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Parents and children of check-in [f785b904]

Fix a bug causing spurious "sub-select returns N columns expected 1" errors in join queries with a term like "(a, b) IN (SELECT ...)" in the WHERE clause. Ticket [7310e2fb3d046a5f5]. check-in: 14dfd96f user: dan tags: trunk
Fix the modification-time setting logic in the fileio.c extension on Windows so that it works with utf8 filenames. check-in: f785b904 user: drh tags: trunk
In SQLITE_ENABLE_BATCH_ATOMIC_WRITE builds on F2FS file-systems, invoke SQLITE_FCNTL_ROLLBACK_ATOMIC_WRITE if an SQLITE_FCNTL_COMMIT_ATOMIC_WRITE call fails. Also, do not use an atomic transaction to create the initial database. This is because if an error occurs while writing to the db file, any changes to the file-size do not seem to be rolled back automatically. The only time this matters is when the file was 0 bytes in size to start with. check-in: b3122db1 user: dan tags: trunk