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This information is obsolete. You are looking at the CVSTrac source management system display for SQLite that was replaced by Fossil on 2009-08-11. The information shown here has not been updated since that cut-over. These pages are retained for historical reference only.


Wiki Page FtsTwo
... e many ideas in the air for how to handle this!) FtsTwoNotes - notes relating to fts2 development.

Wiki Page FtsOne
... at work on a new full-text search module, {wiki: FtsTwo FTS2}, that will have a substantially simil ...

Wiki Page FullTextIndex
... l> **Introduction** The module *fts1* (see also FtsTwo and FtsUsage) adds full-text indexing capab ...

Wiki Page FtsTwoNotes
As the fts2 code was developed, I've been keeping notes about additional modifications to improve pe ...