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5 check-ins using file src/pager.c version 4adc8baf

Merge leaf accidentally created by [1c4984c62f]. (check-in: cae949ce user: dan tags: trunk)
Add a test to make sure a database can be attached to a single handle twice if not in shared-cache mode. (check-in: 1c4984c6 user: dan tags: trunk)
Fix a bug in LIMIT 0 for compound SELECT statement. The problem was introduced by recent enhancements and has not appeared in any release. (check-in: c6ed7e2a user: drh tags: trunk)
If the root pages numbers of the internal schema are adjusted due to autovacuum on a DROP TABLE statement and that statement later aborts (for example, due to an OOM error) then reset the internal schema at the conclusion of the statement. Partial fix for ticket [564d412f15a]. (check-in: e493b093 user: drh tags: trunk)
Avoid unnecessary page cache allocations when move a page while autovacuuming an in-memory database, since the allocation might fail making it impossible to rollback the transaction. (check-in: 9a429349 user: drh tags: trunk)