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<title>SQLite Pro Support</title>
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<h1 align="center">
Professional Support &amp; Extension Products

set entrylist {}
proc support_entry {itemno title desc cost link1 link2} {
  global entrylist
  lappend entrylist $itemno $title $desc $cost $link1 $link2
proc generate_support_html {} {
  global entrylist

  hd_putsnl "<div class='desktoponly'>"
  hd_putsnl "<table border=0 cellspacing=20 width='100%'>"
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    hd_putsnl "<a class='button' href='$url'>$tag</a><br>"
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    hd_putsnl "<p>Cost: $cost"
    foreach {tag url} $link1 break
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    foreach {tag url} $link2 break
    hd_putsnl "<a class='button' href='$url'>$tag</a>"
    hd_putsnl "</li>"
  hd_putsnl "</ol></div>"

  set entrylist {}

<font size=2>(<a href="#detail">details below</a>)</font></h2>

support_entry 1 {Public Mailing List} {
  Help and advice via email from a world-wide
  community of experts.
} Free \

support_entry 2 {Annual Maintenance Subscription} {
  Private, expert email advice from the developers of SQLite.
} {$1500/year} \
  {{More Info}} \
  {{Buy Now!}}

support_entry 3 {Technical Support} {
  High-priority email and phone support directly from the SQLite developers.
  Guaranteed response time available as an option.
} {$8K-50K/year} \
  {{More Info}} \
  {{Request A Quote}}

support_entry 4 {SQLite Consortium Membership} {
  Premium enterprise support including on-site visits and
  access to all proprietary extensions and test suites.
} {$85K/year} \
  {{More Info}} \
  {{Request A Quote}}


<font size=2>(<a href="#ext">details below</a>)</font></h2>

support_entry 5 {SQLite License} {
  Warranty of title and perpetual right-to-use for the SQLite source code. 
} {$6000 one time fee} \
  {{More Info}} \
  {{Buy Now!}}

support_entry 6 {SQLite Encryption Extension (SEE)} {
   A drop-in replacement for public-domain SQLite source code that has 
   the added ability to read/write AES-encrypted databases. 
} {$2000 one time fee} \
  {{More Info}} \
  {{Buy Now!}}

support_entry 7 {Compressed And Encrypted Read-Only Database (CEROD)} {
   A drop-in replacement for public-domain SQLite source code
   that has the added ability to read database that has been both 
   compressed and encrypted. 
} {$2000 one time fee} \
  {{More Info}} \
  {{Buy Now!}}

support_entry 8 {The ZIPVFS Read/Write Compressed Database Extension} {
   The ZIPVFS extension automatically compresses and encrypts
   your data as it is written to disk, and decompressed and decrypts
   it while reading.
} {$4000 one time fee} \
  {{More Info}} \
  {{Buy Now!}}


<h2>Special Services
<font size=2>(<a href="#th3">details below</a>)</font></h2>

support_entry 9 {TH3 Testing Support} {
  The <a href="">TH3 test harness</a>
  is an aviation-grade test suite for SQLite. SQLite developers 
  can run TH3 on specialized hardware and/or using specialized
  compile-time options, according to customer specification, 
  either remotely or on customer premises. Pricing for this 
  services is on a case-by-case basis depending on requirements.
} {call} \
  {{More Info}} \
  {{Request A Quote}}


<a name="detail"></a>
<h2>Further Information</h2>

<p>SQLite is free and works great.
Most people use SQLite without
any kind of license or support.</p>

<p>Free support for SQLite is available on the public
SQLite mailing list: 
<a href=""></a>.
The mailing list is monitored by a large
community of experts, including the core SQLite development team,
who are able to resolve just about
any problems with SQLite that you are likely to have.</p>

<p>You can browse the 
<a href="">
mailing list archives</a> or
<a href="">
sign-up</a> as a mailing list member.
To send a question to the mailing list, it is recommended that you
<a href="">
sign-up</a>, but you can simply send an email message to
<a href=""></a> and
your question will probably appear on the mailing list in about 24 hours.
(Questions from non-members are moderated, which is the reason for the
24-hour delay.)

