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Parents and children of check-in [1d6fb43a]

Remove an always-false conditional from constructAutomaticIndex(). Put an assert() in its place to prove that the conditional is always false. (check-in: 3af300bf user: drh tags: trunk)
Prevent partial indexes on the table on the left hand side of a LEFT JOIN from being incorrectly qualified by a constraint in the ON clause of the join. This relaxes the rule introduced by the previous commit (as the partial indexes on the table on the rhs of the LEFT JOIN may now be qualified by terms within the ON clause). (check-in: 1d6fb43a user: dan tags: trunk)
Make sure partial indexes are not qualified incorrectly by a constraint that is inside the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN. Fix for ticket [2326c258d02ead33]. (check-in: 491cfe9b user: drh tags: trunk)