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This information is obsolete. You are looking at the CVSTrac source management system display for SQLite that was replaced by Fossil on 2009-08-11. The information shown here has not been updated since that cut-over. These pages are retained for historical reference only.

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If you know of a driver or wrapper for SQLite that is not listed below, please feel free to add it to the list. Please indicate SQLite version(s) supported.


Anubis language

BASIC dialects


Ch --- an Embeddable C/C++ Interpreter for Script Computing

  • Ch SQLite is a Ch binding to SQLite C library. Ch is an embeddable C/C++ interperter for scripting, shell programming, numerical computing, 2D/3D plotting and embedded scripting. With the Ch SQLite package, all C (or C++) programs using functions from the SQLite C library can readily run in Ch interpretively without compilation. It is an ideal solution for rapid prototyping, Web- based applications, and embedded scripting.

C++ Wrappers


Common Lisp

COM Wrappers / Visual Basic DLLs

  • SQLitePlus Top selling COM Wrapper DLL and Database Explorer that extends the functionality of SQLite to add important features such as on-the-fly Encryption and Compression, .csv data import and export, Script Stored Procedures, and an ADO-like object model. Also includes an excellent Database Explorer/Query Analyzer for visualizing and working with your Sqlite data. SQLitePlus features built-in scripting capability - something NO OTHER PRODUCT has. Create simple or complex automation scripts, and generate XML documents with PHP-like script files using VbScript or Javascript.

  • System.Data.SQLite is an enhanced version of the original SQLite database engine. It is a complete drop-in replacement for the original sqlite3.dll (you can even rename it to sqlite3.dll). It has no linker dependency on the .NET runtime so it can be distributed independently of .NET, yet embedded in the binary is a complete ADO.NET 2.0 provider for full managed development.
  • dhSQLite, free ADO-like COM Wrapper. Current Version 1.2 (engine-version 3.4.0)... great performance, builtin encryption, optimized for disconnected Recordset-scenarios, super fast serialization/deserialization with 'UpdateBatch', Connection-, Recordset-, Field- and Command-Objects, DB-Schema-Obj-Model, builtin VB-Function-Set (DateDiff, DatePart, Format$, etc.), userdefinable Functions/Collations, FTS2-support, Overridden Like, Upper, Lower and NoCase means UTF8-awareness without ICU ... combinable with a free COM-RPC-Server for usage in real AppServer-scenarios in your LAN or over the Internet (due to builtin protocol-compression and -encryption).
  • SQLite3VB - Making SQLite VB Compatible. Teaches how to modify the SQLite C source code to make it VB-friendly. You end up with a non-COM DLL that you can call from a VB Classic project. [Sept 2007: The instructions will let you compile the project yourself (might require some common sense!) or download the compiled DLL - Currently 3.4.2]
  • AGS_SQLite SQLite wrapper 1.1.0 for Visual Basic is based on SQLite 2.8.13, and includes source + sample program. The AGS_SQLite.DLL file contains all of the functions that SQLite.DLL has, so all you need is AGS_SQLite.DLL. Geckoware was formerly known as AGSoftware.
  • SqLite2X : Free ActiveX wrapper with sources (2005-Nov-29 [mpot] sqlite 2.x only)
  • SleepSleep sqlite wrapper for vb6 (dead link) - wrapper dll coded using fasm. Come with wrapper dll source code, a vb6 "sqlite browser" project files to show how to use the dll and a .bas file for you to attach on your project to use the dll instantly. (sqlite 2.x only)
  • (July 2007: dead link) qrfSQL2 Database Engine
  • (July 2007: dead link) SQLITEDB by Javier S. Bermudez
  • (July 2007: dead link) ADOSQLite VB6 wrapper requires AGS_SQLite.dll from ag-software (2005-Nov-29 [mpot] sqlite 2.x only)
  • (Apr, 2008: Dead link) Pivotal Solutions' non-COM DLL dynamically binds to SQLite DLL at runtime and so doesn't need recompiling everytime a new version of SQLite is released, ie. you'll need to distribute both PS' DLL and SQLite's DLL. (Apr, 2008: Dead link)
  • (Apr, 2008: No longer maintained) SQLiteDB is an ActiveX DLL built on top of SQLite (i.e. you only need to distribute SQLiteDb.dll) and is designed as an ADO replacement. Available in free and commercial versions. Although the site has not been updated recently, the developer does release frequent updates via the message board. The current SQLiteDB Professional build is based off of SQLite 3.4.0. The demo (built on SQLite 3.3.6) comes with plenty of examples and sample applications.
  • LiteX: COM DLL wrapper for SQLite3 (ATL). ("Release date: 16-04-2008, Used SQLite3 library version: 3.5.7.")

  • (Apr, 2008: Dead link) { DAO like Sqlite Wrapper for VB6} (2005-Nov-29 [mpot] sqlite 2.x only) (2005-Nov-14, [Michael B. Johnson] No sample code on usage that I could see.)

    It would be usefull if people could comment on the merits of using a particular wrapper !





