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Key: Active Review Fixed Tested Deferred Closed
# mtime type subsystem title
9cdc5c4662 2019-06-27 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result from second execution of correlated scalar sub-query that uses a partial sort
e1e07ef202 2019-06-16 Code_Defect Unknown COLLATE in BETWEEN expression is ignored
f1580ba1b5 2019-06-14 Code_Defect Unknown Built-in RTRIM collating sequence yields incorrect comparisons
ce8717f088 2019-06-14 Code_Defect Unknown LIKE malfunctions for UNIQUE COLLATE NOCASE column
674385aeba 2019-06-12 Code_Defect Unknown CAST('-0.0' AS NUMERIC) computes 0.0 rather than 0
b148fa6105 2019-06-12 Documentation Unknown CAST takes implicit COLLATE of its operand
0c620df60b 2019-06-11 Code_Defect Unknown LIKELY(), UNLIKELY() and LIKELIHOOD() have affinities
57353f8243 2019-06-11 Code_Defect Unknown COLLATE expression in the right side of an IN operator results in an affinity conversion
1819598c09 2019-06-11 Documentation Unknown -'1.0' computes -1.0 rather than -1
d60b3cd7cb 2019-06-11 Documentation Unknown COLLATE expression has an affinity
533010b8ca 2019-06-11 Code_Defect Unknown Illegal argument to LIKELIHOOD() does not result in error when combined with "IN ()"
412bba9b22 2019-06-10 Code_Defect Unknown CAST('.' AS NUMERIC) computes 0.0 rather than 0
5e0423b058 2019-06-10 Documentation VFS xAccess behaviour is not documented, changed in Windows 3.7.0
dd6bffbfb6 2019-06-10 Code_Defect Unknown CAST to NUMERIC no longer converts to INTEGER
b1d8c79314 2019-06-10 Code_Defect Code_Generator LIKE malfunctions for INT PRIMARY KEY COLLATE NOCASE column
4c2d7639f0 2019-06-07 Code_Defect Unknown CAST('-' AS NUMERIC) computes 0.0
e8bedb2a18 2019-06-07 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result when subtracting a large integer number from a TEXT value
c41afac34f 2019-05-29 Code_Defect Unknown LIMIT applied globally rather than locally
ce82323194 2019-05-22 Code_Defect Unknown Duplicate CTE name gives incorrect result
d3e7f2ba5b 2019-05-20 Code_Defect Unknown Nested boolean formula with IN operator computes an incorrect result
787fa716be 2019-05-19 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault when multi-use subquery implemented by co-routine
3c27b97e31 2019-05-17 Code_Defect Unknown REAL rounding seems to depend on FROM clause
bba7b69f98 2019-05-14 Code_Defect Unknown REINDEX on WITHOUT ROWID table with DESC PRIMARY KEY corrupts automatic UNIQUE index
6c1d3febc0 2019-05-09 Code_Defect Unknown REAL PRIMARY KEY leads to a missing entry in the index.
e63cbcfd33 2019-05-07 Code_Defect Unknown Database table/index contents mismatch (corruption) caused by FK processing
5c6955204c 2019-05-04 Code_Defect Code_Generator Incorrect result on a table scan of a partial index
ae0f637bdd 2019-05-01 Code_Defect Unknown REINDEX fails on a UNIQUE index on the GLOB operator of a REAL column
3be1295b26 2019-05-01 Code_Defect Unknown Inconsistent behavior of a unique constraint on a boolean expression.
3182d38790 2019-04-29 Code_Defect Unknown COLLATE nocase index on a WITHOUT ROWID table malfunctions
f00d7b651a 2019-04-19 Code_Defect Unknown ALTER TABLE corrupts the schema for tables that start with "sqlite"
df46dfb631 2019-02-23 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault in self-join with a IN constraint
4feb3159c6 2019-02-22 Code_Defect Unknown Crash due to misuse of window functions.
4e8e4857d3 2019-02-08 Code_Defect Unknown Crash on query using an OR term in the WHERE clause
5948e09b8c 2019-02-05 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result from LEFT JOIN
bb4bdb9f7f 2019-01-25 Code_Defect Virtual_Machine Zeroblob truncated by an index on an expression
bc8d94f0fb 2019-01-09 Code_Defect Unknown RENAME COLUMN fails on tables with redundant UNIQUE constraints
d0866b26f8 2019-01-01 Code_Defect Unknown Window function in correlated subquery causes assertion fault
e6f1f2e34d 2018-12-22 Code_Defect Unknown REPLACE can insert a default NULL into a NOT NULL column
d96eba8769 2018-12-14 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect results for OR query where both OR terms are different indexed expressions
1d958d9059 2018-12-08 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result with NOT IN operator and partial index
f09fcd1781 2018-12-07 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault when window functions are used.
