This
  bug was detected during stress testing.  It has not been seen in the wild.
  An analysis of the problem suggests that the bug might be able to cause
  database corruption, however focused efforts to find a real-world test
  cases that actually causes database corruption have so far been unsuccessful.
  Hence, the likelihood of this bug causing problems is low.  Nevertheless,
  we have decided to do an emergency branch release out of an abundance of

  The [version] release also fixes an obscure memory leak that
  can occur following a disk I/O error.

newsitem {2008-Nov-22} {Version} {
  This release fixes a bug that was introduced into SQLite [version 3.6.4]
  and that can cause database corruption in obscure cases.  This bug has
  never been seen in the wild; it was first detected by internal stress
  tests and required substantial analysis before it could be shown to 
  potentially lead to corruption.  So we feel that SQLite versions 3.6.4,
  3.6.5, and 3.6.6 are safe to use for development work.  But upgrading
  to this patch release or later is recommended prior to deploying
  products that incorporate SQLite.

  We have taken the unusual step of issuing a patch release in order to
  get the fix for this bug into circulation quickly.  SQLite version 3.6.7
  will continue on its normal path of development with an anticipated
  release in mid December.  

newsitem {2008-Nov-19} {Version 3.6.6} {
  SQLite [version 3.6.5] is released.  This is a quick turn-around release
  that fixes a bug in virtual tables and FTS3 that snuck into
  [version 3.6.5].  This release also adds the new
  [sqlite3_pcache_methods | application-defined page cache] mechanism.

newsitem {2008-Nov-12} {Version 3.6.5} {
  SQLite [version 3.6.5] is released.  There are various minor feature
  enhancements and numerous obscure bug fixes. 
  The [version 3.6.5|change log] contains the details.  Upgrading is

newsitem {2008-Nov-01} {Bloomberg Joins SQLite Consortium} {
  The SQLite developers are honored to announce that
  [ | Bloomberg] has joined the
  [SQLite Consortium].

newsitem {2008-Oct-15} {Version 3.6.4} {
  SQLite version 3.6.4 adds new features designed to help applications
  detect when indices are not being used on query.  There are also some
  important performance improvements.  Upgrading is optional.

newsitem {2008-Sep-22} {Version 3.6.3} {
  SQLite version 3.6.3 fixes a bug in SELECT DISTINCT that was introduced
  by the previous version.  No new features are added.  Upgrading is
  recommended for all applications that make use of DISTINCT.

newsitem {2008-Aug-30} {Version 3.6.2} {
  SQLite version 3.6.2 contains rewrites of the page-cache subsystem and
  the procedures for matching identifiers to table columns in SQL statements.
  These changes are designed to better modularize the code and make it more
  maintainable and reliable moving forward.  Nearly 5000 non-comment lines 
  of core code (about 11.3%) have changed
  from the previous release.  Nevertheless, there should be no
  application-visible changes, other than bug fixes.

newsitem {2008-Aug-06} {Version 3.6.1} {
  SQLite version 3.6.1 is a stabilization and performance enhancement

newsitem {2008-July-16} {Version 3.6.0 beta} {
  Version 3.6.0 makes changes to the [sqlite3_vfs | VFS] object in order
  to make SQLite more easily portable to a wider variety of platforms.
  There are potential incompatibilities with some legacy applications.
  See the [35to36 | 35to36.html] document for details.

  Many new interfaces are introduced in version 3.6.0.  The code is
  very well tested and is appropriate for use in stable systems.  We
  have attached the "beta" designation only so that we can make tweaks to
  the new interfaces in the next release without having to declare an

newsitem {2008-May-12} {Version 3.5.9} {
  Version 3.5.9 adds a new experimental [PRAGMA]: [journal_mode].
  Setting the journal mode to PERSIST can provide performance improvement
  on systems where deleting a file is expensive.  The PERSIST journal
  mode is still considered experimental and should be used with caution
  pending further testing.

