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Artifact 4d7f170e4cef939bec3c90e149ab8241c8e36703:

# nmake Makefile for SQLite

# The toplevel directory of the source tree.  This is the directory
# that contains this "Makefile.msc".
TOP = .

# Set this non-0 to create and use the SQLite amalgamation file.

# Set this non-0 to use the International Components for Unicode (ICU).

# Set this non-0 to dynamically link to the MSVC runtime library.

# Set this non-0 to use the native libraries paths for cross-compiling
# the command line tools needed during the compilation process.

# Set this non-0 to compile binaries suitable for the WinRT environment.
# This setting does not apply to any binaries that require Tcl to operate
# properly (i.e. the text fixture, etc).

# Set this non-0 to skip attempting to look for and/or link with the Tcl
# runtime library.
NO_TCL = 0

# Set this to non-0 to create and use PDBs.

# Set this to one of the following values to enable various debugging
# features.  Each level includes the debugging options from the previous
# levels.  Currently, the recognized values for DEBUG are:
# 0 == NDEBUG: Disables assert() and other runtime diagnostics.
# 1 == Disables NDEBUG and all optimizations and then enables PDBs.
# 2 == SQLITE_DEBUG: Enables various diagnostics messages and code.
# 3 == SQLITE_WIN32_MALLOC_VALIDATE: Validate the Win32 native heap per call.
# 4 == SQLITE_DEBUG_OS_TRACE: Enables output from the OSTRACE() macros.
# 5 == SQLITE_ENABLE_IOTRACE: Enables output from the IOTRACE() macros.

# Check for the predefined command macro CC.  This should point to the compiler
# binary for the target platform.  If it is not defined, simply define it to
# the legacy default value 'cl.exe'.
CC = cl.exe

# Check for the command macro LD.  This should point to the linker binary for
# the target platform.  If it is not defined, simply define it to the legacy
# default value 'link.exe'.
LD = link.exe

# Check for the command macro NCC.  This should point to the compiler binary
# for the platform the compilation process is taking place on.  If it is not
# defined, simply define it to have the same value as the CC macro.  When
# cross-compiling, it is suggested that this macro be modified via the command
# line (since nmake itself does not provide a built-in method to guess it).
# For example, to use the x86 compiler when cross-compiling for x64, a command
# line similar to the following could be used (all on one line):
#     nmake /f Makefile.msc
#           "NCC=""%VCINSTALLDIR%\bin\cl.exe"""
NCC = $(NCC:\\=\)
NCC = $(CC)

# Check for the MSVC runtime library path macro.  Othertise, this
# value will default to the 'lib' directory underneath the MSVC
# installation directory.

# Check for the Platform SDK library path macro.  Othertise, this
# value will default to the 'lib' directory underneath the Windows
# SDK installation directory (the environment variable used appears
# to be available when using Visual C++ 2008 or later via the
# command line).

# C compiler and options for use in building executables that
# will run on the platform that is doing the build.
BCC = $(NCC) -W3

# Check if the native library paths should be used when compiling
# the command line tools used during the compilation process.  If
# so, set the necessary macro now.

# C compiler and options for use in building executables that
# will run on the target platform.  (BCC and TCC are usually the
# same unless your are cross-compiling.)
TCC = $(CC) -W3 -DSQLITE_OS_WIN=1 -I. -I$(TOP)\src -fp:precise

# When compiling the library for use in the WinRT environment,
# the following compile-time options must be used as well to
# disable use of Win32 APIs that are not available and to enable
# use of Win32 APIs that are specific to Windows 8 and/or WinRT.