1a84668dcf 2018-11-05 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault due to malformed PRIMARY KEY
65eb38f6e4 2018-11-05 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect answer on LEFT JOIN when STAT4 is enabled
cf5ed20fc8 2018-10-25 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect join result with duplicate WHERE clause constraint
69d642332d 2018-09-27 Code_Defect Unknown The typeof() and length() functions fail in some virtual tables.
e8275b415a 2018-09-27 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault from window function inside of recursive CTE
f25d5ceebe 2018-09-24 Code_Defect Unknown INTEGER PRIMARY KEY WITHOUT ROWID virtual table crash
510cde2777 2018-09-17 Code_Defect Unknown Endless loop on a query with window functions, ORDER BY, and LIMIT
b41031ea2b 2018-09-17 Code_Defect Unknown ALTER TABLE returns an error on certain schemas
9936b2fa44 2018-09-10 Code_Defect Unknown Infinite loop due to the ORDER BY LIMIT optimization
c94369cae9 2018-09-10 Code_Defect Unknown Wrong answer due to the LIKE optimization
908f001483 2018-08-14 Code_Defect Unknown UPSERT does not work like PostgreSQL
c694113e50 2018-07-24 Code_Defect Unknown Unnecessary ABORT with unhelpful error message
79cad5e4b2 2018-07-11 Code_Defect Unknown UPSERT results in a corrupt database
c2432ef908 2018-06-11 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault due to column cache malfunction
7be932dfa6 2018-06-07 Code_Defect Unknown Adverse interaction between .stats and .eqp in the CLI
d8dc2b3a58 2018-05-23 Code_Defect Unknown Crash when the schema for sqlite_sequence is corrupt
e63a34a004 2018-05-08 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrectly formatted output for the ".fullschema" command in the CLI
d85fffd6ff 2018-04-26 Code_Defect Unknown VDBE program uses an expired value
4ba5abf65c 2018-04-24 Code_Defect Unknown Index on expression leads to an incorrect LEFT JOIN
7fa8049685 2018-04-24 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result on a LEFT JOIN when using an index
1e39b966ae 2018-04-10 Code_Defect Unknown LEFT JOIN strength reduction optimization causes an error.
fac496b617 2018-04-10 Code_Defect Code_Generator Over-aggressive LEFT JOIN optimization on virtual tables
2b8aed9f7c 2018-04-09 Code_Defect Unknown Misbehavior in the FTS5 xBestIndex method
093420fc0e 2018-04-06 Code_Defect Unknown Virtual Machine references an uninitialized register
36fae083b4 2018-02-26 Code_Defect Unknown Inconsistent interpretation of truth
f484b65f3d 2018-02-13 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result from row-value comparison in WHERE clause
d6ec09eccf 2018-02-13 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault in FTS4
343634942d 2018-02-01 Code_Defect Unknown Index on expression goes corrupt from valid SQL
ec32177c99 2018-01-27 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result with complex OR-connected WHERE and STAT4
80177f0c22 2018-01-26 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result when join condition uses a table-valued function
7310e2fb3d 2018-01-23 Code_Defect Unknown Valid row-value syntax is rejected
47b2581aa9 2018-01-16 Code_Defect Unknown Infinite loop on UPDATE
dc3f932f5a 2018-01-02 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault doing a REPLACE with index on an expression.
3b44500725 2017-12-23 Code_Defect Unknown Inconsistent column names
123c9ba321 2017-12-13 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result when an index is used for an ordered join
d4beea1633 2017-11-26 Code_Defect Unknown DELETE with a LIMIT does not work for WITHOUT ROWID tables
ef9318757b 2017-11-23 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result due to the skip-ahead-distinct optimization
aa98619ad0 2017-11-06 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on an IN operator using a constant index
e651b13418 2017-10-10 Code_Defect Unknown DROP TABLE fails for WITHOUT ROWID tables an SQLITE_OMIT_AUTOVACUUM
cfa2c908f2 2017-09-11 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault in STAT4 on a double-negation
b899b6042f 2017-09-11 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault on correlated subquery on the RHS of an IN operator in the WHERE clause
02f0f4c54f 2017-08-28 Code_Defect Unknown The ".dump" comman crashes following PRAGMA empty_result_callbacks=1
7486aa54b9 2017-08-24 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault caused by sqlite3_result_pointer()
e20dd54ab0 2017-08-18 Code_Defect Unknown COLLATE sequence for ORDER/GROUP BY ignored when using an index-on-expression
be436a7f45 2017-08-17 Code_Defect Unknown Use-after-free on schema change where RTREE is used inside of a trigger
cb91bf4290 2017-08-01 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault following PRAGMA reverse_unordered_selects=ON
de3403bf5a 2017-07-31 Code_Defect Unknown Column name shift due to LEFT JOIN query flattening
bc11554113 2017-07-31 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on a dodgy CREATE TABLE statement using WITHOUT ROWID
ce68383bf6 2017-07-21 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect LEFT JOIN result with IS operator in WHERE clause and auto-index
a4e06e75a9 2017-07-15 Code_Defect Unknown False-positive from "PRAGMA integrity_check"
b9f0101077 2017-06-27 Code_Defect Unknown Violation of the Query Planner Stability Guarantee
892fc34f17 2017-06-20 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect query result when a LEFT JOIN subquery is flattened
fda2210880 2017-06-08 Code_Defect Unknown Corruption due to REPLACE in an auto-vacuumed database
7fde638e94 2017-05-25 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on a LEFT JOIN
cad1ab4cb7 2017-05-23 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault due to LEFT JOIN flattening optimization
f68dc596c4 2017-05-01 Code_Defect Unknown Database corruption on REPLACE with a mix of NULL and non-NULL rowids.