  Version 3.5.9 is intended to be the last stable release prior to
  version 3.6.0.  Version 3.6.0 will make incompatible changes to the
  [sqlite3_vfs] VFS layer in order to address deficiencies in the original
  design.  These incompatibilities will only effect programmers who
  write their own custom VFS layers (typically embedded device builders).
  The planned VFS changes will be much smaller
  than the changes that occurred on the 
  [34to35 | 3.4.2 to 3.5.0 transaction] that occurred last

  This release of SQLite is considered stable and ready for production use.

newsitem {2008-Apr-16} {Version 3.5.8} {
  Version 3.5.8 includes some important new performance optimizations
  in the virtual machine code generator, including constant subexpression
  factoring and common subexpression elimination.  This release also
  creates new public interfaces:
  [sqlite3_randomness()] provides access to SQLite's internal
  pseudo-random number generator, [sqlite3_limit()] allows size
  limits to be set at run-time on a per-connection basis, and
  [sqlite3_context_db_handle()] is a convenience routine that allows
  an application-defined SQL function implementation to retrieve
  its [database connection] handle.

  This release of SQLite is considered stable and ready for production use.

newsitem {2008-Mar-17} {Version 3.5.7} {
  Version 3.5.7 fixes several minor and obscure bugs, especially 
  in the autoconf-generated makefile.  Upgrading is optional.
  This release of SQLite is considered stable and ready for production use.

newsitem {2008-Feb-6} {Version 3.5.6} {
  Version 3.5.6 fixes a minor regression in 3.5.5 - a regression that
  had nothing to do with the massive change of the virtual machine
  to a register-based design.
  No problems have been reported with the new virtual machine.  This
  release of SQLite is considered stable and ready for production use.

newsitem {2008-Jan-31} {Version 3.5.5} {
  Version 3.5.5 changes over 8% of the core source code of SQLite in order
  to convert the internal virtual machine from a stack-based design into
  a register-based design.  This change will allow future optimizations
  and will avoid an entire class of stack overflow bugs that have caused
  problems in the past.  Even though this change is large, extensive testing
  has found zero errors in the new virtual machine and so we believe this
  to be a very stable release.

newsitem {2007-Dec-14} {Version 3.5.4} {
  Version 3.5.4 fixes a long-standing but obscure bug in UPDATE and
  DELETE which might cause database corruption.  (See ticket #2832.)
  Upgrading is recommended for all users.

  This release also brings the processing of ORDER BY statements into
  compliance with standard SQL.  This could, in theory, cause problems
  for existing applications that depend on the older, buggy behavior.
  See ticket #2822 for additional information.

newsitem {2007-Dec-12} {SQLite Consortium Announced} {
  The <a href="consortium.html">SQLite Consortium</a> was launched
  today with [ | Mozilla] and
  [ | Symbian] as charter members.
  As noted in the <a href="pressrelease-20071212.html">press release</a>,
  the Consortium's goal is to promote the continuing vitality and
  independence of SQLite.  
newsitem {2007-Nov-27} {Version 3.5.3} {
  This is an incremental release that fixes several minor problems.
  Upgrading is optional.  If Version 3.5.2 or 3.5.1 is working fine
  for you, then there is no pressing need to change to 3.5.3.

  The prebuilt binaries and the amalgamation found on the 
  <a href="download.html">download</a> page include the FTS3 fulltext
  search extension module.  We are doing this on an experimental
  basis and are not promising to provide prebuilt binaries with
  FTS3 in the future.

newsitem {2007-Nov-05} {Version 3.5.2} {
  This is an incremental release that fixes several minor problems,
  adds some obscure features, and provides some performance tweaks.  
  Upgrading is optional.

