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<title>Release History Of SQLite</title>
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<h1 align=center>Release History</h1>

This page provides a high-level summary of changes to SQLite.
For more detail, see the Fossil checkin logs at
<a href=""></a> and
<a href=""></a>.
See the [chronology] a succinct listing of releases.

set nChng 0
proc chng {date desc {options {}}} {
  global nChng aChng xrefChng
  set aChng($nChng) [list $date $desc $options]
  set xrefChng($date) $nChng
  incr nChng

chng {2018-06-04 (3.24.0)} {
<li> Add support for PostgreSQL-style [UPSERT].
<li> Add support for [auxiliary columns in r-tree tables].
<li> Add C-language APIs for discovering SQL keywords used by
     SQLite: [sqlite3_keyword_count()], [sqlite3_keyword_name()], and
<li> Add C-language APIs for dynamic strings based on the
     [sqlite3_str] object.
<li> Enhance [ALTER TABLE] so that it recognizes "true" and "false" as
     valid arguments to DEFAULT.
<li> Add the sorter-reference optimization as a compile-time option.
     Only available if compiled with SQLITE_ENABLE_SORTER_REFERENCES.
<li> Improve the format of the [EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN] raw output, so that
     it gives better information about the query plan and about the
     relationships between the various components of the plan.
<li> Added the [SQLITE_DBCONFIG_RESET_DATABASE] option to the
     [sqlite3_db_config()] API.
<p><b>[CLI] Enhancements:</b>
<li> Automatically intercepts the raw [EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN] 
     output and reformats it into an ASCII-art graph.
<li> Lines that begin with "#" and that are not in the middle of an
     SQL statement are interpreted as comments.
<li> Added the --append option to the ".backup" command.
<li> Added the ".dbconfig" command.
<li> [UPDATE] avoids writing database pages that do not actually change.
     For example, "UPDATE t1 SET x=25 WHERE y=?" becomes a no-op if the
     value in column x is already 25.  Similarly, 
     when doing [UPDATE] on records that span multiple pages, only write
     the subset of pages that contain the changed value(s).
<li> Queries that use ORDER BY and LIMIT now try to avoid computing
     rows that cannot possibly come in under the LIMIT. This can greatly
     improve performance of ORDER BY LIMIT queries, especially when the
     LIMIT is small relative to the number of unrestricted output rows.
<li> The [OR optimization] is allowed to proceed
     even if the OR expression has also been converted into an IN
     expression.  Uses of the OR optimization are now also 
     [eqp-or-opt|more clearly shown] in the [EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN] output.
<li> The query planner is more aggressive about using
     [automatic indexes] for views and subqueries for which it is
     not possible to create a persistent index.
<li> Make use of the one-pass UPDATE and DELETE query plans in the
     [R-Tree extension] where appropriate.
<li> Performance improvements in the LEMON-generated parser.
<p><b>Bug fixes:</b>
<li> For the right-hand table of a LEFT JOIN, compute the values
     of expressions directly rather than loading precomputed values
     out of an [expression index] as the expression index might
     not contain the correct value.  Ticket
<li> Do not attempt to use terms from the WHERE clause to enable
     indexed lookup of the right-hand table of a LEFT JOIN.  Ticket
<li> Fix a memory leak that can occur following a failure to open error
     in the [CSV virtual table]
<li> Fix a long-standing problem wherein a corrupt schema on the
     [sqlite_sequence] table used by [AUTOINCREMENT] can lead to
     a crash. Ticket
<li> Fix the [json_each()] function so that it returns
     valid results on its "fullkey" column when the input is a simple value
     rather than an array or object.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2018-06-04 19:24:41 c7ee0833225bfd8c5ec2f9bf62b97c4e04d03bd9566366d5221ac8fb199a87ca"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 0d384704e1c66026228336d1e91771d295bf688c9c44c7a44f25a4c16c26ab3c

chng {2018-04-10 (3.23.1)} {
<li> Fix two problems in the new [LEFT JOIN strength reduction optimization].
     Tickets [|1e39b966ae9ee739]
     and [|fac496b61722daf2].
<li> Fix misbehavior of the FTS5 xBestIndex method.  Ticket
<li> Fix a harmless reference to an uninitialized virtual machine register.
     Ticket [|093420fc0eb7cba7].
<li> Fix the [CLI] so that it builds with -DSQLITE_UNTESTABLE
<li> Fix the [|eval.c] extension
     so that it works with [PRAGMA empty_result_callbacks=ON].
<li> Fix the [generate_series] virtual table so that it correctly returns
     no rows if any of its constraints are NULL.
<li> Performance enhancements in the parser.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2018-04-10 17:39:29 4bb2294022060e61de7da5c227a69ccd846ba330e31626ebcd59a94efd148b3b"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 65750d1e506f416a0b0b9dd22d171379679c733e3460549754dc68c92705b5dc
} {patchagainst 1}

chng {2018-04-02 (3.23.0)} {
<li> Add the [sqlite3_serialize()] and [sqlite3_deserialize()] interfaces when
     the [SQLITE_ENABLE_DESERIALIZE] compile-time option is used.
<li> Recognize TRUE and FALSE as constants.  (For compatibility, if there
     exist columns named "true" or "false", then the identifiers refer to the
     columns rather than Boolean constants.)
<li> Support operators IS TRUE, IS FALSE, IS NOT TRUE, and IS NOT FALSE.
<li> Added the [SQLITE_DBSTATUS_CACHE_SPILL] option to [sqlite3_db_status()] for
     reporting the number of cache spills that have occurred.
<li> The "alternate-form-2" flag ("!") on the [built-in printf] implementation
     now causes string substitutions to measure the width and precision in
     characters instead of bytes.
<li> If the [xColumn] method in a [virtual table] implementation returns
     an error message using [sqlite3_result_error()] then give that error
     message preference over internally-generated messages.
<li> Added the -A command-line option to the [CLI] to make it easier to manage
     [SQLite Archive files].
     in the [Zipfile virtual table].
<li> Enhance the [sqlite3changeset_apply()] interface so that it is hardened
     against attacks from deliberately corrupted [changeset] objects.
<li> Added the [|sqlite3_normalize()]
     extension function.
<li> Query optimizer enhancements:
<ol type='a'>
  <li> Improve the [omit-left-join optimization] so that it works in cases where
       the right-hand table is UNIQUE but not necessarily NOT NULL.
  <li> Improve the [push-down optimization] so that it works for many LEFT JOINs.
  <li> Add the [LEFT JOIN strength reduction optimization] that converts a LEFT
       JOIN into an ordinary JOIN if there exist terms in the WHERE clause
       that would prevent the extra all-NULL row of the LEFT JOIN from
       appearing in the output set.
  <li> Avoid unnecessary writes to the sqlite_sequence table when an
       [AUTOINCREMENT] table is updated with an rowid that is less than the
<li> Bug fixes:
<ol type='a'>
  <li> Fix the parser to accept valid [row value] syntax.
       Ticket [|7310e2fb3d046a5]
  <li> Fix the query planner so that it takes into account dependencies in
       the arguments to table-valued functions in subexpressions in 
       the WHERE clause.
       Ticket [|80177f0c226ff54]
  <li> Fix incorrect result with complex OR-connected WHERE and STAT4.
       Ticket [|ec32177c99ccac2]
  <li> Fix potential corruption in [indexes on expressions] due to automatic
       datatype conversions.
       Ticket [|343634942dd54ab]
  <li> Assertion fault in FTS4.
       Ticket [|d6ec09eccf68cfc]
  <li> Incorrect result on the less-than operator in [row values].
       Ticket [|f484b65f3d62305]
  <li> Always interpret non-zero floating-point values as TRUE, even if
       the integer part is zero.
       Ticket [|36fae083b450e3a]
  <li> Fix an issue in the fsdir(PATH) [table-valued function] to the
       [|fileio.c] extension,
       that caused a segfault if the fsdir() table was used as the inner table
       of a join. Problem reported on the mailing list and fixed by check-in
  <li> Issue an error rather instead of an assertion-fault or null-pointer
       dereference when the sqlite_master table is corrupted so that the
       sqlite_sequence table root page is really a btree-index page. Check-in
  <li> Fix the [ANALYZE] command so that it computes statistics on tables
       whose names begin with "sqlite".  Check-in
<li> Additional fixes for issues detected by
<ol type='a'>
  <li> Fix a possible infinite loop on VACUUM for corrupt database files.
       Check-in [|27754b74ddf64]
  <li> Disallow [parameters] in the [WITH clause] of triggers and views.
       Check-in [|b918d4b4e546d]
  <li> Fix a potential memory leak in [row value] processing.
       Check-in [|2df6bbf1b8ca8]
  <li> Improve the performance of the [replace() SQL function] for cases where
       there are many substitutions on megabyte-sized strings, in an attempt
       to avoid OSSFuzz timeouts during testing.
       Check-in [|fab2c2b07b5d3]
  <li> Provide an appropriate error message when the sqlite_master table
       contains a CREATE TABLE AS statement. Formerly this caused either an
       assertion fault or null pointer dereference.  Problem found by OSSFuzz
       on the GDAL project. Check-in
  <li> Incorrect assert() statement removed. Check-in
  <li> Fix a problem with using the [LIKE optimization] on an
       [INTEGER PRIMARY KEY].  Check-in
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2018-04-02 11:04:16 736b53f57f70b23172c30880186dce7ad9baa3b74e3838cae5847cffb98f5cd2"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 4bed3dc2dc905ff55e2c21fd2725551fc0ca50912a9c96c6af712a4289cb24fa

chng {2018-01-22 (3.22.0)} {
<li> The output of [sqlite3_trace_v2()] now shows each individual SQL statement
     run within a trigger.
<li> Add the ability to read from [WAL mode] databases even if the application 
     lacks write permission on the database and its containing directory, as long as
     the -shm and -wal files exist in that directory.
<li> Added the [rtreecheck()] scalar SQL function to the [R-Tree extension].
<li> Added the [sqlite3_vtab_nochange()] and [sqlite3_value_nochange()] interfaces
     to help virtual table implementations optimize UPDATE operations.
<li> Added the [sqlite3_vtab_collation()] interface.
<li> Added support for the [FTS5 initial token|"&#94;" initial token syntax] in FTS5.
<li> New extensions:
<ol type='a'>
  <li> The [Zipfile virtual table] can read and write a 
       [|ZIP Archive].
  <li> Added the fsdir(PATH) [table-valued function] to the
       [|fileio.c] extension,
       for listing the files in a directory.
  <li> The [|sqlite_btreeinfo]
       eponymous virtual table for introspecting and estimating the sizes of
       the btrees in a database.
  <li> The [|Append VFS] is a
       [VFS shim] that allows an SQLite database to be appended to some other
       file.  This allows (for example) a database to be appended to an
       executable that then opens and reads the database.
<li> Query planner enhancements:
<ol type='a'>
  <li> The optimization that uses an index to quickly compute an
       aggregate min() or max() is extended to work with
       [indexes on expressions].
  <li> The decision of whether to implement a FROM-clause subquery
       as a co-routine or using [query flattener|query flattening]
       now considers whether
       the result set of the outer query is "complex" (if it
       contains functions or expression subqueries).  A complex result
       set biases the decision toward the use of co-routines.
  <li> The planner avoids query plans that use indexes with unknown
       collating functions.
  <li> The planner omits unused LEFT JOINs even if they are not the 
       right-most joins of a query.
<li> Other performance optimizations:
<ol type='a'>
  <li> A smaller and faster implementation of text to floating-point
       conversion subroutine: sqlite3AtoF().
  <li> The [Lemon parser generator] creates a faster parser.
  <li> Use the strcspn() C-library routine to speed up the LIKE and
       GLOB operators.
<li> Improvements to the [command-line shell]:
<ol type='a'>
  <li> The ".schema" command shows the structure of virtual tables.
  <li> Added support for reading and writing
       [SQLite Archive] files using
       the [.archive command].
  <li> Added the experimental [.expert command]
  <li> Added the ".eqp trigger" variant of the ".eqp" command
  <li> Enhance the ".lint fkey-indexes" command so that it works with
       [WITHOUT ROWID] tables.
  <li> If the filename argument to the shell is a ZIP archive rather than
       an SQLite database, then the shell automatically opens that ZIP 
       archive using the [Zipfile virtual table].
  <li> Added the [edit() SQL function].
  <li> Added the [export to excel|.excel command] to simplify exporting
       database content to a spreadsheet.
  <li> Databases are opened using 
       [|Append VFS] when
       the --append flag is used on the command line or with the
       .open command.
<li> Enhance the [SQLITE_ENABLE_UPDATE_DELETE_LIMIT] compile-time option so
     that it works for [WITHOUT ROWID] tables.
<li> Provide the [sqlite_offset(X)] SQL function that returns
     the byte offset into the database file to the beginning of the record
     holding value X, when compiling with [-DSQLITE_ENABLE_OFFSET_SQL_FUNC].
<li> Bug fixes:
<ol type='a'>
  <li> Infinite loop on an UPDATE that uses an OR operator in the WHERE clause.
       Problem introduced with 3.17.0 and reported on the mailing list about
       one year later.  Ticket
  <li> Incorrect query results when the skip-ahead-distinct optimization is
       Ticket [|ef9318757b152e3a].
  <li> Incorrect query results on a join with a ORDER BY DESC.  Ticket
  <li> Inconsistent result set column names between CREATE TABLE AS
       and a simple SELECT.  Ticket
  <li> Assertion fault when doing REPLACE on an index on an expression.
       Ticket [|dc3f932f5a147771]
  <li> Assertion fault when doing an IN operator on a constant index.
       Ticket [|aa98619ad08ddcab]
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2018-01-22 18:45:57 0c55d179733b46d8d0ba4d88e01a25e10677046ee3da1d5b1581e86726f2171d"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 206df47ebc49cd1710ac0dd716ce5de5854826536993f4feab7a49d136b85069


chng {2017-10-24 (3.21.0)} {
<li> Take advantage of the atomic-write capabilities in the 
     [|F2FS filesystem] when available, for
     greatly reduced transaction overhead.  This currently requires the
     [SQLITE_ENABLE_BATCH_ATOMIC_WRITE] compile-time option.
<li> Allow [ATTACH] and [DETACH] commands to work inside of a transaction.
<li> Allow [WITHOUT ROWID virtual tables] to be writable if the PRIMARY KEY
     contains exactly one column.
<li> The "fsync()" that occurs after the header is written in a WAL reset
     now uses the sync settings for checkpoints.  This means it will use a
     "fullfsync" on macs if [PRAGMA checkpoint_fullfsync] set on.
<li> The [sqlite3_sourceid()] function tries to detect if the source code has
     been modified from what is checked into version control and if there are
     modifications, the last four characters of the version hash are shown as
     "alt1" or "alt2".  The objective is to detect accidental and/or careless
     edits.  A forger can subvert this feature.
<li> Improved de-quoting of column names for [CREATE TABLE AS] statements with
     an aggregate query on the right-hand side.
<li> Fewer "stat()" system calls issued by the unix VFS.
<li> Enhanced the [LIKE optimization] so that it works with an [ESCAPE] clause.
<li> Enhanced [PRAGMA integrity_check] and [PRAGMA quick_check] to detect obscure
     row corruption that they were formerly missing.  Also update both pragmas
     so that they return error text rather than SQLITE_CORRUPT when encountering
     corruption in [record format|records].
<li> The query planner now prefers to implement FROM-clause subqueries using
     [co-routines] rather using the [query flattener] optimization.  Support for
     the use of co-routines for subqueries may no longer be disabled.
<li> Pass information about !=, IS, IS NOT, NOT NULL, and IS NULL constraints
     into the [xBestIndex] method of virtual tables.
<li> Enhanced the [CSV virtual table] so that it accepts the last row of
     input if the final new-line character is missing.
<li> Remove the rarely-used "scratch" memory allocator.  Replace it with the
     [SQLITE_CONFIG_SMALL_MALLOC] configuration setting that gives SQLite
     a hint that large memory allocations should be avoided when possible.
<li> Added the
     [|swarm virtual table]
     to the existing union virtual table extension.
<li> Added the 
     [|sqlite_dbpage virtual table]
     for providing direct access to pages
     of the database file.  The source code is built into the [amalgamation] and
     is activated using the [-DSQLITE_ENABLE_DBPAGE_VTAB] compile-time option.
<li> Add a new type of fts5vocab virtual table - "instance" - that provides
     direct access to an FTS5 full-text index at the lowest possible level.
<li> Remove a call to rand_s() in the Windows VFS since it was causing problems
     in Firefox on some older laptops.
<li> The [|src/shell.c] source code
     to the [command-line shell] is no longer under version control.  That file
     is now generated as part of the build process.
<li> Miscellaneous [microoptimizations] reduce CPU usage by about 2.1%.
<li> Bug fixes:
<ol type="a">
<li> Fix a faulty assert() statement discovered by OSSFuzz.
     Ticket [|cb91bf4290c211d]
<li> Fix an obscure memory leak in [sqlite3_result_pointer()].
     Ticket [|7486aa54b968e9b]
<li> Avoid a possible use-after-free error by deferring schema resets until
     after the query planner has finished running.
     Ticket [|be436a7f4587ce5]
<li> Only use indexes-on-expressions to optimize ORDER BY or GROUP BY if
     the COLLATE is correct.
     Ticket [|e20dd54ab0e4383]
<li> Fix an assertion fault that was coming up when the expression in an
     index-on-expressions is really a constant.
     Ticket [|aa98619ad08ddca]
<li> Fix an assertion fault that could occur following
     [PRAGMA reverse_unordered_selects].
     Ticket [|cb91bf4290c211d]
<li> Fix a segfault that can occur for queries that use table-valued functions
     in an IN or EXISTS subquery.
     Ticket [|b899b6042f97f5]
<li> Fix a potential integer overflow problem when compiling a particular
     horrendous common table expression.  This was another problem discovered
     by OSSFuzz.  Check-in [|6ee8cb6ae5].
<li> Fix a potential out-of-bound read when querying a corrupt database file,
     a problem detected by Natalie Silvanovich of Google Project Zero.
     Check-in [|04925dee41a21f].
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-10-24 18:55:49 1a584e499906b5c87ec7d43d4abce641fdf017c42125b083109bc77c4de48827"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 84c181c0283d0320f488357fc8aab51898370c157601459ebee49d779036fe03

chng {2017-08-24 (3.20.1)} {
<li> Fix a potential memory leak in the new [sqlite3_result_pointer()] interface.
     Ticket [|7486aa54b968e9b5].
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-08-24 16:21:36 8d3a7ea6c5690d6b7c3767558f4f01b511c55463e3f9e64506801fe9b74dce34"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 93b1a6d69b48dc39697d1d3a1e4c30b55da0bdd2cad0c054462f91081832954a
} {patchagainst 1}

chng {2017-08-01 (3.20.0)} {
<li> Update the text of error messages returned by [sqlite3_errmsg()] for some
     error codes.
<li> Add new [pointer passing interfaces].
<li> Backwards-incompatible changes to some extensions in order to take 
     advantage of the improved security offered by the new 
     [pointer passing interfaces]:
     <ol type='a'>
     <li> [Extending FTS5] &rarr; requires [sqlite3_bind_pointer()] to find
          the fts5_api pointer.
     <li> [carray(PTR,N)] &rarr; requires [sqlite3_bind_pointer()] to set the PTR parameter.
     <li> [|remember(V,PTR)]
          &rarr; requires [sqlite3_bind_pointer()] to set the PTR parameter.
<li> Added the [SQLITE_STMT virtual table] extension.
<li> Added the [COMPLETION extension] - designed to suggest
     tab-completions for interactive user interfaces.  This is a work in progress.
     Expect further enhancements in future releases.
<li> Added the [UNION virtual table] extension.
<li> The built-in [date and time functions] have been enhanced so that they can be
     used in [CHECK constraints], in [indexes on expressions], and in the WHERE clauses
     of [partial indexes], provided that they do not use the 'now', 'localtime', or
     'utc' keywords.  [date/time special case|More information].
<li> Added the [sqlite3_prepare_v3()] and [sqlite3_prepare16_v3()] interfaces
     with the extra "prepFlags" parameters.
<li> Provide the [SQLITE_PREPARE_PERSISTENT] flag for [sqlite3_prepare_v3()] and
     use it to limit [lookaside memory] misuse by [FTS3], [FTS5], and the
     [R-Tree extension].
<li> Added the [PRAGMA secure_delete=FAST] command.  When secure_delete is
     set to FAST, old content is overwritten with zeros as long as that does
     not increase the amount of I/O.  Deleted content might still persist on
     the [free-page list] but will be purged from all b-tree pages.
<li> Enhancements to the [command-line shell]:
<ol type='a'>
<li> Add support for tab-completion using the [COMPLETION extension], for
     both readline and linenoise.
<li> Add the ".cd" command.
<li> Enhance the "[.schema]" command to show the schema of all attached
<li> Enhance "[.tables]" so that it shows the schema names for all attached
     if the name is anything other than "main".
<li> The "[.import]" command ignores an initial UTF-8 BOM.
<li> Added the "--newlines" option to the "[.dump]" command to cause U+000a and
     U+000d characters to be output literally rather than escaped using the
     [replace()] function.
<li> Query planner enhancements:
<ol type='a'>
<li> When generating individual loops for each ORed term of an OR scan,
     move any constant WHERE expressions outside of the loop, as is 
     done for top-level loops.
<li> The query planner examines the values of bound parameters to help
     determine if a partial index is usable.
<li> When deciding between two plans with the same estimated cost, bias 
     the selection toward the one that does not use the sorter.
<li> Evaluate WHERE clause constraints involving correlated subqueries
     last, in the hope that they never have be evaluated at all.
<li> Do not use the [flattening optimization] for a sub-query on the RHS 
     of a LEFT JOIN if that subquery reads data from a [virtual table] as
     doing so prevents the query planner from creating [automatic indexes]
     on the results of the sub-query, which can slow down the query.
     and [SQLITE_STMTSTATUS_MEMUSED] options for the
     [sqlite3_stmt_status()] interface.
<li> Provide [PRAGMA functions] for
     [PRAGMA integrity_check], [PRAGMA quick_check], and
     [PRAGMA foreign_key_check].
<li> Add the -withoutnulls option to the [TCL interface eval method].
<li> Enhance the [sqlite3_analyzer.exe] utility program so that it shows
     the number of bytes of metadata on btree pages.
<li> The [SQLITE_DBCONFIG_ENABLE_QPSG] run-time option and the
     [SQLITE_ENABLE_QPSG] compile-time option enable the
     [query planner stability guarantee].  See also ticket
<li> Miscellaneous optimizations result in a 2% reduction in [CPU cycles used].
<p><b>Bug Fixes:</b>
<li> Fix the behavior of [sqlite3_column_name()] for queries that use the
     [flattening optimization] so that the result is consistent with other
     queries that do not use that optimization, and with PostgreSQL, MySQL,
     and SQLServer.  Ticket [|de3403bf5ae].
<li> Fix the query planner so that it knows not to use [automatic indexes]
     on the right table of LEFT JOIN if the WHERE clause uses the [IS operator].
     Fix for [|ce68383bf6aba].
<li> Ensure that the query planner knows that any column of a 
     [flattening optimization|flattened] LEFT JOIN can be NULL even 
     if that column is labeled with "NOT NULL". Fix for ticket 
<li> Fix rare false-positives in [PRAGMA integrity_check] when run on a database connection
     with [ATTACH|attached databases]. Ticket
<li> Fix a bug (discovered by OSSFuzz) that causes an assertion fault if certain
     dodgy CREATE TABLE declarations are used.  Ticket
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-08-01 13:24:15 9501e22dfeebdcefa783575e47c60b514d7c2e0cad73b2a496c0bc4b680900a8"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 79b7f3b977360456350219cba0ba0e5eb55910565eab68ea83edda2f968ebe95

chng {2017-06-17 (3.18.2)} {
<li>Fix a bug that might cause duplicate output rows when an IN operator is
    used in the WHERE clause.
    Ticket [|61fe9745].
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-06-17 09:59:36 036ebf729e4b21035d7f4f8e35a6f705e6bf99887889e2dc14ebf2242e7930dd"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: b0bd014f2776b9f9508a3fc6432f70e2436bf54475369f88f0aeef75b0eec93e
} {patchagainst 1}

chng {2017-06-16 (3.18.1)} {
<li>Fix a bug associated with [auto_vacuum] that can lead to database
    corruption.  The bug was introduced in [version 3.16.0] ([dateof:3.16.0]).
    Ticket [|fda22108].
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-06-16 13:41:15 77bb46233db03a3338bacf7e56f439be3dfd1926ea0c44d252eeafa7a7b31c06"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 334eaf776db9d09a4e69d6012c266bc837107edc2c981739ef82081cb11c5723

chng {2017-06-08 (3.19.3)} {
<li>Fix a bug associated with [auto_vacuum] that can lead to database
    corruption.  The bug was introduced in [version 3.16.0] ([dateof:3.16.0]).
    Ticket [|fda22108].
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-06-08 14:26:16 0ee482a1e0eae22e08edc8978c9733a96603d4509645f348ebf55b579e89636b"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 368f1d31272b1739f804bcfa5485e5de62678015c4adbe575003ded85c164bb8
} {patchagainst 1 patchagainst 2 patchagainst 3}

chng {2017-05-25 (3.19.2)} {
<li>Fix more bugs in the LEFT JOIN [flattening optimization]. Ticket
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-05-25 16:50:27 edb4e819b0c058c7d74d27ebd14cc5ceb2bad6a6144a486a970182b7afe3f8b9"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 1be0c457869c1f7eba58c3b5097b9ec307a15be338308bee8e5be8570bcf5d1e
} {patchagainst 1 patchagainst 2}

chng {2017-05-24 (3.19.1)} {
<li>Fix a bug in the LEFT JOIN [flattening optimization]. Ticket
<li>Remove a surplus semicolon that was causing problems for older versions of MSVC.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-05-24 13:08:33 f6d7b988f40217821a382bc298180e9e6794f3ed79a83c6ef5cae048989b3f86"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 996b2aff37b6e0c6663d0312cd921bbdf6826c989cbbb07dadde5e9672889bca
} {patchagainst 1}

chng {2017-05-22 (3.19.0)} {
<li> The [SQLITE_READ] [authorizer callback] is invoked once
     with a column name that is an empty string
     for every table referenced in a query from which no columns are extracted.
<li> When using an index on an expression, try to use expression values already
     available in the index, rather than loading the original columns and recomputing
     the expression.
<li> Enhance the [flattening optimization] so that it is able to flatten views
     on the right-hand side of a LEFT JOIN.
<li> Use [replace()] instead of [char()] for escaping newline and carriage-return
     characters embedded in strings in the .dump output from the [command-line shell].
<li> Avoid unnecessary foreign key processing in UPDATE statements that do not
     touch the columns that are constrained by the foreign keys.
<li> On a DISTINCT query that uses an index, try to skip ahead to the next distinct
     entry using the index rather than stepping through rows, when an appropriate
     index is available.
<li> Avoid unnecessary invalidation of [sqlite3_blob] handles when making
     changes to unrelated tables.
<li> Transfer any terms of the HAVING clause that use only columns mentioned in
     the GROUP BY clause over to the WHERE clause for faster processing.
<li> Reuse the same materialization of a VIEW if that VIEW appears more than
     once in the same query.
<li> Enhance [PRAGMA integrity_check] so that it identifies tables that have two
     or more rows with the same [rowid].
<li> Enhance the [FTS5] query syntax so that [FTS5 column filters|column filters]
     may be applied to arbitrary expressions.
<li> Enhance the [json_extract()] function to cache and reuse parses of JSON
     input text.
<li> Added the [|anycollseq.c]
     [loadable extension] that allows a generic SQLite database connection to
     read a schema that contains unknown and/or
     application-specific [collating sequences].
<p><b>Bug Fixes:</b>
<li> Fix a problem in [REPLACE] that can result in a corrupt database containing
     two or more rows with the same [rowid].  Fix for ticket
<li> Fix a problem in [PRAGMA integrity_check] that was causing a subsequent
     [VACUUM] to behave suboptimally.
<li> Fix the [PRAGMA foreign_key_check] command so that it works correctly with
     foreign keys on [WITHOUT ROWID] tables.
<li> Fix a bug in the b-tree logic that can result in incorrect duplicate answers
     for IN operator queries.  Ticket
<li> Disallow leading zeros in numeric constants in JSON.  Fix for ticket
<li> Disallow control characters inside of strings in JSON.  Fix for ticket
<li> Limit the depth of recursion for JSON objects and arrays in order to avoid
     excess stack usage in the recursive descent parser.  Fix for ticket
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-05-22 13:58:13 28a94eb282822cad1d1420f2dad6bf65e4b8b9062eda4a0b9ee8270b2c608e40"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: c30326aa1a9cc342061b755725eac9270109acf878bc59200dd4b1cea6bc2908

