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#### Import of wapp.tcl
INCLUDE wapp.tcl
#### End of wapp.tcl

# Generate all header content for the output document
proc search_header {} {
  wapp-trim {
DOCHEAD {Search SQLite Stats} {../}

proc wapp-default {} {
  # When running using the built-in webserver in Wapp (in other words,
  # when not running as CGI) any filename that contains a "." loads
  # directly from the filesystem.
  if {[wapp-param WAPP_MODE]!="cgi"]
   && [string match *.* [wapp-param PATH_INFO]]
  } {
    set altfile [file dir [wapp-param SCRIPT_FILENAME]]/../[wapp-param PATH_INFO]
    set fd [open $altfile rb]
    fconfigure $fd -translation binary
    wapp-unsafe [read $fd]
    close $fd
    switch -glob -- $altfile {
      *.html {
        wapp-mimetype text/html
      *.css {
        wapp-mimetype text/css
      *.gif {
        wapp-mimetype image/gif
proc wapp-page-admin {} {
  wapp-content-security-policy off
  if {[wapp-param-exists env]} {
    wapp-trim {
  sqlite3 db2 [file dir [wapp-param SCRIPT_FILENAME]]/searchlog.db
  set where ""
  set res ""

  set ipfilter ""
  set ipaddr [wapp-param ip]
  if {$ipaddr!=""} {
    set where {WHERE ip = $ipaddr}
    set ipfilter $ipaddr

  set checked ""
  set isUnique [expr {[wapp-param unique 0]+0}]
  if {$isUnique} {
    set checked "checked"

  set limit [wapp-param limit 10]
  set s10 ""
  set s100 ""
  set s1000 ""
  if {$limit==10} {set s10 selected}
  if {$limit==100} {set s100 selected}
  if {$limit==1000} {set s1000 selected}

  set self [wapp-param PATH_HEAD]
  wapp-trim {
    <div style="margin:2em">
    <form action='%url($self)' method='GET'>
      Results: <select name=limit onChange="this.form.submit()">
        <option %html($s10) value="10">10</option>
        <option %html($s100) value="100">100</option>
        <option %html($s1000) value="1000">1000</option>
      IP: <input type=input name=ip value="%html($ipfilter)">
      Unique: <input 
        type=checkbox name=unique value=1 
      <input type=submit>
    <table border=1 cellpadding=10 align=center>
    <tr><td><th>IP <th>Query <th> Results <th> Timestamp

  set i 0
  db2 eval "
    SELECT rowid, ip, query, nres, timestamp FROM log $where
    ORDER BY rowid DESC
  " {

    if {$isUnique} {
      if {[info exists seen($query)]} continue
      set seen($query) 1

    wapp-trim {
          <td><a href='%url($self)?ip=%qp($ip)'>%html($ip)</a>
          <td><a href='../search?q=%qp($query)&donotlog=1'>%html($query)</a>
    incr i
    if {$i >= $limit} break
  wapp-subst {</table\n}
  db2 close
wapp-start $argv