  The experimental compile-time option
  [omitfeatures | SQLITE_OMIT_MEMORY_ALLOCATION] is no longer supported.  On the other
  hand, it is now possible to compile SQLite so that it uses a static
  array for all its dynamic memory allocation needs and never calls
  malloc.  Expect to see additional radical changes to the memory 
  allocation subsystem in future releases.

newsitem {2007-Oct-04} {Version 3.5.1} {
  Fix a long-standing bug that might cause database corruption if a
  disk-full error occurs in the middle of a transaction and that
  transaction is not rolled back.
  <a href="">Ticket #2686.</a>

  The new VFS layer is stable.  However, we still reserve the right to
  make tweaks to the interface definition of the VFS if necessary.

newsitem {2007-Sep-04} {Version 3.5.0 alpha} {
  The OS interface layer and the memory allocation subsystems in
  SQLite have been reimplemented.  The published API is largely unchanged
  but the (unpublished) OS interface has been modified extensively.  
  Applications that implement their own OS interface will require
  modification.  See
  <a href="34to35.html">34to35.html</a> for details.<p>

  This is a large change.  Approximately 10% of the source code was
  modified.  We are calling this first release "alpha" in order to give
  the user community time to test and evaluate the changes before we
  freeze the new design.

newsitem {2007-Aug-13} {Version 3.4.2} {
  While stress-testing the 
  <a href="c3ref/soft_heap_limit.html">soft_heap_limit</a>
  feature, a bug that could lead to
  <a href="">database
  corruption</a> was <a href="">
  discovered and fixed</a>.
  Though the consequences of this bug are severe, the chances of hitting 
  it in a typical application are remote.  Upgrading is recommended
  only if you use the 
  <a href="c3ref/soft_heap_limit.html">sqlite3_soft_heap_limit</a>

newsitem {2007-Jly-20} {Version 3.4.1} {
  This release fixes a bug in <a href="lang_vacuum.html">VACUUM</a> that
  can lead to <a href="">
  database corruption</a>.  The bug was introduced in version 
  <a href="changes.html#version_3_3_14">3.3.14</a>.
  Upgrading is recommended for all users.  Also included are a slew of
  other more routine
  <a href="changes.html#version_3_4_1">enhancements and bug fixes</a>.

newsitem {2007-Jun-18} {Version 3.4.0} {
  This release fixes two separate bugs either of which 
  can lead to database corruption.  Upgrading
  is strongly recommended.  If you must continue using an older version
  of SQLite, please at least read about how to avoid these bugs
  <a href="">
  CorruptionFollowingBusyError</a> and
  <a href="">ticket #2418</a>
  This release also adds explicit <a href="limits.html">limits</a> on the
  sizes and quantities of things SQLite will handle.  The new limits might
  causes compatibility problems for existing applications that
  use excessively large strings, BLOBs, tables, or SQL statements. 
  The new limits can be increased at compile-time to work around any problems
  that arise.  Nevertheless, the version number of this release is
  3.4.0 instead of 3.3.18 in order to call attention to the possible
  There are also new features, including
  <a href="c3ref/blob_open.html">incremental BLOB I/O</a> and
  <a href="pragma.html#pragma_incremental_vacuum">incremental vacuum</a>.
  See the <a href="changes.html#version_3_4_0">change log</a> 
  for additional information.

newsitem {2007-Apr-25} {Version 3.3.17} {
  This version fixes a bug in the forwards-compatibility logic of SQLite
  that was causing a database to become unreadable when it should have
  been read-only.  Upgrade from 3.3.16 only if you plan to deploy into
  a product that might need to be upgraded in the future.  For day to day
  use, it probably does not matter.

newsitem {2007-Apr-18} {Version 3.3.16} {
  Performance improvements added in 3.3.14 but mistakenly turned off
  in 3.3.15 have been reinstated.  A bug has been fixed that prevented 
  VACUUM from running if a NULL value was in a UNIQUE column.

newsitem {2007-Apr-09} {Version 3.3.15} {
  An annoying bug introduced in 3.3.14 has been fixed.  There are
  also many enhancements to the test suite.  

newsitem {2007-Apr-02} {Version 3.3.14} {
  This version focuses on performance improvements.  If you recompile
  <a href="">
  the amalgamation</a> using GCC option -O3 (the precompiled binaries
  use -O2) you may see performance
  improvements of 35% or more over version 3.3.13 depending on your
  workload.  This version also
  adds support for <a href="pragma.html#pragma_locking_mode">
  exclusive access mode</a>.