# Also, we need to dynamically link to the correct MSVC runtime
# when compiling for WinRT (e.g. debug or release) OR if the
# USE_CRT_DLL option is set to force dynamically linking to the
# MSVC runtime library.
!IF $(FOR_WINRT)!=0 || $(USE_CRT_DLL)!=0
!IF $(DEBUG)>0
TCC = $(TCC) -MDd
TCC = $(TCC) -MD
!IF $(DEBUG)>0
TCC = $(TCC) -MTd
TCC = $(TCC) -MT

# The mksqlite3c.tcl and mksqlite3h.tcl scripts will pull in
# any extension header files by default.  For non-amalgamation
# builds, we need to make sure the compiler can find these.
TCC = $(TCC) -I$(TOP)\ext\fts3
TCC = $(TCC) -I$(TOP)\ext\rtree

# Define -DNDEBUG to compile without debugging (i.e., for production usage)
# Omitting the define will cause extra debugging code to be inserted and
# includes extra comments when "EXPLAIN stmt" is used.
!IF $(DEBUG)==0

!IF $(DEBUG)>1

!IF $(DEBUG)>3

!IF $(DEBUG)>4

# Prevent warnings about "insecure" MSVC runtime library functions
# being used.

# Prevent warnings about "deprecated" POSIX functions being used.

# Use native Win32 heap instead of malloc/free?

# Validate the heap on every call into the native Win32 heap subsystem?
!IF $(DEBUG)>2

# The locations of the Tcl header and library files.  Also, the library that
# non-stubs enabled programs using Tcl must link against.  These variables
# (TCLINCDIR, TCLLIBDIR, and LIBTCL) may be overridden via the environment
# prior to running nmake in order to match the actual installed location and
# version on this machine.
TCLINCDIR = c:\tcl\include

TCLLIBDIR = c:\tcl\lib

LIBTCL = tcl85.lib

# The locations of the ICU header and library files.  These variables
# (ICUINCDIR, ICULIBDIR, and LIBICU) may be overridden via the environment
# prior to running nmake in order to match the actual installed location on
# this machine.
ICUINCDIR = c:\icu\include

ICULIBDIR = c:\icu\lib

LIBICU = icuuc.lib icuin.lib

# This is the command to use for tclsh - normally just "tclsh", but we may
# know the specific version we want to use.  This variable (TCLSH_CMD) may be
# overridden via the environment prior to running nmake in order to select a
# specific Tcl shell to use.
TCLSH_CMD = tclsh85

# Compiler options needed for programs that use the readline() library.

# The library that programs using readline() must link against.

# Should the database engine be compiled threadsafe

# Do threads override each others locks by default (1), or do we test (-1)

# Any target libraries which libsqlite must be linked against

# Flags controlling use of the in memory btree implementation
# SQLITE_TEMP_STORE is 0 to force temporary tables to be in a file, 1 to
# default to file, 2 to default to memory, and 3 to force temporary
# tables to always be in memory.

# Enable/disable loadable extensions, and other optional features
# based on configuration. (-DSQLITE_OMIT*, -DSQLITE_ENABLE*).
# The same set of OMIT and ENABLE flags should be passed to the
# LEMON parser generator and the mkkeywordhash tool as well.

# BEGIN standard options
# END standard options

# BEGIN required Windows option
# END required Windows option


# Add in any optional parameters specified on the make commane line
TCC = $(TCC) $(OPTS)

# If symbols are enabled, enable PDBs.
# If debugging is enabled, disable all optimizations and enable PDBs.
!IF $(DEBUG)>0
TCC = $(TCC) -O2
BCC = $(BCC) -O2

!IF $(DEBUG)>0 || $(SYMBOLS)!=0
TCC = $(TCC) -Zi
BCC = $(BCC) -Zi

# If ICU support is enabled, add the compiler options for it.
!IF $(USE_ICU)!=0
TCC = $(TCC) -I$(TOP)\ext\icu

# libtool compile/link
LTLIB = lib.exe
LTLINK = $(TCC) -Fe$@

# If a platform was set, force the linker to target that.
# Note that the vcvars*.bat family of batch files typically
# set this for you.  Otherwise, the linker will attempt
# to deduce the binary type based on the object files.

# When compiling for use in the WinRT environment, the following
# linker option must be used to mark the executable as runnable
# only in the context of an application container.

