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Organization of test case files:

  lsmtest1.c: Data tests. Tests that perform many inserts and deletes on a 
              database file, then verify that the contents of the database can
              be queried.

  lsmtest2.c: Crash tests. Tests that attempt to verify that the database 
              recovers correctly following an application or system crash.

  lsmtest3.c: Rollback tests. Tests that focus on the explicit rollback of
              transactions and sub-transactions.

  lsmtest4.c: Multi-client tests.

  lsmtest5.c: Multi-client tests with a different thread for each client.

  lsmtest6.c: OOM injection tests.

  lsmtest7.c: API tests.

  lsmtest8.c: Writer crash tests. Tests in this file attempt to verify that
              the system recovers and other clients proceed unaffected if
              a process fails in the middle of a write transaction.

              The difference from lsmtest2.c is that this file tests
              live-recovery (recovery from a failure that occurs while other
              clients are still running) whereas lsmtest2.c tests recovery
              from a system or power failure.

  lsmtest9.c: More data tests. These focus on testing that calling
              lsm_work(nMerge=1) to compact the database does not corrupt it.
              In other words, that databases containing block-redirects
              can be read and written.