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Artifact de304abd09669abf9b315e3daea9367d9a66970de2d9b84c532c3cafec2194ec:

Ticket change [de304abd] - Fixed ticket [299b50ba]: UPDATE on table with two generated columns and CHECK clause results in segfault plus 6 other changes by drh 2019-11-07 02:33:14.
D 2019-11-07T02:33:14.228
J login drh
J mimetype text/x-fossil-wiki
J priority Immediate
J resolution Fixed
J severity Important
J status Fixed
J subsystem Unknown
K 299b50ba812d8e54d446d5a14d9daeac472e72e4
U drh
Z be3200f14b21dcc60b0604945e130a72