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Parents and children of check-in [d2fcba1e]

Test cases and bug fixes applied to the ORDER BY optimization for joins. Some test cases fail, but except for the new orderby1.test failures, all failures appear to be issues with the tests, not with the core code. (check-in: 75cda864 user: drh tags: qp-enhancements)
Add more bits to the bit vector that is used to disable optimizations for built-in test. Add specific bit patterns to disable ORDER BY using an index in general and for joins. Use macros to test for bits in the disabled-optimization bit vector, in order to make the code clearer. (check-in: d2fcba1e user: drh tags: qp-enhancements)
Enable ORDER BY clauses that span joins to be optimized out. (check-in: c29538f9 user: drh tags: qp-enhancements)