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# 2007 May 1
# The author disclaims copyright to this source code.  In place of
# a legal notice, here is a blessing:
#    May you do good and not evil.
#    May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
#    May you share freely, never taking more than you give.
# $Id: icu.test,v 1.2 2008/07/12 14:52:20 drh Exp $

set testdir [file dirname $argv0]
source $testdir/tester.tcl

ifcapable !icu {

# Create a table to work with.
execsql {CREATE TABLE test1(i1 int, i2 int, r1 real, r2 real, t1 text, t2 text)}
execsql {INSERT INTO test1 VALUES(1,2,1.1,2.2,'hello','world')}
proc test_expr {name settings expr result} {
  do_test $name [format {
    lindex [db eval {
      UPDATE test1 SET %s; 
      SELECT %s FROM test1; 
    }] 0
  } $settings $expr] $result

# Tests of the REGEXP operator.
test_expr icu-1.1 {i1='hello'} {i1 REGEXP 'hello'}  1
test_expr icu-1.2 {i1='hello'} {i1 REGEXP '.ello'}  1
test_expr icu-1.3 {i1='hello'} {i1 REGEXP '.ell'}   0
test_expr icu-1.4 {i1='hello'} {i1 REGEXP '.ell.*'} 1
test_expr icu-1.5 {i1=NULL}    {i1 REGEXP '.ell.*'} {}

# Some non-ascii characters with defined case mappings
set ::EGRAVE "\xC8"
set ::egrave "\xE8"

set ::OGRAVE "\xD2"
set ::ograve "\xF2"

# That German letter that looks a bit like a B. The
# upper-case version of which is "SS" (two characters).
set ::szlig "\xDF" 

# Tests of the upper()/lower() functions.
test_expr icu-2.1 {i1='HellO WorlD'} {upper(i1)} {HELLO WORLD}
test_expr icu-2.2 {i1='HellO WorlD'} {lower(i1)} {hello world}
test_expr icu-2.3 {i1=$::egrave} {lower(i1)}     $::egrave
test_expr icu-2.4 {i1=$::egrave} {upper(i1)}     $::EGRAVE
test_expr icu-2.5 {i1=$::ograve} {lower(i1)}     $::ograve
test_expr icu-2.6 {i1=$::ograve} {upper(i1)}     $::OGRAVE
test_expr icu-2.3 {i1=$::EGRAVE} {lower(i1)}     $::egrave
test_expr icu-2.4 {i1=$::EGRAVE} {upper(i1)}     $::EGRAVE
test_expr icu-2.5 {i1=$::OGRAVE} {lower(i1)}     $::ograve
test_expr icu-2.6 {i1=$::OGRAVE} {upper(i1)}     $::OGRAVE

test_expr icu-2.7 {i1=$::szlig} {upper(i1)}      "SS"
test_expr icu-2.8 {i1='SS'} {lower(i1)}          "ss"

do_execsql_test icu-2.9 {
  SELECT upper(char(0xfb04,0xfb04,0xfb04,0xfb04));

# In turkish (locale="tr_TR"), the lower case version of I
# is "small dotless i" (code point 0x131 (decimal 305)).
set ::small_dotless_i "\u0131"
test_expr icu-3.1 {i1='I'} {lower(i1)}           "i"
test_expr icu-3.2 {i1='I'} {lower(i1, 'tr_tr')}  $::small_dotless_i
test_expr icu-3.3 {i1='I'} {lower(i1, 'en_AU')}  "i"

# Test the collation sequence function.
do_test icu-4.1 {
  execsql {
    CREATE TABLE fruit(name);
    INSERT INTO fruit VALUES('plum');
    INSERT INTO fruit VALUES('cherry');
    INSERT INTO fruit VALUES('apricot');
    INSERT INTO fruit VALUES('peach');
    INSERT INTO fruit VALUES('chokecherry');
    INSERT INTO fruit VALUES('yamot');
} {}
do_test icu-4.2 {
  execsql {
    SELECT icu_load_collation('en_US', 'AmericanEnglish');
    SELECT icu_load_collation('lt_LT', 'Lithuanian');
  execsql {
    SELECT name FROM fruit ORDER BY name COLLATE AmericanEnglish ASC;
} {apricot cherry chokecherry peach plum yamot}

# Test collation using Lithuanian rules. In the Lithuanian
# alphabet, "y" comes right after "i".
do_test icu-4.3 {
  execsql {
    SELECT name FROM fruit ORDER BY name COLLATE Lithuanian ASC;
} {apricot cherry chokecherry yamot peach plum}

# Test that it is not possible to call the ICU regex() function with 
# anything other than exactly two arguments. See also:
#   http://src.chromium.org/viewvc/chrome/trunk/src/third_party/sqlite/icu-regexp.patch?revision=34807&view=markup
do_catchsql_test icu-5.1 { SELECT regexp('a[abc]c.*', 'abc') } {0 1}
do_catchsql_test icu-5.2 { 
  SELECT regexp('a[abc]c.*') 
} {1 {wrong number of arguments to function regexp()}}
do_catchsql_test icu-5.3 { 
  SELECT regexp('a[abc]c.*', 'abc', 'c') 
} {1 {wrong number of arguments to function regexp()}}
do_catchsql_test icu-5.4 { 
  SELECT 'abc' REGEXP 'a[abc]c.*'
} {0 1}
do_catchsql_test icu-5.4 { SELECT 'abc' REGEXP }    {1 {near " ": syntax error}}
do_catchsql_test icu-5.5 { SELECT 'abc' REGEXP, 1 } {1 {near ",": syntax error}}

do_malloc_test icu-6.10 -sqlbody {
  SELECT upper(char(0xfb04,0xdf,0xfb04,0xe8,0xfb04));