chng {2017-03-30 (3.18.0)} {
<li>Added the [PRAGMA optimize] command
<li>The SQLite version identifier returned by the [sqlite_source_id()] SQL function
    and the [sqlite3_sourceid()] C API and found in the [SQLITE_SOURCE_ID] macro is
    now a 64-digit SHA3-256 hash instead of a 40-digit SHA1 hash.
<li>Added the [json_patch()] SQL function to the [json1|JSON1 extension].
<li>Enhance the [LIKE optimization] so that it works for arbitrary expressions on 
    the left-hand side as long as the LIKE pattern on the right-hand side does not
    begin with a digit or minus sign.
<li>Added the [sqlite3_set_last_insert_rowid()] interface and use the new interface in 
    the [FTS3], [FTS4], and [FTS5] extensions to ensure that the [sqlite3_last_insert_rowid()]
    interface always returns reasonable values.
<li>Enhance [PRAGMA integrity_check] and [PRAGMA quick_check] so that they verify
    [CHECK constraints].
<li>Enhance the query plans for joins to detect empty tables early and
    halt without doing unnecessary work.
<li>Enhance the [sqlite3_mprintf()] family of interfaces and the [printf SQL function]
    to put comma separators at the thousands marks for integers, if the "," format modifier
    is used in between the "%" and the "d" (example: "%,d").
<li>Added the -D[SQLITE_MAX_MEMORY]=<i>N</i> compile-time option.
<li>Added the [.sha3sum dot-command] and the [.selftest dot-command] 
    to the [command-line shell]
<li>Begin enforcing [SQLITE_LIMIT_VDBE_OP]. This can be used, for example, to prevent
    excessively large prepared statements in systems that accept SQL queries from
    untrusted users.
<li>Various performance improvements.
<p><b>Bug Fixes:</b>
<li>Ensure that indexed expressions with collating sequences are handled correctly.
    Fix for ticket [|eb703ba7b50c1a5].
<li>Fix a bug in the 'start of ...' modifiers for the [date and time functions].
    Ticket [|6097cb92745327a1]
<li>Fix a potential segfault in complex recursive triggers, resulting from a
    bug in the OP_Once opcode introduced as part of a performance optimization in
    version 3.15.0.
    Ticket [|06796225f59c057c]
<li>In the [RBU extension], add extra sync operations to avoid the possibility of
    corruption following a power failure.
<li>The [sqlite3_trace_v2()] output for nested SQL statements should always begin
    with a "--" comment marker.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-03-28 18:48:43 424a0d380332858ee55bdebc4af3789f74e70a2b3ba1cf29d84b9b4bcf3e2e37"
<li>SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: cbf322df1f76be57fb3be84f3da1fc71d1d3dfdb7e7c2757fb0ff630b3bc2e5d

chng {2017-02-13 (3.17.0)} {
<li>Approximately 25% better performance from the [R-Tree extension].
    <ol type='a'>
    <li> Uses compiler built-ins (ex: __builtin_bswap32() or _byteswap_ulong())
         for byteswapping when available.
    <li> Uses the [sqlite3_blob] key/value access object instead of SQL
         for pulling content out of R-Tree nodes
    <li> Other miscellaneous enhancements such as loop unrolling.
<li>Add the [SQLITE_DEFAULT_LOOKASIDE] compile-time option.
<li>Increase the default [lookaside memory allocator|lookaside]
    size from 512,125 to 1200,100 
    as this provides better performance while only adding 56KB 
    of extra memory per connection.  Memory-sensitive 
    applications can restore the old
    default at compile-time, start-time, or run-time.
<li>Use compiler built-ins __builtin_sub_overflow(), __builtin_add_overflow(),
    and __builtin_mul_overflow() when available.  (All compiler
    built-ins can be omitted with the [SQLITE_DISABLE_INTRINSIC] compile-time
<li>Added the [SQLITE_ENABLE_NULL_TRIM] compile-time option, which
    can result in significantly smaller database files for some
    applications, at the risk of being incompatible with older
    versions of SQLite.
<li>Change [SQLITE_DEFAULT_PCACHE_INITSZ] from 100 to 20, for
    improved performance.
<li>Added the SQLITE_UINT64_TYPE compile-time option as an
    analog to SQLITE_INT64_TYPE.
<li>Perform some [UPDATE] operations in a single pass instead of
    in two passes.
<li>Enhance the [session extension] to support [WITHOUT ROWID]
<li>Fixed performance problems and potential stack overflows
    when creating [views] from multi-row VALUES clauses with
    hundreds of thousands of rows.
<li>Added the [|sha1.c]
<li>In the [command-line shell], enhance the ".mode" command so that it
    restores the default column and row separators for modes "line",
    "list", "column", and "tcl". 
<li>Enhance the [SQLITE_DIRECT_OVERFLOW_READ] option so that it works
    in [WAL mode] as long as the pages being read are not in the WAL file.
<li>Enhance the 
    [Lemon parser generator]
    so that it can store the parser object as a stack variable rather than 
    allocating space from the heap and make use of that enhancement in
    the [amalgamation].
<li>Other performance improvements. Uses about [CPU cycles used|6.5% fewer CPU cycles].
<p><b>Bug Fixes:</b>
<li>Throw an error if the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN references tables
    to the right of the ON clause.  This is the same behavior as
    PostgreSQL.  Formerly, SQLite silently converted the LEFT JOIN
    into an INNER JOIN.  Fix for ticket
<li>Use the correct affinity for columns of automatic indexes. Ticket
<li>Ensure that the [sqlite3_blob_reopen()] interface can correctly
    handle short rows.  Fix for ticket
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-02-13 16:02:40 ada05cfa86ad7f5645450ac7a2a21c9aa6e57d2c"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: cc7d708bb073c44102a59ed63ce6142da1f174d1


chng {2017-01-06 (3.16.2)} {
<li>Fix the [REPLACE] statement for 
    [WITHOUT ROWID] tables that lack secondary indexes so that
    it works correctly with triggers and foreign keys.  This was a new bug
    caused by performance optimizations added in version 3.16.0.
    Ticket [|30027b613b4]
<li>Fix the [sqlite3_value_text()] interface so that it correctly
    translates content generated by [zeroblob()] into a string of all
    0x00 characters.  This is a long-standing issue discovered after the
    3.16.1 release by [|OSS-Fuzz]
<li>Fix the bytecode generator to deal with a subquery in the FROM clause
    that is itself a UNION ALL where one side of the UNION ALL is a view
    that contains an ORDER BY.  This is a long-standing issue that was
    discovered after the release of 3.16.1.  See ticket
<li>Adjust the [sqlite3_column_count()] API so it more often returns the same
    values for [PRAGMA] statements as it did in prior releases, to
    minimize disruption to applications that might be using that
    interface in unexpected ways.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-01-06 16:32:41 a65a62893ca8319e89e48b8a38cf8a59c69a8209"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 2bebdc3f24911c0d12b6d6c0123c3f84d6946b08
} {patchagainst 1 patchagainst 2}

chng {2017-01-03 (3.16.1)} {
<li>Fix a bug concerning the use of [row values] within [CREATE TRIGGER|triggers]
    (see ticket [|8c9458e7])
    that was in version 3.15.0 but was not reported until moments after the 3.16.0
    release was published.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-01-03 18:27:03 979f04392853b8053817a3eea2fc679947b437fd"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 354f6223490b30fd5320b4066b1535e4ce33988d
} {patchagainst 1}

chng {2017-01-02 (3.16.0)} {
<li>Uses 9% fewer CPU cycles. (See the [CPU performance measurement] report for
    details on how this performance increase was computed.)
<li>Added experimental support for [PRAGMA functions].
<li>Added the [SQLITE_DBCONFIG_NO_CKPT_ON_CLOSE] option to [sqlite3_db_config()].
<li>Enhance the [date and time functions] so that the 'unixepoch' modifier works
    for the full span of supported dates.
<li>Changed the default configuration of the [lookaside memory allocator] from
    500 slots of 128 bytes each into 125 slots of 512 bytes each.
<li>Enhanced "WHERE x NOT NULL" [partial indexes] so that they are usable if 
    the "x" column appears in a LIKE or GLOB operator.
<li>Enhanced [sqlite3_interrupt()] so that it interrupts [checkpoint] operations that
    are in process.
<li>Enhanced the [LIKE] and [GLOB] matching algorithm to be faster
    for cases when the pattern contains multiple wildcards.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_FCNTL_WIN32_GET_HANDLE] file control opcode.
<li>Added ".mode quote" to the [command-line shell].
<li>Added ".lint fkey-indexes" to the [command-line shell].
<li>Added the [.imposter dot-command] to the [command-line shell].
<li>Added the [ | remember(V,PTR)]
    SQL function as a [loadable extension].
<li>Rename the [SQLITE_OMIT_BUILTIN_TEST] compile-time option to
    [SQLITE_UNTESTABLE] to better reflect the implications of using it.
<p><b>Bug Fixes:</b>
<li>Fix a long-standing bug in the query planner that caused incorrect results
    on a LEFT JOIN where the left-hand table is a subquery and the join constraint
    is a bare column name coming from the left-hand subquery.  Ticket
<li>Correctly handle the integer literal -0x8000000000000000 in the query planner.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-01-02 11:57:58 04ac0b75b1716541b2b97704f4809cb7ef19cccf"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: e2920fb885569d14197c9b7958e6f1db573ee669

chng {2016-11-28 (3.15.2)} {
<li> Multiple bug fixes to the [row value] logic that was introduced in version 3.15.0.
<li> Fix a NULL pointer dereference in ATTACH/DETACH following a maliciously constructed
     syntax error.  Ticket 
<li> Fix a crash that can occur following an out-of-memory condition
     in the built-in [instr()] function.
<li> In the [json1|JSON extension], fix the JSON validator so that it correctly rejects
     invalid backslash escapes within strings.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-11-28 19:13:37 bbd85d235f7037c6a033a9690534391ffeacecc8"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 06d77b42a3e70609f8d4bbb97caf53652f1082cb
} {patchagainst 1 patchagainst 2}

chng {2016-11-04 (3.15.1)} {
<li> Added [SQLITE_FCNTL_WIN32_GET_HANDLE] file control opcode.
<li> Fix the [VACUUM] command so that it spills excess content to disk rather
     than holding everything in memory, and possible causing an out-of-memory
     error for larger database files.  This fixes an issue introduced by
     version 3.15.0.
<li> Fix a case (present since 3.8.0 - [dateof:3.8.0]) 
     where OR-connected terms in the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN
     might cause incorrect results.  Ticket
<li> Fix a case where the use of [row values] in the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN
     might cause incorrect results.  Ticket
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-11-04 12:08:49 1136863c76576110e710dd5d69ab6bf347c65e36"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: e7c26a7be3e431dd06898f8d262c4ef240c07366
} {patchagainst 1}

chng {2016-10-14 (3.15.0)} {
<li> Added support for [row values].
<li> Allow [deterministic SQL functions] in the WHERE clause of a [partial index].
<li> Added the "[modeof|modeof=<i>filename</i>]" URI parameter on the unix VFS
<li> Added support for [SQLITE_DBCONFIG_MAINDBNAME].
<li> Added the ability to [VACUUM] an [ATTACH|ATTACH-ed] database.
<li> Enhancements to the [command-line shell]:
     <ol type='a'>
     <li> Add the ".testcase" and ".check" [dot-commands].
     <li> Added the --new option to the ".open" dot-command, causing
          any prior content in the database to be purged prior to
<li> Enhance the [fts5vocab] virtual table to handle "ORDER BY term" efficiently.
<li> Miscellaneous micro-optimizations reduce CPU usage by more than 7%
     on common workloads.  Most optimization in this release has been on the
     front-end ([sqlite3_prepare_v2()]).
<p><b>Bug Fixes:</b>
<li> The multiply operator now correctly detects 64-bit integer overflow
     and promotes to floating point in all corner-cases.  Fix for ticket
<li> Correct handling of columns with redundant unique indexes when those
     columns are used on the LHS of an [IN operator].  Fix for ticket
<li> Skip NULL entries on range queries in [indexes on expressions].
     Fix for ticket
<li> Ensure that the [AUTOINCREMENT] counters in the sqlite_sequence
     table are initialized doing "Xfer Optimization" on "INSERT ... SELECT"
     statements.  Fix for ticket
<li> Make sure the ORDER BY LIMIT optimization 
     (from check-in [|559733b09e])
     works with IN operators on INTEGER PRIMARY KEYs.  Fix for ticket
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-10-14 10:20:30 707875582fcba352b4906a595ad89198d84711d8"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: fba106f8f6493c66eeed08a2dfff0907de54ae76

chng {2016-09-12 (3.14.2)} {
<li> Improved support for using the STDCALL calling convention in winsqlite3.dll.
<li> Fix the [sqlite3_trace_v2()] interface so that it is disabled if either the
callback or the mask arguments are zero, in accordance with the documentation.
<li> Fix commenting errors and improve the comments generated on [EXPLAIN] listings
when the [-DSQLITE_ENABLE_EXPLAIN_COMMENTS] compile-time option is used.
<li> Fix the ".read" command in the [command-line shell] so that it understands
that its input is not interactive.
<li> Correct affinity computations for a SELECT on the RHS of an IN operator.
Fix for ticket [|199df4168c].
<li> The ORDER BY LIMIT optimization is not valid unless the inner-most IN operator 
loop is actually used by the query plan. Fix for
ticket [|0c4df46116e90f92].
<li> Fix an internal code generator problem that was causing some [DELETE] operations
to no-op.  Ticket [|ef360601]
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-09-12 18:50:49 29dbef4b8585f753861a36d6dd102ca634197bd6"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: bcc4a1989db45e7f223191f2d0f66c1c28946383
} {patchagainst 1 patchagainst 2}

chng {2016-08-11 (3.14.1)} {
<li>A performance enhancement to the page-cache "truncate" operation
    reduces [COMMIT] time by dozens of milliseconds on systems with a
    large [PRAGMA cache_size|page cache].
<li>Fix to the --rbu option of [sqldiff].
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-08-11 18:53:32 a12d8059770df4bca59e321c266410344242bf7b"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: d545b24892278272ce4e40e0567d69c8babf12ea
} {patchagainst 1}

chng {2016-08-08 (3.14)} {
<div style="width:280px;float:right;padding:10px;margin:0px 10px;">
<img src='ROOT/images/sqlitepie.jpg' width=280 height=250></img><br>
<center>Celebrating the SQLite "<big>&pi;</big> release"
with a home-baked pie.</center>
<li>Added support for [WITHOUT ROWID virtual tables].
<li>Improved the query planner so that the [OR optimization] can
    be used on [virtual tables] even if one or more of the disjuncts
    use the [LIKE], [GLOB], [REGEXP], [MATCH] operators.
<li>Added the [CSV virtual table] for reading
    [|RFC 4180] formatted comma-separated
    value files.
<li>Added the [carray() table-valued function] extension.
<li>Enabled [persistent loadable extensions] using the new
    [SQLITE_OK_LOAD_PERMANENTLY] return code from the extension
    entry point.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_DBSTATUS_CACHE_USED_SHARED] option to [sqlite3_db_status()].
<li>Add the 
    loadable extension - a VFS shim that measures I/O
    together with an [eponymous virtual table] that provides access to the measurements.
<li>Improved algorithm for running queries with both an ORDER BY and a LIMIT where
    only the inner-most loop naturally generates rows in the correct order.
<li>Enhancements to [Lemon parser generator], so that it generates a
    faster parser.
<li>The [PRAGMA compile_options] command now attempts to show the version number
    of the compiler that generated the library.
<li>Enhance [PRAGMA table_info] so that it provides information about
    [eponymous virtual tables].
<li>Added the "win32-none" VFS, analogous to the "unix-none" VFS, that works like
    the default "win32" VFS except that it ignores all file locks.
<li>The query planner uses a full scan of a [partial index] instead of a 
    full scan of the main table, in cases where that makes sense.
<li>Allow [table-valued functions] to appear on the right-hand side of an [IN operator].
<li>Created the [dbhash.exe] command-line utility.
<li>Added two new C-language interfaces: [sqlite3_expanded_sql()] and
    [sqlite3_trace_v2()].  These new interfaces subsume the functions of
    [sqlite3_trace()] and [sqlite3_profile()] which are now deprecated.
<li>Added the [json_quote()] SQL function to [the json1 extension].
<li>Disable the [sqlite3_set_authorizer|authorizer callback] while reparsing the schema.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_ENABLE_UNKNOWN_SQL_FUNCTION] compile-time option and turned that
    option on by default when building the [command-line shell].
<p><b>Bug Fixes:</b>
<li>Fix the [ALTER TABLE] command so that it does not corrupt [descending indexes]
    when adding a column to a [legacy_file_format|legacy file format] database.  Ticket
<li>Fix a NULL-pointer dereference/crash that could occurs when a transitive WHERE
    clause references a non-existent collating sequence.  Ticket
<li>Improved the cost estimation for an index scan which includes a WHERE clause
    that can be partially or fully evaluated using columns in the index and without
    having to do a table lookup.  This fixes a performance regression that occurred
    for some obscure queries following the ORDER BY LIMIT optimization introduced
    in [version 3.12.0].
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-08-08 13:40:27 d5e98057028abcf7217d0d2b2e29bbbcdf09d6de"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 234a3275d03a287434ace3ccdf1afb208e6b0e92

chng {2016-05-18 (3.13.0)} {
<li>Postpone I/O associated with TEMP files for as long as possible, with the hope
    that the I/O can ultimately be avoided completely.
<li>Merged the [session] extension into trunk.
<li>Added the ".auth ON|OFF" command to the [command-line shell].
<li>Added the "--indent" option to the ".schema" and ".fullschema" commands of
    the [command-line shell], to turn on pretty-printing.
<li>Added the ".eqp full" option to the [command-line shell], that does both [EXPLAIN]
    and [EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN] on each statement that is evaluated.
<li>Improved unicode filename handling in the [command-line shell] on Windows.
<li>Improved resistance against goofy query planner decisions caused by
    incomplete or incorrect modifications to the [sqlite_stat1] 
    table by the application.
<li>Added the [sqlite3_db_config](db,[SQLITE_DBCONFIG_ENABLE_LOAD_EXTENSION]) interface
    which allows the [sqlite3_load_extension()] C-API to be enabled while keeping the
    [load_extension()] SQL function disabled for security.
<li>Change the [temporary directory search algorithm] on Unix to allow directories with
    write and execute permission, but without read permission, to serve as temporary
    directories.  Apply this same standard to the "." fallback directory.
<p><b>Bug Fixes:</b>
<li>Fix a problem with the multi-row one-pass DELETE optimization that was
    causing it to compute incorrect answers with a self-referential subquery in
    the WHERE clause.  Fix for ticket
<li>Fix a possible segfault with DELETE when table is a [rowid table] with an 
    [INTEGER PRIMARY KEY] and the WHERE clause contains a OR and
    the table has one or more indexes that are able to trigger the OR optimization,
    but none of the indexes reference any table columns other than the INTEGER PRIMARY KEY.
    Ticket [|16c9801ceba49].
<li>When checking for the WHERE-clause push-down optimization, verify that all terms
    of the compound inner SELECT are non-aggregate, not just the last term. Fix for ticket
<li>Fix a locking race condition in Windows that can occur when two or more processes
    attempt to recover the same [hot journal] at the same time.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-05-18 10:57:30 fc49f556e48970561d7ab6a2f24fdd7d9eb81ff2"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 9b9171b1e6ce7a980e6b714e9c0d9112657ad552
} {backport {2016-04-18 (3.12.2)} backport {2016-04-08 (3.12.1)}}

chng {2016-04-18 (3.12.2)} {
<li>Fix a backwards compatibility problem in version 3.12.0 and 3.12.1:
    Columns declared as <tt>"INTEGER" PRIMARY KEY</tt> (with quotes around
    the datatype keyword) were not being recognized as an
    [INTEGER PRIMARY KEY], which resulted in an incompatible database file.
    Ticket [|7d7525cb01b68]
<li>Fix a bug (present since [version 3.9.0]) that can cause the [DELETE]
    operation to miss rows if [PRAGMA reverse_unordered_selects] is turned on.
    Ticket [|a306e56ff68b8fa5]
<li>Fix a bug in the code generator that can cause incorrect results if
    two or more [virtual tables] are joined and the virtual table used in
    outer loop of the join has an [IN operator] constraint.
<li>Correctly interpret negative "PRAGMA cache_size" values when determining
    the cache size used for sorting large amounts of data.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-04-18 17:30:31 92dc59fd5ad66f646666042eb04195e3a61a9e8e"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: de5a5898ebd3a3477d4652db143746d008b24c83
} {patchagainst 1 patchagainst 3}

chng {2016-04-08 (3.12.1)} {
<li>Fix a boundary condition error introduced by version 3.12.0
    that can result in a crash during heavy [SAVEPOINT] usage.
    Ticket [|7f7f8026eda38].
<li>Fix [views] so that they inherit column datatypes from the 
    table that they are defined against, when possible.
<li>Fix the query planner so that IS and IS NULL operators are able
    to drive an index on a LEFT OUTER JOIN.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-04-08 15:09:49 fe7d3b75fe1bde41511b323925af8ae1b910bc4d"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: ebb18593350779850e3e1a930eb84a70fca8c1d1
} {patchagainst 2}

chng {2016-04-01 (3.9.3)} {
<li>Backport a
    [|simple query planner optimization]
    that allows the IS operator
    to drive an index on a LEFT OUTER JOIN.  No other changes from the
    [version 3.9.2] baseline.

chng {2016-03-29 (3.12.0)} {
<p><b>Potentially Disruptive Change:</b>
<li>The [SQLITE_DEFAULT_PAGE_SIZE] is increased from 1024 to 4096.  
    The [SQLITE_DEFAULT_CACHE_SIZE] is changed from 2000 to -2000 so 
    the same amount of cache memory is used by default.
    See the application note on the
    [version 3.12.0 page size change] for further information.
<p><b>Performance enhancements:</b>
<li>Enhancements to the [Lemon parser generator]
    so that it creates a smaller and faster SQL parser.
<li>Only create [master journal] files if two or more attached databases are all
    modified, do not have [PRAGMA synchronous] set to OFF, and
    do not have the [journal_mode] set to OFF, MEMORY, or WAL.
<li>Only create [statement journal] files when their size exceeds a threshold.
    Otherwise the journal is held in memory and no I/O occurs.  The threshold
    can be configured at compile-time using [SQLITE_STMTJRNL_SPILL] or at
    start-time using [sqlite3_config]([SQLITE_CONFIG_STMTJRNL_SPILL]).
<li>The query planner is able to optimize IN operators on [virtual tables]
    even if the [xBestIndex] method does not set the
    sqlite3_index_constraint_usage.omit flag of the
    virtual table column to the left of the IN operator.
<li>The query planner now does a better job of optimizing [virtual table]
    accesses in a 3-way or higher join where constraints on the virtual
    table are split across two or more other tables of the join.
<li>More efficient handling of [application-defined SQL functions], especially
    in cases where the application defines hundreds or thousands of 
    custom functions.
<li>The query planner considers the LIMIT clause when estimating the cost
    of ORDER BY.
<li>The configure script (on unix) automatically detects
    pread() and pwrite() and sets compile-time options to use those OS
    interfaces if they are available.
<li>Reduce the amount of memory needed to hold the schema.
<li>Other miscellaneous micro-optimizations for improved performance and reduced
    memory usage.
<p><b>New Features:</b>
<li>Added the [SQLITE_DBCONFIG_ENABLE_FTS3_TOKENIZER] option to [sqlite3_db_config()]
    which allows the two-argument version of the [fts3_tokenizer()] SQL function to
    be enabled or disabled at run-time.
<li>Added the [|sqlite3rbu_bp_progress()]
    interface to the [RBU] extension.
<li>The [PRAGMA defer_foreign_keys=ON] statement now also disables 
    [foreign key actions|RESTRICT actions] on foreign key.
<li>Added the [sqlite3_system_errno()] interface.
    compile-time options.  The [SQLITE_DEFAULT_SYNCHRONOUS] compile-time option
    replaces the [SQLITE_EXTRA_DURABLE] option, which is no longer supported.
<li>Enhanced the ".stats" command in the [command-line shell] to show more
    information about I/O performance obtained from /proc, when available.
<p><b>Bug fixes:</b>
<li>Make sure the [sqlite3_set_auxdata()] values from multiple triggers
    within a single statement do not interfere with one another.
    Ticket [|dc9b1c91].
<li>Fix the code generator for expressions of the form "x IN (SELECT...)" where
    the SELECT statement on the RHS is a correlated subquery.
    Ticket [|5e3c886796e5512e].
<li>Fix a harmless TSAN warning associated with the [sqlite3_db_readonly()] interface.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-03-29 10:14:15 e9bb4cf40f4971974a74468ef922bdee481c988b"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: cba2be96d27cb51978cd4a200397a4ad178986eb

chng {2016-03-03 (3.11.1)} {
<li>Improvements to the Makefiles and build scripts used by VisualStudio.
<li>Fix an [FTS5] issue in which the 'optimize' command could cause index corruption.
<li>Fix a buffer overread that might occur if [FTS5] is used to query a corrupt
    database file.
<li>Increase the maximum "scope" value for the [spellfix1] extension from 6 to 30.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-03-03 16:17:53 f047920ce16971e573bc6ec9a48b118c9de2b3a7"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 3da832fd2af36eaedb05d61a8f4c2bb9f3d54265
} {patchagainst 1}

chng {2016-02-15 (3.11.0)} {
<p><b>General improvements:</b>
<li>Enhanced [WAL mode] so that it works efficiently with transactions that are
    larger than the [cache_size].
<li>Added the [FTS5 detail option].
<li>Added the "EXTRA" option to [PRAGMA synchronous] that does a sync of the
    containing directory when a rollback journal is unlinked in DELETE mode,
    for better durability.  The [SQLITE_EXTRA_DURABLE] compile-time option enables
    [PRAGMA synchronous=EXTRA] by default.
<li>Enhanced the [query planner] so that it is able to use
    a [covering index] as part of the [OR optimization].
<li>Avoid recomputing [NOT NULL] and [CHECK constraints] on unchanged
    columns in [UPDATE] statement.
<li>Many micro-optimizations, resulting in a library that is 
    faster than the previous release.
<p><b>Enhancements to the [command-line shell]:</b>
<li>By default, the shell is now in "auto-explain" mode.  The output of
    [EXPLAIN] commands is automatically formatted.
<li>Added the ".vfslist" [dot-commands|dot-command].
<li>The [SQLITE_ENABLE_EXPLAIN_COMMENTS] compile-time option is now turned
    on by default in the standard builds.
<p><b>Enhancements to the [TCL Interface]:</b>
<li>If a database connection is opened with the "-uri 1" option, then
    [URI filenames] are honored by the "backup" and "restore" commands.
<li>Added the "-sourceid" option to the "sqlite3" command.
<p><b>Makefile improvements:</b>
<li>Improved pthreads detection in configure scripts.
<li>Add the ability to do MSVC Windows builds from the [amalgamation tarball].
<p><b>Bug fixes</b>
<li>Fix an issue with incorrect sharing of VDBE temporary registers between
    co-routines that could cause incorrect query results in obscure cases.  Ticket
<li>Fix a problem in the [sqlite3_result_subtype()] interface that could
    cause problems for the [json1] extension under obscure circumstances.
    Fix for ticket
<li>Escape control characters in JSON strings.  Fix for ticket
<li>Reenable the xCurrentTime and xGetLastError methods in the built-in
    unix [VFSes] as long as [SQLITE_OMIT_DEPRECATED] is not defined.
<p><b>Backwards Compatibility:</b>
<li>Because of continuing security concerns, the two-argument version of
    of the seldom-used and little-known [fts3_tokenizer()] function is
    disabled unless SQLite is compiled with the [SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3_TOKENIZER].
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-02-15 17:29:24 3d862f207e3adc00f78066799ac5a8c282430a5f"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: df01436c5fcfe72d1a95bc172158219796e1a90b


chng {2016-01-20 (3.10.2)} {
<p><b>Critical bug fix:</b>
<li>Version 3.10.0 introduced a case-folding bug in the [LIKE] operator which is fixed
    by this patch release.  Ticket 
    [ | 80369eddd5c94].
<p><b>Other miscellaneous bug fixes:</b>
<li>Fix a use-after-free that can occur when SQLite is compiled with -DSQLITE_HAS_CODEC.
<li>Fix the build so that it works with -DSQLITE_OMIT_WAL.
<li>Fix the configure script for the amalgamation so that the --readline option works again
    on Raspberry PIs.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-01-20 15:27:19 17efb4209f97fb4971656086b138599a91a75ff9"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: f7088b19d97cd7a1c805ee95c696abd54f01de4f
} {patchagainst 1 patchagainst 2}

chng {2016-01-14 (3.10.1)} {
<p><b>New feature:</b>
<li>Add the [SQLITE_FCNTL_JOURNAL_POINTER] file control.
<p><b>Bug fix:</b>
<li>Fix a 16-month-old bug in the query planner that could generate incorrect results
    when a scalar subquery attempts to use the [block sorting] optimization.  Ticket
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-01-13 21:41:56 254419c36766225ca542ae873ed38255e3fb8588"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 1398ba8e4043550a533cdd0834bfdad1c9eab0f4
} {patchagainst 1}

chng {2016-01-06 (3.10.0)} {
<p><b>General improvements:</b>
<li>Added support for [LIKE], [GLOB], and [REGEXP] operators on [virtual tables].
<li>Added the [colUsed field] to [sqlite3_index_info] for use by
    the [sqlite3_module.xBestIndex] method.
<li>Enhance the [PRAGMA cache_spill] statement to accept a 32-bit integer
    parameter which is the threshold below which cache spilling is prohibited.
<li>On unix, if a symlink to a database file is opened, then the corresponding
    journal files are based on the actual filename, not the symlink name.
<li>Added the "--transaction" option to [sqldiff].
<li>Added the [sqlite3_db_cacheflush()] interface.
<li>Added the [sqlite3_strlike()] interface.
<li>When using [memory-mapped I/O] map the database file read-only so that stray pointers
    and/or array overruns in the application cannot accidentally modify the database file.
<li>Added the <em>experimental</em> [sqlite3_snapshot_get()], [sqlite3_snapshot_open()],
    and [sqlite3_snapshot_free()] interfaces.  These are subject to change or removal in
    a subsequent release.
<li>Enhance the ['utc' modifier] in the [date and time functions] so that it is a no-op if
    the date/time is known to already be in UTC.  (This is not a compatibility break since
    the behavior has long been documented as "undefined" in that case.)
<li>Added the [json_group_array()] and [json_group_object()] SQL functions in the
    [json] extension.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_LIKE_DOESNT_MATCH_BLOBS] compile-time option.
<li>Many small performance optimizations.
<p><b>Portability enhancements:</b>
<li>Work around a sign-extension bug in the optimizer of the HP C compiler on HP/UX.
<p><b>Enhancements to the [command-line shell]:</b>
<li>Added the ".changes ON|OFF" and ".vfsinfo" [dot-commands].
<li>Translate between MBCS and UTF8 when
    running in [|cmd.exe] on Windows.
<p><b>Enhancements to makefiles:</b>
<li>Added the --enable-editline and --enable-static-shell options
    to the various autoconf-generated configure scripts.
<li>Omit all use of "awk" in the makefiles, to make building easier for MSVC users.
<p><b>Important fixes:</b>
<li>Fix inconsistent integer to floating-point comparison operations that
    could result in a corrupt index if the index is created on a table
    column that contains both large integers and floating point values
    of similar magnitude.  Ticket 
<li>Fix an infinite-loop in the query planner that could occur on
    malformed [common table expressions].
<li>Various bug fixes in the [sqldiff] tool.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-01-06 11:01:07 fd0a50f0797d154fefff724624f00548b5320566"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: b92ca988ebb6df02ac0c8f866dbf3256740408ac


chng {2015-11-02 (3.9.2)} {
<li>Fix the schema parser so that it interprets certain 
    (obscure and ill-formed)
    CREATE TABLE statements the same as legacy.  Fix for ticket
<li>Fix a query planner problem that could result in an incorrect
    answer due to the use of [automatic indexing] in subqueries in
    the FROM clause of a correlated scalar subqueries.  Fix for ticket

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2015-11-02 18:31:45 bda77dda9697c463c3d0704014d51627fceee328"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 1c4013876f50bbaa3e6f0f98e0147c76287684c1
} {patchagainst 1 patchagainst 2}

chng {2015-10-16 (3.9.1)} {
<li>Fix [the json1 extension] so that it does <u>not</u> recognize ASCII form-feed as a
    whitespace character, in order to comply with RFC-7159.  Fix for ticket
<li>Add a few #ifdef and build script changes to address compilation issues that
    appeared after the 3.9.0 release.