  • Aducom's SQLite: Open source (NewBSD) Delphi (4..2007) C++ (BCB5, 6, 2007) components for SQLite V2.8.x and V3.x.x. (like TASQLiteDB, TASQLiteQuery, TASQLiteTable, TASQLiteUpdateSQL and others). No need for the BDE but Delphi standard edition is not supported. Support for static linking (no dll needed), utf-8, utf-16 and unidirectonal dataset. (updated 01 june 2008)
  • ZeosLIB: The ZeosLib is a set of database components for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle, DB/2, SQLite (2.8.x & 3.x - in cvs) for Delphi, Kylix, C++ Builder, Lazarus
  • DISQLite3: The fully embedded, no-DLL SQLite3 solution for Delphi (D4, D5, D6, D7, D2005, D2006, D2007) with full text search and encryption support. DISQLite3 compiles with Delphi standard / personal and does NOT require sqlite3.dll. It provides the complete SQLite3 API, is regularly updated, very small, well documented, tightly integrated, and carefully optimized. As a result, DISQLite3 outperforms sqlite3.dll up to 50% for common operations. Free personal edition.
  • Fast and lean wrappers, browser, date/time and soundEx functions ("Last update 28.05.2004")
  • Simple SQLite 3.0 wrapper, no TDataset or databinding, but fast and easy to use. Free for any purpose. Uses external sqlite3.dll for easy updating. Supports Delphi 2009. Last Update 16 October 2008.
  • Delphi class for SQLite. (As of 30 April 2007, 'Error 404. Missing File.')
  • LibSQL - Delphi/Kylix/Freepascal interface for SQLite, MySQL and ODBC32.
  • qrfSQL2 Database Engine - an abstractions and modified version of SQLite optimized to run on Windows CE devices (Handhelds, PocketPC's, Smartphones). Runs on all Windows CE versions since WCE 2.10. Runs also on Win32, Cygwin and Linux operating systems. Provider a high-level (ADO style) API to quick create robust applications. Native API's for C, C++, Delphi, COM (any ActiveX language such Visual Basic, VBScript, ASP, .NET Framework, etc), Java and SuperWaba. (As of 30 April 2007, "No site in this URL.")
  • Dataset descendant for SQLite: (** dead project **)
  • SQLitePass library : SQLite Pass is a simple set of components designed for Lazarus-fpc and Delphi, to give access to SQLite databases. This project is open source, released under LGPL license. Those libraries and components are free.SQLite Download :

Director (Macromedia)

eyuyan (an OO programming language with a full-featured-IDE including UI-visual-designer and words-auto-complete, suporting platform-crossing-programme, easy to use, perfect in functions)

Ewe (Java clone, Waba descendant, nice PDA support)

Flash (Actionscript 2)

  • The SQLite Connector implements an Actionscript 2 class for SQLite 3.2. However, a third-party wrapper like SWF Studio is needed. Free Trial available, comes with a full example and help docs.



  • An example that shows how to call SQLite functions from Fortran.

  • A fairly complete set of subroutines and functions to use SQLite from a Fortran 90/95 program can be found on A small part of the library has been written in C, mostly to make the interaction with the SQLite library itself easier.


  • HSQL supports SQLite 2 and 3.
  • Takusen supports SQLite 3 only.
  • HDBC supports SQLite 3.






  • mksqlite, a MATLAB Mex-Dll to use SQLite with MATLAB scripts

mIRC Scripting Language (MSL)

.NET Framework


  • newLISP is a LISP based scripting language and has a module for interfacing with SQLite 2 and 3 for Win32 and Linux/BSD/OSX platforms.


  • Blackhole Media: Objective-C (Cocoa) wrapper for SQLite. Dead link since November 2008.
  • STEnterprise: Mac OS X framework with an NSCoder subclass for object persistence. Last update: March 2003 (version 2.1.0).
  • DataCrux: ObjC/Cocoa relational framework. No query strings/tables. Last update: January 2005.
  • QuickLite: A Cocoa-based wrapper for SQLite 3 [...] Last update: November 2005 (version 1.5.6).
  • Core Data: Apple's persistence framework for Cocoa uses SQLite as its efficient storage backend.
  • DatteBayo: An Objective-C 2.0 (Cocoa) wrapper for SQLite 3.4.0 or later.
  • Entropy: An object database for Objective-C 2.0 (on OS X or iPhone OS) built on top of SQLite 3.5.8. Closed-source software?
  • fmdb: Objective-C wrapper from Flying Meat released under the new MIT license.
  • PLDatabase: A simple SQL database access library for Mac OS X and iPhone development.
  • SQLite Persistent Objects: Free, zero-configuration SQLite3 library for Cocoa & Cocoa Touch.
  • TouchSQL: An Objective-C SQLite wrapper in the TouchCode repository.

Objective Caml (OCaml)





  • Pike SQLite glue (pike -x monger --install Sql.Provider.SQLite)





  • SQLite is the database engine for the REAL SQL Database, which is built into the currently shipping version of REALbasic.










  • A Tcl interface is included with the SQLite core.



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