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Parents and children of check-in [7201244e]

In shell, modified to not print informational messages during startup while in "batch mode". Ticket [2cb66577f6]. check-in: e3898e25 user: shane tags: trunk
In shell, changed ".tables" command to not add '%' to specified pattern. This is consistent with other commands that take a LIKE pattern (.dump, .schema, .indices). Updated internal help to better describe LIKE pattern usage. Fixed a few more inconsistencies in error messages. Ticket [6da68f691b]. check-in: 7201244e user: shane tags: trunk
Check-in [19064d7cea] broke the pTail return on sqlite3_prepare16() when the SQL contained surrogates. This check-in restores correct function. Part of ticket [3fe897352e]. check-in: 65b1e3a4 user: drh tags: trunk