# If either debugging or symbols are enabled, enable PDBs.
!IF $(DEBUG)>0 || $(SYMBOLS)!=0

# Start with the Tcl related linker options.
!IF $(NO_TCL)==0

# If ICU support is enabled, add the linker options for it.
!IF $(USE_ICU)!=0

# nawk compatible awk.
NAWK = gawk.exe

# You should not have to change anything below this line

# Object files for the SQLite library (non-amalgamation).
LIBOBJS0 = alter.lo analyze.lo attach.lo auth.lo \
         backup.lo bitvec.lo btmutex.lo btree.lo build.lo \
         callback.lo complete.lo ctime.lo date.lo delete.lo \
         expr.lo fault.lo fkey.lo \
         fts3.lo fts3_aux.lo fts3_expr.lo fts3_hash.lo fts3_icu.lo \
         fts3_porter.lo fts3_snippet.lo fts3_tokenizer.lo fts3_tokenizer1.lo \
         fts3_unicode.lo fts3_unicode2.lo fts3_write.lo \
         func.lo global.lo hash.lo \
         icu.lo insert.lo journal.lo legacy.lo loadext.lo \
         main.lo malloc.lo mem0.lo mem1.lo mem2.lo mem3.lo mem5.lo \
         memjournal.lo \
         mutex.lo mutex_noop.lo mutex_unix.lo mutex_w32.lo \
         notify.lo opcodes.lo os.lo os_unix.lo os_win.lo \
         pager.lo parse.lo pcache.lo pcache1.lo pragma.lo prepare.lo printf.lo \
         random.lo resolve.lo rowset.lo rtree.lo select.lo status.lo \
         table.lo tokenize.lo trigger.lo \
         update.lo util.lo vacuum.lo \
         vdbe.lo vdbeapi.lo vdbeaux.lo vdbeblob.lo vdbemem.lo vdbesort.lo \
         vdbetrace.lo wal.lo walker.lo where.lo utf.lo vtab.lo

# Object files for the amalgamation.
LIBOBJS1 = sqlite3.lo

# Determine the real value of LIBOBJ based on the 'configure' script

# All of the source code files.
SRC = \
  $(TOP)\src\alter.c \
  $(TOP)\src\analyze.c \
  $(TOP)\src\attach.c \
  $(TOP)\src\auth.c \
  $(TOP)\src\backup.c \
  $(TOP)\src\bitvec.c \
  $(TOP)\src\btmutex.c \
  $(TOP)\src\btree.c \
  $(TOP)\src\btree.h \
  $(TOP)\src\btreeInt.h \
  $(TOP)\src\build.c \
  $(TOP)\src\callback.c \
  $(TOP)\src\complete.c \
  $(TOP)\src\ctime.c \
  $(TOP)\src\date.c \
  $(TOP)\src\delete.c \
  $(TOP)\src\expr.c \
  $(TOP)\src\fault.c \
  $(TOP)\src\fkey.c \
  $(TOP)\src\func.c \
  $(TOP)\src\global.c \
  $(TOP)\src\hash.c \
  $(TOP)\src\hash.h \
  $(TOP)\src\hwtime.h \
  $(TOP)\src\insert.c \
  $(TOP)\src\journal.c \
  $(TOP)\src\legacy.c \
  $(TOP)\src\loadext.c \
  $(TOP)\src\main.c \
  $(TOP)\src\malloc.c \
  $(TOP)\src\mem0.c \
  $(TOP)\src\mem1.c \
  $(TOP)\src\mem2.c \
  $(TOP)\src\mem3.c \
  $(TOP)\src\mem5.c \
  $(TOP)\src\memjournal.c \
  $(TOP)\src\mutex.c \
  $(TOP)\src\mutex.h \
  $(TOP)\src\mutex_noop.c \
  $(TOP)\src\mutex_unix.c \
  $(TOP)\src\mutex_w32.c \
  $(TOP)\src\notify.c \
  $(TOP)\src\os.c \
  $(TOP)\src\os.h \
  $(TOP)\src\os_common.h \
  $(TOP)\src\os_unix.c \
  $(TOP)\src\os_win.c \
  $(TOP)\src\pager.c \
  $(TOP)\src\pager.h \
  $(TOP)\src\parse.y \
  $(TOP)\src\pcache.c \
  $(TOP)\src\pcache.h \
  $(TOP)\src\pcache1.c \
  $(TOP)\src\pragma.c \
  $(TOP)\src\prepare.c \
  $(TOP)\src\printf.c \
  $(TOP)\src\random.c \
  $(TOP)\src\resolve.c \
  $(TOP)\src\rowset.c \
  $(TOP)\src\select.c \
  $(TOP)\src\status.c \
  $(TOP)\src\shell.c \
  $(TOP)\src\sqlite.h.in \
  $(TOP)\src\sqlite3ext.h \
  $(TOP)\src\sqliteInt.h \
  $(TOP)\src\sqliteLimit.h \
  $(TOP)\src\table.c \
  $(TOP)\src\tclsqlite.c \
  $(TOP)\src\tokenize.c \
  $(TOP)\src\trigger.c \
  $(TOP)\src\utf.c \
  $(TOP)\src\update.c \
  $(TOP)\src\util.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vacuum.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbe.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbe.h \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbeapi.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbeaux.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbeblob.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbemem.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbesort.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbetrace.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbeInt.h \
  $(TOP)\src\vtab.c \
  $(TOP)\src\wal.c \
  $(TOP)\src\wal.h \
  $(TOP)\src\walker.c \