981329adee 2017-04-11 Code_Defect Unknown Stack overflow while parsing deeply nested JSON
6c9b551407 2017-04-10 Code_Defect Unknown JSON allows unescaped control characters in strings
b93be8729a 2017-04-08 Code_Defect Unknown JSON extension accepts invalid numeric values
06796225f5 2017-03-24 Code_Defect Unknown Crash in recursive invocation of a trigger that uses an ephemeral table
6097cb9274 2017-03-02 Code_Defect Unknown Broken 'start of day' modifier on date/time functions
eb703ba7b5 2017-02-11 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result using index on expression with collating function
e6e962d6b0 2017-01-25 Code_Defect Unknown sqlite3_blob_reopen() misbehavior on ALTER-ed table
7ffd1ca1d2 2017-01-16 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect affinity when using automatic indexes
25e335f802 2017-01-10 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result when ON clause refers to table to the right
190c2507ee 2017-01-05 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on a query against a view
30027b613b 2017-01-05 Code_Defect Unknown DELETE trigger on WITHOUT ROWID table not fired for REPLACE op
8c9458e703 2017-01-03 Code_Defect Unknown row-value updates in triggers do not work.
2df0107bd2 2016-12-01 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result from LEFT JOIN with a subquery on the LHS
1a68465637 2016-11-24 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on a conditional row-value expression
da78413751 2016-11-23 Code_Defect Unknown Query flattening causes bad byte-code for a vector IN operator
199df4168c 2016-11-23 Code_Defect Unknown Different answer with and without index on IN operator with type mismatch
2f1b168ab4 2016-11-11 Code_Defect Unknown Crash following syntax error on DETACH
fef4bb4bd9 2016-10-27 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result from a LEFT JOIN with a row-value constraint
96c1454cbf 2016-10-12 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result with ORDER BY DESC and LIMIT (again)
4baa464912 2016-10-10 Code_Defect Unknown NULL handling for indexes on expressions
7b3328086a 2016-10-03 Code_Defect Unknown AUTOINCREMENT problem with the INSERT xfer optimization
1ec41379c9 2016-09-20 Code_Defect Unknown Integer multiple fails to overflow to floating-point
0eab1ac759 2016-09-16 Code_Defect Unknown O(N*N) behavior where it should be O(N)
0c4df46116 2016-09-07 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result with ORDER BY DESC and LIMIT
ef36060112 2016-08-26 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect affinity transformations on DELETE
a0bac8b3c3 2016-07-26 Code_Defect Unknown CREATE INDEX changes the answer
f68bf68513 2016-07-14 Code_Defect Unknown ALTER TABLE corrupts DESC indexes
e8d439c776 2016-07-01 Code_Defect Unknown Crash on transitive WHERE constraint and undefined collation
16c9801ceb 2016-05-06 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault on DELETE with WHERE containing OR
dc6ebeda93 2016-05-02 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect DELETE due to the one-pass optimization
f7f8c97e97 2016-04-25 Code_Defect Unknown Valid query fails to compile due to WHERE clause optimization
7d7525cb01 2016-04-18 Code_Defect Unknown Compatibility break on INTEGER PRIMARY KEY columns.
a306e56ff6 2016-04-09 Code_Defect Unknown Failed DELETE with PRAGMA reverse_unordered_selects
7f7f8026ed 2016-04-07 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault following heavy SAVEPOINT usage
5e3c886796 2016-03-09 Code_Defect Unknown Correlated subquery on the RHS of an IN operator
d06a25c844 2016-02-09 Code_Defect Code_Generator Incorrect result from a UNION with an ORDER BY
ad2559db38 2016-02-04 Code_Defect Unknown JSON does not properly escape control characters
f45ac567ea 2016-01-30 Code_Defect Unknown Invalid JSON generated by json_group_array()
80369eddd5 2016-01-20 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect case folding in the LIKE operator
cb3aa0641d 2016-01-13 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result from a subquery containing over-constrainted ORDER BY
e5c6268dd8 2015-11-24 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on DISTINCT query containing a correlated aggregate.
