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Fix a typo in intern-v-extern-blob.html check-in: c8b280b8eb user: drh tags: trunk
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     8      8   If you have a database of large BLOBs, do you get better read performance
     9      9   when you store the complete
    10     10   BLOB content directly in the database or is it faster to store each BLOB
    11     11   in a separate file and store just the corresponding filename in the database?
    12     12   </p>
    13     13   
    14     14   <p>
    15         -To try answer this, we ran 49 test cases with various BLOB sizes and
           15  +To try to answer this, we ran 49 test cases with various BLOB sizes and
    16     16   SQLite page sizes on a Linux workstation (Ubuntu circa 2011 with the
    17     17   Ext4 filesystem on a fast SATA disk).
    18     18   For each test case, a database was created that contains 100MB of BLOB
    19     19   content.  The sizes of the BLOBs ranged from 10KB to 1MB.  The number
    20     20   of BLOBs varied in order to keep the total BLOB content at about 100MB.
    21     21   (Hence, 100 BLOBs for the 1MB size and 10000 BLOBs for the 10K size and
    22     22   so forth.)  SQLite version 3.7.8 was used.