# Source code for extensions
SRC = $(SRC) \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts1\fts1.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts1\fts1.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts1\fts1_hash.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts1\fts1_hash.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts1\fts1_porter.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts1\fts1_tokenizer.h \
SRC = $(SRC) \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_hash.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_hash.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_icu.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_porter.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_tokenizer.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_tokenizer.c \
SRC = $(SRC) \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3Int.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_aux.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_expr.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_hash.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_hash.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_icu.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_porter.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_snippet.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_tokenizer.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_tokenizer.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_tokenizer1.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_unicode.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_unicode2.c \
SRC = $(SRC) \
  $(TOP)\ext\icu\sqliteicu.h \
SRC = $(SRC) \
  $(TOP)\ext\rtree\rtree.h \

# Generated source code files
SRC = $(SRC) \
  keywordhash.h \
  opcodes.c \
  opcodes.h \
  parse.c \
  parse.h \

# Source code to the test files.
  $(TOP)\src\test1.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test2.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test3.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test4.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test5.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test6.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test7.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test8.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test9.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_autoext.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_async.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_backup.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_btree.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_config.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_demovfs.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_devsym.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_func.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_fuzzer.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_hexio.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_init.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_intarray.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_journal.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_malloc.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_multiplex.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_mutex.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_onefile.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_osinst.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_pcache.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_quota.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_rtree.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_schema.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_server.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_superlock.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_syscall.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_stat.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_tclvar.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_thread.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_vfs.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_wholenumber.c \
  $(TOP)\src\test_wsd.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_term.c \

# Source code to the library files needed by the test fixture
  $(TOP)\src\attach.c \
  $(TOP)\src\backup.c \
  $(TOP)\src\bitvec.c \
  $(TOP)\src\btree.c \
  $(TOP)\src\build.c \
  $(TOP)\src\ctime.c \
  $(TOP)\src\date.c \
  $(TOP)\src\expr.c \
  $(TOP)\src\func.c \
  $(TOP)\src\insert.c \
  $(TOP)\src\wal.c \
  $(TOP)\src\mem5.c \
  $(TOP)\src\os.c \
  $(TOP)\src\os_unix.c \
  $(TOP)\src\os_win.c \
  $(TOP)\src\pager.c \
  $(TOP)\src\pragma.c \
  $(TOP)\src\prepare.c \
  $(TOP)\src\printf.c \
  $(TOP)\src\random.c \
  $(TOP)\src\pcache.c \
  $(TOP)\src\pcache1.c \
  $(TOP)\src\select.c \
  $(TOP)\src\tokenize.c \
  $(TOP)\src\utf.c \
  $(TOP)\src\util.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbeapi.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbeaux.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbe.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbemem.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbesort.c \
  $(TOP)\src\vdbetrace.c \
  $(TOP)\src\where.c \
  parse.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_aux.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_expr.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_tokenizer.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_unicode.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_unicode2.c \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_write.c \