73eba7ba5c 2015-11-21 Code_Defect Unknown Table-valued function syntax allowed for ordinary tables and views
38a97a87a6 2015-11-13 Code_Defect Unknown Inaccurate int/float comparison results in corrupt index
ac661962a2 2015-11-01 Code_Defect Unknown Differing interpretation of historical schemas
57eec374ae 2015-10-16 Code_Defect Unknown JSON1 accepts form-feed (char(12)) as a white-space character
b65cb2c8d9 2015-10-06 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect LIMIT on a UNION ALL query
1b266395d6 2015-09-30 Code_Defect Unknown INSERT OR REPLACE with a foreign key constraint leads to assertion fault
acd1299088 2015-09-09 Code_Defect Unknown CREATE TABLE AS fails with a false report of database corruption
c2a19d8165 2015-08-22 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect LEFT JOIN when FROM clause contains nested subqueries
8fd39115d8 2015-07-23 Code_Defect Unknown assertion fault on WITHOUT ROWID query using the OR optimization
5f60b11fc8 2015-06-18 Code_Defect Unknown likely() function in the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN results in incorrect result
873cae2b6e 2015-06-16 Code_Defect Unknown Schema corruption after aborted CREATE TABLE AS
f2ad7de056 2015-05-20 Code_Defect Unknown Corrupt table created by CREATE TABLE AS followed by compound SELECT
34cd55d68e 2015-05-19 Code_Defect Unknown Database corruption following INSERT with a TRIGGER that does an affinity change
05f43be8fd 2015-03-07 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect use of index with LIKE operators when the LHS is a blob
2326c258d0 2015-02-24 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result when a LEFT JOIN provides the qualifying constraint for a partial index
1c69be2daf 2015-02-17 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect GROUP BY when input and output columns have the same name
ca0d20b6cd 2015-02-09 Code_Defect Unknown COLLATE operator masked by function calls
2f7170d73b 2015-02-09 Code_Defect Unknown "misuse of aggregate" error if aggregate column from FROM subquery is used in correlated subquery
32b63d5424 2015-01-22 Code_Defect Unknown Fuzzer induced crash
f97c463710 2015-01-20 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect ordering with ORDER BY and LIMIT
a59ae93ee9 2015-01-09 Code_Defect Unknown Crashes due to fuzzed input
e4a18565a3 2014-12-05 Code_Defect Unknown Stale KeyInfo object used in shared-cache mode
c5ea805691 2014-12-04 Code_Defect Unknown Inverted sort order when using DISTINCT and a descending index
6f2222d550 2014-12-04 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect output on a LEFT JOIN
db87229497 2014-11-14 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result when RHS of IN operator contains DISTINCT and LIMIT
094d39a4c9 2014-11-05 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT ...
43107840f1 2014-11-05 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on UPDATE
ba7cbfaedc 2014-10-11 Code_Defect Unknown Wrong output order when a DESC index and GROUP BY and ORDER BY.
8c32a33a53 2014-10-02 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault on a syntax error involving the IS operator
209d31e316 2014-09-29 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault when deleting a table out from under a SELECT
78c0c8c3c9 2014-09-24 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault when a DEFAULT value contains a bind parameter
d11a6e908f 2014-09-21 Code_Defect Unknown Query planner fault on three-way nested join with compound inner SELECT
98d973b8f5 2014-08-27 Code_Defect Unknown Partial index gives incorrect query result
369d57fb8e 2014-08-21 Code_Defect Unknown DELETE with TRIGGER causes an assertion fault
11d5aa455e 2014-08-19 Code_Defect Unknown sqlite3_trace() sometimes does not invoke its callback
3a88d85f36 2014-08-06 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault when a DEFAULT value contains an aggregate function
9a6daf340d 2014-07-30 Code_Defect Unknown UNIQUE not enforced on an index
d2889096e7 2014-07-29 Code_Defect Unknown Problem with rtree tables with IN() operators or as the inner loop of a join.
b2fa5424e6 2014-06-30 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect STAT4 samples for WITHOUT ROWID tables
9a8b09f8e6 2014-06-27 Code_Defect Unknown Affinity problem on "x IN (?)"
e9654505cf 2014-05-23 Code_Defect Unknown Inifinite loop in INSERT statement.
55746f9e65 2014-05-07 Code_Defect Unknown group_concat() returns NULL instead of an empty string
f67b41381a 2014-04-26 Code_Defect Unknown "INSERT INTO tbl SELECT * FROM tbl2" statement may modify data if ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN has been used on tbl2.
388d01d4bb 2014-04-25 Code_Defect Unknown Crash on join with a virtual table, DISTINCT, and ORDER BY.
b75a9ca6b0 2014-04-21 Code_Defect Unknown ORDER BY ignored if query has identical GROUP BY
264b970c43 2014-04-14 Code_Defect Unknown Crash when calling sqlite_rename_parent() with NULL parameters.
2ea3e9fe63 2014-04-13 Code_Defect Unknown Partial index causes assertion fault on UPDATE OR REPLACE
10fb063b11 2014-04-10 Code_Defect Unknown Duplicate row output on an OR query
98825a79ce 2014-04-03 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result from a DISTINCT + GROUP BY + ORDER BY query
a8a0d2996a 2014-03-24 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect column data type reported
07d6a0453d 2014-03-21 Code_Defect Unknown OFFSET ignored if there is no FROM clause
e39d032577 2014-03-20 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on a query containing "x IN (?)"
5ac9b497de 2014-03-11 Feature_Request Parser Some issues with aliases, fully qualified identifiers, and *
c25aab7e7e 2014-03-11 Feature_Request Shell The ".import" command does not parse CSV correctly.
775b39dd3c 2014-03-11 Code_Defect Shell Poor query planning with virtual tables, joins and ORDER BY.
