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Comment:Additional tests to give full coverage testing to ticket #2211. (CVS 3630)
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SHA1: ecb1f2fd7b96797459287eaab95693ae17ec2079
User & Date: drh 2007-02-06 23:41:34

When creating fts tables in an attached database, the backing tables are created in database 'main'. This change propagates the appropriate database name to the routines which build sql statements.

Note that I propagate the database name and table name separately. I briefly considered just making the table name be "db.table", but it didn't fit so well in the model used to store the table name and other information, and having the db name passed separately seemed a bit more transparent. (CVS 3631) check-in: 283385d2 user: shess tags: trunk

Additional tests to give full coverage testing to ticket #2211. (CVS 3630) check-in: ecb1f2fd user: drh tags: trunk
When optimizing out an ORDER BY clause due to uniqueness constraints, make sure unused terms to the right in the ORDER BY clause to not reference other tables in a join. Ticket #2211. Additional test cases needed before closing this ticket. (CVS 3629) check-in: 912faf18 user: drh tags: trunk
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