# Header files used by all library source files.
HDR = \
   $(TOP)\src\btree.h \
   $(TOP)\src\btreeInt.h \
   $(TOP)\src\hash.h \
   $(TOP)\src\hwtime.h \
   keywordhash.h \
   $(TOP)\src\mutex.h \
   opcodes.h \
   $(TOP)\src\os.h \
   $(TOP)\src\os_common.h \
   $(TOP)\src\pager.h \
   $(TOP)\src\pcache.h \
   parse.h \
   sqlite3.h \
   $(TOP)\src\sqlite3ext.h \
   $(TOP)\src\sqliteInt.h \
   $(TOP)\src\sqliteLimit.h \
   $(TOP)\src\vdbe.h \

# Header files used by extensions
  $(TOP)\ext\fts1\fts1.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts1\fts1_hash.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_hash.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3Int.h \
  $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_hash.h \

# This is the default Makefile target.  The objects listed here
# are what get build when you type just "make" with no arguments.
all:	dll libsqlite3.lib sqlite3.exe libtclsqlite3.lib

libsqlite3.lib:	$(LIBOBJ)

libtclsqlite3.lib:	tclsqlite.lo libsqlite3.lib
	$(LTLIB) $(LTLIBOPTS) $(LTLIBPATHS) /OUT:$@ tclsqlite.lo libsqlite3.lib $(LIBTCL:tcl=tclstub) $(TLIBS)

sqlite3.exe:	$(TOP)\src\shell.c libsqlite3.lib sqlite3.h
		$(TOP)\src\shell.c \
		/link $(LTLINKOPTS) $(LTLIBPATHS) libsqlite3.lib $(LIBREADLINE) $(LTLIBS) $(TLIBS)

# This target creates a directory named "tsrc" and fills it with
# copies of all of the C source code and header files needed to
# build on the target system.  Some of the C source code and header
# files are automatically generated.  This target takes care of
# all that automatic generation.
.target_source:	$(SRC) $(TOP)\tool\vdbe-compress.tcl
	-rmdir /S/Q tsrc
	-mkdir tsrc
	for %i in ($(SRC)) do copy /Y %i tsrc
	del /Q tsrc\sqlite.h.in tsrc\parse.y
	$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)\tool\vdbe-compress.tcl < tsrc\vdbe.c > vdbe.new
	move vdbe.new tsrc\vdbe.c
	echo > .target_source

sqlite3.c:	.target_source $(TOP)\tool\mksqlite3c.tcl
	$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)\tool\mksqlite3c.tcl

sqlite3-all.c:	sqlite3.c $(TOP)/tool/split-sqlite3c.tcl
	$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)/tool/split-sqlite3c.tcl

# Rule to build the amalgamation
sqlite3.lo:	sqlite3.c
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c sqlite3.c

# Rules to build the LEMON compiler generator
lempar.c:	$(TOP)\src\lempar.c
	copy $(TOP)\src\lempar.c .

lemon.exe:	$(TOP)\tool\lemon.c lempar.c
	$(BCC) -Daccess=_access -Fe$@ $(TOP)\tool\lemon.c /link $(NLTLIBPATHS)

# Rules to build individual *.lo files from generated *.c files. This
# applies to:
#     parse.lo
#     opcodes.lo
parse.lo:	parse.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c parse.c

opcodes.lo:	opcodes.c
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c opcodes.c