23b2128201 2014-03-11 Feature_Request Virtual_Machine Uninformative error message on check constraint failure
bcff482dd6 2014-03-11 Feature_Request Unknown Explicit extended error code for deadlock with sqlite_busy
f711d5a937 2014-03-11 Feature_Request Unknown Windows DLL should have versioninfo resource
de3ae967a0 2014-03-11 Feature_Request Parser Insert multiple rows at once
f6ee7c1986 2014-03-11 Feature_Request Shell Negative widths should right justify
ba7fdb568d 2014-03-11 Feature_Request VFS Page size should auto default to file system block size
edb497982c 2014-03-11 Code_Defect Unknown FTS n-character prefix query returns incorrect results when using an n+1 character prefix index.
beba9cae63 2014-03-11 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on a valid query
4eb3a0bd32 2014-03-11 Code_Defect Unknown Performance regression in Skrooge
31a19d11b9 2014-03-05 Code_Defect Unknown Name resolution issue with compound SELECTs and Common Table Expressions
65bdeb9739 2014-02-26 Code_Defect Unknown "ORDER BY random()" gets optimized out
8c63ff0eca 2014-02-25 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect query result on a UNION ALL
c34d0557f7 2014-02-12 Code_Defect Unknown Name resolution issue with WITHOUT ROWID
4c86b126f2 2014-02-11 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect query result with SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT4
fccbde530a 2014-02-08 Code_Defect Unknown DISTINCT thinks a zeroblob() and blob of all zeros are different
520070ec7f 2013-12-22 Code_Defect Unknown Array overrun in the skip-scan optimization
c620261b5b 2013-10-28 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result on query involving LEFT JOIN and transitive constraints
a5c8ed66ca 2013-10-04 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect count(*) when partial indices exist
9fb5cd7c76 2013-09-30 Code_Defect Unknown "DELETE FROM tbl" statements do not obtain a shared-cache write-lock on table "tbl"
be84e357c0 2013-09-03 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault during query involving LEFT JOIN column in the ORDER BY clause
9f2eb3abac 2013-08-29 Code_Defect Unknown A lookup on a primary key or unique index with more than 4 fields can cause a crash
bc878246ea 2013-08-28 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result from LEFT JOIN query
d666d600a6 2013-08-21 Code_Defect Unknown COLLATE operator on lhs of BETWEEN expression is ignored.
f617ea3125 2013-08-15 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect ORDER BY with colliding input and output column names
406d3b2ef9 2013-07-18 Code_Defect Unknown SQL function auxdata associated with parameters is not cleared
78588b938a 2013-07-17 Code_Defect Unknown Virtual Table Sync frees pVtab->zErrMsg without zeroing
83e9014ec2 2013-07-09 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result from sqlite3_stmt_status with SQLITE_STMTSTATUS_FULLSCAN_STEP
5ed1772895 2013-07-09 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect ORDER BY on an indexed JOIN
bc1aea7b72 2013-07-09 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result on LEFT JOIN with OR constraints and an ORDER BY clause
490a4b7235 2013-07-09 Code_Defect Unknown "WHERE 0" on the first element of a UNION causes an assertion fault
d805526eae 2013-07-08 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect join result or assertion fault due to transitive constraints
868145d012 2013-07-01 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on double LEFT JOIN
a589ec069e 2013-06-27 Code_Defect Unknown sqlite3_stmt_readonly() returns an incorrect value for come PRAGMAs
e636a050b7 2013-05-15 Code_Defect Unknown Database corruption in shared cache mode
0fc59f908b 2013-05-15 Code_Defect Unknown Missing COLLATE function does not result in an error
f2369304e4 2013-05-09 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect results when OR is used in the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN
6709574d2a 2013-05-08 Code_Defect Unknown COLLATE clause in ORDER BY causes incorrect EXCEPT
2f96536e7f 2013-05-06 Code_Defect Shell .tables output is not redirected into .output file
5eaa61ea18 2013-05-06 Portability Unknown sigbus on disk ful in WAL mode
0eb70d77cb 2013-05-06 Code_Defect Unknown Invalid pointer passed to the authorizer callback
19b44e3575 2013-04-30 Feature_Request Virtual_Machine sqlite3_bind_text inconsistent with NULL pointers, zero length etc
28c6e830f2 2013-04-30 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault while parsing/compiling an SQL statement
ba82a4a41e 2013-04-22 Code_Defect Unknown Query optimizer removes ORDER BY when it is needed
f69b96e307 2013-04-18 Code_Defect Unknown Over-aggressive optimization of ORDER BY using a virtual table with IN operator
2500cdb9be 2013-04-14 Code_Defect Unknown COLLATE in ORDER BY clause breaks name resolution
7ff3120e4f 2013-04-12 Code_Defect VFS Recovery race condition leads to database corruption on Windows
38b1ae018f 2013-03-27 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on valid FTS4 query
6bfb98dfc0 2013-03-27 Code_Defect Unknown False report of database corruption on an INSERT
a179fe7465 2013-03-27 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect output order on a join with an ORDER BY
689137afb6 2013-03-20 Code_Defect Unknown Casting UTF16 to numeric types fails
4dd95f6943 2013-03-13 Code_Defect Unknown Inverted result order with ORDER BY DESC and a DESC index.
