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When applying the IN_INDEX_NOOP optimization and the LHS has REAL affinity, also apply REAL affinity to each element of the RHS. Ticket [2841e99d104c6436]. (check-in: 88833a9c user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix an obsolete comment that defines the meaning of one of the parameters to the sqlite3FindInIndex() subroutine. No changes to code. (check-in: 0c946f08 user: drh tags: trunk)
When computing an expression value for an index-on-expression or a CHECK constraint and the expressions uses a REAL table column, but the value of that column is an integer (in other words, when it is using the store-real-as-integer optimization) be sure to promote the value to real before evaluating the expression. Ticket [57af00b6642ecd68]. (check-in: 0658c16e user: drh tags: trunk)