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Comment:Fix a minor formatting issue in the tempfiles.html document.
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Minor edits to whynotgit.html due to Reddit comments. check-in: 2ad4610bdf user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a minor formatting issue in the tempfiles.html document. check-in: 9f03d7ca10 user: drh tags: trunk
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   228    228   would not be atomic across all databases.  In other words, if the
   229    229   commit were interrupted in the middle by a crash or power loss, then
   230    230   the changes to one of the databases might complete while the changes
   231    231   to another database might roll back.  The master journal causes all
   232    232   changes in all databases to either rollback or commit together.
   233    233   </p>
   234    234   
   235         -</p>
          235  +<p>
   236    236   The master journal file is only created for [COMMIT] operations that
   237    237   involve multiple database files where at least two of the databases 
   238    238   meet all of the following requirements:
          239  +
   239    240   <ol>
   240    241   <li>The database is modified by the transaction
   241    242   <li>The [PRAGMA synchronous] setting is not OFF
   242    243   <li>The [PRAGMA journal_mode] is not OFF, MEMORY, or WAL
   243    244   </ol>
          245  +
          246  +<p>
   244    247   This means that SQLite transactions are not atomic
   245    248   across multiple database files on a power-loss when the database 
   246    249   files have synchronous turned off or when they are using journal 
   247    250   modes of OFF, MEMORY, or WAL.  For synchronous OFF and for
   248    251   journal_modes OFF and MEMORY, database will usually corrupt if
   249    252   a transaction commit is interrupted by a power loss.  For 
   250    253   [WAL mode], individual database files are updated atomically