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: ""2015-10-16 17:31:12 767c1727fec4ce11b83f25b3f1bfcfe68a2c8b02"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 5e6d1873a32d82c2cf8581f143649940cac8ae49
} {patchagainst 1}

chng {2015-10-14 (3.9.0)} {
<p><b>Policy Changes:</b>
<li>The [version numbering conventions] for SQLite are revised to use the
    emerging standard of [|semantic versioning].
<p><b>New Features And Enhancements:</b>
<li>Added [the json1 extension] module in the source tree, and in the [amalgamation].
    Enable support using the [SQLITE_ENABLE_JSON1] compile-time option.
<li>Added [FTS5|Full Text Search version 5 (FTS5)] to the [amalgamation], enabled
    using [SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS5].  FTS5 will be considered "experimental" (subject
    to incompatible changes) for at least one more release cycle.
<li>The [CREATE VIEW] statement now accepts an optional list of
    column names following the view name.
<li>Added support for [indexes on expressions].
<li>Added support for [table-valued functions] in the FROM clause of a
    [SELECT] statement.
<li>Added support for [eponymous virtual tables].
<li>A [VIEW] may now reference undefined tables and functions when
    initially created.  Missing tables and functions are reported when
    the VIEW is used in a query.
<li>Added the [sqlite3_value_subtype()] and [sqlite3_result_subtype()]
    interfaced (used by [the json1 extension]).
<li>The query planner is now able to use [partial indexes] that contain
    AND-connected terms in the WHERE clause.
<li>The sqlite3_analyzer.exe utility is updated to report the depth of
    each btree and to show the average fanout for indexes and 
    WITHOUT ROWID tables.
<li>Enhanced the [dbstat virtual table] so that it can be used as a
    [table-valued function] where the argument is the schema to be
<p><b>Other changes:</b>
<li>The [sqlite3_memory_alarm()] interface, which has been deprecated and
    undocumented for 8 years, is changed into a no-op.
<p><b>Important fixes:</b>
<li>Fixed a critical bug in the 
    [|SQLite Encryption Extension] that
    could cause the database to become unreadable and unrecoverable if a [VACUUM] command 
    changed the size of the encryption nonce.
<li>Added a memory barrier in the implementation of
    [sqlite3_initialize()] to help ensure that it is thread-safe.
<li>Fix the [OR optimization] so that it always ignores subplans that
    do not use an index.
<li>Do not apply the WHERE-clause pushdown optimization on terms that originate
    in the ON or USING clause of a LEFT JOIN.  Fix for ticket

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2015-10-14 12:29:53 a721fc0d89495518fe5612e2e3bbc60befd2e90d"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: c03e47e152ddb9c342b84ffb39448bf4a2bd4288

chng {2015-07-29 (} {
<li>Restore an undocumented side-effect of [PRAGMA cache_size]: force
    the database schema to be parsed if the database has not been previously accessed.
<li>Fix a long-standing problem in [sqlite3_changes()] for [WITHOUT ROWID]
    tables that was reported a few hours after the 3.8.11 release.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2015-07-29 20:00:57 cf538e2783e468bbc25e7cb2a9ee64d3e0e80b2f"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 3be71d99121fe5b17f057011025bcf84e7cc6c84
} {patchagainst 1}

chng {2015-07-27 (3.8.11)} {
<li>Added the experimental [RBU] extension.  Note that this extension is experimental
    and subject to change in incompatible ways.
<li>Added the experimental [FTS5] extension.  Note that this extension is experimental
    and subject to change in incompatible ways.
<li>Added the [sqlite3_value_dup()] and [sqlite3_value_free()] interfaces.
<li>Enhance the [spellfix1] extension to support [ON CONFLICT] clauses.
<li>The [IS operator] is now able to drive indexes.
<li>Enhance the query planner to permit [automatic indexing] on FROM-clause
    subqueries that are implemented by co-routine.
<li>Disallow the use of "rowid" in [common table expressions].
<li>Added the [PRAGMA cell_size_check] command for better and earlier
    detection of database file corruption.
<li>Added the [matchinfo 'b' flag] to the [matchinfo()] function in [FTS3].
<li>Improved fuzz-testing of database files, with fixes for problems found.
<li>Add the fuzzcheck test program and automatically run this program
    using both SQL and database test cases on "make test".
<li>Added the [SQLITE_MUTEX_STATIC_VFS1] static mutex and use it in the
    Windows [VFS].
<li>The [sqlite3_profile()] callback is invoked (by [sqlite3_reset()] or
    [sqlite3_finalize()]) for statements that did not run to completion.
<li>Enhance the page cache so that it can preallocate a block of memory to
    use for the initial set page cache lines.  Set the default preallocation
    to 100 pages.  Yields about a 5% performance increase on common workloads.
<li>Miscellaneous micro-optimizations result in 22.3% more work for the same
    number of CPU cycles relative to the previous release. 
    SQLite now runs twice as fast as [version 3.8.0] and three times as
    fast as [version 3.3.9].
    (Measured using 
    [|cachegrind] on the
    [|speedtest1.c] workload on
    Ubuntu 14.04 x64 with gcc 4.8.2 and -Os. Your performance may vary.)
<li>Added the [sqlite3_result_zeroblob64()] and [sqlite3_bind_zeroblob64()]
<p><b>Important bug fixes:</b>
<li>Fix [CREATE TABLE AS] so that columns of type TEXT never end up
    holding an INT value.  Ticket
<li>Fix [CREATE TABLE AS] so that it does not leave NULL entries in the
    [sqlite_master table] if the SELECT statement on the right-hand side
    aborts with an error.  Ticket
<li>Fix the [skip-scan optimization] so that it works correctly when
    the [OR optimization] is used on [WITHOUT ROWID] tables.  Ticket
<li>Fix the [sqlite3_memory_used()] and [sqlite3_memory_highwater()] interfaces
    so that they actually do provide a 64-bit answer.

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2015-07-27 13:49:41 b8e92227a469de677a66da62e4361f099c0b79d0"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 719f6891abcd9c459b5460b191d731cd12a3643e

chng {2015-05-20 (} {
<li>Fix an index corruption issue introduced by [version 3.8.7].  An index
    with a TEXT key can be corrupted by an [INSERT] into the corresponding 
    table if the table has two nested triggers that convert the key value to INTEGER
    and back to TEXT again.
    Ticket [|34cd55d68e0]

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2015-05-20 18:17:19 2ef4f3a5b1d1d0c4338f8243d40a2452cc1f7fe4"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 638abb77965332c956dbbd2c8e4248e84da4eb63
} {patchagainst 1 patchagainst 2}

chng {2015-05-09 (} {
<li>Make [sqlite3_compileoption_used()] responsive to the [SQLITE_ENABLE_DBSTAT_VTAB]
    compile-time option.
<li>Fix a harmless warning in the [command-line shell] on some versions of MSVC.
<li>Fix minor issues with the [dbstat virtual table].

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2015-05-09 12:14:55 05b4b1f2a937c06c90db70c09890038f6c98ec40"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 85e4e1c08c7df28ef61bb9759a0d466e0eefbaa2
} {patchagainst 1}

chng {2015-05-07 (3.8.10)} {
<li>Added the [sqldiff.exe] utility program for computing the differences between two
    SQLite database files.
<li>Added the [matchinfo y flag] to the 
    [matchinfo()] function of [FTS3].
<li>Performance improvements for [ORDER BY], [VACUUM], [CREATE INDEX],
    [PRAGMA integrity_check], and [PRAGMA quick_check].
<li>Fix many obscure problems discovered while [SQL fuzzing].
<li>Identify all methods for important objects in the interface documentation.
<li>Made the [American Fuzzy Lop fuzzer]
    a standard part of SQLite's [testing|testing strategy].
<li>Add the ".binary" and ".limits" commands to the [command-line shell].
<li>Make the [dbstat virtual table] part of standard builds when
    compiled with the [SQLITE_ENABLE_DBSTAT_VTAB] option.

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2015-05-07 11:53:08 cf975957b9ae671f34bb65f049acf351e650d437"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 0b34f0de356a3f21b9dfc761f3b7821b6353c570

chng {2015-04-08 (3.8.9)} {
<li>Add VxWorks-7 as an officially supported and tested platform.
<li>Added the [sqlite3_status64()] interface.
<li>Fix memory size tracking so that it works even if SQLite uses more
    than 2GiB of memory.
<li>Added the [PRAGMA index_xinfo] command.
<li>Fix a potential 32-bit integer overflow problem in the
    [sqlite3_blob_read()] and [sqlite3_blob_write()] interfaces.
<li>Ensure that prepared statements automatically reset on extended
    error codes of SQLITE_BUSY and SQLITE_LOCKED even when compiled
<li>Correct miscounts in the sqlite3_analyzer.exe utility related
    to WITHOUT ROWID tables.
<li>Added the ".dbinfo" command to the [command-line shell].
<li>Improve the performance of fts3/4 queries that use the OR operator 
    and at least one auxiliary fts function.
<li>Fix a bug in the fts3 snippet() function causing it to omit
    leading separator characters from snippets that begin with the
    first token in a column.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2015-04-08 12:16:33 8a8ffc862e96f57aa698f93de10dee28e69f6e09"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 49f1c3ae347e1327b5aaa6c7f76126bdf09c6f42

chng {2015-02-25 (} {
<li>Fix a bug (ticket
    [|2326c258d02ead33]) that can lead
    to incorrect results if the qualifying constraint of a [partial index] appears in the
    ON clause of a LEFT JOIN.
<li>Added the ability to link against the 
    command-line editing library in unix builds of the [command-line shell].

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2015-02-25 13:29:11 9d6c1880fb75660bbabd693175579529785f8a6b"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 74ee38c8c6fd175ec85a47276dfcefe8a262827a
} {patchagainst 1 patchagainst 2 patchagainst 3}

chng {2015-01-30 (} {
<li>Enhance [sqlite3_wal_checkpoint_v2(TRUNCATE)] interface so that it truncates the
    WAL file even if there is no checkpoint work to be done.

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2015-01-30 14:30:45 7757fc721220e136620a89c9d28247f28bbbc098"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 85ce79948116aa9a087ec345c9d2ce2c1d3cd8af

} {patchagainst 1 patchagainst 2}

chng {2015-01-20 (} {
<li>Fix a bug in the sorting logic, present since version 3.8.4, that can cause
    output to appear in the wrong order on queries that contains an ORDER BY clause,
    a LIMIT clause, and that have approximately 60 or more columns in the result set.
    Ticket [|f97c4637102a3ae72b79].

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2015-01-20 16:51:25 f73337e3e289915a76ca96e7a05a1a8d4e890d55"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 33987fb50dcc09f1429a653d6b47672f5a96f19e
} {patchagainst 1}

chng {2015-01-16 (3.8.8)} {
<p><b>New Features:</b>
<li>Added the [PRAGMA data_version] command that can be used to determine if
    a database file has been modified by another process.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_CHECKPOINT_TRUNCATE] option to the
    [sqlite3_wal_checkpoint_v2()] interface, with corresponding enhancements
    to [PRAGMA wal_checkpoint].
<li>Added the [sqlite3_stmt_scanstatus()] interface, available only when
<li>The [sqlite3_table_column_metadata()] is enhanced to work correctly on
    [WITHOUT ROWID] tables and to check for the existence of a
    a table if the column name parameter is NULL.  The interface is now
    also included in the build by default, without requiring
    the [SQLITE_ENABLE_COLUMN_METADATA] compile-time option.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_ENABLE_API_ARMOR] compile-time option.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_REVERSE_UNORDERED_SELECTS] compile-time option.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_SORTER_PMASZ] compile-time option and [SQLITE_CONFIG_PMASZ]
    start-time option.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_CONFIG_PCACHE_HDRSZ] option to [sqlite3_config()]
    which makes it easier for applications to determine the appropriate
    amount of memory for use with [SQLITE_CONFIG_PAGECACHE].
<li>The number of rows in a [VALUES clause] is no longer limited by
<li>Added the [|eval.c]
    [loadable extension] that implements an eval() SQL function that will recursively
    evaluate SQL.
<p><b>Performance Enhancements:</b>
<li>Reduce the number of memcpy() operations involved in balancing a b-tree,
    for 3.2% overall performance boost.
<li>Improvements to cost estimates for the [skip-scan optimization].
<li>The [automatic indexing] optimization is now capable of generating
    a [partial index] if that is appropriate.
<p><b>Bug fixes:</b>
<li>Ensure durability following a power loss with
    "PRAGMA journal_mode=TRUNCATE" by calling fsync() right after truncating
    the journal file.
<li>The query planner now recognizes that any column in the right-hand
    table of a LEFT JOIN can be NULL, even if that column has a NOT NULL
    constraint.  Avoid trying to optimize out NULL tests in those cases.
    Fix for ticket
<li>Make sure ORDER BY puts rows in ascending order even if the DISTINCT
    operator  is implemented using a descending index.  Fix for ticket
<li>Fix data races that might occur under stress when running with many threads
    in [shared cache mode] where some of the threads are opening and
    closing connections.
<li>Fix obscure crash bugs found by
    [|american fuzzy lop].  Ticket
<li>Work around a GCC optimizer bug (for gcc 4.2.1 on MacOS 10.7) that caused the 
    [R-Tree extension] to compute incorrect results when compiled with -O3.
<p><b>Other changes:</b>
<li>Disable the use of the strchrnul() C-library routine unless it is
    specifically enabled using the -DHAVE_STRCHRNULL compile-time option.
<li>Improvements to the effectiveness and accuracy of the
    [likelihood()], [likely()], and [unlikely()] SQL hint functions.

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2015-01-16 12:08:06 7d68a42face3ab14ed88407d4331872f5b243fdf"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 91aea4cc722371d58aae3d22e94d2a4165276905

chng {2014-12-09 (} {
<li>Bug fix: Add in a mutex that was omitted from the previous release.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2014-12-09 01:34:36 f66f7a17b78ba617acde90fc810107f34f1a1f2e"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 0a56693a3c24aa3217098afab1b6fecccdedfd23

chng {2014-12-05 (} {
<li>Bug fix: Ensure the cached KeyInfo objects (an internal abstraction not visible to the
    application) do not go stale when operating in [shared cache mode] and frequently closing
    and reopening some database connections while leaving other database connections on the
    same shared cache open continuously.  Ticket 
<li>Bug fix: Recognize that any column in the right-hand table of a LEFT JOIN can be
    NULL even if the column has a NOT NULL constraint.  Do not apply optimizations that
    assume the column is never NULL.  Ticket

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2014-12-05 22:29:24 647e77e853e81a5effeb4c33477910400a67ba86"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 3ad2f5ba3a4a3e3e51a1dac9fda9224b359f0261

chng {2014-11-18 (} {
<li>Enhance the [ROLLBACK] command so that pending queries are allowed to continue as long
    as the schema is unchanged.  Formerly, a ROLLBACK would cause all pending queries to
    fail with an [SQLITE_ABORT] or [SQLITE_ABORT_ROLLBACK] error.  That error is still returned
    if the ROLLBACK modifies the schema.
<li>Bug fix: Make sure that NULL results from OP_Column are fully and completely NULL and
    do not have the MEM_Ephem bit set.
    Ticket [|094d39a4c95ee4].
<li>Bug fix:  The %c format in sqlite3_mprintf() is able to handle precisions greater than 70.
<li>Bug fix:  Do not automatically remove the DISTINCT keyword from a SELECT that forms
    the right-hand side of an IN operator since it is necessary if the SELECT also 
    contains a LIMIT.
    Ticket [|db87229497].

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2014-11-18 20:57:56 2ab564bf9655b7c7b97ab85cafc8a48329b27f93"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: b2a68d5783f48dba6a8cb50d8bf69b238c5ec53a

chng {2014-10-29 (} {
<li>In [PRAGMA journal_mode=TRUNCATE] mode, call fsync() immediately after truncating
    the journal file to ensure that the transaction is durable across a power loss.
<li>Fix an assertion fault that can occur when updating the NULL value of a field
    at the end of a table that was added using [ALTER TABLE|ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN].
<li>Do not attempt to use the strchrnul() function from the standard C library unless
    the HAVE_STRCHRNULL compile-time option is set.
<li>Fix a couple of problems associated with running an UPDATE or DELETE on a
    [CREATE VIEW|VIEW] with a [rowid] in the WHERE clause.

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2014-10-29 13:59:56 3b7b72c4685aa5cf5e675c2c47ebec10d9704221"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 2d25bd1a73dc40f538f3a81c28e6efa5999bdf0c

chng {2014-10-17 (3.8.7)} {
<p><b>Performance Enhancements:</b>
<li>Many micro-optimizations result in 20.3% more work for the same number
    of CPU cycles relative to the previous release. 
    The cumulative performance increase since [version 3.8.0] is 61%.
    (Measured using 
    [|cachegrind] on the
    [|speedtest1.c] workload on
    Ubuntu 13.10 x64 with gcc 4.8.1 and -Os. Your performance may vary.)
<li>The sorter can use auxiliary helper threads to increase real-time response.
    This feature is off by default and may be
    enabled using the [PRAGMA threads] command or the [SQLITE_DEFAULT_WORKER_THREADS]
    compile-time option.
<li>Enhance the [skip-scan] optimization so that it is able to skip index terms that
    occur in the middle of the index, not just as the left-hand side of the index.
<li>Improved optimization of [CAST] operators.
<li>Various improvements in how the query planner uses [sqlite_stat4]
    information to estimate plan costs.
<p><b>New Features:</b>
<li>Added new interfaces with 64-bit length parameters:
    [sqlite3_bind_text64()], and
<li>Added the new interface [sqlite3_msize()] that returns the size of a memory allocation
    obtained from [sqlite3_malloc64()] and its variants.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_LIMIT_WORKER_THREADS] option to [sqlite3_limit()] and
    [PRAGMA threads] command for configuring the number of available worker threads.
<li>The [spellfix1] extension allows the application to optionally specify the rowid for
    each INSERT.
<li>Added the [|User Authentication]
<p><b>Bug Fixes:</b>
<li>Fix a bug in the [partial index] implementation that might result in an incorrect
    answer if a partial index is used in a subquery or in a [view].
    Ticket [|98d973b8f5].
<li>Fix a query planner bug that might cause a table to be scanned in the wrong direction
    (thus reversing the order of output) when a DESC index is used to implement the ORDER BY
    clause on a query that has an identical GROUP BY clause.
    Ticket [|ba7cbfaedc7e6].
<li>Fix a bug in [sqlite3_trace()] that was causing it to sometimes fail to print
    an SQL statement if that statement needed to be re-prepared.
    Ticket [|11d5aa455e0d98f3c1e6a08]
<li>Fix a faulty assert() statement.
    Ticket [|369d57fb8e5ccdff06f1]
<p><b>Test, Debug, and Analysis Changes:</b>
<li>Show ASCII-art abstract syntax tree diagrams using the ".selecttrace"
    and ".wheretrace" commands in the 
    [command-line shell] when compiled with [SQLITE_DEBUG], SQLITE_ENABLE_SELECTTRACE,
    and SQLITE_ENABLE_WHERETRACE.  Also provide the sqlite3TreeViewExpr() and
    sqlite3TreeViewSelect() entry points that can be invoked from with the
    debugger to show the parse tree when stopped at a breakpoint.
<li>Drop support for SQLITE_ENABLE_TREE_EXPLAIN.  The SELECTTRACE mechanism provides
    more useful diagnostics information.
<li>New options to the [command-line shell] for configuring auxiliary
    memory usage: --pagecache, --lookaside, and --scratch.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2014-10-17 11:24:17 e4ab094f8afce0817f4074e823fabe59fc29ebb4"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 56dcf5e931a9e1fa12fc2d600cd91d3bf9b639cd


chng {2014-08-15 (3.8.6)} {
<li>Added support for [hexadecimal integer literals] in the SQL parser.
    (Ex: 0x123abc)
<li>Enhanced the [PRAGMA integrity_check] command to detect [UNIQUE] and
    [NOT NULL] constraint violations.
<li>Increase the maximum value of [SQLITE_MAX_ATTACHED] from 62 to 125.
<li>Increase the timeout in [WAL mode] before issuing an [SQLITE_PROTOCOL]
    error from 1 second to 10 seconds.
<li>Added the [likely(X)] SQL function.
<li>The [unicode61] tokenizer is now included in [FTS4] by default.
<li>Trigger automatic reprepares on all prepared statements when [ANALYZE] is
<li>Added a new
    [loadable extension] source code file to the source tree:
<li>Add extension functions [file I/O functions|readfile(X) and writefile(X,Y)]
    (using code copy/pasted from fileio.c in the previous bullet) to the
    [command-line shell].
<li>Added the [.fullschema] dot-command to the [command-line shell].
<p><b>Performance Enhancements:</b>
<li>Deactivate the [DISTINCT] keyword on subqueries on the
    right-hand side of the [IN operator].
<li>Add the capability of evaluating an [IN operator] as a sequence
    of comparisons as an alternative to using a table lookup.  Use the sequence
    of comparisons implementation in circumstances where it is likely to be
    faster, such as when the right-hand side of the IN operator
    is small and/or changes frequently.
<li>The query planner now uses [sqlite_stat4] information (created by [ANALYZE])
    to help determine if the [skip-scan optimization] is appropriate.
<li>Ensure that the query planner never tries to use a self-made transient
    index in place of a schema-defined index.
<li>Other minor tweaks to improve the quality of [VDBE] code.
<p><b>Bug Fixes:</b>
<li>Fix a bug in [CREATE INDEX|CREATE UNIQUE INDEX], introduced when [WITHOUT ROWID]
    support added in version 3.8.2, that allows a non-unique NOT NULL column to be
    given a UNIQUE index.
    Ticket [|9a6daf340df99ba93c]
<li>Fix a bug in [R-Tree extension], introduced in the previous release,
    that can cause an
    incorrect results for queries that use the rowid of the R-Tree on the
    left-hand side of an [IN operator].
    Ticket [|d2889096e7bdeac6].
<li>Fix the [sqlite3_stmt_busy()] interface so that it gives the correct answer
    for [ROLLBACK] statements that have been stepped but never reset.
<li>Fix a bug in that would cause a null pointer to be dereferenced
    if a column with a DEFAULT that is an aggregate function tried to usee its
    Ticket [|3a88d85f36704eebe1]
<li>CSV output from the [command-line shell] now always uses CRNL for the
    row separator and avoids inserting CR in front of NLs contained in
<li>Fix a [column affinity] problem with the [IN operator].
    Ticket [|9a8b09f8e6].
<li>Fix the [ANALYZE] command so that it adds correct samples for
    [WITHOUT ROWID] tables in the [sqlite_stat4] table.
    Ticket [|b2fa5424e6fcb15].

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2014-08-15 11:46:33 9491ba7d738528f168657adb43a198238abde19e"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 72c64f05cd9babb9c0f9b3c82536d83be7804b1c

chng {2014-06-04 (3.8.5)} {
<li>Added support for [partial sorting by index].
<li>Enhance the query planner so that it always prefers an index that uses a superset of
    WHERE clause terms relative to some other index.
<li>Improvements to the [automerge command] of [FTS4] to better control the index size
    for a full-text index that is subject to a large number of updates.
<li>Added the [sqlite3_rtree_query_callback()] interface to [R-Tree extension]
<li>Added new [URI query parameters] "nolock" and "immutable".
<li>Use less memory by not remembering CHECK constraints on read-only
    database connections.
<li>Enable the [or-connected-terms | OR optimization] for [WITHOUT ROWID] tables.
<li>Render expressions of the form "x IN (?)" (with a single value in
    the list on the right-hand side of the IN operator) as if they where "x==?",
    Similarly optimize "x NOT IN (?)"
<li>Add the ".system" and ".once" commands to the [command-line shell].
<li>Added the [SQLITE_IOCAP_IMMUTABLE] bit to the set of bits that can be returned by
    the xDeviceCharacteristics method of a [VFS].
<li>Added the [SQLITE_TESTCTRL_BYTEORDER] test control.
<p><b>Bug Fixes:</b>
<li>OFFSET clause ignored on queries without a FROM clause.
    Ticket [ | 07d6a0453d]
<li>Assertion fault on queries involving expressions of the form
    "x IN (?)".  Ticket [|e39d032577].
<li>Incorrect column datatype reported.
    Ticket [ | a8a0d2996a]
<li>Duplicate row returned on a query against a table with more than
    16 indices, each on a separate column, and all used via OR-connected constraints.
    Ticket [ | 10fb063b11]
<li>Partial index causes assertion fault on UPDATE OR REPLACE.
    Ticket [ | 2ea3e9fe63]
<li>Crash when calling undocumented SQL function sqlite_rename_parent()
    with NULL parameters.
    Ticket [ | 264b970c43]
<li>ORDER BY ignored if the query has an identical GROUP BY.
    Ticket [ |  b75a9ca6b0]
<li>The group_concat(x,'') SQL function returns NULL instead of an empty string
    when all inputs are empty strings.  
    Ticket [ |  55746f9e65]
<li>Fix a bug in the VDBE code generator that caused crashes when
    doing an INSERT INTO ... SELECT statement where the number of columns
    being inserted is larger than the number of columns in the destination
    Ticket [ | e9654505cfd]
<li>Fix a problem in CSV import in the [command-line shell]
    where if the leftmost field of the first row
    in the CSV file was both zero bytes in size and unquoted no data would
    be imported.
<li>Fix a problem in FTS4 where the left-most column that contained
    the [FTS4 notindexed option | notindexed column] name as a prefix
    was not indexed rather than the column whose name matched exactly.
<li>Fix the [sqlite3_db_readonly()] interface so that it returns true if
    the database is read-only due to the file format write version number
    being too large.

