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Comment:Fix typos and omissions in the change log.
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SHA3-256: 91188df9ecd5b4e89aa682fdef40a283135f23da74939f16f7f8177aa6bc29bd
User & Date: drh 2019-02-01 22:06:50
Clarification to the VACUUM INTO documentation. check-in: c7001012e1 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix typos and omissions in the change log. check-in: 91188df9ec user: drh tags: trunk
Clarification of "billion" and "trillion" on the most-used page. check-in: ca148dd5c0 user: drh tags: trunk
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Changes to pages/

    50     50   of the SQLite library itself:
    51     51   <ol type="a">
    52     52   <li> Add support for ".open --hexdb". The 
    53     53        "[|dbtotxt]" utility 
    54     54        program used to generate the text for the "hexdb" is added to the 
    55     55        source tree.
    56     56   <li> Add support for the "--maxsize N" option on ".open --deserialize".
    57         -<li> Added the "--memtrace" command-line option, to shall all memory allocations
           57  +<li> Add the "--memtrace" command-line option, to show all memory allocations
    58     58        and deallocations.
    59     59   <li> Add the ".eqp trace" option on builds with SQLITE_DEBUG, to enable
    60     60        bytecode program listing with indentation and 
    61     61        [PRAGMA vdbe_trace] all in one step.
           62  +<li> Add the "--async" option to the ".backup" command.
           63  +<li> Add options "--expanded", "--normalized", "--plain", "--profile", "--row",
           64  +     "--stmt", and "--close" to the ".trace" command.
    62     65   </ol>
    63     66   <li> Omit deprecated PRAGMA statements when compiling with [SQLITE_OMIT_DEPRECATED].
    64     67    <p><b>Bug fixes:</b>
    65     68   <li>Do not use a partial index to do a table scan on an IN operator.
    66     69   Ticket [|1d958d90596593a774].
    67     70   <li>Fix the [query flattener] so that it works on queries that contain
    68     71   subqueries that use [window functions].