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Parents and children of check-in [7ac713a1]

Add the ability to enable or disable SQLITE_IOCAP_ZERO_DAMAGE using a URI parameter for both unix and windows. Add a file-control to query or disable the ZERO_DAMAGE setting. Add the -uri option to the "sqlite3" TCL command in tclsqlite3.c. Allow the sqlite3_uri_parameter() interface to accept a NULL pointer for its first parameter. (check-in: c83627b7 user: drh tags: statvfs)
Remove the code that tries to detect OOO header writes on a WAL recovery. The code is made obsolete by syncing the WAL header. (check-in: 7ac713a1 user: drh tags: statvfs)
Refactor the sqlite3WalFrames() routine for clarity of presentation. Do the padded transaction sync as the write pointer crosses the final sector boundary instead of at the end, for efficiency. Always sync the WAL header immediately after it is written. (check-in: 92c73b42 user: drh tags: statvfs)