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<title>SQLite Support Options</title>

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<h2>Free Public Mailing Lists</h2>

<a href="">
&mdash; General discussion for programmers using SQLite in their applications.  
<i>This is probably the mailing list you want!</i>
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<a class="button" href="">Archives</a>

<a href="">
&mdash; Conversations about SQLite internals, for those who work
directly on enhancing SQLite itself.
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<a href="">
&mdash; Announcements of new SQLite releases.</td>
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<h2>Paid Professional Support</h2>

If you would like [professional support] for SQLite
or if you want custom modifications performed by the
original author of SQLite, these services are available for a modest fee.
For additional information visit contact:</p>

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<tr><td valign="top">
D. Richard Hipp <br />
Hwaci - Applied Software Research <br />
704.948.4565 <br />
<a href=""></a>
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<h2>Proprietary SQLite Extensions</h2>

<p>The core SQLite library found on this website is in the
<a href="copyright.html">public domain</a>.  But there also exist
proprietary, licensed extensions to SQLite.</p>

The [ | SQLite Encryption Extension (SEE)]
will read and write database file encrypted using
128-bit or 256-bit AES.</p></li>

The [ | SQLite Compressed and Encrypted Read-Only Database (CEROD)]
extension will read a database file that is both compressed
and encrypted.</p></li>

The [ | ZIPVFS]
extension will both read and write database files that is both compressed and optionally
encrypted using application-supplied compression and encryption routines.</p></li>

The [TH3 | Test Harness #3 (TH3)] is an alternative set of test
vectors for SQLite that verify the operation of SQLite in an
as-deployed configuration on embedded platforms with
[test coverage | 100% branch test coverage].