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Parents and children of check-in [164b1641]

Simplification to the logic that detects misuse of the application-defined function creation interfaces. check-in: 8f21d778 user: drh tags: trunk
During WITHOUT ROWID table creation, if the sqlite3CreateTable() call fails due to an authorizer denying the INSERT into the sqlite_master table, then detect this fact and abort the CREATE TABLE early, to avoid an assertion fault. check-in: 164b1641 user: drh tags: trunk
Identify specific FuncDef objects for window functions using the pointer to the function name (FuncDef.zName) rather than the pointer to the xStep method. This allows xStep method pointer to be replaced with a single noopStepFunc() procedure, and thus save having lots of different no-op step functions. check-in: 410e13b0 user: drh tags: trunk