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9 check-ins using file src/vdbeaux.c version f81ef920

Instead of allocating a single large buffer at the beginning of each sort operation, start with a small buffer and extend it using realloc() as required. (check-in: 81987c8c user: dan tags: orderby-planning)
Minor cleanup of the code in the query planner that computes the costs estimates for the various plans. There are no changes to the costs at this time. But the code is slightly more readable now and that might facilitate future enhancements. (check-in: 9b4d7226 user: drh tags: trunk)
Use xFetch() to access temporary files in vdbesort.c. Use a single large allocation instead of many small allocations when accumulating records in vdbesort.c. This is an interim commit - it allocates a buffer the size of the page-cache every time data is sorted. (check-in: f4ac1bf2 user: dan tags: orderby-planning)
Enhance the logest.c utility with new operators: "dup", "inv", "log", and "nlogn". Provide help on an invalid input. (check-in: b4bd2a06 user: drh tags: trunk)
Merge the latest trunk changes and the fix for the crash on a corrupt database. (check-in: 0b35346c user: drh tags: orderby-planning)
Merge from trunk the fix for the crash on a corrupt database. (check-in: 8cb2b02b user: drh tags: threads)
Add an extra test case for the potential buffer overread patched by [28ddecff04]. (check-in: f585f5d7 user: dan tags: trunk)
Add a test case to verify that the previous change avoids excess buffer overread in sqlite3VdbeRecordCompare(). (check-in: 2b28e8d5 user: drh tags: trunk)
Earlier detection of corruption in sqlite3VdbeRecordCompare() in order to avoid a potential buffer overread. (check-in: 28ddecff user: drh tags: trunk)