newsitem {2007-Feb-13} {Version 3.3.13} {
  This version fixes a subtle bug in the ORDER BY optimizer that can 
  occur when using joins.  There are also a few minor enhancements.
  Upgrading is recommended.

newsitem {2007-Jan-27} {Version 3.3.12} {
  The first published build of the previous version used the wrong
  set of source files.  Consequently, many people downloaded a build
  that was labeled as "3.3.11" but was really 3.3.10.  Version 3.3.12
  is released to clear up the ambiguity.  A couple more bugs have
  also been fixed and <a href="pragma.html#pragma_integrity_check">
  PRAGMA integrity_check</a> has been enhanced.

newsitem {2007-Jan-22} {Version 3.3.11} {
  Version 3.3.11 fixes for a few more problems in version 3.3.9 that
  version 3.3.10 failed to catch.  Upgrading is recommended.

newsitem {2007-Jan-9} {Version 3.3.10} {
  Version 3.3.10 fixes several bugs that were introduced by the previous
  release.  Upgrading is recommended.

newsitem {2007-Jan-4} {Version 3.3.9} {
  Version 3.3.9 fixes bugs that can lead to database corruption under
  obscure and difficult to reproduce circumstances.  See
  <a href="">
  DatabaseCorruption</a> in the
  <a href="">wiki</a> for details.
  This release also adds the new
  <a href="c3ref/prepare.html">sqlite3_prepare_v2()</a>
  API and includes important bug fixes in the command-line
  shell and enhancements to the query optimizer.  Upgrading is

newsitem {2006-Oct-9} {Version 3.3.8} {
  Version 3.3.8 adds support for full-text search using the 
  <a href="">FTS1
  module.</a>  There are also minor bug fixes.  Upgrade only if
  you want to try out the new full-text search capabilities or if
  you are having problems with 3.3.7.

newsitem {2006-Aug-12} {Version 3.3.7} {
  Version 3.3.7 includes support for loadable extensions and virtual
  tables.  But both features are still considered "beta" and their
  APIs are subject to change in a future release.  This release is
  mostly to make available the minor bug fixes that have accumulated
  since 3.3.6.  Upgrading is not necessary.  Do so only if you encounter
  one of the obscure bugs that have been fixed or if you want to try
  out the new features.

newsitem {2006-Jun-19} {New Book About SQLite} {
  <i>[ | The Definitive Guide to SQLite]</i>,
  a new book by
  [ | Mike Owens]
  is now available from [ | Apress].
  The books covers the latest SQLite internals as well as
  the native C interface and bindings for PHP, Python,
  Perl, Ruby, Tcl, and Java.  Recommended.

newsitem {2006-Jun-6} {Version 3.3.6} {
  Changes include improved tolerance for Windows virus scanners
  and faster :memory: databases.  There are also fixes for several
  obscure bugs.  Upgrade if you are having problems.

newsitem {2006-Apr-5} {Version 3.3.5} {
  This release fixes many minor bugs and documentation typos and
  provides some minor new features and performance enhancements.
  Upgrade only if you are having problems or need one of the new features.

newsitem {2006-Feb-11} {Version 3.3.4} {
  This release fixes several bugs, including a 
  blunder that might cause a deadlock on multithreaded systems.
  Anyone using SQLite in a multithreaded environment should probably upgrade.

newsitem {2006-Jan-31} {Version 3.3.3 stable} {
  There have been no major problems discovered in version 3.3.2, so
  we hereby declare the new APIs and language features to be stable
  and supported.

newsitem {2006-Jan-24} {Version 3.3.2 beta} {
  More bug fixes and performance improvements as we move closer to
  a production-ready version 3.3.x.

newsitem {2006-Jan-16} {Version 3.3.1 alpha} {
  Many bugs found in last week's alpha release have now been fixed and
  the library is running much faster again.

