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5 check-ins using file main.mk version 2c20b350

The FOR EACH STATEMENT clause in a trigger is now a syntax error. It used to be silently ignored. STATEMENT is no longer a keyword. (CVS 3821) (check-in: 8e2559b4 user: drh tags: trunk)
Test coverage improvements. Over 90% of branches are now executed in both directions. (CVS 3820) (check-in: a776d93c user: drh tags: trunk)
Changes to increase test coverage. (CVS 3819) (check-in: fd4da6b1 user: drh tags: trunk)
Make sure the sqlite3BtreePrevious() routine terminates properly if the table is deleted out from under it. Ticket #2286. This bug was discovered while trying to increase test coverage from 98.5% to 99% - once again showing the value of full coverage testing. (CVS 3818) (check-in: bebf8d2f user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix the amalgamation so that it works with -DSQLITE_ENABLE_REDEF_IO. Change tclsqlite.c so that it can be appended to the amalgamation. Create a new amalgamation of header files for use by projects that want to redefine their own I/O interface using -DSQLITE_ENABLE_REDEF_IO. (CVS 3817) (check-in: f2caff87 user: drh tags: trunk)