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Have "sqldiff --rbu" ignore rows with NULL values in primary key fields. RBU can't handle such rows and the documentation already says sqldiff ignores them. Because the code now uses "=" instead of "IS" to filter on primary key columns, diffs on virtual tables are faster now too. check-in: f4ba894a user: dan tags: trunk
If SQLITE_ENABLE_ZIPVFS is defined, journal_mode=off is configured and a savepoint or statement rollback is attempted, move the pager into the error state to prevent the transaction from being committed. This makes it safe to use journal_mode=off with zipvfs under some conditions. check-in: 38d31e18 user: dan tags: trunk
Use some of the example code from the sessions documenatation in the sessions test cases. check-in: 6602974d user: dan tags: trunk