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This information is obsolete. You are looking at the CVSTrac source management system display for SQLite that was replaced by Fossil on 2009-08-11. The information shown here has not been updated since that cut-over. These pages are retained for historical reference only.

The purpose of this page is to help keep track of who is working on what within SQLite. Beside each point of contact is a description of what that person is or was working on within SQLite.

If you do not want to work on SQLite anymore, remove your name from this list. If you want to take responsibility for a piece of code (and you have CVS check-in privileges) then feel free to add your name.

Do not include e-mail addresses on this page since this page is visible to anonymous bots who might harvest those e-mails for nefarious purposes. Get e-mail addresses from the User List page.

Please add a pictures if you have them available. Associating faces with the code makes the code more more personable.

drh4277sm.jpg D. Richard Hipp:
Principal designer. Default contact if no other matches are found below.

who.gif Paul Flinders:
Integration of the in-memory backend.

rotty.jpg Andy Rottmann:
The configure script and Debian package maintainer.

who.gif Dan Kennedy:
Triggers. In-memory backend driver code.

chw.gif Christian Werner:
ODBC driver.

who.gif Jim Lyon:


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