<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2014-06-04 14:06:34 b1ed4f2a34ba66c29b130f8d13e9092758019212"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 7bc194957238c61b1a47f301270286be5bc5208c

chng {2014-04-03 (} {
<li>Add a 
    [|one-character fix]
    for a problem that might cause incorrect query results on a query that mixes
    DISTINCT, GROUP BY in a subquery, and ORDER BY.
    [|Ticket 98825a79ce14].
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2014-04-03 16:53:12 a611fa96c4a848614efe899130359c9f6fb889c3"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 310a1faeb9332a3cd8d1f53b4a2e055abf537bdc

chng {2014-03-26 (} {
<li>Fix a potential buffer overread that could result when trying to search a
    corrupt database file.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2014-03-26 18:51:19 02ea166372bdb2ef9d8dfbb05e78a97609673a8e"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 4685ca86c2ea0649ed9f59a500013e90b3fe6d03

chng {2014-03-11 (} {
<li>Work around a C-preprocessor macro conflict that breaks the build for some
    configurations with Microsoft Visual Studio.
<li>When computing the cost of the [skip-scan optimization], take into account the
    fact that multiple seeks are required.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2014-03-11 15:27:36 018d317b1257ce68a92908b05c9c7cf1494050d0"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: d5cd1535053a50aa8633725e3595740b33709ac5

chng {2014-03-10 (3.8.4)} {
<li>Code optimization and refactoring for improved performance.
<li>Add the ".clone" and ".save" commands to the command-line shell.
<li>Update the banner on the command-line shell to alert novice users when they
    are using an ephemeral in-memory database.
<li>Fix editline support in the command-line shell.
<li>Add support for coverage testing of VDBE programs using the
    [SQLITE_TESTCTRL_VDBE_COVERAGE] verb of [sqlite3_test_control()].
<li>Update the _FILE_OFFSET_BITS macro so that builds work again on QNX.
<li>Change the datatype of SrcList.nSrc from type u8 to type int to work around 
    an issue in the C compiler on AIX.
<li>Get extension loading working on Cygwin.
<li>Bug fix: Fix the [char()] SQL function so that it returns an empty string
    rather than an "out of memory" error when called with zero arguments. 
<li>Bug fix: DISTINCT now recognizes that a [zeroblob] and a blob of all
    0x00 bytes are the same thing. 
    [ | Ticket &#91;fccbde530a&#93]
<li>Bug fix: Compute the correct answer for queries that contain an IS NOT NULL
    term in the WHERE clause and also contain an OR term in the WHERE clause and
    are compiled with [SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT4].
    [ | Ticket &#91;4c86b126f2&#93]
<li>Bug fix: Make sure "rowid" columns are correctly resolved in joins between
    normal tables and WITHOUT ROWID tables.
    [ | Ticket &#91;c34d0557f7&#93]
<li>Bug fix: Make sure the same temporary registers are not used in concurrent
    co-routines used to implement compound SELECT statements containing ORDER
    BY clauses, as such use can lead to incorrect answers.
    [ | Ticket &#91;8c63ff0eca&#93]
<li>Bug fix: Ensure that "ORDER BY random()" clauses do not get optimized out.
    [ | Ticket &#91;65bdeb9739&#93]
<li>Bug fix: Repair a name-resolution error that can occur in sub-select statements
    contained within a TRIGGER.
    [ | Ticket &#91;4ef7e3cfca&#93]
<li>Bug fix: Fix column default values expressions of the form
    "DEFAULT(-(-9223372036854775808))" so that they work correctly, initializing
    the column to a floating point value approximately equal to
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2014-03-10 12:20:37 530a1ee7dc2435f80960ce4710a3c2d2bfaaccc5"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: b0c22e5f15f5ba2afd017ecd990ea507918afe1c

chng {2014-02-11 (} {
<li>Fix a bug (ticket [|4c86b126f2])
    that causes rows to go missing on some queries with OR clauses and
    IS NOT NULL operators in the WHERE clause, when the [SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT3]
    or [SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT4] compile-time options are used.
<li>Fix a harmless compiler warning that was causing problems for VS2013.
<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2014-02-11 14:52:19 ea3317a4803d71d88183b29f1d3086f46d68a00e"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 990004ef2d0eec6a339e4caa562423897fe02bf0

chng {2014-02-03 (3.8.3)} {
<li>Added support for [common table expressions] and the [WITH clause].
<li>Added the [printf()] SQL function.
<li>Added [SQLITE_DETERMINISTIC] as an optional bit in the 4th argument to the
    [sqlite3_create_function()] and related interfaces, providing applications with
    the ability to create new functions that can be factored out of inner loops when
    they have constant arguments.
<li>Add [SQLITE_READONLY_DBMOVED] error code, returned at the beginning of a
    transaction, to indicate that the underlying database file has been renamed
    or moved out from under SQLite.
<li>Allow arbitrary expressions, including function calls and subqueries, in
    the filename argument to [ATTACH].
<li>Allow a [VALUES clause] to be used anywhere a [SELECT] statement is valid.
<li>Reseed the PRNG used by [sqlite3_randomness(N,P)] when invoked with N==0.
    Automatically reseed after a fork() on unix.
<li>Enhance the [spellfix1] virtual table so that it can search efficiently by rowid.
<li>Performance enhancements.
<li>Improvements to the comments in the VDBE byte-code display when running [EXPLAIN].
<li>Add the "%token_class" directive to [Lemon parser generator] and use it to simplify
    the grammar.
<li>Change the [Lemon] source code to avoid calling C-library functions that OpenBSD
    considers dangerous.  (Ex: sprintf).
<li>Bug fix: In the [command-line shell] CSV import feature, do not end a field
    when an escaped double-quote occurs at the end of a CRLN line.
    "2014-02-03 13:52:03 e816dd924619db5f766de6df74ea2194f3e3b538"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 98a07da78f71b0275e8d9c510486877adc31dbee

chng {2013-12-06 (3.8.2)} {
<li>Changed the defined behavior for the [CAST expression] when floating point values
    greater than  +9223372036854775807 are cast into into integers so that the
    result is the largest possible integer, +9223372036854775807, instead of
    the smallest possible integer, -9223372036854775808.  After this change, 
    CAST(9223372036854775809.0 as INT) yields +9223372036854775807 instead
    of -9223372036854775808.
    <b><big>&larr;</big>&nbsp;Potentially Incompatible Change!</b>
<li>Added support for [WITHOUT ROWID] tables.
<li>Added the [skip-scan optimization] to the query planner.
<li>Extended the [virtual table] interface, and in particular the
    [sqlite3_index_info] object to allow a virtual table to report its estimate
    on the number of rows that will be returned by a query.
<li>Update the [R-Tree extension] to make use of the enhanced virtual table
<li>Add the [SQLITE_ENABLE_EXPLAIN_COMMENTS] compile-time option.
<li>Enhanced the comments that are inserted into [EXPLAIN] output when the
    [SQLITE_ENABLE_EXPLAIN_COMMENTS] compile-time option is enabled.
<li>Performance enhancements in the VDBE, especially to the OP_Column opcode.
<li>Factor constant subexpressions in inner loops out to the initialization code
    in prepared statements.
<li>Enhanced the ".explain" output formatting of the [command-line shell]
    so that loops are indented to better show the structure of the program.
<li>Enhanced the ".timer" feature of the [command-line shell] so that it
    shows wall-clock time in addition to system and user times.

    "2013-12-06 14:53:30 27392118af4c38c5203a04b8013e1afdb1cebd0d"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 6422c7d69866f5ea3db0968f67ee596e7114544e

chng {2013-10-17 (3.8.1)} {
<li>Added the [unlikely()] and [likelihood()] SQL functions to be used
    as hints to the query planner.
<li>Enhancements to the query planner:
<ol type='a'>
<li>Take into account the fact WHERE clause terms that cannot be used with indices
    still probably reduce the number of output rows.
<li>Estimate the sizes of table and index rows and use the smallest applicable B-Tree
    for full scans and "count(*)" operations.
<li>Added the [soft_heap_limit pragma].
<li>Added support for [SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT4]
<li>Added support for "sz=NNN" parameters at the end of 
    [sqlite_stat1 | sqlite_stat1.stat] fields
    used to specify the average length in bytes for table and index rows.
<li>Avoid running foreign-key constraint checks on an UPDATE if none of the
    modified columns are associated with foreign keys.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_MINIMUM_FILE_DESCRIPTOR] compile-time option
<li>Added the win32-longpath VFS on windows, permitting filenames up to 32K
    characters in length.
<li>The [Date And Time Functions] are enhanced so that the current time
    (ex: julianday('now')) is always the same for multiple function invocations
    within the same [sqlite3_step()] call.
<li>Add the "totype.c" extension, implementing the tointeger() and toreal()
    SQL functions.
<li>[FTS4] queries are better able to make use of docid<$limit constraints to
    limit the amount of I/O required.
<li>Added the hidden [fts4aux languageid column] to the [fts4aux] virtual table.
<li>The [VACUUM] command packs the database about 1% tighter.
<li>The sqlite3_analyzer utility program is updated to provide better descriptions
    and to compute a more accurate estimate for "Non-sequential pages"
<li>Refactor the implementation of PRAGMA statements to improve parsing performance.
<li>The directory used to hold temporary files on unix can now be set using
    the SQLITE_TMPDIR environment variable,  which takes precedence over the
    TMPDIR environment variable.  The [sqlite3_temp_directory] global variable
    still has higher precedence than both environment variables, however.
<li>Added the [PRAGMA stats] statement.
<li><b>Bug fix:</b> Return the correct answer for "SELECT count(*) FROM table" even if
    there is a [partial index] on the table. Ticket

    "2013-10-17 12:57:35 c78be6d786c19073b3a6730dfe3fb1be54f5657a"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 0a54d76566728c2ba96292a49b138e4f69a7c391

chng {2013-09-03 (} {
<li>Fix a bug in the optimization that attempts to omit unused LEFT JOINs

    "2013-09-03 17:11:13 7dd4968f235d6e1ca9547cda9cf3bd570e1609ef"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 6cf0c7b46975a87a0dc3fba69c229a7de61b0c21
} {inadditionto 2 inadditionto 1}

chng {2013-08-29 (} {
<li>Fix an off-by-one error that caused quoted empty string at the end of a 
CRNL-terminated line of CSV input to be misread by the command-line shell.
<li>Fix a query planner bug involving a LEFT JOIN with a BETWEEN or LIKE/GLOB
constraint and then another INNER JOIN to the right that involves an OR constraint.
<li>Fix a query planner bug that could result in a segfault when querying tables
with a UNIQUE or PRIMARY KEY constraint with more than four columns.

    "2013-08-29 17:35:01 352362bc01660edfbda08179d60f09e2038a2f49"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 99906bf63e6cef63d6f3d7f8526ac4a70e76559e
} {inadditionto 1}

chng {2013-08-26 (3.8.0)} {
<li>Add support for [partial indexes]</li>
<li>Cut-over to the [next generation query planner] for faster and better query plans.
<li>The [EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN] output no longer shows an estimate of the number of 
    rows generated by each loop in a join.
<li>Added the [FTS4 notindexed option], allowing non-indexed columns in an FTS4 table.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_STMTSTATUS_VM_STEP] option to [sqlite3_stmt_status()].
<li>Added the [cache_spill pragma].
<li>Added the [query_only pragma].
<li>Added the [defer_foreign_keys pragma] and the
    [sqlite3_db_status](db, [SQLITE_DBSTATUS_DEFERRED_FKS],...) C-language interface.
<li>Added the "percentile()" function as a [loadable extension] in the ext/misc
    subdirectory of the source tree.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_ALLOW_URI_AUTHORITY] compile-time option.
<li>Add the [sqlite3_cancel_auto_extension(X)] interface.
<li>A running SELECT statement that lacks a FROM clause (or any other statement that
    never reads or writes from any database file) will not prevent a read
    transaction from closing.
<li>Add the [SQLITE_DEFAULT_AUTOMATIC_INDEX] compile-time option.  Setting this option
    to 0 disables automatic indices by default.
<li>Issue an [SQLITE_WARNING_AUTOINDEX] warning on the [SQLITE_CONFIG_LOG] whenever
    the query planner uses an automatic index.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_FTS3_MAX_EXPR_DEPTH] compile-time option.
<li>Added an optional 5th parameter defining the collating sequence to the 
    next_char() extension SQL function.
<li>The [SQLITE_BUSY_SNAPSHOT] extended error code is returned in WAL mode when
    a read transaction cannot be upgraded to a write transaction because the read is
    on an older snapshot.
<li>Enhancements to the sqlite3_analyzer utility program to provide size
    information separately for each individual index of a table, in addition to
    the aggregate size.
<li>Allow read transactions to be freely opened and closed by SQL statements run 
    from within the implementation of [application-defined SQL functions] if the
    function is called by a SELECT statement that does not access any database table.
<li>Disable the use of posix_fallocate() on all (unix) systems unless the
    HAVE_POSIX_FALLOCATE compile-time option is used.
<li>Update the ".import" command in the [command-line shell] to support multi-line
    fields and correct RFC-4180 quoting and to issue warning and/or error messages
    if the input text is not strictly RFC-4180 compliant.
<li>Bug fix: In the [unicode61] tokenizer of [FTS4], treat all private code points
    as identifier symbols.
<li>Bug fix: Bare identifiers in ORDER BY clauses bind more tightly to output column
    names, but identifiers in expressions bind more tightly to input column names.
    Identifiers in GROUP BY clauses always prefer output column names, however.
<li>Bug fixes: Multiple problems in the legacy query optimizer were fixed by the 
    move to [NGQP].

    "2013-08-26 04:50:08 f64cd21e2e23ed7cff48f7dafa5e76adde9321c2"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: b7347f4b4c2a840e6ba12040093d606bd16ea21e

chng {2013-05-20 (3.7.17)} {
<li>Add support for [memory-mapped I/O].
<li>Add the [sqlite3_strglob()] convenience interface.
<li>Assigned the integer at offset 68 in the [database header] as the
    [Application ID] for when SQLite is used as an [application file-format].
    Added the [PRAGMA application_id] command to query and set the Application ID.
<li>Report rollback recovery in the [error log] as SQLITE_NOTICE_RECOVER_ROLLBACK.
    Change the error log code for WAL recover from 
<li>Report the risky uses of [unlinked database files] and 
   [database filename aliasing] as SQLITE_WARNING messages in the [error log].
<li>Added the [SQLITE_TRACE_SIZE_LIMIT] compile-time option.
<li>Increase the default value of [SQLITE_MAX_SCHEMA_RETRY] to 50 and make sure
    that it is honored in every place that a schema change might force a statement
<li>Add a new test harness called "mptester" used to verify correct operation
    when multiple processes are using the same database file at the same time.
<li>Enhance the [extension loading] mechanism to be more flexible (while
    still maintaining backwards compatibility) in two ways:
    <li>If the default entry point "sqlite3_extension_init" is not present in
        the loadable extension, also try an entry point "sqlite3_X_init" where
        "X" is based on the shared library filename.  This allows every extension
        to have a different entry point, which allows them to be statically linked
        with no code changes.
    <li>The shared library filename passed to [sqlite3_load_extension()] may
        omit the filename suffix, and an appropriate architecture-dependent
        suffix (".so", ".dylib", or ".dll") will be added automatically.
<li>Added many new loadable extensions to the source tree, including
    amatch, closure, fuzzer, ieee754, nextchar, regexp, spellfix,
    and wholenumber.  See header comments on each extension source file 
    for further information about what that extension does.
<li>Enhance [FTS3] to avoid using excess stack space when there are a huge
    number of terms on the right-hand side of the MATCH operator.  A side-effect
    of this change is that the MATCH operator can only accommodate 12 NEAR
    operators at a time.
<li>Enhance the [fts4aux] virtual table so that it can be a TEMP table.
<li>Added the [fts3tokenize virtual table] to the [full-text search] logic.
<li>Query planner enhancement: Use the transitive property of constraints
    to move constraints into the outer loops of a join whenever possible,
    thereby reducing the amount of work that needs to occur in inner loops.
<li>Discontinue the use of posix_fallocate() on unix, as it does not work on all
<li>Improved tracing and debugging facilities in the Windows [VFS].
<li>Bug fix: Fix a potential <b>database corruption bug</b>
    in [shared cache mode] when one
    [database connection] is closed while another is in the middle of a write
    Ticket [ | e636a050b7]
<li>Bug fix:
    Only consider AS names from the result set as candidates for resolving
    identifiers in the WHERE clause if there are no other matches. In the 
    ORDER BY clause, AS names take priority over any column names.
    Ticket [ | 2500cdb9be05]
<li>Bug fix: Do not allow a virtual table to cancel the ORDER BY clause unless 
    all outer loops are guaranteed to return no more than one row result.
    Ticket [ | ba82a4a41eac1].
<li>Bug fix: Do not suppress the ORDER BY clause on a virtual table query if
    an IN constraint is used.
    Ticket [ | f69b96e3076e].
<li>Bug fix: The [command-line shell] gives an exit code of 0 when terminated
    using the ".quit" command.
<li>Bug fix: Make sure [PRAGMA] statements appear in [sqlite3_trace()] output.
<li>Bug fix: When a [compound query] that uses an ORDER BY clause
    with a [COLLATE operator], make sure that the sorting occurs
    according to the specified collation and that the comparisons associate with
    the compound query use the native collation.  Ticket
    [ | 6709574d2a8d8].
<li>Bug fix: Makes sure the [sqlite3_set_authorizer | authorizer] callback gets
    a valid pointer to the string "ROWID" for the column-name parameter when
    doing an [UPDATE] that changes the rowid.  Ticket
    [ | 0eb70d77cb05bb2272]
<li>Bug fix: Do not move WHERE clause terms inside OR expressions that are
    contained within an ON clause of a LEFT JOIN.  Ticket 
    [ | f2369304e4]
<li>Bug fix: Make sure an error is always reported when attempting to preform
    an operation that requires a [collating sequence] that is missing.
    Ticket [ | 0fc59f908b]

    "2013-05-20 00:56:22 118a3b35693b134d56ebd780123b7fd6f1497668"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 246987605d0503c700a08b9ee99a6b5d67454aab

chng {2013-04-12 (} {
<li>Fix a bug (present since version 3.7.13) that could result in database corruption
    on windows if two or more processes try to access the same database file at the
    same time and immediately after third process crashed in the middle of committing
    to that same file.  See ticket 
    [ | 7ff3120e4f] for further

    "2013-04-12 11:52:43 cbea02d93865ce0e06789db95fd9168ebac970c7"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: d466b54789dff4fb0238b9232e74896deaefab94
} {inadditionto 2 inadditionto 1}

chng {2013-03-29 (} {
<li>Fix for a bug in the ORDER BY optimizer that was introduced in
    [version 3.7.15] which would sometimes optimize out the sorting step
    when in fact the sort was required.
    Ticket [ | a179fe7465]
<li>Fix a long-standing bug in the [CAST expression] that would recognize UTF16
    characters as digits even if their most-significant-byte was not zero.
    Ticket [ | 689137afb6da41].
<li>Fix a bug in the NEAR operator of [FTS3] when applied to subfields.
    Ticket [ | 38b1ae018f].
<li>Fix a long-standing bug in the storage engine that would (very rarely)
    cause a spurious report of an SQLITE_CORRUPT error but which was otherwise
    Ticket [ | 6bfb98dfc0c].
<li>The SQLITE_OMIT_MERGE_SORT option has been removed.  The merge sorter is
    now a required component of SQLite.
<li>Fixed lots of spelling errors in the source-code comments
    "2013-03-29 13:44:34 527231bc67285f01fb18d4451b28f61da3c4e39d"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 7a91ceceac9bcf47ceb8219126276e5518f7ff5a
} {inadditionto 1}

chng {2013-03-18 (3.7.16)} {
<li>Added the [PRAGMA foreign_key_check] command.
<li>Added new extended error codes for all SQLITE_CONSTRAINT errors
<li>Added the SQLITE_READONLY_ROLLBACK extended error code for when a database
    cannot be opened because it needs rollback recovery but is read-only.
<li>Added SQL functions [unicode(A)] and [char(X1,...,XN)].
<li>Performance improvements for [PRAGMA incremental_vacuum], especially in
    cases where the number of free pages is greater than what will fit on a 
    single trunk page of the freelist.
<li>Improved optimization of queries containing aggregate min() or max().
<li>Enhance virtual tables so that they can potentially use an index when
    the WHERE clause contains the IN operator.
<li>Allow indices to be used for sorting even if prior terms of the index
    are constrained by IN operators in the WHERE clause.
<li>Enhance the [PRAGMA table_info] command so that the "pk" column is an
    increasing integer to show the order of columns in the primary key.
<li>Enhance the query optimizer to exploit transitive join constraints.
<li>Performance improvements in the query optimizer.
<li>Allow the error message from [PRAGMA integrity_check] to be longer than
    20000 bytes.
<li>Improved name resolution for deeply nested queries.
<li>Added the test_regexp.c module as a demonstration of how to implement
    the REGEXP operator.
<li>Improved error messages in the [RTREE] extension.
<li>Enhance the [command-line shell] so that a non-zero argument to the
    ".exit" command causes the shell to exit immediately without cleanly
    shutting down the database connection.
<li>Improved error messages for invalid boolean arguments to dot-commands
    in the [command-line shell].
<li>Improved error messages for "foreign key mismatch" showing the names of
    the two tables involved.
<li>Remove all uses of umask() in the unix VFS.
<li>Added the [PRAGMA vdbe_addoptrace] and [PRAGMA vdbe_debug] commands.
<li>Change to use strncmp() or the equivalent instead of memcmp() when 
    comparing non-zero-terminated strings.
<li>Update cygwin interfaces to omit deprecated API calls.
<li>Enhance the [spellfix1] extension so that the edit distance cost table can
    be changed at runtime by inserting a string like 'edit_cost_table=TABLE' 
    into the "command" field.

<li>Bug fix: repair a long-standing problem that could cause incorrect query
    results in a 3-way or larger join that compared INTEGER fields against TEXT
    fields in two or more places.
    Ticket [ | fc7bd6358f]
<li>Bug fix: Issue an error message if the 16-bit reference counter on a
    view overflows due to an overly complex query.
<li>Bug fix: Avoid leaking memory on LIMIT and OFFSET clauses in deeply
    nested UNION ALL queries.
<li>Bug fix: Make sure the schema is up-to-date prior to running pragmas
    table_info, index_list, index_info, and foreign_key_list.

    "2013-03-18 11:39:23 66d5f2b76750f3520eb7a495f6247206758f5b90"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 7308ab891ca1b2ebc596025cfe4dc36f1ee89cf6

chng {2013-01-09 (} {
<li>Fix a bug, introduced in [version 3.7.15], that causes an ORDER BY clause
    to be optimized out of a three-way join when the ORDER BY is actually
    Ticket [ | 598f5f7596b055]

    "2013-01-09 11:53:05 c0e09560d26f0a6456be9dd3447f5311eb4f238f"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 5741f47d1bc38aa0a8c38f09e60a5fe0031f272d

chng {2012-12-19 (} {
<li>Fix a bug, introduced in [version 3.7.15], that causes a segfault if
    the AS name of a result column of a SELECT statement is used as a logical
    term in the WHERE clause.  Ticket 
    [ | a7b7803e8d1e869].

    "2012-12-19 20:39:10 6b85b767d0ff7975146156a99ad673f2c1a23318"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: bbbaa68061e925bd4d7d18d7e1270935c5f7e39a

chng {2012-12-12 (3.7.15)} {
<li>Added the [sqlite3_errstr()] interface.
<li>Avoid invoking the [sqlite3_trace()] callback multiple times when a
    statement is automatically reprepared due to [SQLITE_SCHEMA] errors.
<li>Added support for Windows Phone 8 platforms
<li>Enhance IN operator processing to make use of indices with numeric
<li>Do full-table scans using covering indices when possible, under the
    theory that an index will be smaller and hence can be scanned with
    less I/O.
<li>Enhance the query optimizer so that ORDER BY clauses are more aggressively
    optimized, especially in joins where various terms of the ORDER BY clause
    come from separate tables of the join.
<li>Add the ability to implement FROM clause subqueries as coroutines rather
    that manifesting the subquery into a temporary table.
<li>Enhancements the command-line shell:
    <ol type='a'>
    <li>Added the ".print" command
    <li>Negative numbers in the ".width" command cause right-alignment
    <li>Add the ".wheretrace" command when compiled with SQLITE_DEBUG
<li>Added the [busy_timeout pragma].
<li>Added the [instr()] SQL function.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_FCNTL_BUSYHANDLER] file control, used to allow VFS
    implementations to get access to the busy handler callback.
<li>The xDelete method in the built-in [VFS | VFSes] now return
    SQLITE_IOERR_DELETE_NOENT if the file to be deleted does not exist.
<li>Enhanced support for QNX.
<li>Work around an optimizer bug in the MSVC compiler when targeting ARM.
<li>Bug fix: Avoid various concurrency problems in [shared cache mode].
<li>Bug fix: Avoid a deadlock or crash if the [backup API], [shared cache],
    and the SQLite Encryption Extension are all used at once.
<li>Bug fix: SQL functions created using the TCL interface honor the
    "nullvalue" setting.
<li>Bug fix: Fix a 32-bit overflow problem on CREATE INDEX for databases
    larger than 16GB.
<li>Bug fix: Avoid segfault when using the [COLLATE operator] inside of a
    [CHECK constraint] or [view] in [shared cache mode].

    "2012-12-12 13:36:53 cd0b37c52658bfdf992b1e3dc467bae1835a94ae"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 2b413611f5e3e3b6ef5f618f2a9209cdf25cbcff"

chng {2012-10-04 (} {
<li>Fix a bug (ticket 
<a href="">&#91;d02e1406a58ea02d]&#93;</a>)
that causes a segfault on a LEFT JOIN that includes an OR in the ON clause.
<li>Work around a bug in the optimizer in the VisualStudio-2012 compiler that
causes invalid code to be generated when compiling SQLite on ARM.
<li>Fix the TCL interface so that the "nullvalue" setting is honored for
TCL implementations of SQL functions.
    "2012-10-04 19:37:12 091570e46d04e84b67228e0bdbcd6e1fb60c6bdb"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 62aaecaacab3a4bf4a8fe4aec1cfdc1571fe9a44

chng {2012-09-03 (3.7.14)} {
<li>Drop built-in support for OS/2. If you need to upgrade an OS/2
    application to use this or a later version of SQLite,
    then add an application-defined [VFS] using the
    [sqlite3_vfs_register()] interface.  The code removed in this release can
    serve as a baseline for the application-defined VFS.
<li>Ensure that floating point values are preserved exactly when reconstructing
    a database from the output of the ".dump" command of the 
    [command-line shell].
<li>Added the [sqlite3_close_v2()] interface.
<li>Updated the [command-line shell] so that it can be built using
<li>Improvements to the windows makefiles and build processes.
<li>Enhancements to [PRAGMA integrity_check] and [PRAGMA quick_check] so that
    they can optionally check just a single attached database instead of all
    attached databases.
<li>Enhancements to [WAL mode] processing that ensure that at least one
    valid read-mark is available at all times, so that read-only processes
    can always read the database.
<li>Performance enhancements in the sorter used by ORDER BY and CREATE INDEX.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_DISABLE_FTS4_DEFERRED] compile-time option.
<li>Better handling of aggregate queries where the aggregate functions are
    contained within subqueries.
<li>Enhance the query planner so that it will try to use a [covering index]
    on queries that make use of [or optimization].
    "2012-09-03 15:42:36 c0d89d4a9752922f9e367362366efde4f1b06f2a"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 5fdf596b29bb426001f28b488ff356ae14d5a5a6

chng {2012-06-11 (3.7.13)} {
<li>[in-memory database | In-memory databases] that are specified using
    [URI filenames] are allowed to use [in-memory shared-cache | shared cache],
    so that the same
    in-memory database can be accessed from multiple database connections.
<li>Recognize and use the [coreqp | mode=memory] query parameter in
    [URI filenames].
<li>Avoid resetting the schema of [shared cache] connections when any one
    connection closes.  Instead, wait for the last connection to close before
    resetting the schema.
<li>In the [RTREE] extension, when rounding 64-bit floating point numbers
    to 32-bit for storage, always round in a direction that causes the
    bounding box to get larger.
<li>Adjust the unix driver to avoid unnecessary calls to fchown().
<li>Add interfaces sqlite3_quota_ferror() and sqlite3_quota_file_available()
    to the test_quota.c module.
<li>The [sqlite3_create_module()] and [sqlite3_create_module_v2()] interfaces
    return SQLITE_MISUSE on any attempt to overload or replace a [virtual table]
    module.  The destructor is always called in this case, in accordance with
    historical and current documentation.
    "2012-06-11 02:05:22 f5b5a13f7394dc143aa136f1d4faba6839eaa6dc"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: ff0a771d6252545740ba9685e312b0e3bb6a641b

chng {2012-05-22 (} {
<li>Fix a bug 
    [ | (ticket c2ad16f997)]
    in the 3.7.12 release that can cause a segfault for certain
    obscure nested aggregate queries.
<li>Fix various other minor test script problems.
    "2012-05-22 02:45:53 6d326d44fd1d626aae0e8456e5fa2049f1ce0789"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: d494e8d81607f0515d4f386156fb0fd86d5ba7df

chng {2012-05-14 (3.7.12)} {
<li>Add the [SQLITE_DBSTATUS_CACHE_WRITE] option for [sqlite3_db_status()].
<li>Optimize the [typeof()] and [length()] SQL functions so that they avoid
    unnecessary reading of database content from disk.
<li>Add the [FTS4 "merge" command], the [FTS4 "automerge" command], and
    the [FTS4 "integrity-check" command].
<li>Report the name of specific [CHECK] constraints that fail.
<li>In the command-line shell, use popen() instead of fopen() if the first
    character of the argument to the ".output" command is "|".
<li>Make use of OVERLAPPED in the windows [VFS] to avoid some system calls
    and thereby obtain a performance improvement.
<li>More aggressive optimization of the AND operator when one side or the
    other is always false.
<li>Improved performance of queries with many OR-connected terms in the
    WHERE clause that can all be indexed.
<li>Add the [SQLITE_RTREE_INT_ONLY] compile-time option to force the
    [rtree | R*Tree Extension Module] to use integer instead of
    floating point values for both storage and computation.
<li>Enhance the [PRAGMA integrity_check] command to use much less memory when
    processing multi-gigabyte databases.
<li>New interfaces added to the test_quota.c add-on module.
<li>Added the ".trace" dot-command to the command-line shell.
<li>Allow virtual table constructors to be invoked recursively.
<li>Improved optimization of ORDER BY clauses on compound queries.
<li>Improved optimization of aggregate subqueries contained within an
    aggregate query.
<li>Bug fix: Fix the [RELEASE] command so that it does not cancel pending
    queries.  This repairs a problem introduced in 3.7.11.
<li>Bug fix: Do not discard the DISTINCT as superfluous unless a subset of
    the result set is subject to a UNIQUE constraint <em>and</em> it none
    of the columns in that subset can be NULL.
    Ticket [ | 385a5b56b9].
<li>Bug fix: Do not optimize away an ORDER BY clause that has the same terms
    as a UNIQUE index unless those terms are also NOT NULL.
    Ticket [ | 2a5629202f].
    "2012-05-14 01:41:23 8654aa9540fe9fd210899d83d17f3f407096c004"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 57e2104a0f7b3f528e7f6b7a8e553e2357ccd2e1


chng {2012-03-20 (3.7.11)} {
<li>Enhance the [INSERT] syntax to allow multiple rows to be inserted
    via the VALUES clause.
<li>Enhance the [CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE] command to support the
    IF NOT EXISTS clause.
<li>Added the [sqlite3_stricmp()] interface as a counterpart to
<li>Added the [sqlite3_db_readonly()] interface.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_FCNTL_PRAGMA] file control, giving [VFS] implementations
    the ability to add new [PRAGMA] statements or to override built-in
<li>Queries of the form:  "SELECT max(x), y FROM table" returns the 
    value of y on the same row that contains the maximum x value.
<li>Added support for the [FTS4 languageid option].  
<li>Documented support for the [FTS4 content option].  This feature has
    actually been in the code since [version 3.7.9] but is only now considered
    to be officially supported.
<li>Pending statements no longer block [ROLLBACK].  Instead, the pending
    statement will return SQLITE_ABORT upon next access after the ROLLBACK.
<li>Improvements to the handling of CSV inputs in the [command-line shell]
<li>Fix a [|bug] introduced 
    in [version 3.7.10] that might cause a LEFT JOIN
    to be incorrectly converted into an INNER JOIN if the WHERE clause
    indexable terms connected by OR.

