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Comment:Fix a typo in the whynotgit.html document.
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Fix a typo in the whynotgit.html document. check-in: 44fe2354a1 user: drh tags: trunk
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     6      6   
     7      7   <p>
     8      8   SQLite does not use the
     9      9   [|Git] version control system.
    10     10   SQLite uses
    11     11   [|Fossil] instead.
    12     12   Fossil and Git are both block-chain version-control systems.
    13         -They are both "distributed".  They both store content has a 
           13  +They are both "distributed".  They both store content as a 
    14     14   sequence of immutable check-ins identified by a cryptographic
    15     15   hash.  Git is wildly popular, to the point that many younger
    16     16   developers are familiar with nothing else.  And yet, the developers
    17     17   of SQLite prefer Fossil.  This article tries to explain why.
    18     18   
    19     19   <h1>A Few Reasons Why SQLite Does Not Use Git</h1>
    20     20