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Parents and children of check-in [04aea024]

Remove the fts3merge.test script in favour of changing the fts4merge.test script so that it runs tests using both fts4 and fts3. Fix some problems with incr-merge and FTS3 tables. check-in: 5c447e22 user: dan tags: fts4-incr-merge
In the fts3view utility, label the blank segments used to mark the end of a segment sequence for a level/idx as "null". Improve the alignment of root segment names. check-in: 04aea024 user: drh tags: fts4-incr-merge
Enhance the fts3view tool with the big-segment command and fix a bug in the display of doclists. check-in: e9436d80 user: drh tags: fts4-incr-merge