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History of autoconf/tea/configure.ac

Have the TEA package build without SQLITE_OMIT_DEPRECATED. As it uses recently deprecated interfaces sqlite3_profile() and sqlite3_trace(). file: [8aa16e3f] check-in: [95578898] user: dan branch: trunk, size: 8307
Makefile enhancements: (1) Rename autoconf/tea/configure.in to autoconf/tea/configure.ac so that it works with the latest versions of autoconf. (2) Add the "amalgamation-tarball" targets to Makefile.in and main.mk (renamed from "dist" in the latter case). (3) Update the README.first file in autoconf/ (4) The TOP macro in Makefile.in is now an absolute rather than a relative path. file: [93d43c79] check-in: [3bafeec9] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 8352 Renamed from autoconf/tea/configure.in