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History for ext/misc/vtablog.c

[6a476cb7] part of check-in [a80ae2c9] Dozens and dozens of typo fixes in comments. This change adds no value to the end product and is disruptive, so it is questionable whether or not it will ever land on trunk. (check-in: [a80ae2c9] user: drh branch: typos, size: 14391)
[5538acd0] part of check-in [31942b3d] Initial code to make shadow tables read-only to ordinary SQL. The now xShadowName method is added to the sqlite3_module object and is used to identify potential shadow tables. The SQLITE_PREPARE_SHADOW argument to sqlite3_prepare_v3() is defined. It is designed to permit writing to shadow tables, but is currently an unused placeholder. (check-in: [31942b3d] user: drh branch: read-only-shadow, size: 14390)
Added: [31d0d8f4] part of check-in [e49279e6] Add a first draft of the "vtablog" extensions that implements a generic virtual table useful for experimentation using the command-line shell. (check-in: [e49279e6] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 14343)