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<title>Code Of Conduct</title>
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The original document we put here was more of a 
[Code of Ethics of the Project Founder]. 
While we stand by those principles, they are not in line with the modern
technical meaning of a Code of Conduct and have hence been renamed.

<h1>Code of Conduct</h1>

The SQLite community has been a kind, welcoming and well-mannered community
since its inception nearly two decades ago. In that time many of the
qualities we've worked hard to bring to our project - safety, consistency,
usability and integrity among them - have become part of our community's
culture as well. Much like the care and effort we've put into securing the
longevity of SQLite, we'd like to do the same for that community by 
clarifying our goals and expectations for all involved. To that end
the SQLite project has officially adopted the 
[|Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines]
as its Code of Conduct with the exception that the reporting
email address is changed to
<a href=""></a>.
While we are not doing so in reaction to any current or ongoing issues,
we believe that this will be a helpful part of maintaining the long-term
sustainability of the project.