    "2012-03-20 11:35:50 00bb9c9ce4f465e6ac321ced2a9d0062dc364669"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: d460d7eda3a9dccd291aed2a9fda868b9b120a10

chng {2012-01-16 (3.7.10)} {
<li>The default [schema format number] is changed from 1 to 4.
    This means that, unless
    the [PRAGMA legacy_file_format | PRAGMA legacy_file_format=ON] statement is
    run, newly created database files will be unreadable by version of SQLite
    prior to 3.3.0 (2006-01-10).  It also means that the [descending indices]
    are enabled by default.
<li>The sqlite3_pcache_methods structure and the [SQLITE_CONFIG_PCACHE]
    and [SQLITE_CONFIG_GETPCACHE] configuration parameters are deprecated.
    They are replaced by a new [sqlite3_pcache_methods2] structure and
<li>Added the [powersafe overwrite] property to the VFS interface.  Provide
    the [SQLITE_IOCAP_POWERSAFE_OVERWRITE] I/O capability, the
    [SQLITE_POWERSAFE_OVERWRITE] compile-time option, and the
    "psow=BOOLEAN" query parameter for [URI filenames].
<li>Added the [sqlite3_db_release_memory()] interface and the
    [shrink_memory pragma].
<li>Added the [sqlite3_db_filename()] interface.
<li>Added the [sqlite3_stmt_busy()] interface.
<li>Added the [sqlite3_uri_boolean()] and [sqlite3_uri_int64()] interfaces.
<li>If the argument to [PRAGMA cache_size] is negative N, that means to use
    approximately -1024*N bytes of memory for the page cache regardless of
    the page size.
<li>Enhanced the default memory allocator to make use of _msize() on windows,
    malloc_size() on Mac, and malloc_usable_size() on Linux.
<li>Enhanced the query planner to support index queries with range constraints
    on the rowid.
<li>Enhanced the query planner flattening logic to allow UNION ALL compounds
    to be promoted upwards to replace a simple wrapper SELECT even if the
    compounds are joins.
<li>Enhanced the query planner so that the xfer optimization can be used with
    INTEGER PRIMARY KEY ON CONFLICT as long as the destination table is
    initially empty.
<li>Enhanced the windows [VFS] so that all system calls can be overridden
    using the xSetSystemCall interface.
<li>Updated the "unix-dotfile" [VFS] to use locking directories with mkdir()
    and rmdir() instead of locking files with open() and unlink().
<li>Enhancements to the test_quota.c extension to support stdio-like interfaces
    with quotas.
<li>Change the unix [VFS] to be tolerant of read() system calls that return 
    less then the full number of requested bytes.
<li>Change both unix and windows [VFSes] to report a sector size of 4096
    instead of the old default of 512.
<li>In the [TCL Interface], add the -uri option to the "sqlite3" TCL command
    used for creating new database connection objects.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_TESTCTRL_EXPLAIN_STMT] test-control option with the
    [SQLITE_ENABLE_TREE_EXPLAIN] compile-time option to enable the
    [command-line shell] to display ASCII-art parse trees of SQL statements
    that it processes, for debugging and analysis.
<li><b>Bug fix:</b>
    Add an additional xSync when restarting a WAL in order to prevent an
    exceedingly unlikely but theoretically possible
    database corruption following power-loss.
    Ticket [ | ff5be73dee].
<li><b>Bug fix:</b>
    Change the VDBE so that all registers are initialized to Invalid
    instead of NULL.
    Ticket [ | 7bbfb7d442]
<li><b>Bug fix:</b>
    Fix problems that can result from 32-bit integer overflow.
    Ticket [ | ac00f496b7e2]
    "2012-01-16 13:28:40 ebd01a8deffb5024a5d7494eef800d2366d97204"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 6497cbbaad47220bd41e2e4216c54706e7ae95d4

chng {2011-11-01 (3.7.9)} {
<li>If a search token (on the right-hand side of the MATCH operator) in
    [FTS4] begins with "&#94;" then that token must be the first in its field
    of the document.  <b>** Potentially Incompatible Change **</b>
    to the [sqlite3_db_status()] interface.
<li>Removed support for [SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT2], replacing it with the much
    more capable [SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT3] option.
<li>Enhancements to the sqlite3_analyzer utility program, including the
    --pageinfo and --stats options and support for multiplexed databases.
<li>Enhance the [sqlite3_data_count()] interface so that it can be used to
    determine if SQLITE_DONE has been seen on the prepared statement.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_FCNTL_OVERWRITE] file-control by which the SQLite core
    indicates to the VFS that the current transaction will overwrite the
    entire database file.
<li>Increase the default [lookaside memory allocator] allocation size from
    100 to 128 bytes.
<li>Enhanced the query planner so that it can factor terms in and out of
    OR expressions in the WHERE clause in an effort to find better indices.
<li>Added the [SQLITE_DIRECT_OVERFLOW_READ] compile-time option, causing
    [overflow pages] to be read directly from the database file, 
    bypassing the [page cache].
<li>Remove limits on the magnitude of precision and width value in the
    format specifiers of the [sqlite3_mprintf()] family of string rendering
<li>Fix a bug that prevent [ALTER TABLE | ALTER TABLE ... RENAME] from working
    on some virtual tables in a database with a UTF16 encoding.
<li>Fix a bug in ASCII-to-float conversion that causes slow performance and
    incorrect results when converting numbers with ridiculously large exponents.
<li>Fix a bug that causes incorrect results in aggregate queries that use
    multiple aggregate functions whose arguments contain complicated expressions
    that differ only in the case of string literals contained within those
<li>Fix a bug that prevented the [page_count] and [quick_check] pragmas from
    working correctly if their names were capitalized.
<li>Fix a bug that caused [VACUUM] to fail if the [count_changes pragma] was
<li>Fix a bug in [virtual table] implementation that causes a crash if
    an [FTS4] table is [DROP TABLE | dropped] inside a transaction and
    a [SAVEPOINT] occurs afterwards.
    "2011-11-01 00:52:41 c7c6050ef060877ebe77b41d959e9df13f8c9b5e"
<li>SHA1 for sqlite3.c: becd16877f4f9b281b91c97e106089497d71bb47

chng {2011-09-19 (3.7.8)} {
<li> Orders of magnitude performance improvement for [CREATE INDEX] on
     very large tables.
<li> Improved the windows VFS to better defend against interference
     from anti-virus software.
<li> Improved query plan optimization when the DISTINCT keyword is present.
<li> Allow more system calls to be overridden in the unix VFS - to provide
     better support for chromium sandboxes.
<li> Increase the default size of a lookahead cache line from 100 to 128 bytes.
<li> Enhancements to the test_quota.c module so that it can track 
     preexisting files.
<li> Bug fix: Virtual tables now handle IS NOT NULL constraints correctly.
<li> Bug fixes: Correctly handle nested correlated subqueries used with
     indices in a WHERE clause.
    "2011-09-19 14:49:19 3e0da808d2f5b4d12046e05980ca04578f581177"
<li> SHA1 for sqlite3.c: bfcd74a655636b592c5dba6d0d5729c0f8e3b4de

chng {2011-06-28 (} {
<li> Fix [ | a bug] causing 
     [PRAGMA case_sensitive_like] statements compiled using sqlite3_prepare()
     to fail with an [SQLITE_SCHEMA] error.
    "2011-06-28 17:39:05 af0d91adf497f5f36ec3813f04235a6e195a605f"
<li> SHA1 for sqlite3.c: d47594b8a02f6cf58e91fb673e96cb1b397aace0

chng {2011-06-23 (3.7.7)} {
<li> Add support for [URI filenames]
<li> Add the [sqlite3_vtab_config()] interface in
     support of [ON CONFLICT] clauses with [virtual tables].
<li> Add the [xSavepoint], [xRelease] and [xRollbackTo] methods in
     [virtual tables] in support of [SAVEPOINT] for virtual tables.
<li> Update the built-in [FTS3|FTS3/FTS4] and [RTREE] virtual tables to support
     [ON CONFLICT] clauses and [REPLACE].
<li> Avoid unnecessary reparsing of the database schema.
<li> Added support for the [FTS4 prefix option] and the [FTS4 order option].
<li> Allow [WAL | WAL-mode] databases to be opened read-only as long as
     there is an existing read/write connection.
<li> Added support for [short filenames].
     "2011-06-23 19:49:22 4374b7e83ea0a3fbc3691f9c0c936272862f32f2"
<li> SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 5bbe79e206ae5ffeeca760dbd0d66862228db551

chng {2011-05-19 (} {
<li> Fix a problem with [WAL mode] which could cause transactions to
     silently rollback if the [cache_size] is set very small (less than 10)
     and SQLite comes under memory pressure.

chng {2011-04-17 (} {
<li> Fix the function prototype for the open(2) system call to agree with
     POSIX.  Without this fix, pthreads does not work correctly on NetBSD.
     "2011-04-17 17:25:17 154ddbc17120be2915eb03edc52af1225eb7cb5e"
<li> SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 806577fd524dd5f3bfd8d4d27392ed2752bc9701


chng {2011-04-13 (} {
<li> Fix a bug in 3.7.6 that only appears if the [SQLITE_FCNTL_SIZE_HINT]
     file control is used with a build of SQLite that makes use of the
     HAVE_POSIX_FALLOCATE compile-time option and which has
     "2011-04-13 14:40:25 a35e83eac7b185f4d363d7fa51677f2fdfa27695"
<li> SHA1 for sqlite3.c: b81bfa27d3e09caf3251475863b1ce6dd9f6ab66

chng {2011-04-12 (3.7.6)} {
<li> Added the [sqlite3_wal_checkpoint_v2()] interface and enhanced the
     [wal_checkpoint pragma] to support blocking checkpoints.
<li> Improvements to the query planner so that it makes better estimates of
     plan costs and hence does a better job of choosing the right plan,
     especially when [SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT2] is used.
<li> Fix a bug which prevented deferred foreign key constraints from being
     enforced when [sqlite3_finalize()] was not
     called by one statement with a failed foreign key constraint prior to
     another statement with foreign key constraints running.
<li> Integer arithmetic operations that would have resulted in overflow
     are now performed using floating-point instead.
<li> Increased the version number on the [sqlite3_vfs | VFS object] to
     3 and added new methods xSetSysCall, xGetSysCall, and xNextSysCall
     used for doing full-coverage testing.
<li> Increase the maximum value of [SQLITE_MAX_ATTACHED] from 30 to 62
     (though the default value remains at 10).
<li> Enhancements to FTS4:
     <ol type="a">
     <li> Added the [fts4aux] table
     <li> Added support for [compressed FTS4 content]
<li> Enhance the [ANALYZE] command to support the name of an index
     as its argument, in order to analyze just that one index.
<li> Added the "unix-excl" built-in VFS on unix and unix-like platforms.
     "2011-04-12 01:58:40 f9d43fa363d54beab6f45db005abac0a7c0c47a7"
<li> SHA1 for sqlite3.c: f38df08547efae0ff4343da607b723f588bbd66b

chng {2011-02-01 (3.7.5)} {
<li> Added the [sqlite3_vsnprintf()] interface.
     [sqlite3_db_status()] interface.
<li> Added the [SQLITE_OMIT_AUTORESET] compile-time option.
<li> Added the [SQLITE_DEFAULT_FOREIGN_KEYS] compile-time option.
<li> Updates to [sqlite3_stmt_readonly()] so that its result is well-defined
     for all prepared statements and so that it works with [VACUUM].
<li> Added the "-heap" option to the [command-line shell]
<li> Fix [ | a bug] involving
     frequent changes in and out of WAL mode and
     VACUUM that could (in theory) cause database corruption.
<li> Enhance the [sqlite3_trace()] mechanism so that nested SQL statements
     such as might be generated by virtual tables are shown but are shown
     in comments and without parameter expansion.  This 
     greatly improves tracing output when using the FTS3/4 and/or RTREE
     virtual tables.
<li> Change the xFileControl() methods on all built-in VFSes to return
     [SQLITE_NOTFOUND] instead of [SQLITE_ERROR] for an unrecognized
     operation code.
<li> The SQLite core invokes the [SQLITE_FCNTL_SYNC_OMITTED] 
     [sqlite3_file_control | file control]
     to the VFS in place of a call to xSync if the database has
     [PRAGMA synchronous] set to OFF.

chng {2010-12-07 (3.7.4)} {
<li> Added the [sqlite3_blob_reopen()] interface to allow an existing
     [sqlite3_blob] object to be rebound to a new row.
<li> Use the new [sqlite3_blob_reopen()] interface to improve the performance
     of FTS.
<li> [sqlite3_vfs | VFSes] that do not support shared memory are allowed
     to access [WAL] databases if [PRAGMA locking_mode] is set to EXCLUSIVE.
<li> Enhancements to [EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN].
<li> Added the [sqlite3_stmt_readonly()] interface.
<li> Added [PRAGMA checkpoint_fullfsync].
<li> Added the [SQLITE_FCNTL_FILE_POINTER] option
     to [sqlite3_file_control()].
<li> Added support for [FTS4] and enhancements 
     to the FTS [matchinfo()] function.
<li> Added the test_superlock.c module which provides example
     code for obtaining an exclusive lock to a rollback
     or WAL database.  
<li> Added the test_multiplex.c module which provides
     an example VFS that provides multiplexing (sharding)
     of a DB, splitting it over multiple files of fixed size.
<li> A [ | very obscure bug]
     associated with the [or optimization] was fixed.

chng {2010-10-08 (3.7.3)} {
<li> Added the [sqlite3_create_function_v2()] interface that includes a
     destructor callback.
<li> Added support for [custom r-tree queries] using application-supplied
     callback routines to define the boundary of the query region.
<li> The default page cache strives more diligently to avoid using memory
     beyond what is allocated to it by [SQLITE_CONFIG_PAGECACHE].  Or if
     using page cache is allocating from the heap, it strives to avoid
     going over the [sqlite3_soft_heap_limit64()], even if
<li> Added the [sqlite3_soft_heap_limit64()] interface as a replacement for
<li> The [ANALYZE] command now gathers statistics on tables even if they 
     have no indices.
<li> Tweaks to the query planner to help it do a better job of finding the
     most efficient query plan for each query.
<li> Enhanced the internal text-to-numeric conversion routines so that they
     work with UTF8 or UTF16, thereby avoiding some UTF16-to-UTF8 text
<li> Fix a problem that was causing excess memory usage with large [WAL]
     transactions in win32 systems.
<li> The interface between the VDBE and B-Tree layer is enhanced such that
     the VDBE provides hints to the B-Tree layer letting the B-Tree layer
     know when it is safe to use hashing instead of B-Trees for transient
<li> Miscellaneous documentation enhancements.

chng {2010-08-24 (3.7.2)} {
<li> Fix an <a href="">
     old and very obscure bug</a> that can lead to corruption of the
     database [free-page list] when [incremental_vacuum] is used.

chng {2010-08-23 (3.7.1)} {
<li> Added new commands [SQLITE_DBSTATUS_SCHEMA_USED] and
     [SQLITE_DBSTATUS_STMT_USED] to the [sqlite3_db_status()] interface, in
     order to report out the amount of memory used to hold the schema and
     prepared statements of a connection.
<li> Increase the maximum size of a database pages from 32KiB to 64KiB.
<li> Use the [LIKE optimization] even if the right-hand side string contains
     no wildcards.
<li> Added the [SQLITE_FCNTL_CHUNK_SIZE] verb to the [sqlite3_file_control()]
     interface for both unix and windows, to cause database files to grow in
     large chunks in order to reduce disk fragmentation.
<li> Fixed a bug in the query planner that caused performance regressions
     relative to on some complex joins.
<li> Fixed a typo in the OS/2 backend.
<li> Refactored the pager module.
<li> The SQLITE_MAX_PAGE_SIZE compile-time option is now silently ignored.
     The maximum page size is hard-coded at 65536 bytes.

chng {2010-08-04 (} {
<li> Fix a potential database corruption bug that can occur if version 3.7.0
     and version alternately write to the same database file.
     <a href="">
     Ticket &#91;51ae9cad317a1&#93;</a>
<li> Fix a performance regression related to the query planner enhancements
     of version 3.7.0.

chng {2010-07-21 (3.7.0)} {
<li> Added support for [WAL | write-ahead logging].
<li> Query planner enhancement - automatic transient indices are created
     when doing so reduces the estimated query time.
<li> Query planner enhancement - the ORDER BY becomes a no-op if the query
     also contains a GROUP BY clause that forces the correct output order.
<li> Add the [SQLITE_DBSTATUS_CACHE_USED] verb for [sqlite3_db_status()].
<li> The logical database size is now stored in the database header so that
     bytes can be appended to the end of the database file without corrupting
     it and so that SQLite will work correctly on systems that lack support
     for ftruncate().

chng {2010-03-26 (} {
<li> Fix a bug in the offsets() function of [FTS3]
<li> Fix a missing "sync" that when omitted could lead to database
     corruption if a power failure or OS crash occurred just as a
     ROLLBACK operation was finishing.

chng {2010-03-09 (3.6.23)} {
<li> Added the [secure_delete pragma].
<li> Added the [sqlite3_compileoption_used()] and
     [sqlite3_compileoption_get()] interfaces as well as the
     [compile_options pragma] and the [sqlite_compileoption_used()] and
     [sqlite_compileoption_get()] SQL functions.
<li> Added the [sqlite3_log()] interface together with the
     [SQLITE_CONFIG_LOG] verb to [sqlite3_config()].  The ".log" command
     is added to the [Command Line Interface].
<li> Improvements to [FTS3].
<li> Improvements and bug-fixes in support for [SQLITE_OMIT_FLOATING_POINT].
<li> The [integrity_check pragma] is enhanced to detect out-of-order rowids.
<li> The ".genfkey" operator has been removed from the
     [Command Line Interface].
<li> Updates to the co-hosted [Lemon LALR(1) parser generator]. (These
     updates did not affect SQLite.)
<li> Various minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

chng {2010-01-06 (3.6.22)} {
<li>Fix bugs that can (rarely) lead to incorrect query results when
    the CAST or OR operators are used in the WHERE clause of a query.
<li>Continuing enhancements and improvements to [FTS3].
<li>Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

chng {2009-12-07 (3.6.21)} {
<li>The SQL output resulting from [sqlite3_trace()] is now modified to include
the values of [bound parameters].
<li>Performance optimizations targeting a specific use case from
a single high-profile user of SQLite.  A 12% reduction in the number of
CPU operations is achieved (as measured by Valgrind).  Actual performance
improvements in practice may vary depending on workload.  Changes
<ol type='a'>
<li>The [ifnull()] and [coalesce()] SQL functions are now implemented
using in-line VDBE code rather than calling external functions, so that
unused arguments need never be evaluated.
<li>The [substr()] SQL function does not bother to measure the length
its entire input string if it is only computing a prefix
<li>Unnecessary OP_IsNull, OP_Affinity, and OP_MustBeInt VDBE opcodes
are suppressed
<li>Various code refactorizations for performance
<li>The FTS3 extension has undergone a major rework and cleanup.
New [fts3 | FTS3 documentation] is now available.
<li>The [SQLITE_SECURE_DELETE] compile-time option fixed to make sure that
content is deleted even when the [truncate optimization] applies.
<li>Improvements to "dot-command" handling in the
[Command Line Interface].
<li>Other minor bug fixes and documentation enhancements.

chng {2009-11-04 (3.6.20)} {
<li>Optimizer enhancement: [prepared statements] are automatically 
re-compiled when a binding on the RHS of a LIKE operator changes or
when any range constraint changes under [SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT2].
<li>Various minor bug fixes and documentation enhancements.

chng {2009-10-30 (} {
<li>A small patch to version 3.6.16 to fix 
<a href="">the OP_If bug</a>.

chng {2009-10-14 (3.6.19)} {
<li>Added support for [foreign key constraints].  Foreign key constraints
    are disabled by default.  Use the [foreign_keys pragma] to turn them on.
<li>Generalized the IS and IS NOT operators to take arbitrary expressions
    on their right-hand side.
<li>The [TCL Interface] has been enhanced to use the
    [ | Non-Recursive Engine (NRE)]
    interface to the TCL interpreter when linked against TCL 8.6 or later.
<li>Fix a bug introduced in 3.6.18 that can lead to a segfault when an
    attempt is made to write on a read-only database.

chng {2009-09-11 (3.6.18)} {
<li>Versioning of the SQLite source code has transitioned from CVS to
    [ | Fossil].
<li>Query planner enhancements.
<li>The [SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT2] compile-time option causes the [ANALYZE] 
    command to collect a small histogram of each index, to help SQLite better
    select among competing range query indices.
<li>Recursive triggers can be enabled using the [PRAGMA recursive_triggers]
<li>Delete triggers fire when rows are removed due to a 
    [ON CONFLICT | REPLACE conflict resolution].  This feature is only
    enabled when recursive triggers are enabled.
    flags for [sqlite3_open_v2()] used to override the global
    [shared cache mode] settings for individual database connections.
<li>Added improved version identification features:
    C-Preprocessor macro [SQLITE_SOURCE_ID],
    C/C++ interface [sqlite3_sourceid()], and SQL function [sqlite_source_id()].
<li>Obscure bug fix on triggers
(<a href="">&#91;efc02f9779&#93;</a>).

chng {2009-08-10 (3.6.17)} {
<li>Expose the [sqlite3_strnicmp()] interface for use by extensions and
<li>Remove the restriction on [virtual tables] and [shared cache mode].
    Virtual tables and shared cache can now be used at the same time.
<li>Many code simplifications and obscure bug fixes in support of
    providing [test coverage | 100% branch test coverage].

chng {2009-06-27 (3.6.16)} {
<li>Fix a bug (ticket #3929) that occasionally causes INSERT or UPDATE
    operations to fail on an indexed table that has a self-modifying trigger.
<li>Other minor bug fixes and performance optimizations.

chng {2009-06-15 (3.6.15)} {
<li>Refactor the internal representation of SQL expressions so that they
    use less memory on embedded platforms.
<li>Reduce the amount of stack space used
<li>Fix an 64-bit alignment bug on HP/UX and Sparc
<li>The [sqlite3_create_function()] family of interfaces now return
    [SQLITE_MISUSE] instead of [SQLITE_ERROR] when passed invalid
    parameter combinations.
<li>When new tables are created using CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT ... the
    datatype of the columns is the simplified SQLite datatype (TEXT, INT,
    REAL, NUMERIC, or BLOB) instead of a copy of the original datatype from
    the source table.
<li>Resolve race conditions when checking for a hot rollback journal.
<li>The [sqlite3_shutdown()] interface frees all mutexes under windows.
<li>Enhanced robustness against corrupt database files
<li>Continuing improvements to the test suite and fixes to obscure
    bugs and inconsistencies that the test suite improvements are

chng {2009-05-25 (} {
<li>Fix a code generator bug introduced in [version 3.6.14].  This bug
    can cause incorrect query results under obscure circumstances.
    [Ticket #3879].

chng {2009-05-19 (} {
<li>Fix a bug in [group_concat()], [ticket #3841]
<li>Fix a performance bug in the pager cache, [ticket #3844]
<li>Fix a bug in the [sqlite3_backup] implementation that can lead
    to a corrupt backup database.  [Ticket #3858].

chng {2009-05-07 (3.6.14)} {
<li>Added the optional [asynchronous VFS] module.</li>
<li>Enhanced the query optimizer so that [virtual tables] are able to
    make use of OR and IN operators in the WHERE clause.</li>
<li>Speed improvements in the btree and pager layers.</li>
<li>Added the [SQLITE_HAVE_ISNAN] compile-time option which will cause
    the isnan() function from the standard math library to be used instead
    of SQLite's own home-brew NaN checker.</li>
<li>Countless minor bug fixes, documentation improvements, new and
    improved test cases, and code simplifications and cleanups.</p>

chng {2009-04-13 (3.6.13)} {
<li>Fix a bug in [version 3.6.12] that causes a segfault when running
    a count(*) on the sqlite_master table of an empty database. Ticket #3774.
<li>Fix a bug in [version 3.6.12] that causes a segfault that when 
    inserting into a table using a DEFAULT value where there is a 
    function as part of the DEFAULT value expression.  Ticket #3791.
<li>Fix data structure alignment issues on Sparc.  Ticket #3777.
<li>Other minor bug fixes.

chng {2009-03-31 (3.6.12)} {
<li>Fixed a bug that caused database corruption when an [incremental_vacuum] is
    rolled back in an in-memory database.  Ticket #3761.
<li>Added the [sqlite3_unlock_notify()] interface.
<li>Added the [reverse_unordered_selects pragma].
<li>The default page size on windows is automatically adjusted to match the
    capabilities of the underlying filesystem.
<li>Add the new ".genfkey" command in the [CLI] for generating triggers to
    implement foreign key constraints.
<li>Performance improvements for "count(*)" queries.
<li>Reduce the amount of heap memory used, especially by TRIGGERs.

chng {2009-02-18 (3.6.11)} {
<li>Added the [sqlite3_backup_init | hot-backup interface].
<li>Added new commands ".backup" and ".restore" to the [CLI].
<li>Added new methods <a href="tclsqlite.html#backup">backup</a> and
    <a href="tclsqlite.html#restore">restore</a> to the TCL interface.
<li>Improvements to the <a href="syntaxdiagrams.html">syntax bubble
<li>Various minor bug fixes

chng {2009-01-15 (3.6.10)} {
<li>Fix a cache coherency problem that could lead to database corruption.
    [Ticket #3584].

chng {2009-01-14 (3.6.9)} {
<li>Fix two bugs, which when combined might result in incorrect
    query results.  Both bugs were harmless by themselves; only when
    they team up do they cause problems.  [Ticket #3581].

