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CAST to NUMERIC no longer converts to INTEGER
User & Date: mrigger 2019-06-08 21:31:57

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    Consider the following example:

    CREATE TABLE t0 (c0 TEXT);
    INSERT INTO t0(c0) VALUES ('1.0');
    SELECT CAST(c0 AS NUMERIC) FROM t0; -- expected: 1, actual: 1.0

    From the following part of the documentation, I would expect that the the value '1.0' is converted to 1:

    Casting a TEXT or BLOB value into NUMERIC first does a forced conversion into REAL but then further converts the result into INTEGER if and only if the conversion from REAL to INTEGER is lossless and reversible.

    I remember that this previously worked as I would expect. Could this be a regression caused by [67a68af5578f08d2]?

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