fc7bd6358f 2013-03-06 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect query result in a 3-way join due to affinity issues
7a31705a7e 2013-03-01 Code_Defect Unknown Name resolution fails when table name is a prefix of another table
db4d96798d 2013-01-29 Code_Defect Unknown LIMIT does not work with nested views containing UNION ALL
d58ccbb3f1 2013-01-28 Code_Defect Unknown Segmentation fault on a valid query with "union"
c997b11c4d 2013-01-09 Code_Defect Code_Generator ORDER BY clause ignored in 3-way join query
a7b7803e8d 2012-12-19 Code_Defect Code_Generator crash when filtering twice by same predicate using aliases
71e333e7d2 2012-12-19 Code_Defect Unknown COLLATE operator inside CHECK constraint fails in shared-cache mode
bfbf38e5e9 2012-11-02 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault on a nested join
d02e1406a5 2012-10-04 Code_Defect Unknown LEFT JOIN with an OR in the ON clause causes segfault
c2ad16f997 2012-05-21 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault on query involving deeply nested aggregate views
cfe84e8683 2012-05-21 Code_Defect Unknown The ".schema" command outputs nested VIEWS in the wrong order
27ca74af3c 2012-03-31 Code_Defect Unknown Nested SAVEPOINT release causes pending query abort
b7c8682cc1 2012-03-13 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result from LEFT JOIN with OR in the WHERE clause
3557ad65a0 2012-03-03 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect DISTINCT on an indexed query with IN
ae6794effd 2012-02-01 Code_Defect Unknown ALTER TABLE RENAME fails for triggers that use the table name with a different case
5f41597f7c 2012-01-30 Code_Defect Unknown sqlite3_uri_boolean defaults to true, documented as false, is a mess
232637c465 2012-01-28 Code_Defect Shell Dump code fails with 1002 columns
c04a8b8a4f 2012-01-28 Code_Defect Unknown Trailing comments not stripped from views, invalid dumps
ff5be73dee 2012-01-14 Code_Defect Unknown Database corruption following power-loss in WAL mode
a1fa75cbdd 2012-01-14 Code_Defect Pager Database corruption following unlucky application crash in WAL mode with "PRAGMA journal_size_limit"
ac0ff496b7 2011-12-22 Code_Defect Unknown Database corruption due to integer overflow with SQLITE_DIRECT_OVERFLOW_READ
7bbfb7d442 2011-12-10 Code_Defect Virtual_Machine Problem with using stale auto-indexes created on materialized sub-selects within trigger programs
3a77c9714e 2011-12-06 Code_Defect Parser Malfunction involving temporary registers and sub-queries implemented by vdbe sub-routines.
676bc02b87 2011-11-04 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect xfer optimization with INTERGER PRIMARY KEY ON CONFLICT REPLACE
92af7da36b 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Shell shell won't import large files
0c80ff9f5a 2011-10-13 Documentation Documentation Quickstart missing include of stdlib.h
fa7bf5ec94 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Unknown String literal case confusion in aggregate query
991789d9f3 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Extensions ext/fts? code uses tolower() when parsing tokens, which is problematic when using certain locales, such as tr_TR.UTF-8.
35c54c8749 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Unknown Some os win symbols should be declared static
aa92c76cd4 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Code_Generator Problem with GROUP BY and the distinction between real and integer values
2466653295 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Shell Various dump issues
517e206abd 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Utilities Fix sqlite3_analyzer
9d68c88313 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Pager Database corruption following OOM fault
26ff0c82d1 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect result when using unnamed "?" bindings
fc62af4523 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Pager Executing "PRAGMA journal_mode" may delete journal file while it is in use.
54844eea3f 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Code_Generator Incorrect caching of sub-query results in the FROM clause of a scalar sub-query.
e59bdf6116 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Unknown Possible database corruption following EINTR on unix
af95b8c609 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Utilities Vacuuming a WAL database resets the file header read and write versions to 1.
ee19e690ec 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Shell If shell is interrupted while dumping it still produces commit (and invalid dump)
7d32c69b50 2011-10-13 Code_Defect Unknown sqlite3LoadExtension truncates file names
20f9d4fbbf 2011-10-12 Code_Defect Unknown sqlite3_overload_function ignores errors
0b803bff85 2011-10-12 Code_Defect VFS Return (error code) of xCurrentTime is always ignored
d1d84037b9 2011-09-28 Feature_Request Shell import doesn't work on attached databases due to unnecessary quoting
2d1a5c67df 2011-05-19 Code_Defect Pager Data loss on COMMIT in WAL mode
6284df89de 2011-04-24 Code_Defect Unknown INSERT INTO ... SELECT bypasses foreign key constraint checks
bb3a86e890 2011-04-13 Code_Defect Unknown SQLITE_FCNTL_SIZE_HINT overflows an array
83ea97620b 2011-03-30 Code_Defect Unknown ANALYZE on empty tables prevents the use of indices
f7b4edece2 2011-03-19 Code_Defect Unknown sqlite3_update_hook gives incorrect table name with shared cache
b72787b1a7 2011-02-22 Code_Defect Virtual_Machine Expiry mechanism causes incorrect collateral damage
752e1646fc 2011-02-11 Code_Defect Unknown Wrong result if DISTINCT used on subquery which uses ORDER BY.
