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Comment:Add hyperlinks for "index b-tree" and "table b-tree".
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In althttpd.c, add the "anyone" line to the -auth file syntax. This allows inserting an -auth file that reads "http-redirect \n anyone" and which will force HTTP connections to redirect to HTTPS. check-in: 9005943d91 user: drh tags: trunk
Add hyperlinks for "index b-tree" and "table b-tree". check-in: 35ca8da032 user: drh tags: trunk
Add the upsert-clause.gif image. check-in: 7d927bcea1 user: drh tags: trunk
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   506    506   together with the closure of its children form a complete b-tree.
   507    507   It is possible (and in fact rather common) to have a complete b-tree
   508    508   that consists of a single page that is both a leaf and the root.
   509    509   Because there are pointers from parents to children, every page of a
   510    510   complete b-tree can be located if only the root page is known.  Hence,
   511    511   b-trees are identified by their root page number.</p>
   512    512   
          513  +<tcl>hd_fragment {btypes} {index b-tree} {table b-tree}</tcl>
   513    514   <p>A b-tree page is either a table b-tree page or an index b-tree page.
   514    515   All pages within each complete b-tree are of the same type: either table
   515    516   or index.  There is one table b-trees in the database file
   516    517   for each rowid table in the database schema, including system tables
   517    518   such as sqlite_master.  There is one index b-tree
   518    519   in the database file for each index in the schema, including implied indexes
   519    520   created by uniqueness constraints.  There are no b-trees associated with