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<title>SQLite Developers</title>

<h2>The SQLite Development Team</h2>

<img src="images/drh1.jpg" align="left" hspace="25" vspace="0">
<b>D. Richard Hipp
</b> began the SQLite project in on 2000-May-29
and continues to serve as the project architect.  Richard was born,
lives, and works in 
[,_North_Carolina | Charlotte, North Carolina.]  He holds degrees from
[ | Georgia Tech] (MSEE, 1984) and
[ | Duke University] (PhD, 1992) and is
the founder of the consulting firm
[ | Hwaci].</p>

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<b>Dan Kennedy</b> is an Australian currently based in South-East Asia.
He holds a degree in Computer System Engineering from the University of
Queensland and has worked in a variety of fields, including industrial
automation, computer graphics and embedded software development.
Dan has been a key contributor to SQLite since 2002.

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<b>Shane Harrelson</b>
graduated from Clemson University, S.C. in 1995 with a BS
in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Computer Science.   Shane has worked
in several fields including retail/financial systems software, device driver
development, and embedded systems software.</p>

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<img src="images/chw.jpg" align="left" hspace="25" vspace="0">
<b>Christian Werner</b>
is a software developer located in Germany.
He has been active in industrial automation,
communications, and embedded software development since 1989.</p>

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