chng {2009-01-12 (3.6.8)} {
<li>Added support for [SAVEPOINT | nested transactions]</li>
<li>Enhanced the query optimizer so that it is able to use
    multiple indices to efficiently process 
    <a href="optoverview.html#or_opt">OR-connected constraints</a>
    in a WHERE clause.</li>
<li>Added support for parentheses in FTS3 query patterns using the
    [SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3_PARENTHESIS] compile-time option.</li>

chng {2008-12-16 (3.6.7)} {
<li>Reorganize the Unix interface in os_unix.c</li>
<li>Added support for "Proxy Locking" on Mac OS X.</li>
<li>Changed the prototype of the [sqlite3_auto_extension()] interface in a
    way that is backwards compatible but which might cause warnings in new
    builds of applications that use that interface.</li>
<li>Changed the signature of the xDlSym method of the [sqlite3_vfs] object
    in a way that is backwards compatible but which might cause
    compiler warnings.</li>
<li>Added superfluous casts and variable initializations in order
    to suppress nuisance compiler warnings.</li>
<li>Fixes for various minor bugs.</li>

chng {2008-11-26 (} {
<li>Fix a bug in the b-tree delete algorithm that seems like it might be
    able to cause database corruption.  The bug was first introduced in
    [version 3.6.6] by check-in &#91;5899&#93; on 2008-11-13.</li>
<li>Fix a memory leak that can occur following a disk I/O error.</li>

chng {2008-11-22 (} {
<li>Fix a bug in the page cache that can lead database corruption following
    a rollback.  This bug was first introduced in [version 3.6.4].</li>
<li>Two other very minor bug fixes</li>

chng {2008-11-19 (3.6.6)} {
<li>Fix a #define that prevented [memsys5] from compiling</li>
<li>Fix a problem in the virtual table commit mechanism that was causing
    a crash in FTS3.  [Ticket #3497].</li>
<li>Add the [sqlite3_pcache_methods2 | application-defined page cache]</li>
<li>Added built-in support for VxWorks</li>

chng {2008-11-12 (3.6.5)} {
<li>Add the MEMORY option to the [journal_mode pragma].</li>
<li>Added the [sqlite3_db_mutex()] interface.</li>
<li>Added the [SQLITE_OMIT_TRUNCATE_OPTIMIZATION] compile-time option.</li>
<li>Fixed the [truncate optimization] so that [sqlite3_changes()] and
    [sqlite3_total_changes()] interfaces and the [count_changes pragma]
    return the correct values.</li>
<li>Added the [sqlite3_extended_errcode()] interface.</li>
<li>The [COMMIT] command now succeeds even if there are pending queries.
    It returns [SQLITE_BUSY] if there are pending incremental BLOB I/O requests.
<li>The error code is changed to [SQLITE_BUSY] (instead of [SQLITE_ERROR])
    when an attempt is made to [ROLLBACK] while one or more queries are
    still pending.</li>
<li>Drop all support for the [experimental memory allocators] memsys4 and
<li>Added the [SQLITE_ZERO_MALLOC] compile-time option.</li>

chng {2008-10-15 (3.6.4)} {
<li>Add option support for LIMIT and ORDER BY clauses on [DELETE] and
    [UPDATE] statements.  Only works if SQLite is compiled with
<li>Added the [sqlite3_stmt_status()] interface for performance monitoring.</li>
<li>Add the [INDEXED BY] clause.</li>
<li>The LOCKING_STYLE extension is now enabled by default on Mac OS X</li>
<li>Added the TRUNCATE option to [PRAGMA journal_mode]</li>
<li>Performance enhancements to tree balancing logic in the B-Tree layer.</li>
<li>Added the
  <a href="">
  source code</a> and
  <a href="">
  documentation</a> for the <b>genfkey</b> program for automatically generating
  triggers to enforce foreign key constraints.</li>
<li>Added the [SQLITE_OMIT_TRUNCATE_OPTIMIZATION] compile-time option.</li>
<li>The <a href="lang.html">SQL language documentation</a> is converted to use 
<a href="syntaxdiagrams.html">syntax diagrams</a> instead of BNF.</li>
<li>Other minor bug fixes</li>

chng {2008-09-22 (3.6.3)} {
<li>Fix for a bug in the SELECT DISTINCT logic that was introduced by the
    prior version.</li>
<li>Other minor bug fixes</li>

chng {2008-08-30 (3.6.2)} {
<li>Split the pager subsystem into separate pager and pcache subsystems.</li>
<li>Factor out identifier resolution procedures into separate files.</li>
<li>Bug fixes</li>

chng {2008-08-06 (3.6.1)} {
<li>Added the [lookaside memory allocator] for a speed improvement in excess
    of 15% on some workloads.  (Your mileage may vary.)</li>
<li>Added the [SQLITE_CONFIG_LOOKASIDE] verb to [sqlite3_config()] to control
    the default lookaside configuration.</li>
    [SQLITE_STATUS_SCRATCH_SIZE] to the [sqlite3_status()] interface.
    the "+4" magic number in the buffer size computation.
<li>Added the [sqlite3_db_config()] and [sqlite3_db_status()] interfaces for
    controlling and monitoring the lookaside allocator separately on each
    [database connection].</li>
<li>Numerous other performance enhancements</li>
<li>Miscellaneous minor bug fixes</li>

chng {2008-07-16 (3.6.0 beta)} {
<li>Modifications to the [sqlite3_vfs | virtual file system] interface
    to support a wider range of embedded systems.
    See [35to36 | 35to36.html] for additional information.
    <font color="red">*** Potentially incompatible change ***</font></li>
<li>All C-preprocessor macros used to control compile-time options
    now begin with the prefix "SQLITE_".  This may require changes to
    applications that compile SQLite using their own makefiles and with
    custom compile-time options, hence we mark this as a
    <font color="red">*** Potentially incompatible change ***</font></li>
<li>The SQLITE_MUTEX_APPDEF compile-time option is no longer supported.
    Alternative mutex implementations can now be added at run-time using
    the [sqlite3_config()] interface with the [SQLITE_CONFIG_MUTEX] verb.
    <font color="red">*** Potentially incompatible change ***</font></li>
<li>The handling of IN and NOT IN operators that contain a NULL on their
    right-hand side expression is brought into compliance with the SQL
    standard and with other SQL database engines.  This is a bug fix,
    but as it has the potential to break legacy applications that depend
    on the older buggy behavior, we mark that as a
    <font color="red">*** Potentially incompatible change ***</font></li>
<li>The result column names generated for compound subqueries have been 
    simplified to show only the name of the column of the original table and
    omit the table name.  This makes SQLite operate more like other SQL
    database engines.</li>
<li>Added the [sqlite3_config()] interface for doing run-time configuration
    of the entire SQLite library.</li>
<li>Added the [sqlite3_status()] interface used for querying run-time status
    information about the overall SQLite library and its subsystems.</li>
<li>Added the [sqlite3_initialize()] and [sqlite3_shutdown()] interfaces.</li>
<li>The [SQLITE_OPEN_NOMUTEX] option was added to [sqlite3_open_v2()].</li>
<li>Added the [PRAGMA page_count] command.</li>
<li>Added the [sqlite3_next_stmt()] interface.</li>
<li>Added a new [rtree | R*Tree virtual table]</li>

chng {2008-05-14 (3.5.9)} {
<li>Added <em>experimental</em>
    support for the [journal_mode] PRAGMA and persistent journal.</li>
<li>[journal_mode | Journal mode PERSIST] is the default behavior in
    [locking_mode | exclusive locking mode].</li>
<li>Fix a performance regression on LEFT JOIN (see [ticket #3015])
    that was mistakenly introduced in [version 3.5.8].</li>
<li>Performance enhancement: Reengineer the internal routines used
    to interpret and render variable-length integers.</li>
<li>Fix a buffer-overrun problem in [sqlite3_mprintf()] which occurs
    when a string without a zero-terminator is passed to "%.*s".</li>
<li>Always convert IEEE floating point NaN values into NULL during
    processing.  ([Ticket #3060])</li>
<li>Make sure that when a connection blocks on a RESERVED lock that
    it is able to continue after the lock is released.  ([Ticket #3093])</li>
<li>The "configure" scripts should now automatically configure Unix
    systems for large file support.  Improved error messages for
    when large files are encountered and large file support is disabled.</li>
<li>Avoid cache pages leaks following disk-full or I/O errors</li>
<li>And, many more minor bug fixes and performance enhancements....</li>

chng {2008-04-16 (3.5.8)} {
<li>Expose SQLite's internal pseudo-random number generator (PRNG)
    via the [sqlite3_randomness()] interface</li>
<li>New interface [sqlite3_context_db_handle()] that returns the
    [database connection] handle that has invoked an application-defined
    SQL function.</li>
<li>New interface [sqlite3_limit()] allows size and length limits to be
    set on a per-connection basis and at run-time.</li>
<li>Improved crash-robustness: write the database page size into the rollback
    journal header.</li>
<li>Allow the [VACUUM] command to change the page size of a database file.</li>
<li>The xAccess() method of the VFS is allowed to return -1 to signal
    a memory allocation error.</li>
<li>Performance improvement: The OP_IdxDelete opcode uses unpacked records,
    obviating the need for one OP_MakeRecord opcode call for each index
    record deleted.</li>
<li>Performance improvement: Constant subexpressions are factored out of
<li>Performance improvement: Results of OP_Column are reused rather than
    issuing multiple OP_Column opcodes.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the RTRIM collating sequence.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the SQLITE_SECURE_DELETE option that was causing
    Firefox crashes.  Make arrangements to always test SQLITE_SECURE_DELETE
    prior to each release.</li>
<li>Other miscellaneous performance enhancements.</li>
<li>Other miscellaneous minor bug fixes.</li>

chng {2008-03-17 (3.5.7)} {
<li>Fix a bug ([ticket #2927]) in the register allocation for
compound selects - introduced by the new VM code in version 3.5.5.</li>
<li>ALTER TABLE uses double-quotes instead of single-quotes for quoting
<li>Use the WHERE clause to reduce the size of a materialized VIEW in
an UPDATE or DELETE statement. (Optimization)</li>
<li>Do not apply the flattening optimization if the outer query is an
aggregate and the inner query contains ORDER BY.  ([Ticket #2943])</li>
<li>Additional OS/2 updates</li>
<li>Added an experimental power-of-two, first-fit memory allocator.</li>
<li>Remove all instances of sprintf() from the code</li>
<li>Accept "Z" as the zulu timezone at the end of date strings</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the LIKE optimizer that occurs when the last character
before the first wildcard is an upper-case "Z"</li>
<li>Added the "bitvec" object for keeping track of which pages have
been journalled.  Improves speed and reduces memory consumption, especially
for large database files.</li>
<li>Get the SQLITE_ENABLE_LOCKING_STYLE macro working again on Mac OS X.</li>
<li>Store the statement journal in the temporary file directory instead of
collocated with the database file.</li>
<li>Many improvements and cleanups to the configure script</li>

chng {2008-02-06 (3.5.6)} {
<li>Fix a bug ([ticket #2913])
that prevented virtual tables from working in a LEFT JOIN.
The problem was introduced into shortly before the 3.5.5 release.</li>
<li>Bring the OS/2 porting layer up-to-date.</li>
<li>Add the new [sqlite3_result_error_code()] API and use it in the
implementation of [ATTACH] so that proper error codes are returned
when an [ATTACH] fails.</li>

chng {2008-01-31 (3.5.5)} {
<li>Convert the underlying virtual machine to be a register-based machine
rather than a stack-based machine.  The only user-visible change
is in the output of EXPLAIN.</li>
<li>Add the build-in RTRIM collating sequence.</li>

chng {2007-12-14 (3.5.4)} {
<li>Fix a critical bug in UPDATE or DELETE that occurs when an
OR REPLACE clause or a trigger causes rows in the same table to
be deleted as side effects.  (See [ticket #2832].)  The most likely
result of this bug is a segmentation fault, though database
corruption is a possibility.</li>
<li>Bring the processing of ORDER BY into compliance with the 
SQL standard for case where a result alias and a table column name
are in conflict.  Correct behavior is to prefer the result alias.
Older versions of SQLite incorrectly picked the table column.
(See [ticket #2822].)</li>
<li>The <a href="lang_vacuum.html">VACUUM</a> command preserves
the setting of the 
<a href="pragma.html#pragma_legacy_file_format">legacy_file_format pragma</a>.
([Ticket #2804].)</li>
<li>Productize and officially support the group_concat() SQL function.</li>
<li>Better optimization of some IN operator expressions.</li>
<li>Add the ability to change the 
<a href="pragma.html#pragma_auto_vacuum">auto_vacuum</a> status of a
database by setting the auto_vaccum pragma and VACUUMing the database.</li>
<li>Prefix search in FTS3 is much more efficient.</li>
<li>Relax the SQL statement length restriction in the CLI so that
the ".dump" output of databases with very large BLOBs and strings can
be played back to recreate the database.</li>
<li>Other small bug fixes and optimizations.</li>

chng {2007-11-27 (3.5.3)} {
<li>Move website and documentation files out of the source tree into
a <a href="">separate CM system</a>.
<li>Fix a long-standing bug in INSERT INTO ... SELECT ... statements
where the SELECT is compound.
<li>Fix a long-standing bug in RAISE(IGNORE) as used in BEFORE triggers.
<li>Fixed the operator precedence for the ~ operator.
<li>On Win32, do not return an error when attempting to delete a file
that does not exist.
<li>Allow collating sequence names to be quoted.
<li>Modify the TCL interface to use [sqlite3_prepare_v2()].
<li>Fix multiple bugs that can occur following a malloc() failure.
<li>[sqlite3_step()] returns [SQLITE_MISUSE] instead of crashing when
called with a NULL parameter.
<li>FTS3 now uses the SQLite memory allocator exclusively.  The
FTS3 amalgamation can now be appended to the SQLite amalgamation to
generate a super-amalgamation containing both.
<li>The DISTINCT keyword now will sometimes use an INDEX if an
appropriate index is available and the optimizer thinks its use
might be advantageous.

chng {2007-11-05 (3.5.2)} {
<li>Dropped support for the [omitfeatures | SQLITE_OMIT_MEMORY_ALLOCATION] compile-time
<li>Always open files using FILE_FLAG_RANDOM_ACCESS under Windows.
<li>The 3rd parameter of the built-in SUBSTR() function is now optional.
<li>Bug fix: do not invoke the authorizer when reparsing the schema after
a schema change.
<li>Added the experimental malloc-free memory allocator in mem3.c.
<li>Virtual machine stores 64-bit integer and floating point constants
in binary instead of text for a performance boost.
<li>Fix a race condition in test_async.c.
<li>Added the ".timer" command to the CLI

chng {2007-10-04 (3.5.1)} {
<li><i><b>Nota Bene:</b> We are not using terms "alpha" or "beta" on this
    release because the code is stable and because if we use those terms,
    nobody will upgrade.  However, we still reserve the right to make
    incompatible changes to the new VFS interface in future releases.</i></li>

<li>Fix a bug in the handling of [SQLITE_FULL] errors that could lead
    to database corruption.  [Ticket #2686].
<li>The test_async.c drive now does full file locking and works correctly
    when used simultaneously by multiple processes on the same database.
<li>The CLI ignores whitespace (including comments) at the end of lines
<li>Make sure the query optimizer checks dependencies on all terms of
    a compound SELECT statement.  [Ticket #2640].
<li>Add demonstration code showing how to build a VFS for a raw
    mass storage without a filesystem.
<li>Added an output buffer size parameter to the xGetTempname() method
    of the VFS layer.
<li>Sticky [SQLITE_FULL] or [SQLITE_IOERR] errors in the pager are reset
    when a new transaction is started.

chng {2007-09-04 (3.5.0) alpha} {
<li>Redesign the OS interface layer.  See
    <a href="34to35.html">34to35.html</a> for details.
    <font color="red">*** Potentially incompatible change ***</font>
<li>The [sqlite3_release_memory()], [sqlite3_soft_heap_limit()],
    and [sqlite3_enable_shared_cache()] interfaces now work cross all
    threads in the process, not just the single thread in which they
    are invoked.
    <font color="red">*** Potentially incompatible change ***</font>
<li>Added the [sqlite3_open_v2()] interface.  
<li>Reimplemented the memory allocation subsystem and made it 
    replaceable at compile-time.
<li>Created a new mutex subsystem and made it replicable at
<li>The same database connection may now be used simultaneously by
    separate threads.

chng {2007-08-13 (3.4.2)} {
<li>Fix a database corruption bug that might occur if a ROLLBACK command
is executed in <a href="pragma.html#pragma_auto_vacuum">auto-vacuum mode</a>
and a very small [sqlite3_soft_heap_limit] is set. 
[Ticket #2565].

<li>Add the ability to run a full regression test with a small

<li>Fix other minor problems with using small soft heap limits.

<li>Work-around for 
[ | GCC bug 32575].

<li>Improved error detection of misused aggregate functions.

<li>Improvements to the amalgamation generator script so that all symbols
are prefixed with either SQLITE_PRIVATE or SQLITE_API.

chng {2007-07-20 (3.4.1)} {
<li>Fix a bug in <a href="lang_vacuum.html">VACUUM</a> that can lead to
    <a href="">
    database corruption</a> if two
    processes are connected to the database at the same time and one
    VACUUMs then the other then modifies the database.</li>
<li>The expression "+column" is now considered the same as "column"
    when computing the collating sequence to use on the expression.</li>
<li>In the <a href="tclsqlite.html">TCL language interface</a>,
   "@variable" instead of "$variable" always binds as a blob.</li>
<li>Added <a href="pragma.html#pragma_freelist_count">PRAGMA freelist_count</a>
    for determining the current size of the freelist.</li>
<li>The <a href="pragma.html#pragma_auto_vacuum">
    PRAGMA auto_vacuum=incremental</a> setting is now persistent.</li>
<li>Add FD_CLOEXEC to all open files under Unix.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the <a href="optoverview.html#minmax">
    min()/max() optimization</a> when applied to
    descending indices.</li>
<li>Make sure the TCL language interface works correctly with 64-bit
    integers on 64-bit machines.</li>
<li>Allow the value -9223372036854775808 as an integer literal in SQL
<li>Add the capability of "hidden" columns in virtual tables.</li>
<li>Use the macro SQLITE_PRIVATE (defaulting to "static") on all
    internal functions in the amalgamation.</li>
<li>Add pluggable tokenizers and [ | ICU]
    tokenization support to FTS2</li>
<li>Other minor bug fixes and documentation enhancements</li>

chng {2007-06-18 (3.4.0)} {
<li>Fix a bug that can lead to database corruption if an [SQLITE_BUSY] error
    occurs in the middle of an explicit transaction and that transaction
    is later committed.  [Ticket #2409].
    See the
    <a href="">
    CorruptionFollowingBusyError</a> wiki page for details.</i>
<li>Fix a bug that can lead to database corruption if autovacuum mode is
    on and a malloc() failure follows a CREATE TABLE or CREATE INDEX statement
    which itself follows a cache overflow inside a transaction.  See
    [ticket #2418]. 
<li>Added explicit <a href="limits.html">upper bounds</a> on the sizes and
    quantities of things SQLite can process.  This change might cause
    compatibility problems for
    applications that use SQLite in the extreme, which is why the current
    release is 3.4.0 instead of 3.3.18.</li>
<li>Added support for [sqlite3_blob_open|Incremental BLOB I/O].</li>
<li>Added the [sqlite3_bind_zeroblob()] API</a>
    and the <a href="lang_expr.html#zeroblob">zeroblob()</a> SQL function.</li>
<li>Added support for <a href="pragma.html#pragma_incremental_vacuum">
    Incremental Vacuum</a>.</li>
<li>Added the SQLITE_MIXED_ENDIAN_64BIT_FLOAT compile-time option to support
    ARM7 processors with goofy endianness.</li>
<li>Removed all instances of sprintf() and strcpy() from the core library.</li>
<li>Added support for
    [ | International Components for Unicode (ICU)]
    to the full-text search extensions.
<li>In the Windows OS driver, reacquire a SHARED lock if an attempt to
    acquire an EXCLUSIVE lock fails.  [Ticket #2354]</li>
<li>Fix the REPLACE() function so that it returns NULL if the second argument
    is an empty string.  [Ticket #2324].</li>
<li>Document the hazards of type conversions in
    and related APIs.  Fix unnecessary type conversions.  [Ticket #2321].</li>
<li>Internationalization of the TRIM() function.  [Ticket #2323]</li>
<li>Use memmove() instead of memcpy() when moving between memory regions
    that might overlap.  [Ticket #2334]</li>
<li>Fix an optimizer bug involving subqueries in a compound SELECT that has
    both an ORDER BY and a LIMIT clause.  [Ticket #2339].</li>
<li>Make sure the [sqlite3_snprintf()]
    interface does not zero-terminate the buffer if the buffer size is
    less than 1.  [Ticket #2341]</li>
<li>Fix the built-in printf logic so that it prints "NaN" not "Inf" for
    floating-point NaNs.  [Ticket #2345]</li>
<li>When converting BLOB to TEXT, use the text encoding of the main database.
    [Ticket #2349]</li>
<li>Keep the full precision of integers (if possible) when casting to
    NUMERIC.  [Ticket #2364]</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the handling of UTF16 codepoint 0xE000</li>
<li>Consider explicit collate clauses when matching WHERE constraints
    to indices in the query optimizer.  [Ticket #2391]</li>
<li>Fix the query optimizer to correctly handle constant expressions in 
    the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN.  [Ticket #2403]</li>
<li>Fix the query optimizer to handle rowid comparisons to NULL
    correctly.  [Ticket #2404]</li>
<li>Fix many potential segfaults that could be caused by malicious SQL

chng {2007-04-25 (3.3.17)} {
<li>When the "write_version" value of the database header is larger than
    what the library understands, make the database read-only instead of
<li>Other minor bug fixes</li>

chng {2007-04-18 (3.3.16)} {
<li>Fix a bug that caused VACUUM to fail if NULLs appeared in a
    UNIQUE column.</li>
<li>Reinstate performance improvements that were added in
    [Version 3.3.14]
    but regressed in [Version 3.3.15].</li>
<li>Fix problems with the handling of ORDER BY expressions on
    compound SELECT statements in subqueries.</li>
<li>Fix a potential segfault when destroying locks on WinCE in
    a multi-threaded environment.</li>
<li>Documentation updates.</li>

chng {2007-04-09 (3.3.15)} {
<li>Fix a bug introduced in 3.3.14 that caused a rollback of
    CREATE TEMP TABLE to leave the database connection wedged.</li>
<li>Fix a bug that caused an extra NULL row to be returned when
    a descending query was interrupted by a change to the database.</li>
<li>The FOR EACH STATEMENT clause on a trigger now causes a syntax
    error.  It used to be silently ignored.</li>
<li>Fix an obscure and relatively harmless problem that might have caused
    a resource leak following an I/O error.</li>
<li>Many improvements to the test suite.  Test coverage now exceeded 98%</li>

chng {2007-04-02 (3.3.14)} {
<li>Fix a bug ([ticket #2273])
    that could cause a segfault when the IN operator
    is used one one term of a two-column index and the right-hand side of
    the IN operator contains a NULL.</li>
<li>Added a new OS interface method for determining the sector size
    of underlying media:  sqlite3OsSectorSize().</li>
<li>A new algorithm for statements of the form
    INSERT INTO <i>table1</i> SELECT * FROM <i>table2</i>
    is faster and reduces fragmentation.  VACUUM uses statements of
    this form and thus runs faster and defragments better.</li>
<li>Performance enhancements through reductions in disk I/O:
<ol type='a'>
<li>Do not read the last page of an overflow chain when
    deleting the row - just add that page to the freelist.</li>
<li>Do not store pages being deleted in the 
    rollback journal.</li>
<li>Do not read in the (meaningless) content of
    pages extracted from the freelist.</li>
<li>Do not flush the page cache (and thus avoiding
    a cache refill) unless another process changes the underlying
    database file.</li>
<li>Truncate rather than delete the rollback journal when committing
    a transaction in exclusive access mode, or when committing the TEMP
<li>Added support for exclusive access mode using
    <a href="pragma.html#pragma_locking_mode">
    "PRAGMA locking_mode=EXCLUSIVE"</a></li>
<li>Use heap space instead of stack space for large buffers in the
    pager - useful on embedded platforms with  stack-space
<li>Add a makefile target "sqlite3.c" that builds an amalgamation containing
    the core SQLite library C code in a single file.</li>
<li>Get the library working correctly when compiled 
    with GCC option "-fstrict-aliasing".</li>
<li>Removed the vestigal SQLITE_PROTOCOL error.</li>
<li>Improvements to test coverage, other minor bugs fixed,
    memory leaks plugged,
    code refactored and/or recommended in places for easier reading.</li>

chng {2007-02-13 (3.3.13)} {
<li>Add a "fragmentation" measurement in the output of sqlite3_analyzer.</li>
<li>Add the COLLATE operator used to explicitly set the collating sequence
used by an expression.  This feature is considered experimental pending
additional testing.</li>
<li>Allow up to 64 tables in a join - the old limit was 32.</li>
<li>Added two new experimental functions:
<a href="lang_expr.html#randomblobFunc">randomBlob()</a> and
<a href="lang_expr.html#hexFunc">hex()</a>.
Their intended use is to facilitate generating 
[ | UUIDs].
<li>Fix a problem where
<a href="pragma.html#pragma_count_changes">PRAGMA count_changes</a> was
causing incorrect results for updates on tables with triggers</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the ORDER BY clause optimizer for joins where the
left-most table in the join is constrained by a UNIQUE index.</li>
<li>Fixed a bug in the "copy" method of the TCL interface.</li>
<li>Bug fixes in fts1 and fts2 modules.</li>

chng {2007-01-27 (3.3.12)} {
<li>Fix another bug in the IS NULL optimization that was added in
version 3.3.9.</li>
<li>Fix an assertion fault that occurred on deeply nested views.</li>
<li>Limit the amount of output that
<a href="pragma.html#pragma_integrity_check">PRAGMA integrity_check</a>
<li>Minor syntactic changes to support a wider variety of compilers.</li>

chng {2007-01-22 (3.3.11)} {
<li>Fix another bug in the implementation of the new 
<a href="c3ref/prepare.html">sqlite3_prepare_v2()</a> API.
We'll get it right eventually...</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the IS NULL optimization that was added in version 3.3.9 -
the bug was causing incorrect results on certain LEFT JOINs that included
in the WHERE clause an IS NULL constraint for the right table of the
<li>Make AreFileApisANSI() a no-op macro in WinCE since WinCE does not
support this function.</li>

chng {2007-01-09 (3.3.10)} {
<li>Fix bugs in the implementation of the new 
<a href="c3ref/prepare.html">sqlite3_prepare_v2()</a> API
that can lead to segfaults.</li>
<li>Fix 1-second round-off errors in the 
<a href="">
strftime()</a> function</li>
<li>Enhance the Windows OS layer to provide detailed error codes</li>
<li>Work around a win2k problem so that SQLite can use single-character
database file names</li>
<a href="pragma.html#pragma_user_version">user_version</a> and
<a href="pragma.html#pragma_schema_version">schema_version</a> pragmas 
correctly set their column names in the result set</li>
<li>Documentation updates</li>

chng {2007-01-04 (3.3.9)} {
<li>Fix bugs in pager.c that could lead to database corruption if two
processes both try to recover a hot journal at the same instant</li>
<li>Added the <a href="c3ref/prepare.html">sqlite3_prepare_v2()</a>
<li>Fixed the ".dump" command in the command-line shell to show
indices, triggers and views again.</li>
<li>Change the table_info pragma so that it returns NULL for the default
value if there is no default value</li>
<li>Support for non-ASCII characters in win95 filenames</li>
<li>Query optimizer enhancements:
<ol type='a'>
<li>Optimizer does a better job of using indices to satisfy ORDER BY
clauses that sort on the integer primary key</li>
<li>Use an index to satisfy an IS NULL operator in the WHERE clause</li>
<li>Fix a bug that was causing the optimizer to miss an OR optimization
<li>The optimizer has more freedom to reorder tables in the FROM clause
even in there are LEFT joins.</li>
<li>Extension loading supported added to WinCE</li>
<li>Allow constraint names on the DEFAULT clause in a table definition</li>
<li>Added the ".bail" command to the command-line shell</li>
<li>Make CSV (comma separate value) output from the command-line shell
more closely aligned to accepted practice</li>
<li>Experimental FTS2 module added</li>
<li>Use sqlite3_mprintf() instead of strdup() to avoid libc dependencies</li>
<li>VACUUM uses a temporary file in the official TEMP folder, not in the
same directory as the original database</li>
<li>The prefix on temporary filenames on Windows is changed from "sqlite"
to "etilqs".</li>

chng {2006-10-09 (3.3.8)} {
<li>Support for full text search using the
<a href="">FTS1 module</a>
<li>Added Mac OS X locking patches (beta - disabled by default)</li>
<li>Introduce extended error codes and add error codes for various
kinds of I/O errors.</li>
<li>Added support for IF EXISTS on CREATE/DROP TRIGGER/VIEW</li>
<li>Fix the regression test suite so that it works with Tcl8.5</li>
<li>Enhance sqlite3_set_authorizer() to provide notification of calls to
    SQL functions.</li>
<li>Added experimental API:  sqlite3_auto_extension()</li>
<li>Various minor bug fixes</li>

chng {2006-08-12 (3.3.7)} {
<li>Added support for
<a href="">virtual tables</a>
<li>Added support for 
<a href="">
dynamically loaded extensions</a> (beta)</li>
<a href="c3ref/interrupt.html">sqlite3_interrupt()</a>
routine can be called for a different thread</li>
<li>Added the <a href="lang_expr.html#match">MATCH</a> operator.</li>
<li>The default file format is now 1.  

