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Add a test for the __hidden__ hack on this branch. check-in: ebf4bbff user: dan tags: hidden-columns-in-tables
If a table column name begins with "__hidden__" then do not include that column in "*" expansions in SELECT statements, nor fill in that column in an INSERT INTO that omits the column list. This branch is a proof-of-concept only and is not intended to ever be merged into trunk. check-in: 2dbffb3a user: drh tags: hidden-columns-in-tables
When using mmap mode on Win32, use a read-only mapping by default. Write to the database file using WriteFile(). Unless SQLITE_MMAP_READWRITE is defined, in which case use a read/write mapping and write into the file using memcpy(). check-in: 4f521b5b user: mistachkin tags: trunk