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Fix typo in comment. Skip tests added by check-in [4761db83b6] when running on Windows. (check-in: 468a389c user: mistachkin tags: trunk)
In extensions rtree, fts3 and fts5, ensure that when dynamic buffers are bound to persistent SQL statements using SQLITE_STATIC, the binding is replaced with an SQL NULL before the buffer is freed. Otherwise, a user may obtain a pointer to the persistent statement using sqlite3_next_stmt() and attempt to access the freed buffer using sqlite3_expanded_sql() or similar. (check-in: 2a5f813b user: dan tags: trunk)
When the final connection disconnects from a wal mode database, check that the database file has not been moved or unlinked before deleting the wal and shm files. (check-in: 4761db83 user: dan tags: trunk)