# Rules to build individual *.lo files from files in the src directory.
alter.lo:	$(TOP)\src\alter.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\alter.c

analyze.lo:	$(TOP)\src\analyze.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\analyze.c

attach.lo:	$(TOP)\src\attach.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\attach.c

auth.lo:	$(TOP)\src\auth.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\auth.c

backup.lo:	$(TOP)\src\backup.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\backup.c

bitvec.lo:	$(TOP)\src\bitvec.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\bitvec.c

btmutex.lo:	$(TOP)\src\btmutex.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\btmutex.c

btree.lo:	$(TOP)\src\btree.c $(HDR) $(TOP)\src\pager.h
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\btree.c

build.lo:	$(TOP)\src\build.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\build.c

callback.lo:	$(TOP)\src\callback.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\callback.c

complete.lo:	$(TOP)\src\complete.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\complete.c

ctime.lo:	$(TOP)\src\ctime.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\ctime.c

date.lo:	$(TOP)\src\date.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\date.c

delete.lo:	$(TOP)\src\delete.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\delete.c

expr.lo:	$(TOP)\src\expr.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\expr.c

fault.lo:	$(TOP)\src\fault.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\fault.c

fkey.lo:	$(TOP)\src\fkey.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\fkey.c

func.lo:	$(TOP)\src\func.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\func.c

global.lo:	$(TOP)\src\global.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\global.c

hash.lo:	$(TOP)\src\hash.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\hash.c

insert.lo:	$(TOP)\src\insert.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\insert.c

journal.lo:	$(TOP)\src\journal.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\journal.c

legacy.lo:	$(TOP)\src\legacy.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\legacy.c

loadext.lo:	$(TOP)\src\loadext.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\loadext.c

main.lo:	$(TOP)\src\main.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\main.c

malloc.lo:	$(TOP)\src\malloc.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\malloc.c

mem0.lo:	$(TOP)\src\mem0.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\mem0.c

mem1.lo:	$(TOP)\src\mem1.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\mem1.c

mem2.lo:	$(TOP)\src\mem2.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\mem2.c

mem3.lo:	$(TOP)\src\mem3.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\mem3.c

mem5.lo:	$(TOP)\src\mem5.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\mem5.c

memjournal.lo:	$(TOP)\src\memjournal.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\memjournal.c

mutex.lo:	$(TOP)\src\mutex.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\mutex.c

mutex_noop.lo:	$(TOP)\src\mutex_noop.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\mutex_noop.c

mutex_unix.lo:	$(TOP)\src\mutex_unix.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\mutex_unix.c

mutex_w32.lo:	$(TOP)\src\mutex_w32.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\mutex_w32.c

notify.lo:	$(TOP)\src\notify.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\notify.c

pager.lo:	$(TOP)\src\pager.c $(HDR) $(TOP)\src\pager.h
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\pager.c

pcache.lo:	$(TOP)\src\pcache.c $(HDR) $(TOP)\src\pcache.h
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\pcache.c

pcache1.lo:	$(TOP)\src\pcache1.c $(HDR) $(TOP)\src\pcache.h
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\pcache1.c

os.lo:	$(TOP)\src\os.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\os.c

os_unix.lo:	$(TOP)\src\os_unix.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\os_unix.c

os_win.lo:	$(TOP)\src\os_win.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\os_win.c

pragma.lo:	$(TOP)\src\pragma.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\pragma.c

prepare.lo:	$(TOP)\src\prepare.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\prepare.c

printf.lo:	$(TOP)\src\printf.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\printf.c

random.lo:	$(TOP)\src\random.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\random.c

resolve.lo:	$(TOP)\src\resolve.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\resolve.c

rowset.lo:	$(TOP)\src\rowset.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\rowset.c

select.lo:	$(TOP)\src\select.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\select.c

status.lo:	$(TOP)\src\status.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\status.c

table.lo:	$(TOP)\src\table.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\table.c

tokenize.lo:	$(TOP)\src\tokenize.c keywordhash.h $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\tokenize.c

