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Comment:Fix the name of the command-line tool in the whentouse.html page.
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User & Date: drh 2012-10-29 13:15:33
Fix typos in the documentation of xDisconnect and xDestroy methods of virtual tables. check-in: 1974081af3 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix the name of the command-line tool in the whentouse.html page. check-in: bb4847adbb user: drh tags: trunk
Update althttpd.c to use getrusage() for finding run-time information for the log. Always wait for children prior to reporting child runtimes. check-in: 357e7b7813 user: drh tags: trunk
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   128    128   </p>
   129    129   </li>
   130    130   
   131    131   <li><p><b>Command-line dataset analysis tool</b></p>
   132    132   
   133    133   <p>
   134    134   Experienced SQL users can employ
   135         -the command-line <b>sqlite</b> program to analyze miscellaneous
          135  +the command-line <b>sqlite3</b> program to analyze miscellaneous
   136    136   datasets. Raw data can be imported from CSV files, then that
   137    137   data can be sliced and diced to generate a myriad of summary
   138    138   reports.  Possible uses include website log analysis, sports
   139    139   statistics analysis, compilation of programming metrics, and
   140    140   analysis of experimental results.
   141    141   </p>
   142    142   
   163    163   </p>
   164    164   </li>
   165    165   
   166    166   <li><p><b>Database Pedagogy</b></p>
   167    167   
   168    168   <p>
   169    169   Because it is simple to setup and use (installation is trivial: just
   170         -copy the <b>sqlite</b> or <b>sqlite.exe</b> executable to the target machine
          170  +copy the <b>sqlite3</b> or <b>sqlite3.exe</b> executable to the target machine
   171    171   and run it) SQLite makes a good database engine for use in teaching SQL.
   172    172   Students can easily create as many databases as they like and can
   173    173   email databases to the instructor for comments or grading.  For more
   174    174   advanced students who are interested in studying how an RDBMS is
   175    175   implemented, the modular and well-commented and documented SQLite code
   176    176   can serve as a good basis.  This is not to say that SQLite is an accurate
   177    177   model of how other database engines are implemented, but rather a student who