<p>If you do not want to discuss your issues on a public and open forum, an
<a href="">Annual Maintenance 
Subscription</a> or "AMS" might
serve your needs better.
An AMS entitles you to private email support directly from the developers of
SQLite.  The level of support with an AMS is similar to the support one
gets from the public mail list except that an AMS includes a unilateral 
promise of non-disclosure, so with an AMS you can discuss your issues
with the SQLite developers in private, without the whole world watching.
An AMS costs $1500 per year.</p>

<p>Users with more advanced support needs can opt for a
<a href="">Technical Support
Technical support agreements are customized to the needs of each
individual client, but generally include direct telephone support
and priority handling of issues and bugs.  Guaranteed response time
is available as an option.  The cost of
technical support varies but is generally
in the range of $8000 to $35000 per year.</p>

<p>If SQLite is "mission critical" to your company, then you may
want to becoming an 
<a href="">SQLite Consortium 
Member</a>.  The SQLite
Consortium is a collaboration of companies who sponsor ongoing development
of SQLite in exchange for enterprise-level technical support, on-site
visits from the SQLite developers, unlimited access to all licensed
products, and strong guarantees that SQLite will remain in the public
domain, free and independent, and will not come under the control of
a competitor.</p>

<a name="ext"></a>
<h2>Software Licenses</h2>

<p>The SQLite source code is in the 
<a href="">public domain</a>,
and is free for use
by anyone and for any purpose.  No license is required.  However, some
users desire a license so that they can have warranty of title, or just
because their company lawyers say they need one.  A
<a href="">perpetual license</a> 
and warranty
of title for the core SQLite source code is available for this purpose.</p>

<a href="">SQLite Encryption
Extension (SEE)</a>,
the <a href="">ZIPVFS Extension</a>,
and the <a href="">Compressed and
Encrypted ReadOnly Database (CEROD)</a> extension are enhanced versions 
of SQLite that handle encrypted
and/or compressed databases.  SEE can read and write encrypted databases.
SEE encrypts all database content, including metadata, so that the database
file appears as white noise.  ZIPVFS 
compresses the database on-the-fly using application-supplied 
compression and decompression functions.
CEROD reads a compressed database that is
also optionally encrypted.  All of SEE, ZIPVFS, and CEROD are 
supplied in source code form only; the licensee is responsible for 
compiling the products for their chosen platform.  It is not difficult 
to compile any of these extension.  All products come in the form of an
<a href="">amalgamated source file</a>
named "sqlite3.c".  So compiling SEE, ZIPVFS, or CEROD into an application 
is simply a matter of substituting the SEE-, ZIPVFS-, or CEROD-enabled sqlite3.c 
source file in place of the public-domain sqlite3.c source file and recompiling.
Licenses for SEE, ZIPVFS, and CEROD are perpetual.
All three extension can read and write ordinary,
uncompressed and unencrypted database files.</p>

<a name="th3"></a>
<h2>Testing Services</h2>

<p>The <a href="">Test Harness #3 (TH3)</a> is 
a suite of test cases for SQLite that provide 100% branch test coverage
(and 100% modified condition/decision coverage) for the core SQLite in
an as-deployed configuration using only published and documented interfaces.
TH3 is designed for use with embedded devices, and is compatible with
DO-178B.  Every release of the public-domain SQLite is tested using TH3,
and so all users benefit from the TH3 tests.  But the TH3 tests are not
themselves public.  Hardware or system manufactures who want to have
TH3 test run on their systems can negotiate a service agreement to have
the SQLite Developers run those tests.</p>

<h2>About The SQLite Team</h2>

<p>Paid support options and products are provided by
Hipp, Wyrick &amp; Company, Inc., (Hwaci), a 
<a href="">Georgia</a>
with headquarters in
<a href=",_North_Carolina">
Charlotte, North Carolina</a> and has been in business since
Hwaci has an international team of
employees and associates representing the best available talent.  
We are a 100% engineering company.  There is
no sales staff.
Our goal is to provide outstanding service and honest advice
without spin or sales-talk.</p>

<p>Hwaci is a small company but it is
also closely held and debt-free and has low
fixed costs, which means that it is largely immune to buy-outs,
take-overs, and market down-turns.  Hwaci intends to 
continue operating in its current form, and at roughly its current 
size until at least the year 2050.
We expect to be here when you need us,
even if that need is many years in the future.</p>