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Comment:Add new elements to the 3.8.3 change log.
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SHA1: 7ab25ac60e96145dc706d6f8fe35c661efa990e8
User & Date: drh 2014-01-29 17:10:59
Update News and the change log. Bring the release date forward to 2014-02-03. Fix typos. Move older news entries out to (check-in: ea6e1d11de user: drh tags: trunk)
Add new elements to the 3.8.3 change log. (check-in: 7ab25ac60e user: drh tags: trunk)
Typo fix. CAST(...TO...) should be CAST(...AS...). (check-in: 64427669a7 user: drh tags: trunk)
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    24     24   <li>Added [SQLITE_DETERMINISTIC] as an optional bit in the 4th argument to the
    25     25       [sqlite3_create_function()] and related interfaces, providing applications with
    26     26       the ability to create new functions that can be factored out of inner loops when
    27     27       they have constant arguments.
    28     28   <li>Add [SQLITE_READONLY_DBMOVED] error code, returned at the beginning of a
    29     29       transaction, to indicate that the underlying database file has been renamed
    30     30       or moved out from under SQLite.
           31  +<li>Allow arbitrary expressions, including function calls and subqueries, in
           32  +    the filename argument to [ATTACH].
           33  +<li>Allow a [VALUES clause] to be used anywhere a [SELECT] statement is valid.
           34  +<li>Reseed the PRNG used by [sqlite3_randomness(N,P)] when invoked with N==0.
           35  +    Automatically reseed after a fork() on unix.
           36  +<li>Enhance the [spellfix1] virtual table so that it can search efficiently by rowid.
    31     37   <li>Performance enhancements.
           38  +<li>Improvements to the comments in the VDBE byte-code display when running [EXPLAIN].
           39  +<li>Add the "%token_class" directive to LEMON parser generator and use it to simplify
           40  +    the grammar.
           41  +<li>Change the LEMON source code to avoid calling C-library functions that OpenBSD
           42  +    considers dangerous.  (Ex: sprintf).
           43  +<li>Bug fix: In the [command-line shell] CSV import feature, do not end a field
           44  +    when an escaped double-quote occurs at the end of a CRLN line.
    32     45   }
    33     46   
    34     47   chng {2013-12-06 (3.8.2)} {
    35     48   <li>Changed the defined behavior for the [CAST expression] when floating point values
    36     49       greater than  +9223372036854775807 are cast into into integers so that the
    37     50       result is the largest possible integer, +9223372036854775807, instead of
    38     51       the smallest possible integer, -9223372036854775808.  After this change,