89b8c9ac54 2011-02-10 Code_Defect B-Tree False reports of corruption after writing db with two different versions (3.7 and 3.6).
77aa3b1e65 2011-02-10 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault on automatic index using unknown collating function
9013e13dba 2011-02-04 Code_Defect Unknown ATTACH authorization fails when database name is not a literal
5d863f876e 2011-01-27 Code_Defect Unknown DB corruption following rollback-WAL-VACUUM-rollback
80ba201079 2010-12-07 Code_Defect Code_Generator Bug involving subqueries and the OR optimization
860399cc40 2010-10-12 Code_Defect Unknown Potential memory leak in sqlite3_bind_text()
a04e42a3fc 2010-10-11 Code_Defect Unknown Memory leak in sqlite3_create_collation_v2()
0322cd49c0 2010-10-11 Feature_Request Virtual_Machine create_function_v2 that takes destructor
38cb5df375 2010-10-06 Code_Defect Unknown LIMIT ignored on compound query with subqueries
3998683a16 2010-09-30 Code_Defect Utilities Some valid floating-point literals are not recognized.
8454a207b9 2010-09-30 Code_Defect Code_Generator ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN with negative DEFAULT value
b351d95f9c 2010-09-28 Code_Defect Code_Generator Bug in "INSERT INTO ... SELECT" statements that use CASE
313723c356 2010-09-18 Code_Defect Pager Database corruption following an I/O error on xShmLock
5e10420e8d 2010-08-23 Code_Defect Unknown Free-list corruption in incremental-vacuum mode
13f033c865 2010-08-05 Code_Defect Code_Generator Performance regression
51ae9cad31 2010-08-04 Code_Defect B-Tree Database corruption by alternating writes from 3.7.0 and 3.6.23
c38baa3d96 2010-08-03 Code_Defect Code_Generator REPLACE on a CHECK constraint does not work as advertised
168d0f7176 2010-08-01 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault while reading database with a corrupt index
ce7c133ea6 2010-07-31 Code_Defect Code_Generator Foreign key constraint fails when it should succeed.
f3e5abed55 2010-07-30 Code_Defect Unknown Problems retrying COMMIT after SQLITE_BUSY on multi-file transaction
c43940c49b 2010-07-29 Code_Defect Virtual_Machine sqlite3_profile gives milliseconds (was nanoseconds in earlier releases)
8011086c85 2010-07-28 Code_Defect Code_Generator Query planner creates unnecessary and expensive automatic index
4711020446 2010-07-22 Feature_Request Unknown should use collate nocase index even if column isn't declared nocase
e090183531 2010-07-22 Feature_Request Unknown like should use index when pattern has no wildcard
80e031a00f 2010-07-14 Code_Defect Code_Generator Result of IN should never be NULL if the RHS is empty
f973c7ac31 2010-06-09 Code_Defect Unknown Incorrect affinity for indexed range constraint
dd08e5a988 2010-05-14 Code_Defect Unknown Foreign key constraint fails to prevent consistency error.
51914f6acd 2010-05-13 Performance_Issue Unknown nRef and owner should be #ifdef SQLITE_DEBUG
3dbdcdb14e 2010-04-30 Code_Defect Code_Generator Assertion fault using indices with redundant columns
02a8e81d44 2010-04-15 Code_Defect Code_Generator LIMIT clause on sub-select in FROM clause of a SELECT in a UNION ALL interpreted incorrectly
e063139eb3 2010-03-31 Build_Problem Makefile Download .zip excludes shell but .tar includes it
7d96113ff0 2010-03-27 Build_Problem Makefile SQLite fails to build when TCL isn't installed
b1552d0fa7 2010-03-18 Code_Defect Extensions Symbols not declared private that should be
170872f1c3 2010-03-15 Code_Defect Unknown Unmatched double-quote causes problems for FTS3
42d45a693e 2010-03-15 Code_Defect Unknown Spurious log message from FTS3
ebdbadade5 2010-02-27 Code_Defect Unknown LEFT JOIN incorrect when ON clause does not reference right table.
d2f02d37f5 2010-02-24 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on UPDATE involving two virtual tables.
da1151f97d 2010-02-22 Code_Defect Unknown Assertion fault on VACUUM in an auto_vacuumed database.
e9a9fde1f4 2010-02-16 Code_Defect Extensions rtree module malfunctions if db page-size is changed
13336e9c3c 2010-02-15 Code_Defect Unknown ALTER TABLE RENAME fails to update foreign key references
985771e116 2010-02-15 Code_Defect Unknown CREATE TRIGGER confused by TEMP/MAIN table name overlap
b80eeab588 2010-01-26 Feature_Request Unknown Respect custom page size for temp tables, indices, etc
1258875e07 2010-01-21 Code_Defect Unknown Undefined collating sequence on LIKE causes segfault
eb620916be 2010-01-18 Code_Defect Shell Shell doesn't print header if multiple statements on one line
eb942c64a1 2010-01-13 Code_Defect Unknown PRAGMA reverse_unordered_selects causes schema parse to fail
360c6073e1 2010-01-07 Code_Defect Code_Generator Aggregate MAX() function with COLLATE clause
34d2ae1c6d 2009-12-29 Code_Defect Unknown Overloaded column named "ROWID" mishandled in triggers.
