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This information is obsolete. You are looking at the CVSTrac source management system display for SQLite that was replaced by Fossil on 2009-08-11. The information shown here has not been updated since that cut-over. These pages are retained for historical reference only.

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If you know of a driver or wrapper for SQLite that is not listed below, please feel free to add it to the list.



C++ Wrappers


Common Lisp

  • a Common Lisp interface to SQL RDBMS which includes both functional and object oriented subsystems for data definition and manipulation as well as an integrated symbolic SQL syntax. A number of Common Lisp implementations and RDBMS (including SQLite) are supported.

COM Wrappers / Visual Basic DLLs



  • DISQLite3: The free and fully embedded, no-DLL SQLite3 solution for Delphi (4..2005). Yes, it does NOT require sqlite3.dll: DISQLite3 still ports the complete SQLite3 API, is very small, well documented, tightly integrated, and carefully optimized. As a result, DISQLite3 outperforms sqlite3.dll up to 50% for common operations.
  • Open source Delphi (4..7, 2005) C++ (BCB5, 6) components for SQLite version 2.8.x and 3.0.x (TASQLiteDB, TASQLiteQuery, TASQLiteTable, TASQLiteUpdateSQL). Version 2 components upgraded for calculated fields, version 3 components upgraded to sqlite version 3.2.1. This version now supports IProvider interface. Alpha release supports static linking (obj files included, no dll needed) and utf-8. Delphi 2005 port is available by manual changes to be found on the support forum. (updated 1 JUL 2005)
  • Delphi class for SQLite.
  • LibSQL - Delphi/Kylix/Freepascal interface for SQLite, MySQL and ODBC32.
  • Fast and lean wrappers, browser, date/time and soundEx functions
  • Dataset descendant for SQLite:
  • Simple SQLite 3.0 wrapper, no TDataset or databinding, but fast and easy to use. Free for any purpose.

Ewe (Java clone, Waba descendant, nice PDA support)




.NET Framework


  • newLISP is a LISP based scripting language and has a module for interfacing with SQLite 2 and 3 for Win32 and Linux/BSD/OSX platforms.


  • Objective-C (Cocoa) wrapper for SQLite.
  • STEnterprise: Another Cocoa wrapper for SQLite. Includes a framework and NSCoder subclass for object persistence.
  • ObjC/Cocoa relational framework. No query strings/tables
  • QuickLite is a Cocoa-based wrapper for SQLite 3. It's easy and powerful, object-oriented, offers full cursor access, datatype support (QLString, QLNumber, QLBoolean, QLDateTime, and QLContainer), distributed notifications, data file compaction, data integrity check, debugging facilities, includes introspection methods to access table names, column names, indexes, etc. Also includes utility methods to create and drop tables, add and remove columns, insert data, and more! Access to SQLite's last error ID and associated error string. BLOB support. and more!

Objective Caml (OCaml)




  • Pike SQLite glue (pike -x monger --install Sql.Provider.SQLite)






  • A Tcl interface is included with the SQLite core.



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    DBLite - a C++ template wrapper for win32. depend on BOOST MPL. support VC6, VC7.1