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3 check-ins using file src/pager.c version 97a675f1

Get the code back to the point where it will compile the btree.c tests. Move the default key comparison routine from btree.c into vdbeaux.c. Commented out code in vdbe.c that will need to be fixed. (CVS 1326) (check-in: 2bca9224 user: drh tags: trunk)
Minor change to main.c so that it will compile with GCC 2.96. (CVS 1325) (check-in: 1a09a1ad user: drh tags: trunk)
Change lots of internal symbols from sqliteXXX to sqlite3XXX so that the library links again. It doesn't work yet, due to changes in the btree layer calling convention. (CVS 1324) (check-in: 8af6474c user: danielk1977 tags: trunk)