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Delta-encode docids. This is good for around 22% reduction in index size with DL_POSITIONS. It improves performance about 5%-6%. (CVS 3511) check-in: 9b6d413d user: shess tags: trunk
Require a minimum fanout for interior nodes. This prevents cases where excessively large terms keep the tree from finding a single root. A downside is that this could result in large interior nodes in the presence of large terms, which may be prone to fragmentation, though if the nodes were smaller that would translate into more levels in the tree, which would also have that problem. (CVS 3510) check-in: 64b7e340 user: shess tags: trunk
Allow backing tables to be missing on dropping fts table. Fixes http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/tktview?tn=1992,35 . (CVS 3509) check-in: 9628a61a user: shess tags: trunk