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Parents and children of check-in [7ce2daaf]

Fix query planner weights associated with choosing block-sorting. Fix block sorting of tables with collating functions. Fix various test cases. All "veryquick" tests are now passing, though more tests need to be added. (check-in: 01afbf97 user: drh tags: orderby-planning)
Make it possible for block-sort to use the OP_SorterOpen sorter in addition to a generic OP_OpenEphemeral. (check-in: 7ce2daaf user: drh tags: orderby-planning)
Fix a problem in the block-sort logic that can arise if the VDBE opcode array is resized while the block-sort logic is being coded. "make test" now runs to completion, though there are still 17 failures. (check-in: 62f3a220 user: drh tags: orderby-planning)