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<title>Chronology Of SQLite Releases</title>
<tcl>hd_keywords {chronology}</tcl>
<h1 align=center>Chronology Of SQLite Releases</h1>

The following are all historical releases of
SQLite, by date.  See the [release history] for more

<table border=0>
set chnglog_fn [file dir $::infile]/
set chnglog_in [open $chnglog_fn]
while {![eof $chnglog_in]} {
  set line [gets $chnglog_in]
  if {![regexp {^chng } $line]} continue
  regsub -all {[{}()]} $line {} line
  set date [lindex $line 1]
  set vers [lindex $line 2]
  if {![regexp {^\d\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d$} $date]} continue
  if {![regexp {^\d\.\d} $vers]} continue
  set url
  append url ?ymd=$date&y=ci
  hd_puts "<tr><td><a href='$url'>$date</a></td>\n"
  hd_puts "<td width='20'></td>\n"
  if {[string index $vers 0]=="3"} {
    hd_resolve "<td>\[version $vers|$vers\]</td></tr>\n"
  } else {
    hd_puts "<td>$vers</td></tr>\n"
close $chnglog_in