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Parents and children of check-in [51eeae7b]

Do not allow bytes 0x80 through 0xBF to be the first character of an identifer because no valid UTF-8 character can begin with those bytes. If we allowed an identifier to begin with one of those bytes, then the substr() function in ALTER TABLE will not work correctly. (CVS 4003) (check-in: 25281042 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix some test script errors in fuzz.test. (CVS 4002) (check-in: 51eeae7b user: danielk1977 tags: trunk)
A fix for queries that used correlated, compound sub-queries in the HAVING clause. Also update fuzz.test some more. (CVS 4001) (check-in: da0c1ab4 user: danielk1977 tags: trunk)