eb5548a849 2009-12-24 Code_Defect Unknown CAST in WHERE clause causes inconsistent query results
356c885b0b 2009-12-17 Code_Defect Other sqlite3_complete() should return 0 on empty string
31338dca7e 2009-12-16 Code_Defect Unknown OR operator in WHERE clause gives wrong answer when indexed
f74beaabde 2009-12-09 Code_Defect Code_Generator Problem with 3-way joins and the USING clause
4abd1e4c00 2009-12-08 Documentation Documentation omitted.html still says recursive triggers are not supported
78e04e52ea 2009-12-08 Code_Defect Virtual_Machine Assertion failure dropping table with zero length name
abe728bbc3 2009-12-08 Code_Defect Virtual_Machine Crash committing multi-file transaction including temp file
97214a34d8 2009-12-01 Code_Defect VFS Use of os2MutexNotheld before their definition
16fbf14cb2 2009-11-23 Code_Defect Unknown Faulty VDBE code generated for certain third-party virtual tables
564d412f15 2009-11-20 Code_Defect Unknown OOM on autovacuum of in-memory database causes problems.
6b00e0a34c 2009-11-16 Code_Defect Code_Generator The great OP_If bug
29ab7be99f 2009-11-16 Code_Defect Code_Generator Hitting NOT NULL constraint does not roll back statement transaction
f5cb008a65 2009-11-11 Code_Defect Shell Shell silently ignores extra parameters
aeff892c57 2009-11-10 Code_Defect Shell -batch mode not creating DB in CLI
f12a9eeedc 2009-11-06 Code_Defect Shell Shell command argument parsing is lax
0bf974bdf9 2009-11-06 Code_Defect Extensions backup api asserts with zero length source file
d82e3f3721 2009-10-26 Code_Defect Virtual_Machine VACUUM corrupts database when MAIN and TEMP table names overlap.
2cb66577f6 2009-10-24 Code_Defect Shell Diagnostic message is unintentionally printed in batch mode
6da68f691b 2009-10-24 Code_Defect Shell tables says you provide a like pattern but it adds % in code
3fe897352e 2009-10-24 Code_Defect Unknown Malformed UTF16 leads to a 2-byte buffer overread
beb2dd69ad 2009-10-23 Code_Defect Shell do_meta_command inconsistent return values
bd770b2c52 2009-10-23 Code_Defect Shell shell doesn't return error exit code on import errors
7b61b6c6ce 2009-10-22 Code_Defect Shell insert mode is incorrectly converting text to numbers
72adc99de9 2009-10-22 Code_Defect Shell shell mode insert doesn't output blobs as blobs
dc3a6e5b31 2009-10-21 Code_Defect Shell Shell doesn't htmlify column headers
6f8b0c5855 2009-10-21 Code_Defect Shell Some minor genfkey fixups
39c85e8a4e 2009-10-21 Code_Defect VFS FormatMessage incorrectly used (Windows VFS)
89668ca167 2009-10-21 Feature_Request Shell shell can support .timer on Windows
43db771bb2 2009-10-21 Code_Defect Shell Sqlite shell prints some error messages to stdout
f9af981dd2 2009-10-20 Documentation Documentation sqlite3_shutdown documentation needs to mention danger
1751725cd6 2009-10-20 Documentation Documentation sqlite_close doc should qualify advice
b73fb0bd64 2009-10-19 Code_Defect Unknown Natural self-join defect
f777251dc7 2009-10-16 Code_Defect B-Tree Assertion fault following ROLLBACK with running queries
5ee23731f1 2009-10-13 Code_Defect Virtual_Machine assert() failure (or invalid error code) caused by opening statement transaction on read-only database with active read statements
8550ecca70 2009-10-07 Code_Defect VFS findLockInfo uses memcmp on non-zeroed, = assigned struct
4a03edc4c8 2009-09-24 Code_Defect Code_Generator Index corruption following aggressive use of ON CONFLICT clause.
e25d9ea771 2009-09-17 Code_Defect Unknown Cascading delete trigger fails.
a696379c1f 2009-09-15 Code_Defect Unknown Access violation error trying to insert into triggered view
03b198a2fa 2009-09-14 Compiler_Warning VFS Getting several warnings when compiling in eVC++ 4
9a502b7a35 2009-09-12 Documentation Unknown datetime function has year 54079 bug
65bbb65a47 2009-09-11 Build_Problem Unknown 'configure' file without +x permission in sqlite-3.6.18.tar.gz tarball
9fd0bc3663 2009-09-09 Feature_Request Unknown Add a new open flag to enable shared cache for a single db connection
df2c3ad12a 2009-09-07 Code_Defect Extensions free() on unallocated memory when fts3 match phrase contains terms after "-" modifier
2ea2425d34 2009-09-03 Code_Defect Code_Generator Assertion fault: Text encoding mismatch on value comparison
efc02f9779 2009-08-24 Code_Defect Unknown Trigger creation order affects query correctness
93fb9f89d6 2009-08-19 Code_Defect Code_Generator Index causes incorrect WHERE clause evaluation
2d401a9428 2009-08-18 Code_Defect Unknown Segfault on unknown SQL function