chng {2006-06-06 (3.3.6)} {
<li>Plays better with virus scanners on Windows</li>
<li>Faster :memory: databases</li>
<li>Fix an obscure segfault in UTF-8 to UTF-16 conversions</li>
<li>Added driver for OS/2</li>
<li>Correct column meta-information returned for aggregate queries</li>
<li>Enhanced output from EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN</li>
<li>LIMIT 0 now works on subqueries</li>
<li>Bug fixes and performance enhancements in the query optimizer</li>
<li>Correctly handle NULL filenames in ATTACH and DETACH</li>
<li>Improved syntax error messages in the parser</li>
<li>Fix type coercion rules for the IN operator</li>

chng {2006-04-05 (3.3.5)} {
<li>CHECK constraints use conflict resolution algorithms correctly.</li>
<li>The SUM() function throws an error on integer overflow.</li>
<li>Choose the column names in a compound query from the left-most SELECT
    instead of the right-most.</li>
<li>The sqlite3_create_collation() function
    honors the SQLITE_UTF16_ALIGNED flag.</li>
<li>SQLITE_SECURE_DELETE compile-time option causes deletes to overwrite
    old data with zeros.</li>
<li>Detect integer overflow in abs().</li>
<li>The random() function provides 64 bits of randomness instead of
    only 32 bits.</li>
<li>Parser detects and reports automaton stack overflow.</li>
<li>Change the round() function to return REAL instead of TEXT.</li>
<li>Allow WHERE clause terms on the left table of a LEFT OUTER JOIN to
    contain aggregate subqueries.</li>
<li>Skip over leading spaces in text to numeric conversions.</li>
<li>Various minor bug and documentation typo fixes and
    performance enhancements.</li>

chng {2006-02-11 (3.3.4)} {
<li>Fix a blunder in the Unix mutex implementation that can lead to
deadlock on multithreaded systems.</li>
<li>Fix an alignment problem on 64-bit machines</li>
<li>Added the fullfsync pragma.</li>
<li>Fix an optimizer bug that could have caused some unusual LEFT OUTER JOINs
to give incorrect results.</li>
<li>The SUM function detects integer overflow and converts to accumulating
an approximate result using floating point numbers</li>
<li>Host parameter names can begin with '@' for compatibility with SQL Server.
<li>Other miscellaneous bug fixes</li>

chng {2006-01-31 (3.3.3)} {
<li>Removed support for an ON CONFLICT clause on CREATE INDEX - it never
worked correctly so this should not present any backward compatibility
<li>Authorizer callback now notified of ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN commands</li>
<li>After any changes to the TEMP database schema, all prepared statements
are invalidated and must be recreated using a new call to
<li>Other minor bug fixes in preparation for the first stable release
of version 3.3</li>

chng {2006-01-24 (3.3.2 beta)} {
<li>Bug fixes and speed improvements.  Improved test coverage.</li>
<li>Changes to the OS-layer interface: mutexes must now be recursive.</li>
<li>Discontinue the use of thread-specific data for out-of-memory
exception handling</li>

chng {2006-01-16 (3.3.1 alpha)} {
<li>Countless bug fixes</li>
<li>Speed improvements</li>
<li>Database connections can now be used by multiple threads, not just
the thread in which they were created.</li>

chng {2006-01-11 (3.3.0 alpha)} {
<li>CHECK constraints</li>
<li>DESC indices</li>
<li>More efficient encoding of boolean values resulting in smaller database
<li>More aggressive [SQLITE_OMIT_FLOATING_POINT]</li>
<li>Separate INTEGER and REAL affinity</li>
<li>Added a virtual function layer for the OS interface</li>
<li>"exists" method added to the TCL interface</li>
<li>Improved response to out-of-memory errors</li>
<li>Database cache can be optionally shared between connections
in the same thread</li>
<li>Optional READ UNCOMMITTED isolation (instead of the default
isolation level of SERIALIZABLE) and table level locking when
database connections share a common cache.</li>

chng {2005-12-19 (3.2.8)} {
<li>Fix an obscure bug that can cause database corruption under the
following unusual circumstances: A large INSERT or UPDATE statement which 
is part of an even larger transaction fails due to a uniqueness constraint
but the containing transaction commits.</li>

chng {2005-12-19 (2.8.17)} {
<li>Fix an obscure bug that can cause database corruption under the
following unusual circumstances: A large INSERT or UPDATE statement which 
is part of an even larger transaction fails due to a uniqueness contraint
but the containing transaction commits.</li>

chng {2005-09-24 (3.2.7)} {
<li>GROUP BY now considers NULLs to be equal again, as it should
<li>Now compiles on Solaris and OpenBSD and other Unix variants
that lack the fdatasync() function</li>
<li>Now compiles on MSVC++6 again</li>
<li>Fix uninitialized variables causing malfunctions for various obscure
<li>Correctly compute a LEFT OUTER JOINs that is constrained on the
left table only</li>

chng {2005-09-17 (3.2.6)} {
<li>Fix a bug that can cause database corruption if a VACUUM (or
    autovacuum) fails and is rolled back on a database that is
    larger than 1GiB</li>
<li>LIKE optimization now works for columns with COLLATE NOCASE</li>
<li>ORDER BY and GROUP BY now use bounded memory</li>
<li>Added support for COUNT(DISTINCT expr)</li>
<li>Change the way SUM() handles NULL values in order to comply with
    the SQL standard</li>
<li>Use fdatasync() instead of fsync() where possible in order to speed
    up commits slightly</li>
<li>Use of the CROSS keyword in a join turns off the table reordering
<li>Added the experimental and undocumented EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN capability</li>
<li>Use the unicode API in Windows</li>

chng {2005-08-27 (3.2.5)} {
<li>Fix a bug effecting DELETE and UPDATE statements that changed
more than 40960 rows.</li>
<li>Change the makefile so that it no longer requires GNUmake extensions</li>
<li>Fix the --enable-threadsafe option on the configure script</li>
<li>Fix a code generator bug that occurs when the left-hand side of an IN
operator is constant and the right-hand side is a SELECT statement</li>
<li>The PRAGMA synchronous=off statement now disables syncing of the
master journal file in addition to the normal rollback journals</li>

chng {2005-08-24 (3.2.4)} {
<li>Fix a bug introduced in the previous release
that can cause a segfault while generating code
for complex WHERE clauses.</li>
<li>Allow floating point literals to begin or end with a decimal point.</li>

chng {2005-08-21 (3.2.3)} {
<li>Added support for the CAST operator</li>
<li>Tcl interface allows BLOB values to be transferred to user-defined
<li>Added the "transaction" method to the Tcl interface</li>
<li>Allow the DEFAULT value of a column to call functions that have constant
<li>Added the ANALYZE command for gathering statistics on indices and
using those statistics when picking an index in the optimizer</li>
<li>Remove the limit (formerly 100) on the number of terms in the
WHERE clause</li>
<li>The right-hand side of the IN operator can now be a list of expressions
instead of just a list of constants</li>
<li>Rework the optimizer so that it is able to make better use of indices</li>
<li>The order of tables in a join is adjusted automatically to make
better use of indices</li>
<li>The IN operator is now a candidate for optimization even if the left-hand
side is not the left-most term of the index.  Multiple IN operators can be
used with the same index.</li>
<li>WHERE clause expressions using BETWEEN and OR are now candidates
for optimization</li>
<li>Added the "case_sensitive_like" pragma and the SQLITE_CASE_SENSITIVE_LIKE
compile-time option to set its default value to "on".</li>
<li>Use indices to help with GLOB expressions and LIKE expressions too
when the case_sensitive_like pragma is enabled</li>
<li>Added support for grave-accent quoting for compatibility with MySQL</li>
<li>Improved test coverage</li>
<li>Dozens of minor bug fixes</li>

chng {2005-06-12 (3.2.2)} {
<li>Added the sqlite3_db_handle() API</li>
<li>Added the sqlite3_get_autocommit() API</li>
<li>Added a REGEXP operator to the parser.  There is no function to back
up this operator in the standard build but users can add their own using
<li>Speed improvements and library footprint reductions.</li>
<li>Fix byte alignment problems on 64-bit architectures.</li>
<li>Many, many minor bug fixes and documentation updates.</li>

chng {2005-03-29 (3.2.1)} {
<li>Fix a memory allocation error in the new ADD COLUMN comment.</li>
<li>Documentation updates</li>

chng {2005-03-21 (3.2.0)} {
<li>Added support for ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN.</li>
<li>Added support for the "T" separator in ISO-8601 date/time strings.</li>
<li>Improved support for Cygwin.</li>
<li>Numerous bug fixes and documentation updates.</li>

chng {2005-03-17 (3.1.6)} {
<li>Fix a bug that could cause database corruption when inserting
    record into tables with around 125 columns.</li>
<li>sqlite3_step() is now much more likely to invoke the busy handler
    and less likely to return SQLITE_BUSY.</li>
<li>Fix memory leaks that used to occur after a malloc() failure.</li>

chng {2005-03-11 (3.1.5)} {
<li>The ioctl on Mac OS X to control syncing to disk is F_FULLFSYNC,
    not F_FULLSYNC.  The previous release had it wrong.</li>

chng {2005-03-11 (3.1.4)} {
<li>Fix a bug in autovacuum that could cause database corruption if
a CREATE UNIQUE INDEX fails because of a constraint violation.
This problem only occurs if the new autovacuum feature introduced in
version 3.1 is turned on.</li>
<li>The F_FULLSYNC ioctl (currently only supported on Mac OS X) is disabled
if the synchronous pragma is set to something other than "full".</li>
<li>Add additional forward compatibility to the future version 3.2 database 
file format.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in WHERE clauses of the form (rowid<'2')</li>
<li>New [omitfeatures | SQLITE_OMIT_...] compile-time options added</li>
<li>Updates to the man page</li>
<li>Remove the use of strcasecmp() from the shell</li>
<li>Windows DLL exports symbols Tclsqlite_Init and Sqlite_Init</li>

chng {2005-02-19 (3.1.3)} {
<li>Fix a problem with VACUUM on databases from which tables containing
AUTOINCREMENT have been dropped.</li>
<li>Add forward compatibility to the future version 3.2 database file
<li>Documentation updates</li>

chng {2005-02-15 (3.1.2)} {
<li>Fix a bug that can lead to database corruption if there are two
open connections to the same database and one connection does a VACUUM
and the second makes some change to the database.</li>
<li>Allow "?" parameters in the LIMIT clause.</li>
<li>Fix VACUUM so that it works with AUTOINCREMENT.</li>
<li>Fix a race condition in AUTOVACUUM that can lead to corrupt databases</li>
<li>Add a numeric version number to the sqlite3.h include file.</li>
<li>Other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.</li>

chng {2005-02-15 (2.8.16)} {
<li>Fix a bug that can lead to database corruption if there are two
open connections to the same database and one connection does a VACUUM
and the second makes some change to the database.</li>
<li>Correctly handle quoted names in CREATE INDEX statements.</li>
<li>Fix a naming conflict between sqlite.h and sqlite3.h.</li>
<li>Avoid excess heap usage when copying expressions.</li>
<li>Other minor bug fixes.</li>

chng {2005-02-01 (3.1.1 BETA)} {
<li>Automatic caching of prepared statements in the TCL interface</li>
<li>ATTACH and DETACH as well as some other operations cause existing
    prepared statements to expire.</li>
<li>Numerous minor bug fixes</li>

chng {2005-01-21 (3.1.0 ALPHA)} {
<li>Autovacuum support added</li>
<li>Support for the EXISTS clause added.</li>
<li>Support for correlated subqueries added.</li>
<li>Added the ESCAPE clause on the LIKE operator.</li>
<li>Support for ALTER TABLE ... RENAME TABLE ... added</li>
<li>AUTOINCREMENT keyword supported on INTEGER PRIMARY KEY</li>
<li>Many SQLITE_OMIT_ macros inserts to omit features at compile-time
    and reduce the library footprint.</li>
<li>The REINDEX command was added.</li>
<li>The engine no longer consults the main table if it can get
    all the information it needs from an index.</li>
<li>Many nuisance bugs fixed.</li>

chng {2004-10-12 (3.0.8)} {
<li>Add support for DEFERRED, IMMEDIATE, and EXCLUSIVE transactions.</li>
<li>Allow new user-defined functions to be created when there are
already one or more precompiled SQL statements.<li>
<li>Fix portability problems for MinGW/MSYS.</li>
<li>Fix a byte alignment problem on 64-bit Sparc machines.</li>
<li>Fix the ".import" command of the shell so that it ignores \r
characters at the end of lines.</li>
<li>The "csv" mode option in the shell puts strings inside double-quotes.</li>
<li>Fix typos in documentation.</li>
<li>Convert array constants in the code to have type "const".</li>
<li>Numerous code optimizations, specially optimizations designed to
make the code footprint smaller.</li>

chng {2004-09-18 (3.0.7)} {
<li>The BTree module allocates large buffers using malloc() instead of
    off of the stack, in order to play better on machines with limited
    stack space.</li>
<li>Fixed naming conflicts so that versions 2.8 and 3.0 can be
    linked and used together in the same ANSI-C source file.</li>
<li>New interface: sqlite3_bind_parameter_index()</li>
<li>Add support for wildcard parameters of the form: "?nnn"</li>
<li>Fix problems found on 64-bit systems.</li>
<li>Removed encode.c file (containing unused routines) from the 
    version 3.0 source tree.</li>
<li>The sqlite3_trace() callbacks occur before each statement
    is executed, not when the statement is compiled.</li>
<li>Makefile updates and miscellaneous bug fixes.</li>

chng {2004-09-02 (3.0.6 beta)} {
<li>Better detection and handling of corrupt database files.</li>
<li>The sqlite3_step() interface returns SQLITE_BUSY if it is unable
    to commit a change because of a lock</li>
<li>Combine the implementations of LIKE and GLOB into a single
    pattern-matching subroutine.</li>
<li>Miscellaneous code size optimizations and bug fixes</li>

chng {2004-08-29 (3.0.5 beta)} {
<li>Support for ":AAA" style bind parameter names.</li>
<li>Added the new sqlite3_bind_parameter_name() interface.</li>
<li>Support for TCL variable names embedded in SQL statements in the
    TCL bindings.</li>
<li>The TCL bindings transfer data without necessarily doing a conversion
    to a string.</li>
<li>The database for TEMP tables is not created until it is needed.</li>
<li>Add the ability to specify an alternative temporary file directory
    using the "sqlite_temp_directory" global variable.</li>
<li>A compile-time option (SQLITE_BUSY_RESERVED_LOCK) causes the busy
    handler to be called when there is contention for a RESERVED lock.</li>
<li>Various bug fixes and optimizations</li>

chng {2004-08-09 (3.0.4 beta)} {
<li>CREATE TABLE and DROP TABLE now work correctly as prepared statements.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in VACUUM and UNIQUE indices.</li>
<li>Add the ".import" command to the command-line shell.</li>
<li>Fix a bug that could cause index corruption when an attempt to
    delete rows of a table is blocked by a pending query.</li>
<li>Library size optimizations.</li>
<li>Other minor bug fixes.</li>

chng {2004-07-22 (2.8.15)} {
<li>This is a maintenance release only.  Various minor bugs have been
fixed and some portability enhancements are added.</li>

chng {2004-07-22 (3.0.3 beta)} {
<li>The second beta release for SQLite 3.0.</li>
<li>Add support for "PRAGMA page_size" to adjust the page size of
the database.</li>
<li>Various bug fixes and documentation updates.</li>

chng {2004-06-30 (3.0.2 beta)} {
<li>The first beta release for SQLite 3.0.</li>

chng {2004-06-22 (3.0.1 alpha)} {
<li><font color="red"><b>
    *** Alpha Release - Research And Testing Use Only ***</b></font>
<li>Lots of bug fixes.</li>

chng {2004-06-18 (3.0.0 alpha)} {
<li><font color="red"><b>
    *** Alpha Release - Research And Testing Use Only ***</b></font>
<li>Support for internationalization including UTF-8, UTF-16, and
    user defined collating sequences.</li>
<li>New file format that is 25% to 35% smaller for typical use.</li>
<li>Improved concurrency.</li>
<li>Atomic commits for ATTACHed databases.</li>
<li>Remove cruft from the APIs.</li>
<li>BLOB support.</li>
<li>64-bit rowids.</li>
<li><a href="version3.html">More information</a>.

chng {2004-06-09 (2.8.14)} {
<li>Fix the min() and max() optimizer so that it works when the FROM
    clause consists of a subquery.</li>
<li>Ignore extra whitespace at the end of of "." commands in the shell.</li>
<li>Bundle sqlite_encode_binary() and sqlite_decode_binary() with the 
<li>The TEMP_STORE and DEFAULT_TEMP_STORE pragmas now work.</li>
<li>Code changes to compile cleanly using OpenWatcom.</li>
<li>Fix VDBE stack overflow problems with INSTEAD OF triggers and
    NULLs in IN operators.</li>
<li>Add the global variable sqlite_temp_directory which if set defines the
    directory in which temporary files are stored.</li>
<li>sqlite_interrupt() plays well with VACUUM.</li>
<li>Other minor bug fixes.</li>

chng {2004-03-08 (2.8.13)} {
<li>Refactor parts of the code in order to make the code footprint
    smaller.  The code is now also a little bit faster.</li>
<li>sqlite_exec() is now implemented as a wrapper around sqlite_compile()
    and sqlite_step().</li>
<li>The built-in min() and max() functions now honor the difference between
    NUMERIC and TEXT datatypes.  Formerly, min() and max() always assumed
    their arguments were of type NUMERIC.</li>
<li>New HH:MM:SS modifier to the built-in date/time functions.</li>
<li>Experimental sqlite_last_statement_changes() API added.  Fixed
    the last_insert_rowid() function so that it works correctly with
<li>Add functions prototypes for the database encryption API.</li>
<li>Fix several nuisance bugs.</li>

chng {2004-02-08 (2.8.12)} {
<li>Fix a bug that will might corrupt the rollback journal if a power failure
    or external program halt occurs in the middle of a COMMIT.  The corrupt
    journal can lead to database corruption when it is rolled back.</li>
<li>Reduce the size and increase the speed of various modules, especially
    the virtual machine.</li>
<li>Allow "&lt;expr&gt; IN &lt;table&gt;" as a shorthand for
    "&lt;expr&gt; IN (SELECT * FROM &lt;table&gt;".</li>
<li>Optimizations to the sqlite_mprintf() routine.</li>
<li>Make sure the MIN() and MAX() optimizations work within subqueries.</li>

chng {2004-01-14 (2.8.11)} {
<li>Fix a bug in how the IN operator handles NULLs in subqueries.  The bug
    was introduced by the previous release.</li>

chng {2004-01-14 (2.8.10)} {
<li>Fix a potential database corruption problem on Unix caused by the fact
    that all POSIX advisory locks are cleared whenever you close() a file.
    The work around it to embargo all close() calls while locks are 
<li>Performance enhancements on some corner cases of COUNT(*).</li>
<li>Make sure the in-memory backend response sanely if malloc() fails.</li>
<li>Allow sqlite_exec() to be called from within user-defined SQL
<li>Improved accuracy of floating-point conversions using "long double".</li>
<li>Bug fixes in the experimental date/time functions.</li>

chng {2004-01-06 (2.8.9)} {
<li>Fix a 32-bit integer overflow problem that could result in corrupt
    indices in a database if large negative numbers (less than -2147483648)
    were inserted into an indexed numeric column.</li>
<li>Fix a locking problem on multi-threaded Linux implementations.</li>
<li>Always use "." instead of "," as the decimal point even if the locale
    requests ",".</li>
<li>Added UTC to localtime conversions to the experimental date/time
<li>Bug fixes to date/time functions.</li>

chng {2003-12-18 (2.8.8)} {
<li>Fix a critical bug introduced into 2.8.0 which could cause
    database corruption.</li>
<li>Fix a problem with 3-way joins that do not use indices</li>
<li>The VACUUM command now works with the non-callback API</li>
<li>Improvements to the "PRAGMA integrity_check" command</li>

chng {2003-12-04 (2.8.7)} {
<li>Added experimental sqlite_bind() and sqlite_reset() APIs.</li>
<li>If the name of the database is an empty string, open a new database
    in a temporary file that is automatically deleted when the database
    is closed.</li>
<li>Performance enhancements in the [Lemon]-generated parser</li>
<li>Experimental date/time functions revised.</li>
<li>Disallow temporary indices on permanent tables.</li>
<li>Documentation updates and typo fixes</li>
<li>Added experimental sqlite_progress_handler() callback API</li>
<li>Removed support for the Oracle8 outer join syntax.</li>
<li>Allow GLOB and LIKE operators to work as functions.</li>
<li>Other minor documentation and makefile changes and bug fixes.</li>

chng {2003-08-22 (2.8.6)} {
<li>Moved the CVS repository to</li>
<li>Update the NULL-handling documentation.</li>
<li>Experimental date/time functions added.</li>
<li>Bug fix: correctly evaluate a view of a view without segfaulting.</li>
<li>Bug fix: prevent database corruption if you dropped a
    trigger that had the same name as a table.</li>
<li>Bug fix: allow a VACUUM (without segfaulting) on an empty
    database after setting the EMPTY_RESULT_CALLBACKS pragma.</li>
<li>Bug fix: if an integer value will not fit in a 32-bit int, store it in
    a double instead.</li>
<li>Bug fix: Make sure the journal file directory entry is committed to disk
    before writing the database file.</li>

chng {2003-07-22 (2.8.5)} {
<li>Make LIMIT work on a compound SELECT statement.</li>
<li>LIMIT 0 now shows no rows.  Use LIMIT -1 to see all rows.</li>
<li>Correctly handle comparisons between an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY and
    a floating point number.</li>
<li>Fix several important bugs in the new ATTACH and DETACH commands.</li>
<li>Updated the <a href="nulls.html">NULL-handling document</a>.</li> 
<li>Allow NULL arguments in sqlite_compile() and sqlite_step().</li>
<li>Many minor bug fixes</li>

chng {2003-06-29 (2.8.4)} {
<li>Enhanced the "PRAGMA integrity_check" command to verify indices.</li>
<li>Added authorization hooks for the new ATTACH and DETACH commands.</li>
<li>Many documentation updates</li>
<li>Many minor bug fixes</li>

chng {2003-06-04 (2.8.3)} {
<li>Fix a problem that will corrupt the indices on a table if you
    do an INSERT OR REPLACE or an UPDATE OR REPLACE on a table that
    contains an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY plus one or more indices.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in Windows locking code so that locks work correctly
    when simultaneously accessed by Win95 and WinNT systems.</li>
<li>Add the ability for INSERT and UPDATE statements to refer to the
    "rowid" (or "_rowid_" or "oid") columns.</li>
<li>Other important bug fixes</li>

chng {2003-05-17 (2.8.2)} {
<li>Fix a problem that will corrupt the database file if you drop a
    table from the main database that has a TEMP index.</li>

chng {2003-05-17 (2.8.1)} {
<li>Reactivated the VACUUM command that reclaims unused disk space in 
    a database file.</li>
<li>Added the ATTACH and DETACH commands to allow interacting with multiple
    database files at the same time.</li>
<li>Added support for TEMP triggers and indices.</li>
<li>Added support for in-memory databases.</li>
<li>Removed the experimental sqlite_open_aux_file().  Its function is
    subsumed in the new ATTACH command.</li>
<li>The precedence order for ON CONFLICT clauses was changed so that
    ON CONFLICT clauses on BEGIN statements have a higher precedence than
    ON CONFLICT clauses on constraints.
<li>Many, many bug fixes and compatibility enhancements.</li>

chng {2003-02-16 (2.8.0)} {
<li>Modified the journal file format to make it more resistant to corruption
    that can occur after an OS crash or power failure.</li>
<li>Added a new C/C++ API that does not use callback for returning data.</li>

chng {2003-01-25 (2.7.6)} {
<li>Performance improvements.  The library is now much faster.</li>
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_set_authorizer()</b> API.  Formal documentation has
    not been written - see the source code comments for instructions on
    how to use this function.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the GLOB operator that was preventing it from working
    with upper-case letters.</li>
<li>Various minor bug fixes.</li>

chng {2002-12-28 (2.7.5)} {
<li>Fix an uninitialized variable in pager.c which could (with a probability
    of about 1 in 4 billion) result in a corrupted database.</li>

chng {2002-12-17 (2.7.4)} {
<li>Database files can now grow to be up to 2&#94;41 bytes.  The old limit
    was 2&#94;31 bytes.</li>
<li>The optimizer will now scan tables in the reverse if doing so will
    satisfy an ORDER BY ... DESC clause.</li>
<li>The full pathname of the database file is now remembered even if
    a relative path is passed into sqlite_open().  This allows 
    the library to continue operating correctly after a chdir().</li>
<li>Speed improvements in the VDBE.</li>
<li>Lots of little bug fixes.</li>

chng {2002-10-31 (2.7.3)} {
<li>Various compiler compatibility fixes.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the "expr IN ()" operator.</li>
<li>Accept column names in parentheses.</li>
<li>Fix a problem with string memory management in the VDBE</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the "table_info" pragma"</li>
<li>Export the sqlite_function_type() API function in the Windows DLL</li>
<li>Fix locking behavior under Windows</li>
<li>Fix a bug in LEFT OUTER JOIN</li>

chng {2002-09-25 (2.7.2)} {
<li>Prevent journal file overflows on huge transactions.</li>
<li>Fix a memory leak that occurred when sqlite_open() failed.</li>
<li>Honor the ORDER BY and LIMIT clause of a SELECT even if the
    result set is used for an INSERT.</li>
<li>Do not put write locks on the file used to hold TEMP tables.</li>
<li>Added documentation on SELECT DISTINCT and on how SQLite handles NULLs.</li>
<li>Fix a problem that was causing poor performance when many thousands
    of SQL statements were executed by a single sqlite_exec() call.</li>

chng {2002-08-31 (2.7.1)} {
<li>Fix a bug in the ORDER BY logic that was introduced in version 2.7.0</li>
<li>C-style comments are now accepted by the tokenizer.</li>
<li>INSERT runs a little faster when the source is a SELECT statement.</li>

chng {2002-08-25 (2.7.0)} {
<li>Make a distinction between numeric and text values when sorting.
    Text values sort according to memcmp().  Numeric values sort in
    numeric order.</li>
<li>Allow multiple simultaneous readers under Windows by simulating
    the reader/writers locks that are missing from Win95/98/ME.</li>
<li>An error is now returned when trying to start a transaction if
    another transaction is already active.</li>

chng {2002-08-13 (2.6.3)} {
<li>Add the ability to read both little-endian and big-endian databases.
    So a database created under SunOS or Mac OS X can be read and written
    under Linux or Windows and vice versa.</li>
<li>Convert to the new website:</li>
<li>Allow transactions to span Linux Threads</li>
<li>Bug fix in the processing of the ORDER BY clause for GROUP BY queries</li>

chng {2002-07-31 (2.6.2)} {
<li>Text files read by the COPY command can now have line terminators
    of LF,  CRLF, or CR.</li>
<li>SQLITE_BUSY is handled correctly if encountered during database
<li>Fix to UPDATE triggers on TEMP tables.</li>
<li>Documentation updates.</li>

chng {2002-07-19 (2.6.1)} {
<li>Include a static string in the library that responds to the RCS
    "ident" command and which contains the library version number.</li>
<li>Fix an assertion failure that occurred when deleting all rows of
    a table with the "count_changes" pragma turned on.</li>
<li>Better error reporting when problems occur during the automatic
    2.5.6 to 2.6.0 database format upgrade.</li>

chng {2002-07-18 (2.6.0)} {
<li>Change the format of indices to correct a design flaw the originated
    with version 2.1.0.  <font color="red">*** This is an incompatible
    file format change ***</font>  When version 2.6.0 or later of the
    library attempts to open a database file created by version 2.5.6 or
    earlier, it will automatically and irreversibly convert the file format.
    <b>Make backup copies of older database files before opening them with
    version 2.6.0 of the library.</b>

chng {2002-07-07 (2.5.6)} {
<li>Fix more problems with rollback.  Enhance the test suite to exercise
    the rollback logic extensively in order to prevent any future problems.

chng {2002-07-06 (2.5.5)} {
<li>Fix a bug which could cause database corruption during a rollback.
    This bugs was introduced in version 2.4.0 by the freelist
    optimization of checkin &#91;410&#93;.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in aggregate functions for VIEWs.</li>
<li>Other minor changes and enhancements.</li>

chng {2002-07-01 (2.5.4)} {
<li>Make the "AS" keyword optional again.</li>
<li>The datatype of columns now appear in the 4th argument to the
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_open_aux_file()</b> API, though it is still
    mostly undocumented and untested.</li>
<li>Added additional test cases and fixed a few bugs that those
    test cases found.</li>

chng {2002-06-25 (2.5.3)} {
<li>Bug fix:  Database corruption can occur due to the optimization
    that was introduced in version 2.4.0 (check-in &#91;410&#93;).  The problem
    should now be fixed.  The use of versions 2.4.0 through 2.5.2 is
    not recommended.</li>

chng {2002-06-25 (2.5.2)} {
<li>Added the new <b>SQLITE_TEMP_MASTER</b> table which records the schema
    for temporary tables in the same way that <b>SQLITE_MASTER</b> does for
    persistent tables.</li>
<li>Added an optimization to UNION ALL</li>
<li>Fixed a bug in the processing of LEFT OUTER JOIN</li>
<li>The LIMIT clause now works on subselects</li>
<li>ORDER BY works on subselects</li>
<li>There is a new TypeOf() function used to determine if an expression
    is numeric or text.</li>
<li>Autoincrement now works for INSERT from a SELECT.</li>

chng {2002-06-19 (2.5.1)} {
<li>The query optimizer now attempts to implement the ORDER BY clause
    using an index.  Sorting is still used if not suitable index is

chng {2002-06-17 (2.5.0)} {
<li>Added support for row triggers.</li>
<li>Added SQL-92 compliant handling of NULLs.</li>
<li>Add support for the full SQL-92 join syntax and LEFT OUTER JOINs.</li>
<li>Double-quoted strings interpreted as column names not text literals.</li>
<li>Parse (but do not implement) foreign keys.</li>
<li>Performance improvements in the parser, pager, and WHERE clause code
<li>Make the LIMIT clause work on subqueries.  (ORDER BY still does not
    work, though.)</li>
<li>Added the "%Q" expansion to sqlite_*_printf().</li>
<li>Bug fixes too numerous to mention (see the change log).</li>

chng {2002-05-10 (2.4.12)} {
<li>Added logic to detect when the library API routines are called out
    of sequence.</li>

chng {2002-05-08 (2.4.11)} {
<li>Bug fix: Column names in the result set were not being generated
    correctly for some (rather complex) VIEWs.  This could cause a
    segfault under certain circumstances.</li>

chng {2002-05-03 (2.4.10)} {
<li>Bug fix: Generate correct column headers when a compound SELECT is used
    as a subquery.</li>
<li>Added the sqlite_encode_binary() and sqlite_decode_binary() functions to
    the source tree.  But they are not yet linked into the library.</li>
<li>Documentation updates.</li>
<li>Export the sqlite_changes() function from Windows DLLs.</li>
<li>Bug fix: Do not attempt the subquery flattening optimization on queries
    that lack a FROM clause.  To do so causes a segfault.</li>

chng {2002-04-22 (2.4.9)} {
<li>Fix a bug that was causing the precompiled binary of SQLITE.EXE to
    report "out of memory" under Windows 98.</li>

chng {2002-04-20 (2.4.8)} {
<li>Make sure VIEWs are created after their corresponding TABLEs in the
    output of the <b>.dump</b> command in the shell.</li>
<li>Speed improvements: Do not do synchronous updates on TEMP tables.</li>
<li>Many improvements and enhancements to the shell.</li>
<li>Make the GLOB and LIKE operators functions that can be overridden
    by a programmer.  This allows, for example, the LIKE operator to
    be changed to be case sensitive.</li>

chng {2002-04-12 (2.4.7)} {
<li>Add the ability to put TABLE.* in the column list of a
    SELECT statement.</li>
<li>Permit SELECT statements without a FROM clause.</li>
<li>Added the <b>last_insert_rowid()</b> SQL function.</li>
<li>Do not count rows where the IGNORE conflict resolution occurs in
    the row count.</li>
<li>Make sure functions expressions in the VALUES clause of an INSERT
    are correct.</li>
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_changes()</b> API function to return the number
    of row that changed in the most recent operation.</li>

chng {2002-04-02 (2.4.6)} {
<li>Bug fix: Correctly handle terms in the WHERE clause of a join that
    do not contain a comparison operator.</li>

chng {2002-04-02 (2.4.5)} {
<li>Bug fix: Correctly handle functions that appear in the WHERE clause
    of a join.</li>
<li>When the PRAGMA vdbe_trace=ON is set, correctly print the P3 operand
    value when it is a pointer to a structure rather than a pointer to
    a string.</li>
<li>When inserting an explicit NULL into an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, convert
    the NULL value into a unique key automatically.</li>

chng {2002-03-30 (2.4.4)} {
<li>Allow "VIEW" to be a column name</li>
<li>Added support for CASE expressions (patch from Dan Kennedy)</li>
<li>Added RPMS to the delivery (patches from Doug Henry)</li>
<li>Fix typos in the documentation</li>
<li>Cut over configuration management to a new CVS repository with
    its own CVSTrac bug tracking system.</li>

chng {2002-03-23 (2.4.3)} {
<li>Fix a bug in SELECT that occurs when a compound SELECT is used as a
    subquery in the FROM of a SELECT.</li>
<li>The <b>sqlite_get_table()</b> function now returns an error if you
    give it two or more SELECTs that return different numbers of columns.</li>

