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8 check-ins using file test/cost.test version dadd9905

In ORDER BY LIMIT queries, try to evaluate the ORDER BY terms first, and it it becomes clear that the row will not come in under the LIMIT, then skip evaluation of the other columns. check-in: c381f0ea user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a branch that has become unreachable due to recent enhancements. check-in: 81ab5e0d user: drh tags: trunk
Improved security for VACUUM. This check-in combines the fixes of [ab0d99d0b5ede] and [27754b74ddf646] in a way that is less likely to to be broken by future changes. check-in: 260fc696 user: drh tags: trunk
Overhaul of EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN. The output is now in the form of a tree. More details of the query plan are shown, and what is shown is truer to what actually happens. check-in: ff01bbda user: drh tags: trunk
Optimizations to the new EQP framework. Closed-Leaf check-in: 956fef36 user: drh tags: rework-EQP
Enhance EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN to report the generation of constant rows using VALUES or just a SELECT without FROM. check-in: c75eee69 user: drh tags: rework-EQP
More test case updates. Tests are all running now. check-in: dab5e529 user: drh tags: rework-EQP
Fix test cases so that they work with the new EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN output format. Only some of the cases have been fixed. This is an incremental check-in. check-in: 5f0e803e user: drh tags: rework-EQP