trigger.lo:	$(TOP)\src\trigger.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\trigger.c

update.lo:	$(TOP)\src\update.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\update.c

utf.lo:	$(TOP)\src\utf.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\utf.c

util.lo:	$(TOP)\src\util.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\util.c

vacuum.lo:	$(TOP)\src\vacuum.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\vacuum.c

vdbe.lo:	$(TOP)\src\vdbe.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\vdbe.c

vdbeapi.lo:	$(TOP)\src\vdbeapi.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\vdbeapi.c

vdbeaux.lo:	$(TOP)\src\vdbeaux.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\vdbeaux.c

vdbeblob.lo:	$(TOP)\src\vdbeblob.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\vdbeblob.c

vdbemem.lo:	$(TOP)\src\vdbemem.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\vdbemem.c

vdbesort.lo:	$(TOP)\src\vdbesort.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\vdbesort.c

vdbetrace.lo:	$(TOP)\src\vdbetrace.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\vdbetrace.c

vtab.lo:	$(TOP)\src\vtab.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\vtab.c

wal.lo:	$(TOP)\src\wal.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\wal.c

walker.lo:	$(TOP)\src\walker.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\walker.c

where.lo:	$(TOP)\src\where.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -c $(TOP)\src\where.c

tclsqlite.lo:	$(TOP)\src\tclsqlite.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DUSE_TCL_STUBS=1 -DBUILD_sqlite -I$(TCLINCDIR) -c $(TOP)\src\tclsqlite.c

tclsqlite-shell.lo:	$(TOP)\src\tclsqlite.c $(HDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DTCLSH=1 -DBUILD_sqlite -I$(TCLINCDIR) -c $(TOP)\src\tclsqlite.c

tclsqlite3.exe:	tclsqlite-shell.lo libsqlite3.lib
	$(LTLINK) tclsqlite-shell.lo \
		/link $(LTLINKOPTS) $(LTLIBPATHS) libsqlite3.lib $(LTLIBS) $(TLIBS)

# Rules to build opcodes.c and opcodes.h
opcodes.c:	opcodes.h $(TOP)\mkopcodec.awk
	$(NAWK) -f $(TOP)\mkopcodec.awk opcodes.h > opcodes.c

opcodes.h:	parse.h $(TOP)\src\vdbe.c $(TOP)\mkopcodeh.awk
	type parse.h $(TOP)\src\vdbe.c | $(NAWK) -f $(TOP)\mkopcodeh.awk > opcodes.h

# Rules to build parse.c and parse.h - the outputs of lemon.
parse.h:	parse.c

parse.c:	$(TOP)\src\parse.y lemon.exe $(TOP)\addopcodes.awk
	del /Q parse.y parse.h parse.h.temp
	copy $(TOP)\src\parse.y .
	.\lemon.exe $(OPT_FEATURE_FLAGS) $(OPTS) parse.y
	move parse.h parse.h.temp
	$(NAWK) -f $(TOP)\addopcodes.awk parse.h.temp > parse.h

sqlite3.h:	$(TOP)\src\sqlite.h.in $(TOP)\manifest.uuid $(TOP)\VERSION
	$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)\tool\mksqlite3h.tcl $(TOP) > sqlite3.h

mkkeywordhash.exe:	$(TOP)\tool\mkkeywordhash.c
	$(BCC) -Fe$@ $(OPT_FEATURE_FLAGS) $(OPTS) $(TOP)\tool\mkkeywordhash.c /link $(NLTLIBPATHS)

keywordhash.h:	$(TOP)\tool\mkkeywordhash.c mkkeywordhash.exe
	.\mkkeywordhash.exe > keywordhash.h

