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Parents and children of check-in [698fba82]

Remove all vestiges of ctype.h from FTS3. This addresses ticket [991789d9f3136a] among other bug reports. check-in: b8b465ed user: drh tags: trunk
Merge trunk changes into experimental branch. check-in: aef6698c user: dan tags: experimental
Do not run some tests in notify3.test with the inmemory_journal permutation. They do not pass as the tests assume that the database schema is not loaded until the first invocation of [db eval]. This is not true with the inmemory_journal permutation. check-in: 698fba82 user: dan tags: trunk
Change two automatic array variables into static constant arrays. Update and reformat some comments for cleaner presentation. check-in: a7a15547 user: drh tags: trunk