chng {2002-03-20 (2.4.2)} {
<li>Bug fix: Fix an assertion failure that occurred when ROWID was a column
    in a SELECT statement on a view.</li>
<li>Bug fix: Fix an uninitialized variable in the VDBE that would could an
    assert failure.</li>
<li>Make the os.h header file more robust in detecting when the compile is
    for Windows and when it is for Unix.</li>

chng {2002-03-13 (2.4.1)} {
<li>Using an unnamed subquery in a FROM clause would cause a segfault.</li>
<li>The parser now insists on seeing a semicolon or the end of input before
    executing a statement.  This avoids an accidental disaster if the
    WHERE keyword is misspelled in an UPDATE or DELETE statement.</li>

chng {2002-03-11 (2.4.0)} {
<li>Change the name of the sanity_check PRAGMA to <b>integrity_check</b>
    and make it available in all compiles.</li>
<li>SELECT min() or max() of an indexed column with no WHERE or GROUP BY
    clause is handled as a special case which avoids a complete table scan.</li>
<li>Automatically generated ROWIDs are now sequential.</li>
<li>Do not allow dot-commands of the command-line shell to occur in the
    middle of a real SQL command.</li>
<li>Modifications to the [Lemon parser generator] so that the parser tables
    are 4 times smaller.</li>
<li>Added support for user-defined functions implemented in C.</li>
<li>Added support for new functions: <b>coalesce()</b>, <b>lower()</b>,
    <b>upper()</b>, and <b>random()</b>
<li>Added support for VIEWs.</li>
<li>Added the subquery flattening optimizer.</li>
<li>Modified the B-Tree and Pager modules so that disk pages that do not
    contain real data (free pages) are not journaled and are not
    written from memory back to the disk when they change.  This does not 
    impact database integrity, since the
    pages contain no real data, but it does make large INSERT operations
    about 2.5 times faster and large DELETEs about 5 times faster.</li>
<li>Made the CACHE_SIZE pragma persistent</li>
<li>Added the SYNCHRONOUS pragma</li>
<li>Fixed a bug that was causing updates to fail inside of transactions when
    the database contained a temporary table.</li>

chng {2002-02-19 (2.3.3)} {
<li>Allow identifiers to be quoted in square brackets, for compatibility
    with MS-Access.</li>
<li>Added support for sub-queries in the FROM clause of a SELECT.</li>
<li>More efficient implementation of sqliteFileExists() under Windows.
    (by Joel Luscy)</li>
<li>The VALUES clause of an INSERT can now contain expressions, including
    scalar SELECT clauses.</li>
<li>Added support for CREATE TABLE AS SELECT</li>
<li>Bug fix: Creating and dropping a table all within a single
    transaction was not working.</li>

chng {2002-02-14 (2.3.2)} {
<li>Bug fix: There was an incorrect assert() in pager.c.  The real code was
    all correct (as far as is known) so everything should work OK if you
    compile with -DNDEBUG=1.  When asserts are not disabled, there
    could be a fault.</li>

chng {2002-02-13 (2.3.1)} {
<li>Bug fix: An assertion was failing if "PRAGMA full_column_names=ON;" was
    set and you did a query that used a rowid, like this:  
    "SELECT rowid, * FROM ...".</li>

chng {2002-02-03 (2.3.0)} {
<li>Fix a serious bug in the INSERT command which was causing data to go
    into the wrong columns if the data source was a SELECT and the INSERT
    clauses specified its columns in some order other than the default.</li>
<li>Added the ability to resolve constraint conflicts is ways other than
    an abort and rollback.  See the documentation on the "ON CONFLICT"
    clause for details.</li>
<li>Temporary files are now automatically deleted by the operating system
    when closed.  There are no more dangling temporary files on a program
    crash.  (If the OS crashes, fsck will delete the file after reboot 
    under Unix.  I do not know what happens under Windows.)</li>
<li>NOT NULL constraints are honored.</li>
<li>The COPY command puts NULLs in columns whose data is '\N'.</li>
<li>In the COPY command, backslash can now be used to escape a newline.</li>
<li>Added the SANITY_CHECK pragma.</li>

chng {2002-01-28 (2.2.5)} {
<li>Important bug fix: the IN operator was not working if either the
    left-hand or right-hand side was derived from an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY.</li>
<li>Do not escape the backslash '\' character in the output of the
    <b>sqlite</b> command-line access program.</li>

chng {2002-01-22 (2.2.4)} {
<li>The label to the right of an AS in the column list of a SELECT can now
    be used as part of an expression in the WHERE, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, and/or
    HAVING clauses.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the <b>-separator</b> command-line option to the <b>sqlite</b>
<li>Fix a problem with the sort order when comparing upper-case strings against
    characters greater than 'Z' but less than 'a'.</li>
<li>Report an error if an ORDER BY or GROUP BY expression is constant.</li>

chng {2002-01-16 (2.2.3)} {
<li>Fix warning messages in VC++ 7.0.  (Patches from nicolas352001)</li>
<li>Make the library thread-safe.  (The code is there and appears to work
    but has not been stressed.)</li>
<li>Added the new <b>sqlite_last_insert_rowid()</b> API function.</li>

chng {2002-01-14 (2.2.2)} {
<li>Bug fix: An assertion was failing when a temporary table with an index
    had the same name as a permanent table created by a separate process.</li>
<li>Bug fix: Updates to tables containing an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY and an
    index could fail.</li>

chng {2002-01-09 (2.2.1)} {
<li>Bug fix: An attempt to delete a single row of a table with a WHERE
    clause of "ROWID=x" when no such rowid exists was causing an error.</li>
<li>Bug fix: Passing in a NULL as the 3rd parameter to <b>sqlite_open()</b>
    would sometimes cause a coredump.</li>
<li>Bug fix: DROP TABLE followed by a CREATE TABLE with the same name all
    within a single transaction was causing a coredump.</li>
<li>Makefile updates from A. Rottmann</li>

chng {2001-12-22 (2.2.0)} {
<li>Columns of type INTEGER PRIMARY KEY are actually used as the primary
    key in underlying B-Tree representation of the table.</li>
<li>Several obscure, unrelated bugs were found and fixed while 
    implemented the integer primary key change of the previous bullet.</li>
<li>Added the ability to specify "*" as part of a larger column list in
    the result section of a SELECT statement.  For example:
    <nobr>"<b>SELECT rowid, * FROM table1;</b>"</nobr>.</li>
<li>Updates to comments and documentation.</li>

chng {2001-12-15 (2.1.7)} {
<li>Fix a bug in <b>CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE</b> which was causing the
    table to be initially allocated in the main database file instead
    of in the separate temporary file.  This bug could cause the library
    to suffer an assertion failure and it could cause "page leaks" in the
    main database file.
<li>Fix a bug in the b-tree subsystem that could sometimes cause the first
    row of a table to be repeated during a database scan.</li>

chng {2001-12-14 (2.1.6)} {
<li>Fix the locking mechanism yet again to prevent
    <b>sqlite_exec()</b> from returning SQLITE_PROTOCOL
    unnecessarily.  This time the bug was a race condition in
    the locking code.  This change affects both POSIX and Windows users.</li>

chng {2001-12-06 (2.1.5)} {
<li>Fix for another problem (unrelated to the one fixed in 2.1.4) 
    that sometimes causes <b>sqlite_exec()</b> to return SQLITE_PROTOCOL
    unnecessarily.  This time the bug was
    in the POSIX locking code and should not effect Windows users.</li>

chng {2001-12-05 (2.1.4)} {
<li>Sometimes <b>sqlite_exec()</b> would return SQLITE_PROTOCOL when it
    should have returned SQLITE_BUSY.</li>
<li>The fix to the previous bug uncovered a deadlock which was also
<li>Add the ability to put a single .command in the second argument
    of the sqlite shell</li>
<li>Updates to the FAQ</li>

chng {2001-11-24 (2.1.3)} {
<li>Fix the behavior of comparison operators 
    (ex: "<b>&lt</b>", "<b>==</b>", etc.)
    so that they are consistent with the order of entries in an index.</li>
<li>Correct handling of integers in SQL expressions that are larger than
    what can be represented by the machine integer.</li>

chng {2001-11-23 (2.1.2)} {
<li>Changes to support 64-bit architectures.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the locking protocol.</li>
<li>Fix a bug that could (rarely) cause the database to become 
    unreadable after a DROP TABLE due to corruption to the SQLITE_MASTER
<li>Change the code so that version 2.1.1 databases that were rendered 
    unreadable by the above bug can be read by this version of
    the library even though the SQLITE_MASTER table is (slightly)

chng {2001-11-13 (2.1.1)} {
<li>Bug fix: Sometimes arbitrary strings were passed to the callback
    function when the actual value of a column was NULL.</li>

chng {2001-11-12 (2.1.0)} {
<li>Change the format of data records so that records up to 16MB in size
    can be stored.</li>
<li>Change the format of indices to allow for better query optimization.</li>
<li>Implement the "LIMIT ... OFFSET ..." clause on SELECT statements.</li>

chng {2001-11-03 (2.0.8)} {
<li>Made selected parameters in API functions <b>const</b>. This should
    be fully backwards compatible.</li>
<li>Documentation updates</li>
<li>Simplify the design of the VDBE by restricting the number of sorters
    and lists to 1.
    In practice, no more than one sorter and one list was ever used anyhow.

chng {2001-10-22 (2.0.7)} {
<li>Any UTF-8 character or ISO8859 character can be used as part of
    an identifier.</li>
<li>Patches from Christian Werner to improve ODBC compatibility and to
    fix a bug in the round() function.</li>
<li>Plug some memory leaks that use to occur if malloc() failed.
    We have been and continue to be memory leak free as long as
    malloc() works.</li>
<li>Changes to some test scripts so that they work on Windows in
    addition to Unix.</li>

chng {2001-10-19 (2.0.6)} {
<li>Added the EMPTY_RESULT_CALLBACKS pragma</li>
<li>Support for UTF-8 and ISO8859 characters in column and table names.</li>
<li>Bug fix: Compute correct table names with the FULL_COLUMN_NAMES pragma
    is turned on.</li>

chng {2001-10-15 (2.0.5)} {
<li>Added the COUNT_CHANGES pragma.</li>
<li>Changes to the FULL_COLUMN_NAMES pragma to help out the ODBC driver.</li>
<li>Bug fix: "SELECT count(*)" was returning NULL for empty tables.
    Now it returns 0.</li>

chng {2001-10-13 (2.0.4)} {
<li>Bug fix: an obscure and relatively harmless bug was causing one of
    the tests to fail when gcc optimizations are turned on.  This release
    fixes the problem.</li>

chng {2001-10-13 (2.0.3)} {
<li>Bug fix: the <b>sqlite_busy_timeout()</b> function was delaying 1000
    times too long before failing.</li>
<li>Bug fix: an assertion was failing if the disk holding the database
    file became full or stopped accepting writes for some other reason.
    New tests were added to detect similar problems in the future.</li>
<li>Added new operators: <b>&amp;</b> (bitwise-and)
    <b>|</b> (bitwise-or), <b>~</b> (ones-complement),
    <b>&lt;&lt;</b> (shift left), <b>&gt;&gt;</b> (shift right).</li>
<li>Added new functions: <b>round()</b> and <b>abs()</b>.</li>

chng {2001-10-09 (2.0.2)} {
<li>Fix two bugs in the locking protocol.  (One was masking the other.)</li>
<li>Removed some unused "#include <unistd.h>" that were causing problems
    for VC++.</li>
<li>Fixed <b>sqlite.h</b> so that it is usable from C++</li>
<li>Added the FULL_COLUMN_NAMES pragma.  When set to "ON", the names of
    columns are reported back as TABLE.COLUMN instead of just COLUMN.</li>
<li>Added the TABLE_INFO() and INDEX_INFO() pragmas to help support the
    ODBC interface.</li>
<li>Added support for TEMPORARY tables and indices.</li>

chng {2001-10-02 (2.0.1)} {
<li>Remove some C++ style comments from btree.c so that it will compile
    using compilers other than gcc.</li>
<li>The ".dump" output from the shell does not work if there are embedded
    newlines anywhere in the data.  This is an old bug that was carried
    forward from version 1.0.  To fix it, the ".dump" output no longer
    uses the COPY command.  It instead generates INSERT statements.</li>
<li>Extend the expression syntax to support "expr NOT NULL" (with a
    space between the "NOT" and the "NULL") in addition to "expr NOTNULL"
    (with no space).</li>

chng {2001-09-28 (2.0.0)} {
<li>Automatically build binaries for Linux and Windows and put them on
    the website.</li>

chng {2001-09-28 (2.0-alpha-4)} {
<li>Incorporate makefile patches form A. Rottmann to use LIBTOOL</li>

chng {2001-09-27 (2.0-alpha-3)} {
<li>SQLite now honors the UNIQUE keyword in CREATE UNIQUE INDEX.  Primary
    keys are required to be unique.</li>
<li>File format changed back to what it was for alpha-1</li>
<li>Fixes to the rollback and locking behavior</li>

chng {2001-09-20 (2.0-alpha-2)} {
<li>Initial release of version 2.0.  The idea of renaming the library
    to "SQLus" was abandoned in favor of keeping the "SQLite" name and
    bumping the major version number.</li>
<li>The pager and btree subsystems added back. They are now the only
    available backend.</li>
<li>The Dbbe abstraction and the GDBM and memory drivers were removed.</li>
<li>Copyright on all code was disclaimed.  The library is now in the
    public domain.</li>

chng {2001-07-23 (1.0.32)} {
<li>Pager and btree subsystems removed.  These will be used in a follow-on
    SQL server library named "SQLus".</li>
<li>Add the ability to use quoted strings as table and column names in

chng {2001-04-15 (1.0.31)} {
<li>Pager subsystem added but not yet used.</li>
<li>More robust handling of out-of-memory errors.</li>
<li>New tests added to the test suite.</li>

chng {2001-04-06 (1.0.30)} {
<li>Remove the <b>sqlite_encoding</b> TCL variable that was introduced
    in the previous version.</li>
<li>Add options <b>-encoding</b> and <b>-tcl-uses-utf</b> to the
    <b>sqlite</b> TCL command.</li>
<li>Add tests to make sure that tclsqlite was compiled using Tcl header
    files and libraries that match.</li>

chng {2001-04-05 (1.0.29)} {
<li>The library now assumes data is stored as UTF-8 if the --enable-utf8
    option is given to configure.  The default behavior is to assume
    iso8859-x, as it has always done.  This only makes a difference for
    LIKE and GLOB operators and the LENGTH and SUBSTR functions.</li>
<li>If the library is not configured for UTF-8 and the Tcl library
    is one of the newer ones that uses UTF-8 internally,
    then a conversion from UTF-8 to iso8859 and
    back again is done inside the TCL interface.</li>

chng {2001-04-04 (1.0.28)} {
<li>Added limited support for transactions.  At this point, transactions
    will do table locking on the GDBM backend.  There is no support (yet)
    for rollback or atomic commit.</li>
<li>Added special column names ROWID, OID, and _ROWID_ that refer to the
    unique random integer key associated with every row of every table.</li>
<li>Additional tests added to the regression suite to cover the new ROWID
    feature and the TCL interface bugs mentioned below.</li>
<li>Changes to the [Lemon parser generator] to help it work better when
    compiled using MSVC.</li>
<li>Bug fixes in the TCL interface identified by Oleg Oleinick.</li>

chng {2001-03-20 (1.0.27)} {
<li>When doing DELETE and UPDATE, the library used to write the record
    numbers of records to be deleted or updated into a temporary file.
    This is changed so that the record numbers are held in memory.</li>
<li>The DELETE command without a WHILE clause just removes the database
    files from the disk, rather than going through and deleting record
    by record.</li>

chng {2001-03-20 (1.0.26)} {
<li>A serious bug fixed on Windows.  Windows users should upgrade.
    No impact to Unix.</li>

chng {2001-03-15 (1.0.25)} {
<li>Modify the test scripts to identify tests that depend on system
    load and processor speed and
    to warn the user that a failure of one of those (rare) tests does
    not necessarily mean the library is malfunctioning.  No changes to

chng {2001-03-14 (1.0.24)} {
<li>Fix a bug which was causing
    the UPDATE command to fail on systems where "malloc(0)" returns
    NULL.  The problem does not appear on Windows, Linux, or HPUX but does 
    cause the library to fail on QNX.

chng {2001-02-20 (1.0.23)} {
<li>An unrelated (and minor) bug from Mark Muranwski fixed.  The algorithm
    for figuring out where to put temporary files for a "memory:" database
    was not working quite right.

chng {2001-02-19 (1.0.22)} {
<li>The previous fix was not quite right.  This one seems to work better.

chng {2001-02-19 (1.0.21)} {
<li>The UPDATE statement was not working when the WHERE clause contained
    some terms that could be satisfied using indices and other terms that
    could not.  Fixed.</li>

chng {2001-02-11 (1.0.20)} {
<li>Merge development changes into the main trunk.  Future work toward
    using a BTree file structure will use a separate CVS source tree.  This
    CVS tree will continue to support the GDBM version of SQLite only.</li>

chng {2001-02-06 (1.0.19)} {
<li>Fix a strange (but valid) C declaration that was causing problems
    for QNX.  No logical changes.</li>

chng {2001-01-04 (1.0.18)} {
<li>Print the offending SQL statement when an error occurs.</li>
<li>Do not require commas between constraints in CREATE TABLE statements.</li>
<li>Added the "-echo" option to the shell.</li>
<li>Changes to comments.</li>

chng {2000-12-10 (1.0.17)} {
<li>Rewrote <b>sqlite_complete()</b> to make it faster.</li>
<li>Minor tweaks to other code to make it run a little faster.</li>
<li>Added new tests for <b>sqlite_complete()</b> and for memory leaks.</li>

chng {2000-11-28 (1.0.16)} {
<li>Documentation updates.  Mostly fixing of typos and spelling errors.</li>

chng {2000-10-23 (1.0.15)} {
<li>Documentation updates</li>
<li>Some sanity checking code was removed from the inner loop of vdbe.c
    to help the library to run a little faster.  The code is only
    removed if you compile with -DNDEBUG.</li>

chng {2000-10-19 (1.0.14)} {
<li>Added a "memory:" backend driver that stores its database in an
    in-memory hash table.</li>

chng {2000-10-19 (1.0.13)} {
<li>Break out the GDBM driver into a separate file in anticipation
    to added new drivers.</li>
<li>Allow the name of a database to be prefixed by the driver type.
    For now, the only driver type is "gdbm:".</li>

chng {2000-10-17 (1.0.12)} {
<li>Fixed an off-by-one error that was causing a coredump in 
    the '%q' format directive of the new
    <b>sqlite_..._printf()</b> routines.</li>
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_interrupt()</b> interface.</li>
<li>In the shell, <b>sqlite_interrupt()</b> is invoked when the
    user presses Control-C</li>
<li>Fixed some instances where <b>sqlite_exec()</b> was
    returning the wrong error code.</li>

chng {2000-10-11 (1.0.10)} {
<li>Added notes on how to compile for Windows95/98.</li>
<li>Removed a few variables that were not being used.  Etc.</li>

chng {2000-10-09 (1.0.9)} {
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_..._printf()</b> interface routines.</li>
<li>Modified the <b>sqlite</b> shell program to use the new interface 
<li>Modified the <b>sqlite</b> shell program to print the schema for
    the built-in SQLITE_MASTER table, if explicitly requested.</li>

chng {2000-09-30 (1.0.8)} {
<li>Begin writing documentation on the TCL interface.</li>

chng {2000-09-29 (Not Released)} {
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_get_table()</b> API</li>
<li>Updated the documentation for due to the above change.</li>
<li>Modified the <b>sqlite</b> shell to make use of the new
    sqlite_get_table() API in order to print a list of tables
    in multiple columns, similar to the way "ls" prints filenames.</li>
<li>Modified the <b>sqlite</b> shell to print a semicolon at the
    end of each CREATE statement in the output of the ".schema" command.</li>

chng {2000-09-21 (Not Released)} {
<li>Change the tclsqlite "eval" method to return a list of results if
    no callback script is specified.</li>
<li>Change tclsqlite.c to use the Tcl_Obj interface</li>
<li>Add tclsqlite.c to the libsqlite.a library</li>

chng {2000-09-14 (1.0.5)} {
<li>Changed the print format for floating point values from "%g" to "%.15g".
<li>Changed the comparison function so that numbers in exponential notation
    (ex: 1.234e+05) sort in numerical order.</li>

chng {2000-08-28 (1.0.4)} {
<li>Added functions <b>length()</b> and <b>substr()</b>.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the <b>sqlite</b> shell program that was causing
    a coredump when the output mode was "column" and the first row
    of data contained a NULL.</li>

chng {2000-08-22 (1.0.3)} {
<li>In the sqlite shell, print the "Database opened READ ONLY" message
    to stderr instead of stdout.</li>
<li>In the sqlite shell, now print the version number on initial startup.</li>
<li>Add the <b>sqlite_version&#91;&#93;</b> string constant to the library</li>
<li>Makefile updates</li>
<li>Bug fix: incorrect VDBE code was being generated for the following
    circumstance: a query on an indexed table containing a WHERE clause with
    an IN operator that had a subquery on its right-hand side.</li>

chng {2000-08-18 (1.0.1)} {
<li>Fix a bug in the configure script.</li>
<li>Minor revisions to the website.</li>

chng {2000-08-17 (1.0)} {
<li>Change the <b>sqlite</b> program so that it can read
    databases for which it lacks write permission.  (It used to
    refuse all access if it could not write.)</li>

chng {2000-08-09} {
<li>Treat carriage returns as white space.</li>

chng {2000-08-08} {
<li>Added pattern matching to the ".table" command in the "sqlite"
command shell.</li>

chng {2000-08-04} {
<li>Documentation updates</li>
<li>Added "busy" and "timeout" methods to the Tcl interface</li>

chng {2000-08-03} {
<li>File format version number was being stored in sqlite_master.tcl
    multiple times. This was harmless, but unnecessary. It is now fixed.</li>

chng {2000-08-02} {
<li>The file format for indices was changed slightly in order to work
    around an inefficiency that can sometimes come up with GDBM when
    there are large indices having many entries with the same key.
    <font color="red">** Incompatible Change **</font></li>

chng {2000-08-01} {
<li>The parser's stack was overflowing on a very long UPDATE statement.
    This is now fixed.</li>

chng {2000-07-31} {
<li>Finish the <a href="vdbe.html">VDBE tutorial</a>.</li>
<li>Added documentation on compiling to WinNT.</li>
<li>Fix a configuration program for WinNT.</li>
<li>Fix a configuration problem for HPUX.</li>

chng {2000-07-29} {
<li>Better labels on column names of the result.</li>

chng {2000-07-28} {
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_busy_handler()</b> 
    and <b>sqlite_busy_timeout()</b> interface.</li>

chng {2000-06-23} {
<li>Begin writing the <a href="vdbe.html">VDBE tutorial</a>.</li>

chng {2000-06-21} {
<li>Clean up comments and variable names.  Changes to documentation.
    No functional changes to the code.</li>

chng {2000-06-19} {
<li>Column names in UPDATE statements were case sensitive.
    This mistake has now been fixed.</li>

chng {2000-06-18} {
<li>Added the concatenate string operator (||)</li>

chng {2000-06-12} {
<li>Added the fcnt() function to the SQL interpreter.  The fcnt() function
    returns the number of database "Fetch" operations that have occurred.
    This function is designed for use in test scripts to verify that
    queries are efficient and appropriately optimized.  Fcnt() has no other
    useful purpose, as far as I know.</li>
<li>Added a bunch more tests that take advantage of the new fcnt() function.
    The new tests did not uncover any new problems.</li>

chng {2000-06-08} {
<li>Added lots of new test cases</li>
<li>Fix a few bugs discovered while adding test cases</li>
<li>Begin adding lots of new documentation</li>

chng {2000-06-06} {
<li>Added compound select operators: <B>UNION</b>, <b>UNION ALL</B>,
<b>INTERSECT</b>, and <b>EXCEPT</b></li>
<li>Added support for using <b>(SELECT ...)</b> within expressions</li>
<li>Added support for <b>IN</b> and <b>BETWEEN</b> operators</li>
<li>Added support for <b>GROUP BY</b> and <b>HAVING</b></li>
<li>NULL values are now reported to the callback as a NULL pointer
    rather than an empty string.</li>

chng {2000-06-03} {
<li>Added support for default values on columns of a table.</li>
<li>Improved test coverage.  Fixed a few obscure bugs found by the
improved tests.</li>

chng {2000-06-02} {
<li>All database files to be modified by an UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE are 
now locked before any changes are made to any files.  
This makes it safe (I think) to access
the same database simultaneously from multiple processes.</li>
<li>The code appears stable so we are now calling it "beta".</li>

chng {2000-06-01} {
<li>Better support for file locking so that two or more processes 
(or threads)
can access the same database simultaneously.  More work needed in
this area, though.</li>

chng {2000-05-31} {
<li>Added support for aggregate functions (Ex: <b>COUNT(*)</b>, <b>MIN(...)</b>)
to the SELECT statement.</li>
<li>Added support for <B>SELECT DISTINCT ...</B></li>

chng {2000-05-30} {
<li>Added the <b>LIKE</b> operator.</li>
<li>Added a <b>GLOB</b> operator: similar to <B>LIKE</B> 
but it uses Unix shell globbing wildcards instead of the '%' 
and '_' wildcards of SQL.</li>
<li>Added the <B>COPY</b> command patterned after 
[ | PostgreSQL] so that SQLite
can now read the output of the <b>pg_dump</b> database dump utility
of PostgreSQL.</li>
<li>Added a <B>VACUUM</B> command that calls the 
<b>gdbm_reorganize()</b> function on the underlying database
<li>And many, many bug fixes...</li>

chng {2000-05-29} {
<li>Initial Public Release of Alpha code</li>

# Generate the change log documents
for {set i 0} {$i<$nChng} {incr i} {
  foreach {date desc options} $aChng($i) break
  if {[regexp {\(([0-9.]+)\)} $date all vers]} {
    set label [string map {. _} $vers]
    hd_fragment version_$label
  hd_puts "<h3>$date</h3>"
  regsub -all {\yROOT/} $desc {} d2
  hd_resolve "<p><ol class='lessindent'>$d2\n"
  foreach {key value} $options {
    if {$key=="backport"} {
      if {[info exists xrefChng($value)]} {set value $xrefChng($value)}
      set c2 $aChng([expr {$i+$value}])
      regexp {([-0-9]+) \((3\.\d+[.0-9]+)[ a-zA-Z]*\)} [lindex $c2 0] all xdate xvers
      set d2 [lindex $c2 1]
      regsub {(<p>[^\n]*\n)?<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID.*$} $d2 {} d2
      hd_resolve "<p><b>Bug fixes backported into patch release $xvers ($xdate):</b></p>\n"
      hd_resolve "$d2\n"
  hd_resolve "</ol></p>\n"
  if {[regexp {([-0-9]+) \((3\.\d+[.0-9]+)[ a-zA-Z]*\)} $date all dateonly vers]} {
    set tag [string trim [string map {. _} $vers]]
    file mkdir $DEST/releaselog
    set filename releaselog/$tag.html
    hd_open_aux $filename
    if {[string match *-00* $dateonly]} {
      set hdr "SQLite Release $vers (Pending)"
    } else {
      set hdr "SQLite Release $vers On $dateonly"
    hd_header $hdr
    if {[regexp {3\.\d+$} $vers]} {
      hd_keywords "Version $vers.0" "*version $vers.0" "Version $vers" "*version $vers"
    } else {
      hd_keywords "Version $vers" "*version $vers"
    hd_enable_main 0
    hd_puts "<h2>$hdr</h2>"
    regsub -all {<a href="(?!http:)} $desc {<a href="../} desc
    foreach {key value} $options {
      if {$key=="inadditionto"} {
        set d2 [lindex $aChng([expr {$i+$value}]) 1]
        regsub {(<p>[^\n]*\n)?<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID.*$} $d2 {} d2
        hd_resolve "<p><ol class='lessindent'>$d2</ol></p>"
    regsub -all {\yROOT/\y} $desc {../} d2
    hd_resolve "<p><ol class='lessindent'>$d2\n"
    foreach {key value} $options {
      if {$key=="patchagainst"} {
        if {[info exists xrefChng($value)]} {set value $xrefChng($value)}
        set c2 $aChng([expr {$i+$value}])
        regexp {([-0-9]+) \((3\.\d+[.0-9]+)[ a-zA-Z]*\)} [lindex $c2 0] all date vers
        set d2 [lindex $c2 1]
        regsub -all {\yROOT/} $d2 {../} d2
        regsub {(<p>[^\n]*\n)?<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID.*$} $d2 {} d2
        hd_resolve "</ol></p>\n"
        hd_resolve "<p><b>Changes carried forward from version $vers ($date):</b></p>\n"
        hd_resolve "<p><ol class='lessindent'>$d2\n"
      if {$key=="backport"} {
        if {[info exists xrefChng($value)]} {set value $xrefChng($value)}
        set c2 $aChng([expr {$i+$value}])
        regexp {([-0-9]+) \((3\.\d+\.[.0-9]+)[ a-zA-Z]*\)} [lindex $c2 0] all date vers
        set d2 [lindex $c2 1]
        regsub {(<p>[^\n]*\n)?<li>SQLITE_SOURCE_ID.*$} $d2 {} d2
        hd_resolve "<p><b>Bug fixes backported into patch release $vers ($date):</b></p>\n"
        hd_resolve "$d2\n"
    hd_resolve "</ol></p>\n"
    hd_resolve {
      <p>A [complete list of SQLite releases]
      in a single page and a [chronology] are both also available.  
      A detailed history of every
      check-in is available at
      <a href="">
      SQLite version control site</a>.</p>
    hd_enable_main 1
    if {$i==0 && [file exists $DEST/$filename]} {
      file copy -force $DEST/$filename $DEST/releaselog/current.html