  Database connections can now be moved between threads as long as the
  connection holds no locks at the time it is moved.  Thus the common
  paradigm of maintaining a pool of database connections and handing
  them off to transient worker threads is now supported.
  Please help test this new feature.
  See <a href="">
  the MultiThreading wiki page</a> for additional

newsitem {2006-Jan-10} {Version 3.3.0 alpha} {
  Version 3.3.0 adds support for CHECK constraints, DESC indices,
  separate REAL and INTEGER column affinities, a new OS interface layer
  design, and many other changes.  The code passed a regression
  test but should still be considered alpha.  Please report any

  The file format for version 3.3.0 has changed slightly to support
  descending indices and
  a more efficient encoding of boolean values.  SQLite 3.3.0 will read and
  write legacy databases created with any prior version of SQLite 3.  But
  databases created by version 3.3.0 will not be readable or writable
  by earlier versions of the SQLite.  The older file format can be
  specified at compile-time for those rare cases where it is needed.

newsitem {2005-Dec-19} {Versions 3.2.8 and 2.8.17} {
  These versions contain one-line changes to 3.2.7 and 2.8.16 to fix a bug
  that has been present since March of 2002 and version 2.4.0.
  That bug might possibly cause database corruption if a large INSERT or
  UPDATE statement within a multi-statement transaction fails due to a
  uniqueness constraint but the containing transaction commits.

newsitem {2005-Sep-24} {Version 3.2.7} {
  This version fixes several minor and obscure bugs.
  Upgrade only if you are having problems.

newsitem {2005-Sep-16} {Version 3.2.6 - Critical Bug Fix} {
  This version fixes a bug that can result in database
  corruption if a VACUUM of a 1 gigabyte or larger database fails
  (perhaps do to running out of disk space or an unexpected power loss)
  and is later rolled back.
  Also in this release:
  The ORDER BY and GROUP BY processing was rewritten to use less memory.
  Support for COUNT(DISTINCT) was added.  The LIKE operator can now be
  used by the optimizer on columns with COLLATE NOCASE.

newsitem {2005-Aug-27} {Version 3.2.5} {
  This release fixes a few more lingering bugs in the new code.
  We expect that this release will be stable and ready for production use.

newsitem {2005-Aug-24} {Version 3.2.4} {
  This release fixes a bug in the new optimizer that can lead to segfaults
  when parsing very complex WHERE clauses.

newsitem {2005-Aug-21} {Version 3.2.3} {
  This release adds the <a href="lang_analyze.html">ANALYZE</a> command,
  the <a href="lang_expr.html">CAST</a> operator, and many
  very substantial improvements to the query optimizer.  See the
  <a href="changes.html#version_3_2_3">change log</a> for additional

newsitem {2005-Aug-2} {2005 Open Source Award for SQLite} {
  SQLite and its primary author D. Richard Hipp have been honored with
  a [ | 2005 Open Source Award]
  from Google and O'Reilly.<br clear="right">

newsitem {2005-Jun-13} {Version 3.2.2} {
  This release includes numerous minor bug fixes, speed improvements,
  and code size reductions.  There is no reason to upgrade unless you
  are having problems or unless you just want to.

newsitem {2005-Mar-29} {Version 3.2.1} {
  This release fixes a memory allocation problem in the new
  <a href="lang_altertable.html">ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN</a>

newsitem {2005-Mar-21} {Version 3.2.0} {
  The primary purpose for version 3.2.0 is to add support for
  <a href="lang_altertable.html">ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN</a>.
  The new ADD COLUMN capability is made
  possible by AOL developers supporting and embracing great
  open-source software.  Thanks, AOL!

  Version 3.2.0 also fixes an obscure but serious bug that was discovered
  just prior to release.  If you have a multi-statement transaction and
  within that transaction an UPDATE or INSERT statement fails due to a
  constraint, then you try to rollback the whole transaction, the rollback
  might not work correctly.  See
  <a href="">Ticket #1171</a>
  for details.  Upgrading is recommended for all users.

newsitem {2005-Mar-16} {Version 3.1.6} {
  Version 3.1.6 fixes a critical bug that can cause database corruption
  when inserting rows into tables with around 125 columns. This bug was
  introduced in version 3.0.0.  See
  <a href="">Ticket #1163</a>
  for additional information.

newsitem {2005-Mar-11} {Versions 3.1.4 and 3.1.5 Released} {
  Version 3.1.4 fixes a critical bug that could cause database corruption
  if the autovacuum mode of version 3.1.0 is turned on (it is off by
  default) and a CREATE UNIQUE INDEX is executed within a transaction but
  fails because the indexed columns are not unique.  Anyone using the
  autovacuum feature and unique indices should upgrade.

