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Parents and children of check-in [fd7f51a1]

Work on the ".archive" command. (1) Add the --dryrun option. (2) Do not require --file when open on a ZIP archive. (3) Miscellaneous code simplifications. This is an incremental check-in of work in progress. check-in: a2baada4 user: drh tags: archive-improvements
Fix a problem in os_unix.c causing it to return SQLITE_CANTOPEN instead of SQLITE_READONLY_RECOVERY. check-in: 6a16f554 user: dan tags: trunk
Rearrange some routines in shell.c to avoid the need to forward reference a static function. check-in: fd7f51a1 user: drh tags: trunk
Compute the correct column name even if the column identifier is the very last token in the SQL statement. This fixes a problem introduced by check-in [0fdf97efe5df745510c6b] and reported by the community during beta-testing. check-in: 36b89d72 user: drh tags: trunk