# Rules to build the extension objects.
icu.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\icu\icu.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\icu\icu.c

fts2.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2.c

fts2_hash.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_hash.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_hash.c

fts2_icu.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_icu.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_icu.c

fts2_porter.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_porter.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_porter.c

fts2_tokenizer.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_tokenizer.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_tokenizer.c

fts2_tokenizer1.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_tokenizer1.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts2\fts2_tokenizer1.c

fts3.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3.c

fts3_aux.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_aux.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_aux.c

fts3_expr.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_expr.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_expr.c

fts3_hash.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_hash.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_hash.c

fts3_icu.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_icu.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_icu.c

fts3_snippet.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_snippet.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_snippet.c

fts3_porter.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_porter.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_porter.c

fts3_tokenizer.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_tokenizer.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_tokenizer.c

fts3_tokenizer1.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_tokenizer1.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_tokenizer1.c

fts3_unicode.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_unicode.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_unicode.c

fts3_unicode2.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_unicode2.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_unicode2.c

fts3_write.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_write.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\fts3\fts3_write.c

rtree.lo:	$(TOP)\ext\rtree\rtree.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)\ext\rtree\rtree.c

# Rules to build the 'testfixture' application.
# If using the amalgamation, use sqlite3.c directly to build the test
# fixture.  Otherwise link against libsqlite3.lib.  (This distinction is
# necessary because the test fixture requires non-API symbols which are
# hidden when the library is built via the amalgamation).

TESTFIXTURE_SRC0 = $(TESTSRC2) libsqlite3.lib
TESTFIXTURE_SRC1 = sqlite3.c

testfixture.exe:	$(TESTFIXTURE_SRC) $(HDR)
		-DBUILD_sqlite -I$(TCLINCDIR) \

fulltest:	testfixture.exe sqlite3.exe
	.\testfixture.exe $(TOP)\test\all.test

soaktest:	testfixture.exe sqlite3.exe
	.\testfixture.exe $(TOP)\test\all.test -soak=1

test:	testfixture.exe sqlite3.exe
	.\testfixture.exe $(TOP)\test\veryquick.test

sqlite3_analyzer.c: sqlite3.c $(TOP)\src\test_stat.c $(TOP)\src\tclsqlite.c $(TOP)\tool\spaceanal.tcl
	copy sqlite3.c + $(TOP)\src\test_stat.c + $(TOP)\src\tclsqlite.c $@
	echo static const char *tclsh_main_loop(void){ >> $@
	echo static const char *zMainloop = >> $@
	$(NAWK) -f $(TOP)\tool\tostr.awk $(TOP)\tool\spaceanal.tcl >> $@
	echo ; return zMainloop; } >> $@

sqlite3_analyzer.exe:	sqlite3_analyzer.c
	$(LTLINK) -DBUILD_sqlite -DTCLSH=2 -I$(TCLINCDIR) sqlite3_analyzer.c \

	del /Q *.lo *.ilk *.lib *.obj *.pdb sqlite3.exe libsqlite3.lib
	del /Q *.da *.bb *.bbg gmon.out
	del /Q sqlite3.h opcodes.c opcodes.h
	del /Q lemon.exe lempar.c parse.*
	del /Q mkkeywordhash.exe keywordhash.h
	-rmdir /Q/S .deps
	-rmdir /Q/S .libs
	-rmdir /Q/S quota2a
	-rmdir /Q/S quota2b
	-rmdir /Q/S quota2c
	-rmdir /Q/S tsrc
	del /Q .target_source
	del /Q tclsqlite3.exe
	del /Q testfixture.exe testfixture.exp test.db
	del /Q sqlite3.dll sqlite3.lib sqlite3.exp sqlite3.def
	del /Q sqlite3.c
	del /Q sqlite3_analyzer.exe sqlite3_analyzer.exp sqlite3_analyzer.c
	del /Q sqlite-output.vsix

# Windows section
dll: sqlite3.dll

sqlite3.def: libsqlite3.lib
	echo EXPORTS > sqlite3.def
	dumpbin /all libsqlite3.lib \
		| $(NAWK) "/ 1 _?sqlite3_/ { sub(/^.* _?/,\"\");print }" \
		| sort >> sqlite3.def

sqlite3.dll: $(LIBOBJ) sqlite3.def