  Version 3.1.5 adds the ability to disable
  the F_FULLFSYNC ioctl() in OS-X by setting "PRAGMA synchronous=on" instead
  of the default "PRAGMA synchronous=full".  There was an attempt to add
  this capability in 3.1.4 but it did not work due to a spelling error.

newsitem {2005-Feb-19} {Version 3.1.3 Released} {
  Version 3.1.3 cleans up some minor issues discovered in version 3.1.2.
newsitem {2005-Feb-15} {Versions 2.8.16 and 3.1.2 Released} {
  A critical bug in the VACUUM command that can lead to database
  corruption has been fixed in both the 2.x branch and the main
  3.x line.  This bug has existed in all prior versions of SQLite.
  Even though it is unlikely you will ever encounter this bug,
  it is suggested that all users upgrade.  See
  <a href="">
  ticket #1116</a>. for additional information.

  Version 3.1.2 is also the first stable release of the 3.1
  series.  SQLite 3.1 features added support for correlated
  subqueries, autovacuum, autoincrement, ALTER TABLE, and
  other enhancements.  See the 
  <a href="">release notes
  for version 3.1.0</a> for a detailed description of the
  changes available in the 3.1 series.

newsitem {2005-Feb-01} {Version 3.1.1 (beta) Released} {
  Version 3.1.1 (beta) is now available on the
  website.  Version 3.1.1 is fully backwards compatible with the 3.0 series
  and features many new features including Autovacuum and correlated
  subqueries.  The
  <a href="">release notes</a>
  From version 3.1.0 apply equally to this release beta.  A stable release
  is expected within a couple of weeks.

newsitem {2005-Jan-21} {Version 3.1.0 (alpha) Released} {
  Version 3.1.0 (alpha) is now available on the
  website.  Version 3.1.0 is fully backwards compatible with the 3.0 series
  and features many new features including Autovacuum and correlated
  subqueries.  See the
  <a href="">release notes</a>
  for details.

  This is an alpha release.  A beta release is expected in about a week
  with the first stable release to follow after two more weeks.

newsitem {2004-Nov-09} {SQLite at the 2004 International PHP Conference} {
  There was a talk on the architecture of SQLite and how to optimize
  SQLite queries at the 2004 International PHP Conference in Frankfurt,
  <a href="">
  Slides</a> from that talk are available.

newsitem {2004-Oct-11} {Version 3.0.8} {
  Version 3.0.8 of SQLite contains several code optimizations and minor
  bug fixes and adds support for DEFERRED, IMMEDIATE, and EXCLUSIVE
  transactions.  This is an incremental release.  There is no reason
  to upgrade from version 3.0.7 if that version is working for you.

newsitem {2004-Oct-10} {SQLite at the 11<sup><small>th</small></sup>
Annual Tcl/Tk Conference} {
  There will be a talk on the use of SQLite in Tcl/Tk at the
  11<sup><small>th</small></sup> Tcl/Tk Conference this week in
  New Orleans.  Visit []
  for details.
  <a href="">
  Slides</a> from the talk are available.

newsitem {2004-Sep-18} {Version 3.0.7} {
  Version 3.0 has now been in use by multiple projects for several
  months with no major difficulties.   We consider it stable and
  ready for production use. 

newsitem {2004-Sep-02} {Version 3.0.6 (beta)} {
  Because of some important changes to sqlite3_step(),
  we have decided to
  do an additional beta release prior to the first "stable" release.
  If no serious problems are discovered in this version, we will
  release version 3.0 "stable" in about a week.

newsitem {2004-Aug-29} {Version 3.0.5 (beta)} {
  The fourth beta release of SQLite version 3.0 is now available.
  The next release is expected to be called "stable".

newsitem {2004-Aug-08} {Version 3.0.4 (beta)} {
  The third beta release of SQLite version 3.0 is now available.
  This new beta fixes several bugs including a database corruption
  problem that can occur when doing a DELETE while a SELECT is pending.
  Expect at least one more beta before version 3.0 goes final.

newsitem {2004-July-22} {Version 3.0.3 (beta)} {
  The second beta release of SQLite version 3.0 is now available.
  This new beta fixes many bugs and adds support for databases with
  varying page sizes.  The next 3.0 release will probably be called
  a final or stable release.

