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Comment:Merge latest trunk with this branch.
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SHA3-256: e051e8f21b909c5e89a7203eef6501fecd64f82a634c4e10398b5ef7d716eb37
User & Date: dan 2017-04-08 19:00:37
Fix the -file option on the sqlite3_expert program. check-in: 0857c48e user: dan tags: schemalint
Merge latest trunk with this branch. check-in: e051e8f2 user: dan tags: schemalint
Rename shell6.test to expert1.test. Have it invoke the sqlite3_expert binary if it is present. check-in: be0deff9 user: dan tags: schemalint
Disallow leading zeros on numeric constants in JSON. Fix for ticket [b93be8729a895a528e2] check-in: 204e72f0 user: drh tags: trunk
Unified Diffs Side-by-Side Diffs Patch

Changes to configure.

Changes to configure.ac.

Changes to ext/fts5/fts5Int.h.

Changes to ext/fts5/fts5_index.c.

Changes to ext/fts5/fts5_main.c.

Changes to ext/fts5/fts5_storage.c.

Changes to ext/fts5/test/fts5aa.test.

Changes to ext/misc/json1.c.

Changes to ext/rtree/rtree.c.

Changes to ext/rtree/rtree1.test.

Changes to src/btree.c.

Changes to src/btreeInt.h.

Changes to src/build.c.

Changes to src/expr.c.

Changes to src/malloc.c.

Changes to src/pragma.c.

Changes to src/pragma.h.

Changes to src/select.c.

Changes to src/shell.c.

Changes to src/sqlite.h.in.

Changes to src/sqliteInt.h.

Changes to src/tokenize.c.

Changes to src/vdbe.c.

Changes to src/vdbeaux.c.

Changes to src/vdbemem.c.

Changes to src/vdbesort.c.

Changes to src/where.c.

Changes to test/insert4.test.

Changes to test/json102.test.

Added test/pragmafault.test.

Added test/shell6.test.

Changes to test/sync2.test.

Changes to tool/mkpragmatab.tcl.