  Version 3.0 adds support for internationalization and a new
  more compact file format. 
  <a href="version3.html">Details.</a>
  The API and file format have been fixed since 3.0.2.  All
  regression tests pass (over 100000 tests) and the test suite
  exercises over 95% of the code.

  SQLite version 3.0 is made possible in part by AOL
  developers supporting and embracing great Open-Source Software.

newsitem {2004-Jly-22} {Version 2.8.15} {
  SQLite version 2.8.15 is a maintenance release for the version 2.8
  series.  Version 2.8 continues to be maintained with bug fixes, but
  no new features will be added to version 2.8.  All the changes in
  this release are minor.  If you are not having problems, there is
  there is no reason to upgrade.

newsitem {2004-Jun-30} {Version 3.0.2 (beta) Released} {
  The first beta release of SQLite version 3.0 is now available.
  Version 3.0 adds support for internationalization and a new
  more compact file format. 
  <a href="version3.html">Details.</a>
  As of this release, the API and file format are frozen.  All
  regression tests pass (over 100000 tests) and the test suite
  exercises over 95% of the code.

  SQLite version 3.0 is made possible in part by AOL
  developers supporting and embracing great Open-Source Software.

newsitem {2004-Jun-25} {Website hacked} {
  The website was hacked sometime around 2004-Jun-22
  because the lead SQLite developer failed to properly patch CVS.
  Evidence suggests that the attacker was unable to elevate privileges
  above user "cvs".  Nevertheless, as a precaution the entire website
  has been reconstructed from scratch on a fresh machine.  All services
  should be back to normal as of 2004-Jun-28.

newsitem {2004-Jun-18} {Version 3.0.0 (alpha) Released} {
  The first alpha release of SQLite version 3.0 is available for
  public review and comment.  Version 3.0 enhances internationalization support
  through the use of UTF-16 and user-defined text collating sequences.
  BLOBs can now be stored directly, without encoding.
  A new file format results in databases that are 25% smaller (depending
  on content).  The code is also a little faster.  In spite of the many
  new features, the library footprint is still less than 240KB
  (x86, gcc -O1).
  <a href="version3.html">Additional information</a>.

  Our intent is to freeze the file format and API on 2004-Jul-01.
  Users are encouraged to review and evaluate this alpha release carefully 
  and submit any feedback prior to that date.

  The 2.8 series of SQLite will continue to be supported with bug
  fixes for the foreseeable future.

newsitem {2004-Jun-09} {Version 2.8.14 Released} {
  SQLite version 2.8.14 is a patch release to the stable 2.8 series.
  There is no reason to upgrade if 2.8.13 is working ok for you.
  This is only a bug-fix release.  Most development effort is
  going into version 3.0.0 which is due out soon.

newsitem {2004-May-31} {CVS Access Temporarily Disabled} {
  Anonymous access to the CVS repository will be suspended
  for 2 weeks beginning on 2004-June-04.  Everyone will still
  be able to download
  prepackaged source bundles, create or modify trouble tickets, or view
  change logs during the CVS service interruption. Full open access to the
  CVS repository will be restored on 2004-June-18.

newsitem {2004-Apr-23} {Work Begins On SQLite Version 3} {
  Work has begun on version 3 of SQLite.  Version 3 is a major
  changes to both the C-language API and the underlying file format
  that will enable SQLite to better support internationalization.
  The first beta is schedule for release on 2004-July-01.

  Plans are to continue to support SQLite version 2.8 with
  bug fixes.  But all new development will occur in version 3.0.